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Aerosol Report

tinfoil by association

Aerosol Report

Unread postby Judyh0603 » Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:16 pm

What camera did you use to get that shot????

Re: Aerosol Report

Unread postby Judyh0603 » Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:49 pm

Those pics look nothing like what happened in Ky, last week.
I think after 4 or 5 months of non-spraying, the shield developed a hole and the 3 sprayings were an attempt to repair it.
In Tn, never this bad, just pretty, white, wispy.
On the third day of spray, within 30 minutes of 3 hours of spray time--it was as if someone had added water to sponges--great description of the sky---it became ugly gray and what came from the planes became a blanket across the entire sky.
It lasted for 30 hours--
Cleared and no spraying again, yet.
I have my camera ready and will take pics.
Next subject--in Tn, I attributed the black soot on my feet to the industrial area, and no soot here since we moved last August.
So, the first day of the 3 day spray, I looked down at my feet after collecting my tomatoes, there was black soot on my feet and toes.
This is posivtive proof the planes and left chemicals to fall on the grass and ground--
Why?? Because, I live outdoors, it there had been soot, I'd know--but the first day of spraying, it is no coincidence that soot appeared that day.
Oh, and the Uncinus, a debunker on another site--said the conditions were perfect for the contrails (not chemtrails) to appear--
Wow. of 3200 hours or more, only 9 hours were perfect conditions for what happened?? How stupid he is or how stupid he thinks I am.
Pardon , close your ears,,********--I am 58 years old, educated, and you can't skunker me--this isn't normal.
God help us all.

Re: Aerosol Report

Unread postby Judyh0603 » Sun Oct 19, 2008 12:05 am

So, this is carole the debunker?? Several cheerleaders on the other website for the debunker Uncinus --the others like me call him/her
un-****?? Funny, huh>> I think they are computer generated responders--just my theory/

More Trolls Exposed: Hello Judyh0603, Morgan, and Egghead

Unread postby socrates » Sun Oct 19, 2008 4:10 am

It's very late here. I signed in about an hour ago to pm Lophofo about some shenanigans going on at the Randi Rhodes Message Board. I took over sixty screenshots and will be busting a couple trolls at some point. One, people already should be aware of, Morgan aka OKthatsIt. I totally busted this person today. More on that when I can get to it.

The big news is that a prolific poster named Egghead from the Randi Rhodes Message Board has turned out to be a fake! I have the proof. It is unbelievable how much effort these paid assholes go to trying to discredit me and this forum. Yeah, they also go after people like Lophofo. The message is, if you run with me, you're gonna get the attacks too. It could take a few days to put this together. But I am 100% certain that Egghead is a paid fake, that the RRMB is completely compromised.

The actual reason I started this thread was because a troll from Carnicom's has shown up and dumped three posts on the aerosol report thread. NO! You trolls need to post in the chemtrails are not kooky section. And if you do that, please at least make sense and be a bit entertaining.

There is a nutjob named Judyh0603 from Carnicom's forum. Her posts are kind of ridiculous. I believe these people are trying to get me to waste my time. Anyway, I'm gonna merge her silly posts into this thread. The trolls want me to waste time explaining who this person is. They want me to focus in on trolls or get frustrated by them. That's not gonna happen. This forum is of historical importance at this point. We are untouchables. The rest of you are spineless or paid. You know it. I already have a few comments to make on those, but it's so friggen late right now. For example, her first post asks if a photograph was taken by a telescope. Is she talking about the board logo? That was from the skywatch video that got deleted from youtube. Skywatch we now know is also either a paid fake or spineless.

The bottom line is that the more we get attacked, the more obvious it is that this forum has solved chemtrails from every angle.
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Re: More Trolls Exposed: Hello Judyh0603, Morgan, and Egghead

Unread postby socrates » Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:26 pm

It's a rare day when one is able to bust three trolls. I realise this thread needs to be cleaned up and as soon as possible. I took over sixty screenshots last night but will only post the text except for those that are unavailable to the general public. The Randi Rhodes Message Board is a bad joke. Not only is it overwhelmed by trolls, it has had its fair share of corrupt moderators. But first, let's break this down for those in the dark.

1) There is a prolific crazy believer named OKthatsIt who has posted all over the internet. One can plug that username into search engines and see for themselves. She, probably a he, imho, has been all over the Democratic Underground, the RRMB, and countless other websites. When the RRMB without four years of posts was deleted, OKthatsIt changed her name to Morgan. Now she is claiming not to be OKthatsIT. But as usual, I have the proof and not just opinions or heresay.

There is also a poster named Egghead who shockingly has dropped a major troll bomb on yours truly. She said I hit on her and every other female on the board. She made me look like a major ******* and some sort of conman. Luckily, I still have our emails which clearly show that we were on friendly terms. She also showed agreement with me that the Randi Rhodes board had major problems with their moderators and with a certain troll named Bushwa.

There are two hidden sections at that forum. The one she posted in was the admin feedback section. There is another hidden one on 9/11, but that is for another time or never to discuss. If people want to figure out the real deal on their own, they have to sign up to see those two sections. I will do my best to fill in the gaps, so no one has to sign up.

The reason I stopped posting at the RRMB was because I was being harrasses by a moderator named WhoseMarie, who just so happened to be one of Bushwa's best friends. She bullied me away with threats. I have screenshots of that.

I simply went back to that forum yesterday to make a few chemtrail posts. I was surprised to find out that Egghead is a paid troll as are many others on that board and all over the internet for that matter.

WhoseMarie has since been deleted. I'm not sure if Randi herself had anything to do with that, but I did send her a private message detailing the harrassment. I sent her a second one yesterday detailing how Egghead is another bad person. When you see the email exchanges between myself and Egghead, this will all start to make perfect sense.

So that's #1 and 2- The Randi Rhodes Message Board and the ******** concerning Egghead, Morgan, and in fact other trolls situated in prominent stature at that infested board

3) This Judyh0603 is a Morgan type crazy believer who recently has been dropping a lot of posts at Carnicom's. She has made a big mistake by posting here. That will also be explained.

But to be honest, I believe these assholes want me to waste my time and feel overwhelmed. I promise, however, that this thread will make sense when it is complete. I'm not sure what order I will explain all these different things, but I will do it as efficiently as possible. Dial-up means it takes me way too much time to upload images, etc.. That's why I'll only do what I have to do and otherwise provide the texts instead. If the trolls delete anything I don't provide the screenshots for, I can simply add them later to prove their lies, just as I have done countless times before with so many other trolls. It would be nice if others watched my back and helped me out, but reality has shown me that I am truly on my own for most things.

Let's get the Morgan/OKthatsIT out of the way first. It is the easiest thing to explain.

OKthat'sIT first caught my attention before the board got deleted. She was making crazy chemtrail posts stating how commercial airliners make chemtrails. She was basically spreading a lot of disinfo as a crazy believer. You see, it is the crazy believers who are the big problem. They are the strawmen. They are the ones who enable creeps like Minnis to frame chemtrails as a crazy hoax about mind control and/or depopulation. We now know that Minnis is afraid of interacting with realistic explanations. This whole thing, chemtrails on the internet, has been scripted. Real people are not supposed to be involved in the discussion. Think of me what you want, but I am tinfoil free. And you know this forum is solid.

But oh yeah, OKthatsIt is the person who hadthe Democratic Underground thread which included her posting Day Glo's chemtrail picture about five times on the one thread. It is a picture that I have posted here. The difference is that I gave the source for the photo. OKthatsIT said she was from Boston and was posting the same picture as me. She was being a subtle form of a fake socrates.

On this RRMB thread I confronted the troll. {one needs to scroll down a bit}

{me} Wow. I actually just watched something funny on Saturday Night Live- NARC School. But I digress.

Hey Morgan, I don't have a problem with you changing your username from OKthatsIt, but I was wondering if you could do me a really big favour and tell me where you found the following photograph.

{the image}

You posted it at least five times on this Democratic Underground thread.

Thanks. Much appreciated.


She responded four minutes later. Think about that. Four minutes!

You flatter me, sir. But, wrong, diffferent person.

You're denying that you are OKthatsIT? Thanks.

There's been no more responses yet. This is kind of the same thing I did with Patrick Minnis. I wanted to ask him directly whether he was Canex at Chemtrail Central. I never expected Morgan to deny this. I think the fakes understand that I hate non-sequitors. They act like bratty kids trying to be silly and waste my time or frustrate me. But I am not frustrated one bit. I find ways to bash these trolls, then I get back on topic. I am not sure how long it will take me to finish this thread, but I will, and everything will make sense, and we will have yet more proof of how The Chemtrail Haven is under attack from all angles.

Why did Morgan deny this?

From this Democratic Warrior thread, one can see clearly that Morgan and OKthatsIt are the same person.

KyndCulture: They cut off my ability to PM anyone.

It says "you are restricted from using that function"

If somebody still can, please invite OKthatsIt.

Fucking cretins.

lil lady: yes get her over here. koy, galilei and trap need someone to elese to play with in the 911 forum and she's just really cool to boot.
come on over okthatsit!!!

KyndCulture: Well I'm stuck like chuck like you are. I can't do diddly. Although I got Morgan (OK) on my MSN, maybe I can find her.

Can't post, can't PM, but in their benevolence I can read.


But there is even better proof than that.


Main Stream Media...



If you don't believe me, hit right click on the images, and the photobucket account for OKthatsIT is shown. And again, if any of these creeps delete anything, I have taken the screenshots.

So how is Morgan not OKthatsIT? And if one right clicks on the Day Glo chemtrail image found at the Democratic Underground, they will see that the picture was taken from a Spanish speaking chemtrail blog. Think about that!

Morgan and OKthatsIT are clearly the same person. It is beyond the beyond that she posted that one specific image so often at the Democratic Underground.

Okie dokie. Now that's out of the way. 8)
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Re: More Trolls Exposed: Hello Judyh0603, Morgan, and Egghead

Unread postby socrates » Sun Oct 19, 2008 9:56 pm

Alright, now let's take care of Judy's stupid posts from above.

{By the way, I know it looks like I am a genius or something, but I have never shoved my education into anyone's face unless given no other alternative. I simply got good at trollbusting. The education has simply enabled some kind of historic checks and balances approach to the writing. That is the edge I have over the fakes. While they are busy spreading convolution and lies upon lies, I have taken an academic approach. Yet, I also hope this has been a good read for folks, this whole forum. I know I am not the greatest writer since sliced bread, but I'm not too shabby. This basic confidence has enabled me to continue and succeed at getting truths out. End of self-indulgent tangent.}

Those posts fit in with the basic approach of paid trolls. We saw it with our recent guest named Foolsbane/Bryansails who is the historic troll Yaak/Cydoniaquest. They are deep down fascist. They feel a need to control and manipulate. They always ignore other sides in debate. They wish to frustrate, humiliate, and basically make us feel insignificant. It's not working!

So Judy dumps a load on us that only a few will understand. Trolls wish us to waste our time. They want us going down rabbit holes. They want us to be confused and play by their terms. No, it doesn't work that way. Not at this forum anyway.

She asks about some photo whether a telescope was used. What? That's what I mean. They throw in random time wasting comments. I can only imagine she/he was referring to this board's logo. Otherwise, I haven't a clue what she meant.

She then throws in the idea of a shield. Again, that is not going to make any sense to anyone but veteran chemmies. There was a hoax a bunch of years back where an insider from Lawrence Livermore spoke of a shield. One can search engine Deep Shield.

Deep Shield was kind of like a Dan Rather Vietnam/GW thingie. A true story becomes warped. This is kind of like C. Wright Mill's idea of circumscribing. This is about the Roots Of Fascism 101. It is about oppressors taking good ideas and manipulating them for their own purposes.

She mentions Uncinus, who is Mr. Contrail Science, also known as Epoxynous at Youtube. I busted that fool last year when he came out with his chemtrails are contrails video. Again, Judy is simply name and phrase dropping things that only seasoned chemmies are going to immediately know what she is referring to. She is trying to get me to waste my time, just like Foolsbane tried to do with myself and Lophofo right when we had taken things up a solid notch the last couple months. Make no mistake about it. Myself and Lophofo are the only two Americans who have confronted the disinfo beast head on. This is the only chemtrail forum which makes sense. That's why we are attacked so much.

Finally, she then refers to Carole as being a debunker. She had dumped her posts on the aerosol report thread. She was talking about Carole Pellatt. Now why would a seasoned chemmie refer to Carole as a debunker? The only problem I have with Carole is her propensity to work with the network of fakes and other forms of tinfoil. I deleted Carole's account, because I would have been a hypocrite to let that slide.

As regards to this troll Judy, she is clearly not the brightest spook. Why she didn't use a proxy to post is boggling. I now have good reason to believe that Judyh0603 is in fact BlueSkyHope. :o

IP adresses don't really mean too much. We each use one of the isp's and blog. When those ip's are searched, usually nothing shows up. Now robots, the spammers, they usually show up on domains which expose such entities. Also, there are some domains which list ip addresses. It isn't done that often anymore. But once in a while, if you have an ip, you can find out a lot of good info. Usually, one can just find out the internet service protocal {e.g. comcast} and perhaps the geographical location. But sometimes one can hit bingo. This appears to be the case with Judyh0603.


By Susan Laangley Jackson 1996 (20-093.mod.logantele.com - on Monday, July 24, 2006 - 07:04 pm:

Hi! Saw a message posted on July 14th - someone looking for me and Nicki Salvaterra along with some other people. Would like to know who's out there looking for us. Anyone out there who knew me (class of 96) would love to hear from you. I'm doing well and have been married for 6 years now. Just had a baby boy this year (March 17) St. Patti's Day Baby :) Living in Ky. Nicki is doing great... she just moved back to Washington D.C. Will give you all more info - just e-mail me at [email protected] Hope everyone is doing well. Take care - hope to hear from some people soon. :)

I do realise that ip addresses can change. But if one looks into this person, they will see that she is probably affiliated with the NOAA. Wow. I realise there can be coincidences, but sometimes one would have to be a fool to think everything is an unexplainable fluke of karma. I mean, we recently took a look at how Lophofo was astroturfed as being myself. One can read about that on the "Fake Socrates" thread.

I am not saying for sure this is Judy or BlueSkyHope, but I do think this is a most plausible theory. Langley-Jackson has worked in Georgia. That is where BSH was posting from. One of the first times I started to doubt BSH was when she made that silly avatar with the space before the punctuation, something that a lot of trolls do. She also went on to argue that clouds appear out of the blue. It was a bizarre post. I didn't slam her too hard. But to be honest, she never responded to my liking the way Isard has explained his initial interest in figuring out what the scoop is on the chembusters.

BAHS stands for the Bonn American High School. That would explain Con-trail, our previous member from Germany who also mysteriously dropped out of sight just like NatureisMad, Don Smith, and Helix. That is a consistent psy-op against this forum. May41970 always promised to post more and never did. NatureisMad the same. Don Smith and May41970 are clearly spook usernames. These others, this is where I have started to phrase them as being either fakes or spineless.

Bonn American High School? Wow. And did you notice how Judy and BSH are allegedly the same age around 58ish? :roll:

If this NOAA affiliated person is indeed our troll, that would put Judy/BSH at around 30 years old.


"30-year-old Female (Russellville, KY)"

Again, if this was an ip of a different person before Judy, then so be it. But I don't think so. I just think this person made a big mistake by posting here without a proxy. It's clear as day that Judyh0603 is a paid troll. Just go to Carnicom's and check out her utter crap. I think these people are so arrogant, that they make themselves vulnerable to exposure. Think about Lou Aubuchont, and how much we learned about that ******* from him visiting here. I think the same kind of mistake has been made again.

Fall 2001 Abstracts for Georgia Southern Students and Faculty

Susan Langley, Emily Polonus, and Anna Austin - The Coastal Erosion workshops in Savannah, GA and Myrtle Beach, SC.

BSH, in hindsight, posted a lot of neat NOAA type links. Not only that, she had an uncanny knack for posting about things I have been personally interested in. Coincidences? I now don't think so. The only thing I don't get is how writing on message boards becomes part of these persons' job descriptions. But then again, Patrick Minnis has been all over the internet too with some pseudo-anonymous troll usernames. Canex and Dogbreath.

Susan K. Langley, Emily A. Polonus, Anna J. Austin
Work at Georgia Southern University's (GSU) Spatial Analysis and Geographic Information Systems Laboratory (SAGIS) included digitizing and georeferencing historical, non-photographic shoreline data from tide sheets (T-sheets) for use in the shoreline change analysis of the southern study region. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Coastal Services Center (CSC) in Charleston provided 60 rasterized T-sheets of the South Atlantic Coast from Charleston, SC to Jacksonville, FL.

Protocols for on-screen digitizing and registering of images were developed by students at GSU. Each rasterized image was georeferenced using a downloadable Avenue script from the Earth Systems Research Institute's (ESRI) Arc Scripts to create world files for the unreferenced maps. After completing the registration a polyline shapefile of the mean high tide shoreline was created for each map to generate a GIS database of mean high water level and historic shorelines of the study area. The database produced from the T-sheets includes a series of maps showing the positions of selected historical shorelines (e.g. mid 1800s, late 1800s, and early 1900s).


Susan Jackson (Langley)
Bonn American High School, BONN Class of 1996

We have also been getting visitors from Maryland. Things seem to be adding up. I do not think I am out of control with this post. By the way, the McNor Group is a strange one. They deal with both dental and financial services.

I don't think it is stretch of the imagination to argue that these two Langleys are the same person. The ages line up. I know this isn't concrete evidence, but I do smell a rat. Apologies to Langley if this is all a bizarre coincidence. But the NOAA has been one of the big boys we have singled out as being involved with chemtrails.

I guess now all I have left to do with this thread is explain the thing about Egghead, WhoseMarie, Bushwa, and the attacks on me at the Randi Rhodes Message Board. I'll end this post by copying and pasting Egghead's ridiculous comment. To get to the link, however, one needs to become a member of the RRMB. Then I'll eventually follow this up with the screenshots proving that Egghead is a liar and subsequently a fake!

Yesterday was a bonanza for troll busting. It's rare to be able to nail three of them in one day. I guess I was in the zone. 8)

Keep in mind that this was the first post of a hidden thread made by Egghead where I again became the focus. WTF? There must be a lot of goodies at this humble place for us to be so systematically attacked. To all those paid fakes, I have two words:



Wow. The thread has already been deleted. But it's all good. That's why amateur internet sleuths take screenshots.

It could take a bit of time, but this Egghead story will not be erased. I will upload the images. Then anyone who sees them will know that Egghead is part of a controlled, oppositional script at the Randi Rhodes Message Board. I am a bit surprised that I haven't simply been outright banned yet from the RRMB. Perhaps there are good people in power there too?

I will get those screenshots along with the email exchanges between myself and Egghead which prove she is an outright fake. :twisted:

Thanks for your patience. I am upset that Eggy is part of the convolution. But after all the bait and switches I've experienced, I can't exactly say I am in complete shock. This will blow you guys away. I am about to yet again show why I am one of the best troll busters ever. Take care people.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Re: More Trolls Exposed: Hello Judyh0603, Morgan, and Egghead

Unread postby socrates » Tue Oct 21, 2008 2:32 am

I need time to put this together. I need to hold some cards close to the vest. But this is gonna be huge. These people have picked the wrong person to mess with.
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Re: Morgan/OKthatsIT, Egghead, and a Corrupt RRMB

Unread postby socrates » Tue Oct 21, 2008 1:16 pm

All indications are that freeper trolls are in positions of power at the RRMB. And somehow they have established the rules so that there are no checks and balances for that type of thing happening. I am now in the moderator queue for simply demanding that a public explanation, apology, or whatever be given for Egghead slandering me.

Here is my now scrubbed response which contained the also deleted attack. Please keep in mind that her post was the first one in a thread placed in the members only admin section. "Be Careful" was the title of her thread and I was the primary focus. WTF? :evil:


I have been participating on basically two threads of late in the "conspiracy theory" section.

This is the one where I have outed OKthatsIT as being Morgan:


I have made a few new posts which haven't shown up yet. I expect to be banned at any moment. I made a follow up post with a link to the Democratic Warrior thread in which a poster said that Morgan and OK are the same person. I have many screenshots. I am not going to post all of them and will need time to put together the ones I will post. If anything gets deleted or altered, I will have those screenshots to bust such insidious activities.

Morgan says I shouldn't be so obsessed and should work with true patriots or something to that effect. It is clear that Morgan and OKthatsIT are the same person. It is also now clear that Morgan wasn't ever expected to be outed for having the sock puppet. They post the same things. OKthatsIT was at the RRMB and Morgan wasn't before the old board got deleted. Now there is no OKthatsIT and Morgan is there. :roll:

This is the thread I started where Bushwa revealed that an attack thread against me was started by Egghead:


Bushwa pretty much was laughing in my face and admitting that he has moderators in his back pocket. He asked me who I could provide the screenshots to, as in, none of them will do anything about it anyway. I get slandered, then I stick up for myself, then I ask for an apology, an explanation, etc., and the response from the moderators is that they can do what they want to with no explanations, and if someone doesn't like it, then they have the right to leave.

Libertas and WhoseMarie are fakes. Libertas has disappeared. I think I saw a recent post by WhoseMarie, but for some reason she is listed as a guest on some sticky threads.

This is what happened between myself as regards to Bushwa, WhoseMarie, and Egghead. Bushwa is a troll. No doubt about it. He breaks rules all the time yet never gets reprimanded. Other people are forced to walk on eggshells. This is the same situation that goes on at the Democratic Underground. Certain posters can troll all they want and never get in trouble. Others, like myself, do nothing wrong or simply stand up against the bullying yet get tossed.

When I went to WhoseMarie the first time Bushwa trolled me way back when, she told me to suck it up and that Bushwa had done nothing wrong. I then noticed that Bushwa was trolling a prolific poster named Egghead. I now think that those two are part of some kind of controlled script. For astroturfing to be effective, there can be no hint that the dialogue is rigged. There is a reason why trollbusters are shunned upon. We speak the truth. We jeopardize that such facades will be revealed. A guy like Lou Aubuchont, for example, he can act like he hasn't been thoroughly exposed as a fake. But he has been. This is what trollbusters do. This is the kind of thing I got good at doing. 8)

Basically, I had hit it off with two people at Randi Rhodes after first joining, Egghead and a feminist named Aletha. Aletha and I had made some great posts on a now deleted thread from when Randi was still with Air America Radio. A fake story had been planted astroturfing that Cindy Sheehan did an interview with Hustler Magazine. It was part of a campaign to equate the beautiful Cindy Sheehan with the word *****.

Egghead and myself had good give and take about Bushwa and the mods. I simply didn't have any other choice but Egghead to find out which mods I could trust.

I have the screenshots proving that I got trolled by WhoseMarie a few months back. That is why I stopped posting for a while until recently at that compromised forum. WhoseMarie put me on the moderator queue for asking wtf happened to the old forum. Some of my best posts ever, including the ones on the Cindy Sheehan/Flynt hoax thread, were gone. I wanted an explanation why four years of a forum had been scrubbed. The corrupt moderators at the RRMB didn't want to hear it. WhoseMarie told me to stop spamming the board. Gee, I don't make that many posts. I did not spam. I can prove the harrassment from WhoseMarie. I left that board a few months back, because I sensed I was going to be banned for no good reason. That does happen, and quite often, on the internet.

Anyway, I will at some point put those things together to wrap up this story, to give it some closure.

I do not think Randi Rhodes realises what is going on with that dive. I have emailed both her and an admin. named Ronzo, who doesn't seem to be involved with the corrupt clique. I have even provided them with my real name and phone number! I am not scared of anyone. I sent Egghead a pm after I found out about her slander and asked her to explain. I told her I had proof for her lies. She said she didn't want any trouble, but that she too had records of our pm's backing up her side of the story. I wrote her a reply, but she had already turned off access to her private message inbox. I wanted to let her know that I was calling her bluff.

I understand that private messages are meant to be private. However, if my reputation and/or the truth is at stake of being convoluted, and if I am able to prove something through emails, I am going to do that. If someone is going to play head games with me, I am going to use every resource in my vicinity to stand up for my rights and the truth.

I hate to sound like SluggoJD, but he has a great line:

I Will Not Be Silenced!
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Re: More Trolls Exposed: Hello Judyh0603, Morgan, and Egghead

Unread postby socrates » Thu Oct 30, 2008 10:59 am

Carnicom's board is having some ******** going on with their ads and malware, so be careful if you go there. It tried to download something onto my computer. FreeForums had something like that going on, yet I never noticed it. I only read a bit from others at their support forum. But the difference between FreeForums and Cliff is that they actually keep an eye out for such things and fix them accordingly. They definitely do not allow trolling and fake posts.

I have noticed at Carnicom's that periodically there is always a new influx of fake usernames. I think as soon as they saw me starting to post a bit there, a few months ago to let readers know the truth about Deborah/FootSoldier and Megasprayer debunking, the fakes sent in the troops to let me know that normal chemmies will never be able to post at major chemtrail forums without the trolls dominating. From now on I am not going to worry about posting here what I am posting elsewhere. Isard makes a lot of sense when he told me that AAANI has served its purpose, that it has a good base for sincere chemtrail information. Thus, I am no longer compelled to force the situation. I guess if you build it, they will come. Or we'll just say that this is a blog in the form of a forum, at least currently.

Unlike other pseudo-gadflies, however, I will never delete my findings. I stumbled onto this guy Reverend Mykeru who had a lot of damning information on Ben Burch. Now it's all gone except for a cached page out of zoominfo.com. CTC has been butchered. I now see that the Mike Malloy forum has scrubbed and pruned a lot of important years. I wanted to read up on some epic battle between AnonymousArmy and Ben Burch. It's all gone, as if it never happened. These types of things make me think of controlled opposition. When one has to go to Free Republic to find clues, that says it all. Same thing happened when the Chemtrail Central Changes threads got deleted. I had to go to a debunker website run by "theseeker" to retrieve even a small sliver of it.

With Judyh0603, I googled her, and she is a recent username. All I found were some posts on one of those gosh darn patriotic tinfoil outposts. When she first started at Carnicom's, she was sounding ultra crazy, talking about smut, yeah, she was using smut as a word for chemtrail fall-out. She also spoke of not being skunkered. From looking at a few of her latest Carnicom posts, she seems to have dropped that specific sort of crazy talk. Her writing seems to have improved a bit. I don't care. It may seem that I am obsessed with chemtrail forum fakes, but I'm not. I hammered the nail in. It's pretty clear what my message has been. While on high speed internet, I was able to accumulate a lot of links and screenshots to prove my case. The main message has been that there are real chemmies who despise what the planted kookiness has done to this topic.

I went to Gastronamus Cafe because the gatekeeper Swampgas made it seem that he was in full agreement with that outlook. I went a bit nutty the last year with exposing the kookiness and fake normal chemmies with hidden agendas, because someone had to do it.

Getting banned by the Randi Rhodes Message Board, Democratic Underground, Fintan Dunne, CTC, and Gastro have been badges of honour. I quit Megasprayer before any banning. They had been messing with my username account to the point of displaying my email address. I really haven't been banned from anywhere else, just one other place from way before I became known to any of ye. Not HuffingtonPost. Oops, BradBlog gave me the boot. That's explained elsewhere. Did I mention that Brad is buddies with Ben Burch and Brett Kimberlin? :lol:

I haven't been at too many other places or for that many posts elsewhere. There is a place called Fortean Times, but it is hidden to the public. I was there back in 2001-2002ish before taking a three year hiatus from the net. Before then, I was like anyone else simply using the net for email, sports, etc.. Now what's up with that. Why make a forum hidden to the public? Why delete whole years of forums? I do not buy for one second that there is any excuse for forum history's being deleted. There are no excuses for such ********. I have no hidden agendas.

I look at posting on the internet as driving a car. When you are 16 and get the license, there is nothing more fun than driving. But over the years, after all the bad drivers cutting you off and flipping birds, the initial magic is gone.

But I'm not giving up. I am just explaining how a certain amount of jadedness can enter the picture.

It stinks bigtime to realise that every major forum is rigged. The Randi Rhodes Message Board appears to be as bad as Chemtrail central. 98% of the RRMB appears to be fakes. Their moderators are 100% bought and sold. Same with the Democratic Underground.

I exposed Morgan as being OKthatsIT. No doubt about it. Whenever any of ye in your travels are out there and see examples of fakes, don't be scared if the idea pops into your head that this Socrates dude was right about nearly everything he posted. You can apply the techniques I used and see that trolls are not a form of species simply devoted to spreading tinfoil by association. I am damn proud of what I've accomplished on the internet. I have not backed down.

As for Egghead, Ben Burch, the RRMB, etc., that doesn't really have much to do with chemtrails, so I am gonna, time permitting, answer remaining questions about those cretins in the public forum on the carmenjonze thread. I have tons of screenshots. I have filled my bookmarks a bit with crap concerning Ben Burch who is listed on Nova M Radio's staff. There are a few new posts on the Fintan, Hertzberg, Brad, Bev, etc. thread in astroturfing.

I am at peace, good readers. I would have liked it if some of you would have made some guest posts or even signed up, but never say never. The door is always open for sincere people.

I will show how Egghead gave me the bait and switch as regards to Bushwa and the RRMB moderators. I will show how Ben Burch is a disgusting tool. You wouldn't believe what he has admitted to without any help from his scripted enemies. I am now not so sure this Reverend Mykeru is legit. I say that since who goes about and investigates someone, but then deletes the findings?

Egghead attacked me at the RRMB, but then it got deleted. I say, wait a second, no deleting please. Simply apologize. Don't throw away evidence that explains my postings in response. That's why myself and another bait and switcher named may41970 were so vigilant in getting out the story of CTC deleting huge chunks of its history. That history helped to prove my case of rigged chemtrail forums.

The Chemtrail Haven is not dying. We are evolving. We are trying to figure out how to take what we have learned and apply it to the real world. Any guest posts by good lurkers would help the cause immensely. Thanks for your time and consideration. And I hope you like my new Vincent Gambini signature. 8)
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