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Duncan Kunz

tinfoil by association

Duncan Kunz

Unread postby deleted username » Mon May 14, 2007 8:03 am

what's up with this? don't know if it's important or not. but I did notice that duncan had been in communciation with IB on at least one thread.

don't know if it's a wild goose chase or not, but thought you might be interested

deleted username

Unread postby socrates » Mon May 14, 2007 5:49 pm

I also noticed that the "debunker" had erased his posts. From the link you provided:

Bonehead: Why have all of Duncan's posts been deleted? It makes it a little hard to follow some of the old threads.

Thermit: Bonehead9, I don't know why Duncan decided to do such a thing. I was really surprised to learn that, in addition to quiting the board, he had taken the unusual and time-consuming step of removing so many of his recent posts.

Here is another link showing that Duncan pulled a Cydoniaquest.

Somehow Thermit had forgotten about that Cy character who did the same exact time-consuming activity with many of his own earliest posts.

I think the key to figuring out how CTC has been perverted is to realize that this is connected to when the board design was changed. Here is one example of a thread from 2004 which is from the older board version.

scoop2 - I win

The new board threads never have "ubb" in their addresses. From the link above:

banned: Well, EMFX

You've just made a serious error.

First of all.. I know thermit doesn't like me. (A-T)

Second of all, I know your merely his sycophant.

Third of all, you really shouldn't ban people unless you know exactly what the situation is.

Now, it's obvious I have posted sensitive infomration on this forum that could get me in BIG trouble. However, It was my role of service and the confidential information involved which required my idendity change. I have been on this forum much longer than Alpha-Theta, I had several names before that.

The thing is, I'll have several more names in the future. I was employed by DARPA for christ sake..... you don't think I know my ARP tables. I can change my IP a million times and re-register. It's just unortunate that you had to step up and make an enemy out of me with such a grandiose fashion. I am a terrible enemy to have.

So be it.

I can and will return incognito, in many forms. Any attempt to sway me is futile. I've tried to tell people time and time again..... I am not just talking....


I am leaning towards believing that Alpha-Theta was a real person. For most of the time, he posed no problems for the overall CTC tinfoil strategy. I think, however, that "they" realized he was posting too much good stuff. Thus, my theory is that "they" decided to confuse the reader into thinking that AT was Cydoniaquest/Jason. I believe that "they" have messed with AT's profile and deleted his existence from the new version of the board, making him seem to be the "hacker" and the "multiple personality". But, unfortunately for "them", they forgot to erase the original threads and never figured that anyone might look into this further and try to see exactly what this Alpha-Theta had been posting.

What I am getting at is that Archon was actually Cyquest trying to circumscribe AT into their disinfo racket. It is like you posted on the other thread here about how discouraging it is to see us being lumped in with all the bullcrap. I am leaning towards believing that this is what was done to Alpha-Theta.

"They" don't mind us posting as long as anything good we come up with is still tainted by the tinfoil by association.

Alpha-Theta seems to be one of those people you wondered might have existed in the past who also saw right through the fakeness of CTC. With Cydoniaquest in his many forms{e.g. banned, archon}, "they" were able to make Alpha-Theta seem to be one of his personas. This is what "they" are now trying to do to us. "They" are trying to turn this into an "enigma", that we could be the fakes and not them. Thus, AT needed to be besmirched and hidden. Then it was to be Swampgas who would be the gatekeeper of the topic of fake posts and forum shenanigans. Funny how he has gone all quiet after he said he would always give the other side of the story to ctc changes. Have you noticed any related chatter on this over at Gastro? I bet if there is, it is in the hidden areas.

p.s.- I have noticed at this forum that there is a time-out factor, so before you hit preview or submit, I recommend you save your post, just in case, or it could be lost.
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Re: Duncan Kunz

Unread postby socrates » Mon Jul 30, 2007 10:07 pm

may41970 wrote:what's up with this? don't know if it's important or not. but I did notice that duncan had been in communciation with IB on at least one thread.

don't know if it's a wild goose chase or not, but thought you might be interested


I just noticed this thread again, just thought I'd throw in some links, so this doesn't seem like some insider talk.

The topic here has to do with the history of Chemtrail Central. IB was someone named Innocent Bystander. Somehow all his posts got zapped. CTC basically has tons of history that is hidden. For those interested, here is a long thread about "Innocent Bystander."

Concrete Proof that Chemtrail Central is a Disinfo Palace

As to Alpha-Beta and Innocent Bystander, I don't know whether they were real or not. Just because someone gets their posting history scrubbed, that doesn't let us know whether they were sock puppet id's or whether their posts were getting in the way of the insidous astroturfing.

CTC has a convoluted past. May41970 and myself were witnesses that certain CTC history was being pruned and scrubbed.

The elusive "ctc changes" thread
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I Now Don't Think Alpha-Theta Was For Real

Unread postby socrates » Wed Aug 01, 2007 1:50 pm

From the DBS thread I linked to above:

Who was alpha-theta?
CTC Profile
Location: ª×µ»ƒ³²²
Occupation: Education
Interests: exposing socialist scum
posts: 694

The name is actually " Alpha-Theta"

Website: conflict.netfirms.com/index2.html

It looks like it was gonna be some extensive tabloid, conspiracy website yet never got off the ground. It was gonna have a forum. It said it would have upcoming publications on the following:

1. Biofeedback; manipulation, suppression, control of consciousness and brainwave function 1a. Relation to metaphysical aspects such as lucid dreams, telepathy, and esp 1b. Affiliation with electromagnetics of the second order; the existence of non-hertzian devices

2. In depth and critical analysis of potential applications of synthetic non-hertzian energies 2a. Relation to directed and kinetic energy devices and weapons; biological process control;syntel 2b. Relative conception and the covert birth of radionics

3. Elaboration on (E/V)LF, wave interference, brainwave resonance, and the interpretation or alteration of brainwaves 3a. The Hertzian Conspiracy 3b. Pulsed repitition, phasing and frequency; the debunking of Hertz 3c. Relativity of harmony, electricity, gravity, scalars, tensors, quaternions as unconditionally dictated by nature.

And also a closer look at the lives of:

James Clark Maxwell
Nikola Tesla
Albert Einstein
Wilhelm Reich
Jon Von Neumann

Other future topics of interest:

- Quaternion mathematics and the true potentials of physics
- The relation and contrast of scalar and tensors as compared to quaternions.
- Tachyons, Superbradyons, and Composite Fermions
- Orthogonal waves and Longitudinal waves; free energy; magnetic vacuum
- The debunking of quantum mechanics
- What is gravity and how does it relate to spacetime
- In depth look at the AIDS epidemic
- Critical analysis of unscrupulous sedation and misdiagnosis
- Eugenics and Attrition
- Religion; The anti-spirituality racket
- Politics; Analogous with psychological warfare; Irony
- Perception Control, Semantics, and Reverse Cognitive Hacking; As applied
- Telemetry, domestic surveillance, maintenance of liberty
- Ecology 101: Stop killing my enviroment
- And much, much more.

When you click for Alpha-Theta's CTC posts, the following message appears:

No topics or posts met your search criteria

Ha, that's typical for Chemtrail Central.
This looks like another job for google.

This reeks just like The Barnes Review, just like the stuff uncovered on the wrh thread. It reeks just like Robert Taylor of AONN Records. It reeks just like how Duncan Kunz and Cydoniaquest deleted so many of their CTC posts. It reeks just like with "Thermit" of CTC hiding or deleting the "CTC Changes" threads. This is all convoluted. It is rabbit hole material. I will say yet again that Chemtrail Central is the biggest reason why chemtrails have not been exposed and stopped already. How many of us have been led to that tinfoil, nonsense forum? How many of us have squandered so much time running around in circles looking at chemtrail posts and links that are utterly worthless? How many real people could have connected and made progress in figuring out chemtrails if CTC had been on the up and up?

For those who are asking who the focker is Robert Taylor, here's the explanation.

AONN Records and Chemtrail Central

By the way, a while back I stumbled across why Alpha-Theta was banned from CTC. He had the gall to say "stfu" to "LuLu," a moderator, someone who strangely ended up making many a post at the "debunker" forums.

I am not sure what else can be said to show people that there is some kind of crazy, chemtrail forum, astroturfing in place.
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Unread postby socrates » Thu Aug 02, 2007 3:34 pm

These are two of the biggest names in the history of chemtrail forum fakery. While Swampgas has gone against his own words by ignoring the deletion of the "CTC Changes" threads, Aubuchont has clearly taken things up a notch by revealing his own affinity towards lunatic ideas.

Neither of them stepped up to the plate when myself and may41970 requested sunshine be set on the missing threads. Don't believe me? Look at what those two were saying at the time of the CTC Changes, and then try to find any evidence that shows either one of them was sincere. No such evidence will be found.

This is all that could be found from the CTC Changes threads, and one had to go to a debunker forum to find this.

I made this post at DBS a while back.
CTC Changes

Where are the CTC Changes thread{s}? Why has Thermit gone awol? How come one can find tons of whackjob AONN Secret Agent Fascist crap in the caches, but certain CTC threads seem to have vanished completely?

Well, a bit of it seems to have been located. I have located it from a fake "debunker" forum.

"CTC implosion?"
LTC8K6: Actually, I hope not. I really don't like to see this and it brings back some bad memories.


{me-Socrates- the links go nowhere, even if you are a ctc member}

lu lu: well well well very interesting Bill
when i was mod/admin way back when i recall therm mentioning the ban ip thing was not so good an idea
and i had to agree with his reasoning always had a great deal of respect for captain therm

"I'd like to take CTC forward from here, and make it a place where people can discuss ideas of all sorts without fear of being banned, just because their ideas are different."

a very likable chap and true colors are shown with the other two unstable dudes

therm speaks:

"Swamp Gas, I understand that this is war to you guys. However, I'm not going to live my life in a virtual underground bunker constantly under fear. Good luck with your club."

it was bound to happen swamp is as vile as they come will never forget the slanderous hate-filled e-mail campaign he launched against me out of the blue

swampy spews: "Thermit, you simply are ungrateful. We clean up the mess, and you say you're not going to live in an underground bunker. If this is not an inforamtion war, than perhaps you have been leaned on or you are the paranoid one.And where is Ellyn, who kicked off this mess?
You could have emailed her, and got the IP from her machine, and unblocked that. You trade some damn AOL proxies for one of the best mod teams I have ever seen. You're not as smart as you think you are. You are exactly like George W Bush. the majority of Americans say Bush is wrong, and he makes fun of us. The entire mod team quits, and it doesn't phase you

I am breaking off my addiction to your site, and you are not going to get away with your half of the story. Unless you knock out this thread, we will keep coming back and setting the record straight." as always my hats off to mark sky never had a thing against him or poco

as big joe blunders:

"Thermit... Don't you think you could at least thank Swamp for saving CTC when it was hacked last fall..."

does he need glasses as therm thanks gas bag loud and clear folks:

"Well, it was my fault the site got hacked because I had missed installing a security patch and then it got exploited, but thanks to Swamp for having the latest DB backup at the time, the real damage wasn't too bad a hit."

not that therm didn't have his own back up as the world burns

not so big joe:
"The gate is wide open for professional dis-info's, debunkers and other professionals working for the "dark forces" to walk right in now."

bbwwwwwwahhhhhhaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaaaa who needs tv? not i Image


what a trip dpwn the lane...

Lord seeker: know I read that whole thread a couple of hours ago and could not believe the arrogance of mech and gasbag... mark is a good guy...like what he does or not he is a solid fella...he has helped me with html issues and such for a longtime... people and places have their time...and function...
naturally *others* will probably take what I say as cooersion...or whatever but I could care less...he has certainly got more class than our dear boy maverick...

mark{Thermit/Mark Steadham} has always been fair to me....
and that's all that counts...

LTC8K6: Does Thermit expect those of us who were herded into the ghetto and summarily executed to venture back over there? I wonder.....

Lord seeker: he made a statement that he didn't like the way some things were handled...

I don't know bill...go back or not...I don't have the time anymore...this is bad enough here....these days I try not to carry grudges...unless we are talking about mav...

LTC8K6: Yeah, I read it.

I doubt I will post there.

I really don't try to change minds anymore about chemtrails anyway.

What do I care if somebody wants to believe it? So, let them. It no longer matters to me anymore.

I just try to make sure the other side of the story is heard, and don't bother to argue too much with believers anymore.

Lord seeker: I know...I laughed and snorted !

to add I always thought "big joe" and gasbag were the same person...

Reasonable people who read the boards can read what both sides say and decide who is telling the truth.

Unreasonable people aren't worth my time, and hard core believers aren't listening anyway.

Changes in beliefs really only come from yourself. In other words, there is no discipline except self discipline. You know that.

Lord seeker: you are very wise bill

and I thought the quote from therm about "not living hi life in a bunker"......one helluva dig !

LTC8K6: mech sure didn't like it....
{End of Thread}

Chemtrails are real: Chemtrail forums are not. It all looks scripted to me.

As for Aubuchont, when we were working together at Gastro, I asked him once for his opinion on the kookiness. He said that he realized it was a hassle, but that he simply ignored it, and that the nutjobs knew not to engage him with any bs.

Now, he has changed his tune. He openly supports crazy posters like Weatherman714 and Visual Ray Wizard. When the issue of "CTC Changes" threads came up, he didn't feel it was a topic worth addressing. He was singing a different tune, however, when that **** had hit the fan.

Rome Is Burning !!!!!!!!!! Tue Jan 31, 2006

How very sad it is to see CTC come to this end for reasons I still do not fully understand, what is most disheartening is the fact that so many fine people are abandoning the sinking CTC ship, I will miss each and every one of you that I feel I have come to know as well as one can through this plastic terrorist box I sit in front of every night, reading your post, adding my own two cents, thinking, Oh, thinking, all the time, thinking, that is what made this site so great, the people in it and how they made you think.

Now it has come to this, a difference of opinion that might as well have been a shot through the heart of CTC, now it lies in a convulsion, wounded and dying.

Perhaps there will be some sort of reincarnation of CTC, a resurrection as it were, somehow I don't feel that it will ever be the same without those who have left, only time will tell. Image
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