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On chem and "cloudbusters", orgonite, and Wilhelm Reich

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On chem and "cloudbusters", orgonite, and Wilhelm Reich

Unread postby Isard » Sat Jan 17, 2009 6:43 am

From "The Specter of Wilhelm Reich"

The notion that Reich has been 'discredited' and, at that, 'thoroughly', is itself a commonplace without any foundation. Reich's work opened a singular and innovative trail of thought and discovery, normally sequestered from the attention of human beings. And his experiments were never properly replicated, understood nor developed upon.

His caution was thrown to the wind, both by events in the late part of his life, and even more so, by the outrageous mysticisms of his followers - who later proceeded to amalgamate his work to a whole series of orientalisms inherited from 'hippie-isms'. Reich himself wrote at the end of Orgonotic Pulsation: "unless we proceed cautiously, there might well arise a few generations of mystics who conceive of the orgone metaphysically, divorced from non-living nature and who do not comprehend it from the standpoint of natural science. And it seems to me that we have more than enough mysticism as it is." Unfortunately, such has indeed come to pass.

This underlies the fact that neither Reich's detractors nor his followers - his supposed defenders - have actually understood and reproduced enough of the substance of his work to contend either that they thoroughly discredited or accredited it.

As a member of this forum, maybe naively, I decided to buy a "cloudbuster" to test its effects (if any).
The main "orgonite grassroot movement" site, is the Don Croft's forum at http://www.ethericwarriors.com/
This is his description of the cloudbuster:
The Cloudbuster (CB)
[back] Orgonite

[The Cloudbuster (CB) is an invention of Don & Carol Croft designed to deal with HAARP generated weather warfare (hurricanes and droughts), and Chemtrails. It consists of 6 copper pipes (usually 28mm) in 2 gallons of orgonite. Inside the pipes are quartz crystals (or Cesco coils). Crystals can be charged in water by them as well as pieces of orgonite, to enhance their effect. A large ST crystal can be placed in the middle, see pics at bottom of page.]

"Cloudbusters eliminate Chemtrails. These Croft Orgone Creations throw enormous volumes of all kinds of high-frequency etheric energy into the area. For miles. Cloudbusters work."--- Cbswork - Late May, 2004

I got the device from one of the recommended vendors, in the US.
I also asked him to send me four "towerbusters" (the small devices to be put next to the surrounding cell phone towers) for free. According to them, these are necessary to ensure cb effects are not distorted by electromagnetic waves of those antennas.

I received the device a few days after ordering. However the parcel had the wooden top spacer (to support the pipes) and the towerbusters missing. I guess they were just stolen by recepient custom agents.
I then contacted the vendor, and he kindly resent me for free the missing pieces, which I received in the next days.

All the devices were finally installed by the end of June.

The cloudbuster is located in a farm, in the temperate zone South America.
Although there are almost not chemtrails in that area, climate has changed radically in the last 10 or 15 years: very high, abnormal temperatures, abnormal precipitation patterns, and the menace of the ozone depletion, which, as you may know, affects specially the southern cone.
As the cloudbuster is said to be a "normaliser" of weather patterns (for example, cooler summers, etc), I decided it would be a good area to test it.

After several months, which has been the result?
There was absolutely no effect in weather patterns. By the way, all the region has been suffering (and still is) the worst drought in many many decades, which is threating not only farmers and crops, but also hydroelectric production.

Then, two weeks ago (January 2009), I remembered of a guy called James DeMeo, which has claimed Don Croft's cloudbusters cause drought:

I decided to remove the cloudbuster from its location, put copper tops on each of the six holes of the base.
Although the following week there was some rain (very few), the fact is that the drought still continues, and probably will for many weeks. There was no noticeable change in atmospheric patterns by removing "orgonite" from the environement.
...but the water was not sufficient to dispel the drought, the worst in 80 years...

By the way, that James DeMeo guy, is affiliated to the "chemtrails are contrails" theory:

Alexandra and Paulo Correa, from Aetherometry, have wrote a good review on DeMeo's work, which is worth reading:

Demeo makes evident why so many good scientists and thinkers have for so long hesitated in approaching Reich with the same honesty that our texts claim. Everything they read which purports to defend Reich is, in general, a veritable anathema for the scientific spirit and its quests. Now, it must be said, it wasn't Reich nor his mistakes - which, here and there, he also committed - that are responsible for this lameness of thought and weakness of investigation.

No. It was what the followers - who, almost to a man, betrayed Reich until his last hour - did (and with a vengeance, as PP5 also amply demonstrates) to disfigure every good thought and direction of investigation that Reich took. To dissolve, in and through the Reichian Church, the responsibility of any subsequent researcher in Orgonomy. To associate Reich's work with mystical and mythical dogmas from which there is no retreat except into further nonsense. To discard method as if science were a matter of fiat by faith.

What follows should probably be regarded, more properly, as an enterprise of healthy demolition of the most undignified collection of rubbish ever written in the name of Reich. (Oh yes, armed with our indulgent critique of Saharasianism, we can appreciate how Demeo is a Reichian not really because of Wilhelm, but because of Eva, the mother of all Matrist cultures.)

One thing is now certain - Demeo's new mission to suppress any mention of our extensive work - in basic physics, basic biology and the Aether Motor - has boxed him in even further than he was before. While Reich remains the overt 'despotic signifier' of the Demeo chapel, as it befits every iconolatry to have one, there is now a Lacanian absence, a 'barred signifier' - as Jacques Lacan was fond of putting it - whose covert identity has Aetherometry written all over it - and whose 'signified' are all the unreferenced allusions to our own work and findings, not to mention the clumsily hidden 'rebuttals' Demeo sprinkles throughout his PP5.

But as Demeo is about to finally find out - Aetherometry is more like Lacan's 'object a' than his 'despotic signifier' or its 'democratic signified'. Actual science takes no prisoners. In that respect, it shares a lot with the nomadism of Villa and Zapata.

Also interesting is http://www.aetherometry.com/Electronic_Publications/Politics_of_Science/demeo.php

I will conclude by saying Dr Reich's started a whole new world in science. It is up to us, to support people like the Correas, which are trying to honestly follow his teachings, understand his thoughts and reproduce his experiments.
Reich was smart, one of those scientists that only appear every many decades.
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Re: On chem and "cloudbusters", orgonite, and Wilhelm Reich

Unread postby socrates » Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:43 am

Hi Isard,

Thank you very much for putting this thread together. For the record, I have asked Isard to share with us wtf he believes is up with chembusters and orgone. I have some questions.

What is your science background? It appears we are looking at physics?

What is William Reich's background? Did he have any traditional science training? I always figured he was a social scientist, and a darn good one at that.

I had heard of orgone and ***-economy long before ever hearing about chemtrails. I studied the roots of fascism. Reich's Mass Psychology of Fascism along with Fromm's The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness and Alice Miller's Thou Shalt Not Be Aware were my key sources. They were social theorists with a keen eye for social-psychology. While it's been many years since, I will never forget those books.

Now, when I came across the ***-economy and other Reichian phrases, it was no big deal. But I think by the end of the book, he really hung it out to dry talking about orgone. In short, Reich and the others were geniuses in making sense out of the fascist world we live in. But when I asked my Professor about the orgone, etc., he said it was just one of those things that no one really understood, and that perhaps it was Reich being a bit nutty and using literary license.

What I think:

I don't have a clue about this Correa guy. He seems to be making money off of this thing. He makes more sense to me than DeMeo, from as far as I can see, but.......


*** what is orgone and why should we care?
*** what is the proof that it even exists?

I am guessing DeMeo is some kind of govt. black op. I believe the same thing about Don Croft.

Some people are really good at physics and science but not me. Is there a way we can bring this down to a level where it makes sense to everyone? I can cover the social theory part. Can you cover the science?

I haven't the scientific background to figure this out. It does appear that Correa is approaching this from an honest perspective. It also appears to me that orgone has nothing at all to do with chemtrails. If we break this down into its components, I see orgone as being something for honest scientists to explain. The disinfo? We can do that.

The first time I heard of DeMeo was when Carole Pellatt had him in her bibliography for her paper that got distorted by Don Harkins and then circulated widely by the Croft affiliated disinformation website called Educate-Yourself. I didn't like his take on chemtrails. It was too simplistic and used Croft as a strawman. But I figured it was a product of the times.

But then recently I did look at it again and saw that DeMeo fancies himself some kind of Reichian disciple.

The good thing I have taken from Correa is how he has crystalized the New Age ******** aspect, of the distortions that have taken place with Reich's ideas. The same thing has happened to Karl Marx. Marx gets blamed for all the neo-Marxists who have distorted his ideas. I have some problems with Marx too, in that he didn't cover culture enough. Durkheim is thought of as not covering economics enough. Max Weber is considered to be the greatest social theorist of all time, because he was able to look at both cultural and economic factors. He wrote The Protestant Work Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, for example. He showed how the Puritan values fueled capitalism. He said that once the original values were lost, we ended up in an iron cage.

I believe that there is widespread disinformation. I believe in the idea of controlled opposition. Yikes, I don't believe in it, I believe it exists and perverts democratic ideals.

I think DeMeo and Croft are actors working a script. Why else hasn't DeMeo updated his pages concerning chemtrails? Why do his critiques of chemtrails so heavily focus in on strawmen just as Patrick Minnis and NASA does? Why do the few normal chemmies like us get no say in the conversation?

As for the Etheric Warrior website you mentioned, that too is total rubbish. Orgone, chembusters, and how these people make money and "cloud" truths and obfuscate logic pisses me off to no end. That's why I went on the crusade against these fakes. I also don't think these folks are just out to make money. I think it runs much deeper than that.

I do think the idea of orgone as a metaphor works. The status quo is stale and dangerous to true peace and love. As to the physics of it? Who knows? Do you? Does Correa? Does Correa ignore the chemtrails issue as I do orgone?

I believe that Don Croft and all these others running orgone websites are paid disinfo. How else can one explain this?

Captain's Log

The guy's username is Dragon and he is Don Croft's brother-in-law. His wife is Mary K. Music, Croft's sister. Are these simply nutjobs? I don't think so. Are they simply making money off of the chembuster/holy mudballs, zapper nonsense? I don't think so.

I think an insidious plot was hatched over a decade ago to make the chemtrails look like contrails. I just happened to be the right nobody at the right time to fight back.

Thanks Isard.
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Re: On chem and "cloudbusters", orgonite, and Wilhelm Reich

Unread postby Isard » Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:09 pm

Unfortunately, I have no scientific background.
We'd need someone with specific physics or engeneering academic background.

But it seems the Correa&Correa "aetherometry" site, provide a serious approach to orgone, and aether in general. Those investigators, have in my opinion, a good approach to science, by trying to reproduce Reich's and others experiments.

The Correas have a definition for the orgone (in fact, they have dedicated an article to the "orgone accumulators"):

How did we arrive there? Precisely by coming to realize that this radiant energy which is neither electric nor electromagnetic is not, properly speaking, 'orgone' energy either - once we understood that orgone is an electrically charged, ambipolar massfree form of radiation. Rather, the radiant energy - in the atmosphere or accumulated inside the ORAC - to which the electroscope responds with deceleration of the rate of leaf fall, does not have the characteristics of heat or electromagnetic energy, nor does it have the characteristics of either polarized or ambipolar electric energy. This is critical - for one of the great ruptures of this first volume of Aetherometry is that it obliges any open-minded reader, just as it obliged us while we conducted the experiments detailed there, to realize that both the electroscopic and thermal anomalies discovered by Reich inside ORACs result from the transformation of what has been loosely termed 'latent heat'.

Also from http://www.infinite-energy.com/resources/faq.html

Another radically different perspective on vacuum energy has led, beginning in the mid-1980s, to prototype technological devices that generate electricity and motive power from the vacuum, devices which we have personally examined on-site. The theoretical model is not "ZPE," but rather a pervading massfree form of energy that can exhibit electrical properties, as well as anti-gravitational properties, and which can also convert to massbound (ordinary mass) forms under the proper circumstances. This line of investigation originated with the work of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), the pioneer of our present electrical power generating grid of alternating current (and the recognized original inventor of radio), and with the controversial biomedical scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), who experimented in mid-20th Century with what he called "orgone" energy. It turns out that both Tesla and Reich had remarkably accurate things to say about a dynamic ether (or aether), the static "luminiferous ether" form of which was rejected by 20th Century physics as a carrier of light waves, following the ascendancy of Einstein's relativity theories. Unfortunately, because of major theoretical errors that have entered modern physics and pervade it, an energetic, dynamic ether with properties measurable in the laboratory was overlooked. The work of Dr. Paulo and Alexandra Correa of Canada (www.aetherometry.com and www.aethera.org) has built on and apparently has validated the stream of aether physics work that was begun by Tesla and Reich.

Also a definition at http://www.encyclopedianomadica.org/English/aether.php#Orgonomy_Orgonometry_Dr_W_Reich
Orgonomy/Orgonometry: Dr. W. Reich's Theory of Orgone Energy
The second attempt at a theory of a dynamic Aether was Wilhelm Reich's theory of orgone energy (1940- 1957). Reich's approach lay the foundations for a (micro)functionalist treatment of physico-mathematical quantities and processes, but failed to generate a consistent method capable of successfully distinguishing gravitational and electromagnetic interactions and properties, from 'orgonotic' and massfree interactions or properties. Reich's exclusive assimilation of massfree properties to 'orgone energy' prevented him from realizing the difference between electric and nonelectric manifestations of the Aether as a primary form of massfree energy. This left his followers mired in the premature identification of Aether with orgone. Moreover, only late in his investigation did Reich begin to realize that what he called Orgone energy was no different from what Tesla thought was the "aether electric radiation". The theory of the orgone remained prisoner of these shortcomings, and the premature death or murder of W. Reich damned its continuation and consistent development.

I have not doubt orgone does exist. Maybe, as Reich was mainly a psychologist, he was not very exact with the explanations and definitions of the concept.
It would be interesting if someone with a good scientific background could become a member of the forum, and get all these concepts down to earth.
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Re: On chem and "cloudbusters", orgonite, and Wilhelm Reich

Unread postby socrates » Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:14 pm

Thanks for your honesty, Isard. If you haven't checked out that thread by Don Croft's brother linked to above, please do. It should tell you all you need to know about the people behind the chembusters. Thankfully, it didn't cost you a life's fortune to figure out they are worthless junk.

I also like how we have both come to an agreement about DeMeo and Croft.

Uhm, right now it looks like it is just you and me. I have a thread going on at DebateBothSides. It is in the off-topic section with the same title concerning Joseph Smith that is here. While myself and Lophofo seem to be patching things up, I don't want to give you or the readers the wrong idea. I have some thoughts about this whole thing, this whole adventure on chemtrail boards, on the bunch of us who joined them around the same time in 2006 and 2007. I believe that everything will come out in the wash. I can't put a time frame on it. I just want folks to know that if I seem a bit inconsistent with Lophofo there, it is because I am trying a new strategy. He is now neither my friend nor my enemy. I ask people for patience as I reach the end game of my approximately two to three year investigation into all of this chemtrails on the internet stuff. I do have serious problems with the Latter Day Saints. But I have backed off of my critiques, because it is fairly obvious how nuts and dangerous that powerful institution is. But for those who are in the thick of it, why should I follow temptation and put salt into their wounds?

I have figured a lot out. Some things I am keeping to myself right now. There is a chance I may make a major breakthrough. But in case I am wrong, I don't want to have to apologize later. If I am correct, you will all hear about it eventually.

I believe this forum and its findings are important. If I come up with nothing else, I believe what is here has been sufficient in putting a major dent into astroturfing scripts.

I won't hijack this thread anymore. Thanks again Isard for this interesting thread.

Wilhelm Reich was a genius. My opinion is that folks shouldn't focus on the orgone part too much, unless of course they want to help Isard and others learn more about it. I advise people to not let the orgone controversy muddy the truth that Wilhelm Reich has been one of the greatest social-psychologists and intellectuals of all time, just like Isard has pointed out. I haven't a clue what Correa is talking about when it comes to the atmospheric energy he purports to study, but I do appreciate that he has set the record straight as regards to people like DeMeo and the New Age folks who have made a mockery out of Reich's true legacy.
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