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New Chemtrail Videos

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New Chemtrail Videos

Unread postby socrates » Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:40 pm

This forum got an estimated 1200-1400 visitors the last couple days. Wow. Too bad the few of us won't be able to sustain that growth, unless we get an influx of new members. This next video was put together well, but unfortunately the editor has put in too much of the NWO conspiracy angle. I think chemtrails are for mitigating uv-b rays, and I've explained that in the top section. Of course, you do have guys like Rumsfeld making money off of pharmaceuticals. There is a propensity for conspiracy theorists to link that to chemtrails, but I believe they are two separate issues. Though I do believe that chemtrails have led to an explosion in upper respiratory illness and may be responsible for spikes in diseases such as alzheimers and multiple schlerosis. Uhm, one other mistake this video made, there were a few more, was to say Kucinich sponsored a bill with the word chemtrails in it. He did not. Chemtrails was included in the draft of a bill but so were extra-terrestrial space weapons. Those were put in by someone named Carol Rosin, who appears to be the proverbial disinformation queen. I also have a bad feeling about the doctor prominantly featured in this video. Len Horowitz is a bit too kooky, imho.

This next one I believe is representative of the fact that chemtrails are for mitigating the harmful effects of uv-b rays. Geoengineering plans are meant for the stratosphere. Most chemtrailing appears to be taking place in the upper troposphere. Paul Crutzen has said that ozone in the troposphere is more effective in attenuating such harmful solar effects than that found in the stratosphere. A totally blue sky implies low humidity. You need a certain amount of that for the development of cirrus aviaticus. When it's a clear day and low humidity, the operations are forced into going with all out assaults. On a few such occasions, I've seen them blast the whole sky from horizon to horizon for hours on end. Most of the other times I've seen chemtrailing done on totally blue sky days, the buggers have limited their "spraying" to the area located around the sun.

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