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tinfoil by association


Unread postby socrates » Sat Aug 04, 2007 11:00 pm

As if we needed any more proof. But today, I finally put together a couple decent posts just pertaining to good chemtrail info. One can see them right here. There is the one on the chemtrail subliminal thread concerning NASA's brainwashing of youngsters into believing chemtrails are contrails. The other one can be found on the chemtrail proof thread. A Dutchman got his chemtrail inquires put into the record of the European Parliament.

This thread at CTC just got moved from the main chemtrail section to free form, where the Kathkasungs of the world reside. It also appears that "Lou Aubuchont" is on full tilt. He is razzing me on numerous threads. It looks, May41970, that we truly have made a dent in the astroturfing. Otherwise, why would "Lou" continue to froth at the mouth, and why would two decent chemtrail posts be bumped from the chemtrail section. Here's the thread.


I guess threads on the HAARP death ray and on how to use the "visual ray" to bust up clouds are more relevant than actual interrogations about the chemtrails that made it into the public records of the European Parliament.
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Unread postby socrates » Sun Aug 05, 2007 9:36 pm

I just left the following post.

FUIwon'tDoWhatUTellMe wrote:
starman1 wrote:For the record, this thread was moved from the chemtrails forum to here in freeform by me (starman1), because of the spam like title and intent of the original poster.
I will not feed into the distraction further.

It's spam to introduce a new chemtrail website? Maybe if I had that as a title more than once.

Plus, there were two very good chemtrail stories, well-prepared, pertinent, relevant, and you simply decided to move it because it mentions the problem of the fake believers. You have some of the craziest stuff imaginable being posted at this place, and it is making the chemtrails seem like a crazy, internet hoax.

Two brilliant chemtrail stories chucked into the Kathkasung basement.
While looney thoughts about people wiping out chemtrails with their own minds remains. That is how a place loses its reputation. When whole threads get dungeonized, some even get completely "nuked" like the CTC Changes thread.

Two great stories censored, while chemtrails are kooky materials get the front page.

I think this shows that we busted "Lou Aubuchont." Why did William Thomas shut down his website? What was with Thomas' cryptic message about outside forces leaning on him or whatever he meant?

There is a show on Discovery Channel right now. It is total propaganda. It is a drama about young Frankenscientists fighting a powerful hurricane. They are being turned into heros, who are just doing what is a last ditch effort to minimize damage and loss of live. This followed a silly documentary on the same topic. Planes fly right into the meat of the storm. They're trying to push the storm away from the heart of Manhattan.

By the way there were plenty of chemtrails here today. Totally blue skies got sauteed in the middle of the day, so deepish blue went to white blue by early evening. Then I just saw them doing some finishing touches.

These trails I saw today, wow did they get fat and expand. There was a huge X planted between the sun and a wide area of territory.

[sarcasm]But everyone make sure to get your donations over to William Thomas. He's so generous with all his knowledge and wisdom. [/sarcasm]
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Chemtrail Central, "BigBunny", & their obfuscation

Unread postby NatureisMad » Thu Aug 09, 2007 7:06 pm

First off, I think I'll post & let everybody who reads this (& hopefully more) know just what a garbage website Chemtrailcentral.com is.
There was a thread back in late January/Feb. of this year that started with the Discovery Channel's program titled "Best Evidence- Chemical Contrails". Well, Socrates wrote something at the thread & I decided to chime in, as I was fed up with all of the UFO's, Orbs, mind-control, & other crap that does not help with waking people up to the jet spraying.

I mentioned a "BigBunny" character who originates from the Megasprayer website (chem11.proboards2.com) & how they have wrote nonsense about the jet spraying. (I'll post a link to this also, on a different thread here on this site.)

Well, BigBunny responded with spite.

So, I was going to respond right back at BigBunny. But every time I would go to that thread and try to post, my computer would freeze up. After trying this 4-5 times, that was the last straw with that place. It was like they messed with my account there. That was my last post at Chemtrail Central.

Here is the link:
Born into...& trying to survive this science fiction world
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Welcome aboard, NatureisMad

Unread postby may41970 » Fri Aug 10, 2007 6:34 am

Socrates and I have been trying for a long time to find you and invite you over, NatureisMad. It's really great to finally have you here. But I really want to know. How did you find out about this place? What made you decide to join?


Hi Man&Nature

Unread postby socrates » Fri Aug 10, 2007 3:40 pm

Thanks very much for signing up here.
I also hope you don't miss May41970's post above this one.

I look at us three as having started at the same school at the same time, with pretty much the same level of awareness about the major chemtrail boards, which was next to nothing.

Now, it's like we are now older and able to talk about the "school" and the "teachers."

Here is a great thread you started at CTC on Aug 30th, 2006.
Shouldn't Chemtrail Central focus on just that?: CHEMTRAILS

Unless it is scrubbed, it shows that Increase1776 was singing a different tune back then than he is currently.

The question that's been popping up in my head the last day or so since NatureIsMad arrived, is what is up with the inconsistency of the more prolific chemtrail board usernames? How can one minute Increase1776 support the ideas of the deleted "CTC Changes" threads, how can he say that the idiots took over the asylum back then, how come he starts a vicious attack on Starman at Gastronamus, but then in the end he is right back at CTC, side-by-side with this "Maverick boy?"

{Maverick is the guy who ran the main debunker forum. Yes, there was a forum primarily dedicated to debunking "chemtrails."}

As for Big Bunny, and then by extension Chem11 and Deborah/FootSoldier, his ******* quote about the "friendly airlines" was the last straw for me. That is what probably triggered me to go on the pitbull rampage at DemocraticUnderground and then at DebateBothSides.

Me and May41970 had a pretty good run at DBS, but eventually the trolling got to be too much. May suggested we start a new place, and here we are.

Here is a Megasprayer thread that raises the question again, what is it about these chemtrail characters that they are so cryptic, or that they seem to change their tunes so much over the years? Chem11, if one looks in the CTC archives, he appeared to be the leader, the best chemtrail poster.
WTF happened?

Here is yet another great thread put together by our new member.
I am thinking the three of us really complemented each others' posts.
Somehow we fought through the absurdities, and I sincerely believe we have figured out exactly what has been going on all these years with the major chemtrail boards.

Aerosol Reporting?

I was gonna copy and paste a bunch. I mean, there could be some more scrubbing and pruning as our message starts to make too much sense. But it's all right there. Big Bunny came out with too much obvious propaganda. "Aubuchont" for some reason made it seem like there is no way to figure out where the chemtrails are coming from. And Chem11 just shows up to back BB and continue with their insidious propaganda.

Ok. sorry. here goes, just a bit. NatureIsMad, those were brilliant posts, great detective work.

Big Bunny:Some posters such as Lou are convinced that this is a military operation alone. For some reason Lou has a fixation about the KC-135 refueller aircraft and specialised spray equipment. It is my sincere belief that the so-called "sprayers" are actually any aircraft that utilises either of the aviation fuels JP-A and JP-8 has in effect become a defacto "sprayer". The Devil is in the fuel not the aircraft - to be precise the sulfates in the fuel. This being so the number of aircraft involved nearly equate with your daily air traffic. I am aware of the allegations that specified "unidentified" aircraft criss-cross the sky so as to contaminate the clear skies. Whereas I witnessed a Singapore Airlines aircraft leave a Chemtrail (CT) on leaving Sydney International Airport on a Sunday night in August, 2005. I may be wrong on the date but it is posted somewhere in this great expanse we call Megasprayer. Ontheground you will notice the subtle differences between my statement as opposed to the assertions by Lou and the other conspiracy theorists. You need facts to argue your case, not mere hearsay and a bunch of pretty photos. So in answer to your question, the secret bases that you seek are your local airports and the evil sprayers are your friendly airlines etc.

The real enemies are the corporate stakeholders such as the Oil industry, the Aviation industry and dare I say it the International Banking and Insurance industries.

Chem11: There's a wealth of information in the Research section (as well as general discussion) that documents the direct role sulfate aerosols being loaded into the troposphere by jet aircraft play in creating artificial kloud cover (as well as the intense interest displayed by various corporate stakeholders in promoting these 'polluted clouds' as a fix for global warming, along with many an article on aspiring geoengineering scientists that wish to expand this sulfate loading to the stratosphere).

It may take some time to assimilate, but please feel free to join us in the Research section if you become interested in the subject and wish to contribute any of your own finds on the topic of sulfates in jet fuel and the resulting atmospheric changes (visible and otherwise)....

To put a finer point on it, there exists a consensus here that emphasizes the importance of factual evidence and at least a passing knowledge of atmospheric science. I haven't corresponded with Lois Abuchont in many years (he was working with William Thomas at the time) so I'm not sure what his views are, but I thought I'd seen him post something relevant elsewhere recently... yes, here it is:


I will continue researching, but my gut, eyes, and brain tell me that it's a giant secret, and that if it originated right out of public airports, etc. the secret would be exposed in no time. - Lou

It was, and quite some time ago, I'm afraid. There are plenty of sincere, intelligent people that have been living in manufactured mental spaces provided them by those who wish to keep some pretty basic facts as far away from the general population as possible. This forum's primary objective is to call attention to these facts (pandering to corporate-sponsored memes or pet conspiracy theories is pretty far down the list, I'm afraid).

And here's one more link. This time another prolific poster, "et in Arcadia ego," now a former CTC moderator, backed up Mark Steadham's propaganda that most of what the "chemmies" are witnessing are regular contrails.

What is being showcased here is the idea of the "debunker in chemmie clothes."
What we are seeing here are the disinfo tactics of "invoking authority" and "creating enigmas."

"et in Arcadia ego"
Jul 18, 2005

supersaturation persistent contrail

Do I think this is the explanation for everything?

Hell no.

Do I think that there's been aerosol spraying incidents over civilian populations?

Hell yes.

But I think this potentially plays a big part in what's been seen.

Thanks again to May41970 and NatureIsMad. Even when we have been out of contact with one another, somehow we have still been on the same team and working together to get to the bottom of wtf is up with the major chemtrail boards.
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Re: may41970 >welcome

Unread postby NatureisMad » Fri Aug 10, 2007 6:45 pm

posted by may41970,
Socrates and I have been trying for a long time to find you and invite you over, NatureisMad. It's really great to finally have you here. But I really want to know. How did you find out about this place? What made you decide to join?


Hello may41970,
How you doing? way over in Taiwan.? Thanks for the welcome. I still occasionally browse that stinkpit called chemtrailcentral. Socrates puts up links to this website, & that's how I found out about this place.

Why did I join? Boy oh boy, I simply could not handle reading all of the clutter & nonsense that accompanies places like ChemtrailCentral (crackpot supposed "Chemtrail" websites) any longer. Like I said, those jerk-offs over there messed with my account, or something. Every time I would try & post, the computer would freeze up; ever hear of that happening? To hell with that place, & those clowns "moderating".

I saw that here, you all cut right to the chase. No sections on UFO's, mind-control, & the other waste that inhabits nearly all (maybe ALL) of the other sites devoted to this atmospheric spraying.

Plus, I watched your (& Socrates') confusion &, ultimately, heavy frustration at all of the diversions, disinformation tactics, & goofball posters/characters at Chemtrail Central (& eventually even at Gastronamus Cafe). I felt the same way. Plus, this site has the guts to state the truth & describe all of the fakes as they really are.

Often times, I don't even understand the details of scientific terminology, weather modification, & all the rest of it. But I know that what I've seen in our sky for over 6 years now, is not natural. What I have seen has blown my mind.

I'm here just to initiate and participate in some simple dialogue. And I hope many others read this & start to recognize the truth for themselves. And maybe, just maybe, we are making a difference in terms of getting these crimes (spraying) against humanity exposed on a big-time level.
Born into...& trying to survive this science fiction world
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Debunkers in Chemmie Clothes

Unread postby socrates » Tue Nov 06, 2007 5:15 pm

Chemtroll Central has served two basic purposes. The tinfoil slant has been used to turn off newbies and those on the fence. CTC has also played a big part in creating the illusion of some fake drama between closed-minded debunkers and crazy believers. That is the essence of astroturfing, to create the illusion of a bonafide social movement.

I did a quick search to see if the fake socrates has shown up anywhere else. I stumbled across a recent Megasprayer "debunking" chemtrails in Taiwan.


Big Bunny puts up a lot of satellite images. I am not sure what he thinks he has proven. Unless they edit their posts, Deborah and BB yet again reveal what their true agenda is, to portray chemtrails as contrails. The widespread attacks on may41970's story leads me to believe that we have hit paydirt. The NOAA, NASA, the US Military, climate/atmospheric Dr. Evils, et al are behind the chemtrails. Deborah and Big Bunny astroturf the same exact nonsense that Jay Reynolds does. Just their side says the cirrus aviaticus is bad, Jay says they are a sign of peace and prosperity.

All aircraft are not involved in the operations. That is nonsense.
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They lied

Unread postby may41970 » Tue Nov 06, 2007 9:11 pm

Why would they lie?

In my first post ever, at CTC, I mentioned heading over to my friend's photo studio on 4/19/06 and asking him to take pictures of the chemtrails. I have never posted these photos onto the net. I never have claimed too.

In my recent post, "Photos of Taiwanese Chemtrails" I explained that all of the photos were taken by me, over a period of months, from in front of my home.

But Big Bunny makes it out that all the photos I posted were taken on 4/19/06. He even took it upon himself to attach the photos to his copy/paste of my first post ever, instead of the post that they belonged with. "Photos of Taiwanese Chemtrails."

If the satellite pictures "prove" that I'm lying about Taiwanese chemtrails, then why do Big Bunny and Deborah also have to **** around with my posts in a very misleading way? Why do they have to post silly pictures aliens and make what seem to be gay jokes about us? If they want to prove me a liar or fraud - why do they need to resort to lies and ridicule?

In fact, the original reason I left Megasprayer, was because they changed the title of a thread that I started. And now once again, they take it upon themselves to "edit" one of my posts.

Big Bunny says:
Why have I posted the above? Quite simply because the allegations contained in the original post do not have the substance alleged. The photos relied upon by May41970 are actually repetitive and probably comprise 1 or 2 days of trails upon an indeterminate date. If I can expose this, so can a competent debunker.

Like CTC, Mega doesn't play fair.


Re: They lied

Unread postby socrates » Tue Nov 06, 2007 10:33 pm

may41970 wrote:Why would they lie?

In my first post ever, at CTC, I mentioned heading over to my friend's photo studio on 4/19/06 and asking him to take pictures of the chemtrails. I have never posted these photos onto the net....

In my recent post...I explained that all of the photos were taken by me, over a period of months, from in front of my home.

I had a feeling it was something like that. Deborah has never debated this topic fairly. She acts as if it doesn't exist. She mixes the apples with the oranges. Good thing N.I.M. got BB to admit that he believes chemtrails are contrails. That goes against the evidence. They are spooks, imho.

I just took another look at the satellite shots. The first ones look like there is chemstew muck. I put up a few of those on another thread in the main section. The muck shows up better on the close-ups.

I know we are only two people, but as i just wrote to you in a private message, we have effectively stolen the energy of CTC, DBS, Megasprayer, and Gastronamus. There are some websites that everyone knows is disinfo- let's see- Tom Flocco, BreakForNews, Godlike Productions, AboveTopSecret, Rense, etc.. Now Chemtrail Central is in that grouping. Swampgas and Gastro was the true legacy of CTC. But now it and Megasprayer have nothing for chemtrails information.

Deborah and Big Bunny are the classic "invoking authority" disinfo trolls. Their place is quite boring. They held out for as long as they could with being ambiguous. But myself then NatureisMad got it out of them that they are debunkers.

Deborah and Chem11, the original chemmies.
It looks like we did our job as two nobodies.
So much that they have to try to fight the unwinnable debate.

One thread at Carnicom's, I completely exposed Deborah.
Those asshats are toast, while our chemtrails presentation shines.

{on edit- will find the images that show how chemmuck shows up better with the closer zoom, which Big Bunny didn't post.}

from AERONET_Thessaloniki Subsets



But look at how clearer the impact is with a better zoom
As I wrote in the linked post, "But then check out this same image in greater detail. Yikes."


You are right may41970. They don't play fair.
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Now we are homosexuals

Unread postby may41970 » Fri Nov 09, 2007 5:03 am

I previously commented on this thread how the liars at Megasprayer ridiculed us (with pictures of aliens and Deborah/footsoldier making fun that we are homosexuals.) Immediately after that comment on this thread, "what really happened unofficial" and "debate both sides" forums were both stuffed with ridicule. Making fun that we are "GAY" , "bed partners," etc.

This is why, I suspect, the "GAY" thing started up so quickly. Because of my offhand mention of Deborah's gay joke.

Sometimes I pm you that I'm hesitant to post now, as each word I type is watched carefully, copied, reposted, taken out of context - and used against us. This is what I'm talking about. This post, no doubt, will also be disected by paid posters and used directly or subtlyagainst us too. And yes, it does bother me, though I try to pretend it doesn't.

They read our posts so carefully. Up above, I responded to Big Bunny's lie about my pics being from 4/19/06. The probably non-existent "Louis Aubuchont" read my post carefully then took it out of context. "See, that's proof that may41970 can take pictures easily. So why doesn't he obey my orders and post pictures of himself in front of that Taiwan hotel?"

Which one is it Lou, you motherfucking paid shill? Am I gay for socrates or AM I socrates?

I'm tempted to post that I'm not homosexual. (Because I'm not) I'm tempted to post pictures of myself in front of a Yuanlin hotel (and yes it is proper pinyin, Lou) But **** them. Whatever I say, whatever I do - they won't let up. That's because I deeply believe they are paid to make us look bad in every way they can. Peace cannot be made with them, because they are at war against us. They would kill us if they could. I really believe it.

Uh oh. Maybe they will twist my words around to accuse us of being homophobic bigots!

Don, if you really care about the law and justice, then why don't you investigate Lou Aubuchont and Increase 1776 and Ender. Ender boasts about how he'd like to pour napalm on the heads of US soldiers and laugh as they burn. Isn't that worth investing, "Don?"

Anyhow, this post is now available for copy/paste to all the motherfucking shills to use as they like.


And one more thing socrates - regarding "Don Smith." We disagree. You seem to accept that Don's presence here was somehow "acceptable" because he was (perhaps) a lying fraud spy for DHS here to confirm whether we are violent or not. And that's okay in your book. But not mine.

I don't have any problems with Don, but I sure do with the unnecessary nazi fascist "Homeland Security" department. I hope (assuming our theory about Don behing DHS is right) that he wakes up and quits. DHS is a totally unnecessary, fascist accessory that was started up after 911. You seem to accept infiltration, lies, and spying. Me? I don't accept any department of the "fatherland."

Are you reading this DHS? Good. **** YOU DHS And keep your eye on "Don." He's a tricky one.

But I guess the topic of DHS and Don belong on another thread.

No time to proofread.

Who cares?


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