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Louis Aubuchont: A Disinfo Troll Who Reeks Like Cointelpro

tinfoil by association

Louis Aubuchont: A Disinfo Troll Who Reeks Like Cointelpro

Unread postby socrates » Thu Oct 04, 2007 2:15 am

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A few months back when there were a lot less readers, I took note of one visitor from Maine.

So today, I finally googled that # and found the following.
The WOW Zone Open Forum


Ha, he wrote this less than a month ago. He used his signature phrase A-what. His username is a female. I searched for more of AnnAngryBitch and will put more excerpts up on this thread. Basically, "Aubuchont" is trolling the internet as if he is a paid disinfo troll. You know the type. They have use more than one username on single threads. They make emotional divide and conquer over the top innuendos and whatnot to obfuscate, derail, or enflame the public. AnnAngryBitch is the classic internet troll character that reeks of receiving a paycheck. We've all read them. We know what they sound like. We can see what they are up to. Now we know that one of them is "Louis Aubuchont."

Lou thinks we can wipe out chemtrails with the power of our own minds. Is that who we want to appear as one of the chemtrails awareness leaders? No way. Here's a quick reminder of what this guy represents.

From Chemtrail Central: Lou claims to have special powers to wipe out small clouds.

Lou has also been trolling at a popular website called Atrios. Sorry no cache for these long threads. tough to find the exact locations if you try for these next Aubuchont posts.


On this next thread, both "Lou" and "AnnAngryBitch" both posted on the same troll infested thread. So if Lou is willing to have two separate usernames, how far is he willing to go? Are 5-10 other names on this next thread also "Lou Aubuchont?"




There's a lot of junk on that thread. "Aubuchont" could have also been plenty of those other usernames too.



The main idea behind astroturfing trolls like Aubuchont is that they are out to divide and conquer, to get us flabbergasted in a negative way, to feel hopeless. He is cointelpro. Snuck right into the chemtrails awareness movement on the internet. Acted like he was one of us. Like Carol Rosin did with the peace in space movement. She infiltrated it. She was behind the chemtrails getting into the Kucinich bill draft. But she didn't stop there. She put in tinfoil by association, extra-terrestrial weaponry.

Same idea. Same kind of creepy infiltration of a peace movement. Aubuchont's role is to portray the chemmies as raving lunatics. That's why he hates this place, keeps coming back to read it. He knows this website is clean as regards to proving the existence of chemtrails. His only hope is for this place to seem no different than any of the other noisy ones. Unfortunately for him this new evidence has emerged that he is a disinformation agent. This AnnAngryBitch has all the trademarks of being a paid troll. This means either "Aubuchont" is a useful idiot who does all this for free, or in fact, "Louis Aubuchont" is a paid, treasonous focker whose role is to discredit the notion that there is a widescale chemtrail program in place in America, the NATO countries, and perhaps elsewhere. Is Taiwan in NATO? I heard there is "spraying" there too.


Here "Lou" brought his brand of insanity over to ABC News. "Aubuchont" sure gets around to a lot of different types of forums. Guess he must be one of the best. He's probably gonna get docked some pay for revealing the AnnAngryBitch persona. I mean it really does look like he is paid to post. He can't afford to let the reader decide, can he? Should we expect more frothing? Will "they" keep riding with this forum character, even when no one is left buying it, now apparently not even his close "friend" "Will Thomas."

370 chemtrails were witnessed the day of the "Deep Sky?" Where are the photographs? No videos? Nothing?

Bush Calls Immigration Bill "Amnesty"

"Aubuchont" at The BradBlog:

Ok, just a few more. "Lou" is gonna be frothing over this one. He's got zero credibility at this point. And what's up with Will Thomas and chemtrails. If one goes to his website, there appears to be a lot of tinfoil goodies, but nothing on chemtrail. Why is he hiding his old stuff? Why doesn't he have a library of his chemtrail materials? And if "Aubuchont" is cointelpro, what does that make "Will Thomas?" Did he get taken advantage of or is he in on this chemtrails are kooky scam? He sure does push for donations and book sales.

More Trolling. Check out this website. It looks like "Aubuchont" made posts at a rightwingnut forum.
"Aubuchont" isn't a paid, treasonous plant?
2004, Psychiatric Expert Witness profiles Michael Schiavo
Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts


"Lou" is always good for the histrionics, the good old, frothing rants. He also likes to post all over the internet.
C-Span to Cover 9/11


Every once in a while "Lou" has to make sense, he is "Mr. Chemtrails Activist from Parsonsfield, Maine."
But it will usually end up buried, in this case at an obscure blog.


He is the rense-robot type disinfo pimp. He wants us all frothing like him about the Neocons and Shrub.The problem is that more would get accomplished if there was more context and information with less drama.

Chimp For Life


BYU Physics Prof Finds Thermate in WTC...

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Welcome to the Circus

Unread postby socrates » Sat Oct 06, 2007 2:10 pm

May41970 knows I'd rather him post this stuff directly in the forum, but I understand how it can be easier to write in a pm. He has given me the go-ahead to post his message.

Saw that post Lou dug up

Warning - Below is lots of semi-coherent babbling. also my mouse is broken so touching up mistakes is a pain in the butt. every time I hit the click button, the f****** thing highlights an entire word. (f***, it just did it again):

Lou showing that post is sort of like digging up a grade-school test paper from when you were 12 to prove that the 42-year old doctor isn't competent to practice medicine. We do the best we can at the time, but we learn quickly. And our understanding of internet posters and forums is always growing. Looking back at our naivete from less than a year ago is really something. Probably by this time next year, we'll be astounded by the naivete of the posts we're making now.

The thing people need to realize is that all our chemtrail forum activity has taken place over about this last year. It was around May, 2006, when we both joined Chemtrail Central. Before responding to your letter, I will link to the current DBS thread where folks can see what Aubuchont wrote, and how I responded.

The Truth About Chemtrails

Hell, you and I still both believed the other was a fake back then. We were enemies back at the time you made that post. But I quietly continued reading your stuff and gradually started having a change of heart. It eventually culminated in a post I made at CTC. Forgive my delusions of grandeur, but may I flatter myself and say that my CTC post "Socrates deserves a second chance" is where it all started? And you've done exactly what I knew you were capable of - to become the best, most respectable chemtrails writer on the internet.

To be honest, I wasn't really thinking about you too much. In my mind, your name just kind of blended in with all the others. Thanks for all your compliments over the last year. You should be proud too. There is no way this forum would ever have been created if we hadn't re-established communication at DBS. Ironically, it was when I broke away from the major chemtrail forums and wrote at Democratic Underground, when perhaps we finally got some breathing space from the mind games at the major forums, that we were able to see the bigger picture of chemtrails on the internet. You went to WRH "unofficial" forum. I went to the DU. No person is an island. People need to realise that we need to work together. Without feedback from others, there is simply no way to make sure one's internet activity is clear and logical.

When you wrote that I deserved a second chance, yes, that was when we started to work together again. People need to realise that both of us went to Gastronamus Cafe at the same time. NatureisMad {Man&Nature} would soon follow.

The three of us all knew that something very fishy was going on at CTC. Yet, at that point, we logically moved over to Gastro and then Megasprayer. Why reinvent the wheel? Why start a new forum when one could try to work with the veterans already in place?

Yet, one by one, these characters revealed the contradictory nature of their posts. It's like The Wizard of Oz. Who isn't gonna believe in the Wizard at first. There is that facade of authority and power. But then we each started asking questions, we started to confront the wizards. At Gastronamus Cafe, Swampgas pulled the puppet strings on me, revving me up to post a lot about "Ed Snell/Yaak." Halva pulled my strings too. He got me thinking a lot about chemtrails as being a program to offset global warming. That got me wondering about the chemtrail ingredients. Halva was constantly making negative comments about Deborah/Foot Soldier and Chem11, about the ambiguous nature of their posts. Sulfur or barium? Chem11 somehow believes chemtrails are all about sulfate loading by all aircraft. Deborah/FS the same. Also Big Bunny. But it took me a long time to realise that each of them, in fact all of the major chemtrail forum characters, have fundamental flaws with their theories and ideas. And whenever one asked for clarification, no answers were ever forthcoming.

Think about that. Swampgas was asked a few times about the CTC Changes threads, the threads that made it seem that Swamp and his crowd were the true alternative to CTC. But when push came to shove, he vanished. Same with all of them. The only people openly asking about CTC and its history were us, the newbies. When no answers were given, when all we got was ridicule, that to me was the final straw. That meant that all of the major chemtrail forum history was being hidden and distorted.

I had actually admired Lou all the way up to the moment when I asked for his comments on the "CTC Changes" thread. His response was a surprise. A few days later he launched a huge attack on me - I forget what for. It's embarassing what Lou dug up on you, but we just can do the best we can - and you were doing your best when you wrote that post. And most of it you can still stand by. If that's the worst that Lou can dig up on you, that's a good thing.

I wrote that post thinking I would not be at DBS for too long. At that point, I was still at Gastro and megasprayer, still caught up in the zany script between "believers" and "debunkers." I saw Halva and Foot Soldier being run over by Jay Reynolds. I went over there with the intention of helping out "Lou," "Halva," and "foot soldier." In fact, my hope was to debunk the debunker, Jay Reynolds. I have never found anything he has written to seem sincere or capable of swaying me into thinking chemtrails may be just contrails and simply a result of more air traffic. "Halva" was trying to get everyone to ignore Reynolds. I have never been afraid of the debunkers. I just would rather they be real people. M.A. Basher- a few years ago he didn't think chemtrails were real. He was a debunker. But, eventually he and his wife have come around. They are the ones with the camera. They were openminded enough to look to the skies and reflect on it. I don't mind real debunkers. Someone like "Jay Reynolds" just doesn't debate fair. It is quite odd how he sprang into action around 1999, just like he was right on schedule. It is certainly amazing how even today he is still keeping an eye on the chemtrail forums. If this is such a crazy hoax, then why is he still around? That is the fundamental question that has and will always haunt Jay Reynolds. The same for Deborah/Foot Soldier. If she believes that all aircraft are involved, that chemtrails are contrails, then what is she doing on chemtrail boards all these years posting about global warming and commercial aircraft? Same with Sore Throat at CTC. Why does nearly everything he posts concern global warming? Where are his explanations for chemtrails? Why is a monster thread on global warming in the Chemtrail Science section? Why is there now a monster thread in the main chemtrails section on that nukes story from a week or so ago? I had a chemtrail thread bumped to free form, but they have some crazy, NWO, tinfoil thread right at the top of the chemtrail forum. Things like this are red flags, imho. To us, we are used to them. Newbies, those on the fence need to take a hard look at the major chemtrail forums and think for themselves whether there is this crazy script in place.

Sometimes I wonder if Lou and friends respect and admire us; are on our side. Maybe they hate their bosses. Maybe they get scolded frequently, on account of us. Maybe they wish they could post freely and from the heart like we do. Maybe they are surprised by how much we've figured out, and how we can keep our fight up, for no pay - even with the net-wide attacks against us, by trying to make us question our own sanity, or anything else they can use to break our spirits; to make us feel isolated; to make us feel that we are disgusting. Meanwhile they attack us in exchange for low-level clerk wages and feel ashamed of being wheelchair bound, mean-spirited paid whores. Maybe they're trying to make amends. (if the pay was higher, you'd think the "netvocate" type companies could hire better writers that understood the art of subtlety)

Maybe there is some honour between enemies. I've thought that too. If they are rightwingers, retired military, etc., then they must believe in the Constitution and stuff like that, the free speech. I don't think these are people in wheel chairs necessarily, although I do see your point. I am not in a wheelchair, just spent a lot of time posting the last year. A few months back, I asked "Crystal Rose" to not get too flustered if she saw how much I have posted on chemtrails. She said, "Somebody had to do it." I am proud of the main chemtrail section here. It is solid. Now I feel less pressure to post. Now I am hopeful that new "chemmies" will arrive or that at least they will see this place as a positive source. Check this out. The German Newscast on Chemtrails thread- it got linked to at a yahoo chemtrail group. Maybe that is how Athena88 found out about us.

That's another thing that to me proves these major chemtrail boards are infested with fakes. At some point in the last month I became more dedicated to making posts on the actual chemtrails. I posted on the chemtrail jets. I found those newscasts from Germany and Croatia. Yet, every time I would post the good stuff at CTC, I still got trolled. Same thing at DBS. I would make good chemtrail posts, yet people like Halva and Kola would still troll me. Yet, our top section is solid. I look forward to seeing your chemtrail photos too. I think your story could be a very important piece of the puzzle.

"German Television Takes on "Chemtrails"

That looks like a good forum actually from first glance. Perhaps us real "chemmies" are finally figuring out how to spread the truth.

Wishful thinking, I know

A long time ago, I pm'd you my suspicion that a lot of the astroturfers may be handicapped. It certainly would explain their bitterness and noticable absence of humor/peace/joy in any of their posts. (with the exception of PI, who actually happened to make a great post on jello biafro in freeform today) And it would be the perfect job for someone who can't walk, especially military invalids and ex-gov't clerks. Lou's mentioned before about a back injury of some kind. And seeing another poster at WRH - the "neo zionist conspiracy textbook" guy make the same accusations was really surprising to me. (although was it him that also mentioned about "not having any Abrahamic idiots" in his family?)

could be. But I think we should try not to make stereotypes- whether it's referring to someone living in the parents' basement, to someone being a cranky "handicap," or whether someone is a "****" or someone is old and senile. Those are ad hominems that serve to divide and conquer us. Not saying you are wrong for what you wrote, it's just I take a bit of exception.

These astroturfers could be older folks too young to retire.
Or they could be in paid positions filled by syncophants and flag wavers with typing skills.
They could be in some keyboard commando group that have been proven to be real.

Jeezus, finding a sincere, intelligent, and "courageous" poster (f*** how much courage should it take to post anonymously over the internet?) is like finding a fresh green apple in a bin of rotting fruit.

Actually, I did like that guy "demonslayer" or whatever his name was at PI. Unfortunately he didn't have the balls to stick up for you when Tinoire banned you, deleted all of your posts, made false accusations, changed the order of the threads you posted on and made some kind of threats against you. So....I guess that makes "demonslayer" just another coward. (should I mention that Tinoire deleted my post and then banned me minutes after I made my first-ever entry there? Her reason for banning me? Because I was "socrates")

Yeah, I liked that dude with the "Michael Douglas" avatar too. But it was disappointing that no one stood up for me. The ones who did were the Prosemite Undercover website. I went over to that place to thank them. They even helped prove that "Tinoire" was a liar. Unfortunately, the moderator there said he'd take a look at our WRH thread, but never did. Plus, I asked them, anyone, to point me to their threads on Israeli government transgressions. No one did. So I now have doubts about the prosemite undercover. They try to make it seem that they are democratics who have their own problems with Democratic Underground. Same as Progressive Independent. I get the feeling now that PI and PS are both fakes in the same sense that "Jay Reynolds" versus "Louis Aubuchont" has been a fake battle, a script.

So are the shills helping us on purpose? They are providing publicity for our website. Good or bad, publicity is publicity. Why else, as starman astutely pointed out, does Lou simulaneously show himself to the world for being an *** - meanwhile linking to/copying posts from our website? And look at the publicity we're now getting over at wrh. They make idiotic posts, then they link to our website - which by comparison to the vomit posted at wrh would impress even a dog.

I see your point, but this is what I think. They want us to be part and parcel of the convolution. They want us to doubt ourselves, be emotional, and react to their posts. They do not want the main chemtrail section here to be so good. They'd rather time be spent on the convolution than on the actual chemtrails. I don't think they expected the main section to turn out so good.

But they are running out of long time posters with credibility. We are like gnats to them. They are arrogant enough to believe that we will never succeed, or that we will be stuck in some unknown forum with no clout in the chemtrails awareness movement. The thing with WRH "unofficial" is very strange. I go over there once in a while and skim through threads. I am simply amazed at how often we are referred to. But then again, I think "they" simply want newbies and those on the fence to spent mucho time on the convolution. That way, the solid top chemtrail section won't get as many views or the respect it should.

Or maybe it's just an attempt to draw us into their circus; make us seem part of it.

Socrates, do you think the shills are hurting us or helping us? As for me, I'm not sure.

I think they are helping us. They are kind of locked in on their strategy. We have become well-known enough that we cannot be ignored. So, yes, I think they are trying to drag us into the circus. You are correct about the publicity. It gets people interested in wtf this circus is all about. That raises the odds that folks will check out the main section.

Hey, one thing that I probably should mention- the thing about your age being 47. I don't really care what age you are or the names of your kids, nor is it anyone's business. And of course you can lie about your age on a public forum. You also said stuff about being ashamed to be named "Reynolds" - even though I know you chose the name intentionally because of Jay's last name. To be straight, the mediocre grammar and style of the post hardly feels like it was written by you at all. I know you posted a couple years ago on chemtrails, and you were well aware of them before Megan told you about them. In fact, somehow I'm not even sure if I really believe you that Meghan even exists. Just my intuition speaking - could be wrong. But the whole style of that post just wasn't........you.

I wrote that post and the early Jeff Reynolds' ones tongue-in-cheek. I knew in my heart that it was wrong to lie about my internet identity. So I tried to make the posts in a way saying to anyone with half a brain, that yes, "Jeff Reynolds" is "Socrates." I made spelling and grammar mistakes on purpose. If one wants, they can look at those early DBS posts and see what I mean. I wanted in on the fun "Lou" was having. I wanted "Jay Reynolds" to be put in his place. I never expected to post there too much. DBS is not exactly that great a forum. But anyone can look into my posting history and see that I have always wondered about the chemtrail boards and the characters who write on them. The main thing I will never do is post as more than one person at a place. I never expected to be a name on these boards. That changed when both Chem11 and Swampgas both went nuts, and when I started to wonder where the "f" were Deborah/Foot Soldier's chemtrail posts. After DU tombstoned me, that's when we took flight at DBS, before the pack drove us off.

There is no Meghan. I am about 40.

I don't get it. You don't have to explain, but I'd like it if you would. You should know I've done my share of f****** around on the net too. My favorite id over at yahoo was someone called "worthless poster." Man did I have a fun time with him. Letting loose and kidding around feels good. But there's no room for that sort of trolling on chem forums - especially when we're going after liars and fakes. I'm concerned someone's going to catch on to one or more of these things I talked about above and use it to discredit you. I recall a previous link - forget where - maybe DBS - where someone made a fuss about an age discrepency on some of your posts before. If you forget which posts I mean, I'll try to find them for ya. I trust you still. But that whole post feels so freaking trollish. It's just not the way you write. Can you be straight with me? What was that post all about. I'll keep it to myself; my word.

It was Deborah/Foot Soldier who wrote that. Like I've said before in this post, I didn't expect to be at DBS for that long. I just wanted to help out "Lou." I wanted to go after Jay Reynolds for attacking FS and Halva so much.

I agree with you about how we need to be on the up and up at chemtrail boards. But I also see how it can be fun to mess around. At HuffingtonPost, I was "Broccolli." One time I made a second name, "Happy Gilmore." That's why you might have seen me talking about Peter Rost here and there. He actually exposed "netvocaters" and hacks trolling his HuffPost threads. But eventually I gave up on Huffington. There was that thing with George Clooney. I also didn't like their moderating, if it can be called that. They were letting paid trolls destroy their comments sections. Plus, Arianna always let me post on her blogposts automatically. But when I started to ask her about Clooney and the lack of moderating, she and others there blocked me. I could still post in the main sections. But anyways, that's when I moved on to Break for News and Chemtrail Central.

These fakes everywhere are saying I am a multiple id poster. Well, yeah, I'm the one who always explained who I have been and where. I think it is ok to have different names at different places, as long as we are not hiding that.

If you did lie - and someone calls you on it - my best advice would be to be totally honest. Admit to being human and f****** up on your first ever post at DBS. Sorry to bring this up friend - but if you discovered the same sort of post from me, I would hope and expect that you would ask me about it and find out what's up. Doing the best I can too; hope this doesn't **** you off.

This whole thing has actually already been explained, and perhaps this goes back to the idea of the circus and convolution. It would take much effort to find all my posts where I came clean with the "Jeff Reynolds." I think they want us focusing on the circus, to focus on their rants. That way, threads on chemtrail jets, European newscasts on chemtrails, from before- things like the Colin Powell quote or that law saying weather modification must be reported, things like that never would have been uncovered if all my time was spent on convolution. They want us to keep reinventing the wheel. Well, I am not gonna fall for that. There is plenty here, and with your stellar help, that shows the fishy nature of the "Deep Sky," the Will Thomas-Aubuchont connection. Perhaps this is why "Lou" has gone into the all-out frothing mode. He has been totally busted and that fact cannot be changed. It took a lot of time to go over the different versions of "Chemtrails Confirmed" by Will Thomas. It did take a lot of time to figure out that whole specific convoluted part of chemtrails lore. One thing I learned at Huffington was when and how to respond to trolls. Sometimes, especially when it is the kind of bs coming out of wrh "unofficial" forum, no response is necessary. The main rule I have tried to abide to is bash the troll, then get back on topic.

Yeah, I have had a lot of free time the last year. I have been using the high speed internet too. Those two things could very well change in the future. The "socrates" of this year will probably not be the same prolific poster forever. Not saying I am gonna stop posting or give up. Just that I am proud of our main section here. I am proud of everyone who stepped up and showed support. I am proud of all real people in the world who have not shrugged off this issue of chemtrails.

I do trust you.

And in other gossip....oh man, take a look at WRH. I'm no longer "Michael Kane." I'm no longer "Socrates." I'm no longer even a Jew. I'm now a "*****" and a "gook." And someone posted a ridiculous lie that you and I had an argument because "last name left" wanted to make some post about Zionism or Jews.

Take it easy,


ps - if you're okay with this post, feel free to edit and put it up on the board. Or if you want to make a preliminary post regarding Lou's attack, I can put this one up in response.

pss - looking over this shitty post, it appears that I've caught some kind of "parenthesis virus." I apologize for all the freaking parentheses in this ridiculous letter. (I'll try harder to stop using them so much)

(wish me luck)

Ha. funny use of the parenthesis at the end. That's probably the kind of stuff the fakes wish they could write, the off the cuff human stuff. No, their job is to rile people, get them away from context, proof, and civilised interaction.

yeah, what's up with WRH "unofficial" and all their posts about us? I screenshot one of them from yesterday. I will go there now and find some others, then post them. Some of their **** has been so graphic, I wonder why the moderators from there allow that **** to stay posted. I wonder why those people aren't banned. Yeah, there are proxies, so maybe they have been banned but keep coming back. But after a brief period where it seemed all that nasty divide and conquer crap was being moderated, all of a sudden it is back. I think it's about trying to get us off our games. It's about circumscribing us into the circus. It's about having us put our energies into other areas, making it less likely that the main section will remain unblemished. They perhaps want our main section to be tainted by circus by association.

Here are a few examples of the nonsense going on at WRH "unofficial." I am not even gonna provide the links. It is pure convolution going on over there, as at DBS, and yes, also at CTC and most other places. Even a place like RawStory gets deluged by trolls, paid or otherwise. These are just a few examples that prove your point that WRH "unofficial" is under attack by trolls who for reasons we are trying to solve keep referring to "All Aircraft Are Not Involved." A few don't mention us specifically, but show how we are being astroturfed {unsuccessfully} as being Israeli agents. Some of this is graphic. Some of it gets so graphic, I refuse to post them here. Check out this first one. Now if there was ever a time to simply delete a post, why not this one? These astroturfers are out to divide and conquer, tear good people apart, get them into emotional states, derail any chance at there ever being civilised discussions.


Here's another one with the same disgusting theme.


Here, someone came out with an outright lie. "Last Name" got banned here because he called chemtrails kooky. It was PeterSMcNally who got banned for being a holocaust denier. And take note of their new target for dividing and conquering, an epitath against Asians.


Some more specific references to ourselves. I think these might have been written by "Lou Aubuchont." There are those textbook spaces before the punctuation marks. There is the reference to myself trying to figure out who posters really are. These posts were made right after this specific thread was started. One thing I noticed was that "Aubuchont" seemed to go awol for a day or two before responding at DBS. Were these next two posts written by "Lou Aubuchont?" Is "Lou Aubuchont/AnnAngryBitch" a paid astroturfer? Were we wrong in thinking "Jay Reynolds" was "ender?" Perhaps "Lou" and "Jay" work in the same astroturfing Department and share these characters? Could "Lou Aubuchont" actually be Jay Reynolds?


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Crazy Convolution

Unread postby socrates » Wed Oct 17, 2007 12:41 pm

I have stumbled across some of the most convoluted nonsense which includes a post by "Louis Aubuchont." This might even belong in the astroturfing section, but because "Aubuchont" appears to be involved, I am posting on this thread.

Carol's notes about premade

The page takes a while to load, for me anyways. It basically consists of jibberish with links that don't work. Or maybe the links work for those they are intended for. But I did take some screen shots, just in case the webpage gets scrubbed. Now I am just wondering how to ask "Lou" about this without it turning into an attack thread at DebateBothSides. This particular internet path I have stumbled across makes absolutely no sense to me. Perhaps "Lou" can fill us in. To me, it appears to be a cross breed of disinfo astroturfing with internet commercialism. Perhaps to do with hi-jacking keywords to get web clicks. But then I wonder why it is so difficult to follow through and find the links. There is something very fishy going on with this.

This is the latest entry from "Carol."


This was an entry by "Louis Aubuchont."


That's the only post by "Lou." Here are some others displaying the same kind of convolution/jibberish.



Here are a few examples of links that don't lead anywhere.
The last one is a bit of spam left at a forum including many of the same domains.



Here are yahoo search page results for two of the domains.


It'd be nice to know wtf this is all about.
I'll copy and paste this and send it over to DBS.
Maybe "Lou" can explain.
If anyone else has any ideas, but doesn't want to sign up to this forum,
please leave a post in the open to the public section of this place.
Thanks and peace.
Sorry to unload convolution on anyone, just hate to experience shite on my own.

on edit- I posted this thread at DBS.
"Lou"- Any Ideas on This? Not Attacking, Just Very Curious
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"Aubuchont" Just Posted A Video of Carol Rosin

Unread postby socrates » Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:55 am

Carol Rosin is the spook who infiltrated the peace movement and ended up involved with writing the Kucinich draft bill which included the word "chemtrails." That is the same draft that included the phrase "extra-terrestrial weapons." I am not saying "Lou" has posted this in yet another lame attempt to annoy us in particular. Perhaps this is just more clear-cut proof that "Aubuchont" is a cornerstone for the chemtrails are kooky script. Rosin has also been involved with some ******** disinfo called the Disclosure Project.

Von Braun's Space Weapons Warning / youtube vid.
[quote="Louis Aubuchont"]

Carol Rosin - Von Braun's Space Weapons Warning.

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Unread postby socrates » Fri Nov 16, 2007 2:44 am

I went to the googler to try to find some stuff on this lady. This whole ufo/disclosure project crap is utter nonsense.
Anyone interested in understanding better how spooks like Rosin and "Aubuchont" operate should take a look at the following links. Their disinfo roles have to do with infiltrating social movements and then tainting them with perversion. Their goals are to take real issues and turn them into a mockery, into sheer kookiness. Rosin's disinfo work has been centered on astroturfing the peace movement as loony left. Subsequently, "Aubuchont's" role has been to astroturf that those who believe chemtrails are real are kooks.

Aliens Ate My Buick
Carol Rosin: A Postcard from the Edge

Nukes, Kooks, and Spooks
NKS #3: Carol Rosin: Mad Hatter or Mata Hari?
by Russell D. Hoffman, citizen activist (former editor, STOP CASSINI newsletter)
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Is "Lou" Also These Other Usernames?

Unread postby socrates » Mon Nov 19, 2007 7:58 pm

It is always a tough call whether to play with the trolls. There is a reason it is warned that folks shouldn't feed them. I am not trying to feed them. Even when we have ignored them, the attacks on us have continued anyways.

On message boards across the internet, it appears that many of those doing the "feeding" may be part of the script. Now I want to make it very clear to the reader that these are not individual trolls. Yes, I agree that those exist. But I believe that the unpaid troll is the exception rather than the rule. When folks start to understand the patterns of the paid network of trolls, that is when they will see how predominant this form of insidious social engineering is on the internet.

I went through some of "Lou Aubuchont" posts and then put some of his favourite phrases into the googler. While I admit that I cannot prove without a doubt that these are products of the disinfo agent known as "Louis Aubuchont," I do think they just might be. The posts by these folks seem just a bit too scripted, with that astroturf kind of feel. Astroturfing refers to the generating of the impression of grassroots social movements where none exists. Astroturf is fake grass.

This is why unless someone is totally clueless, they can understand how disinfo agents have studied mine and may's writing styles and have attempted to portray us as the disinfo, as spammers, as nutjobs. But that is ok. To me, that shows that the top section of this forum along with other stuff here has been productive, has contained great truths. That is because myself and may41970 are truly real people, we truly are the grassroots, we are some of the few who have refused to let the network of paid trolls stop us from speaking truth to power. These paid trolls are fascists. They have ramped up the disinfo against ourselves because we figured out their scam, and we figured out how to explain it to the best of our abilities.

Are These Usernames Also "Lou Aubuchont?"

I plugged in classic "Aubuchont" phrases like "steaming pile of dog crap," "neocon wingnuts," "neo-con-artist," etc..
That is how I ended up finding some usernames. Then when I plugged in those names into google, I would find a few thousand hits. I would find such usernames camping out at places like ThinkProgress and HuffingtonPost. Even if these are not "Lou Aubuchont," these posters consistently generate the same sorts of fake grassroots frothings, the same kind of scripted emotions. Yes, neocons stink, Bush is a moron, Cheney is evil, war is wrong, etc.. But we need less emotionalism and more context. We need less screaming, and more dignified explanations of social reality. "Lou Aubuchont" types are all about frothing and little to do about facts, context, and superior links. They are about making us feel like ****, and about portraying the left and progressives as emotional nutjobs. They are the Karl Roves of the internet.


I’ll be donating a flaming bag of dog crap each month, delivered to their doorstep…
Comment by RUCerious — December 22, 2006 @ 12:05 pm

But seriously, these lamoes are raising half a billion dollars to hire shills to write good legacy stuff about GW.
What self respecting academic is going to throw his/her reputation in the toilet for a couple hundred grand?
Oh, right, the neocon academics whose self respect got flushed during the eight years of supporting this insane chymp.
Comment by RUCerious — December 22, 2006 @ 12:08 pm


And how, exactly, Roger, do you bash history?
P.S. America is a great country that has been hijacked by a bungling cabal of malificent neocons.
Comment by RUCerious — August 30, 2006 @ 3:52 pm

Even someone at another website took note of this RUCerious character.

7/21/2007 - 12:33 am
Cheney to be president briefly on Saturday....

As usual, the reactions of the left go beyond unhinged. Here’s a sampling from the commenters at the Think Progress blog:
So we can expect the nuking of Iran to commence about what time on Sat?

Comment by RUCerious — July 20, 2007 @ 12:56 pm

on no - he’ll probably start another two wars with that much time

Comment by muzz — July 20, 2007 @ 12:57 pm


i hope the doctors recover the U.S. Constitution while they’re in there

Comment by pgw — July 20, 2007 @ 12:58 pm

JulieAnnie IS already like Kerik, a criminal mafioso extraordinairre!
Comment by RUCerious — November 5, 2007 @ 5:52 pm


Iraq was a — Iraq — the lesson of September 11th is take threats before they fully materialize, Ken. Nobody’s ever suggested that the attacks of September the 11th were ordered by Iraq.
The lying sack o’ crap! Why haven’t we nuked N. Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Syria and the hoboes from Hackensack then?
Comment by RUCerious — August 21, 2006 @ 12:04 pm

Just goes to show that when you start lying, it gets so damn hard to keep your lies straight. Doesn’t it, Mr. President?
Comment by RUCerious — August 21, 2006 @ 12:07 pm

The lesson of 9/11 is to track down THOSE RESPONSIBLE and deal with them. What part of that has escaped these criminal morons? Oh, just about all of it.
Comment by RUCerious — August 21, 2006 @ 12:23 pm


Poor Bill O’Really. He’s so confused about his own asexual identity that he can’t see or thnk clearly.
Daryll, can you help him out by praying for him to have a real man sized experience?
Comment by RUCerious — July 12, 2007 @ 4:10 pm

Mr Pee, if you think willy is in violation of the law, contact the FBI and file your complaint there. Quit fu(king whining all over the site.
Geez. You and Daryll, I don’t know who’s worse.
Comment by RUCerious — July 12, 2007 @ 5:01 pm

OK PIP, Mr PEE, KING, Idiot.
The idea was for you to get your vent from the FBI snitch, now STFU>
God damn you’re stupid.
Comment by RUCerious — July 12, 2007 @ 5:24 pm

One can read through some of these threads and see that there could be a lot of fake dialogue. The sock puppet type ****.


Darth Veeper has a lump of coal where most people have a heart.
The pacemaker is a decoy.
Comment by RUCerious — June 25, 2007 @ 2:17 pm

Ok, I could post for hours, in fact weeks and months of this stuff. I'll just post about a few more usernames which reek of cointelpro, which reek of falsely portraying the left as frothing lunatics.

By using simple "Aubuchont" phrases found from his rants at Debate Both Sides, I also ended up at Huffington Post. Is "Louis Aubuchont" also the following usernames?

accountability's profile

No HippieChick, you aren't the only one. It is so obvious that there is an agenda here on HP.
Arianna has some kind of bee in her bonnet about Hillary... did she feel slighted at a social gathering when Arianna was still a neocon?

something... jealousy?
An affair with Bill?
An affair with Hill?
WHAT for crying out loud.
What is the deal?
posted 11/11/2007 at 18:34:07

3. All the negative and unfair press will push Hillary into the nomination because people cannot stand bullying.
It is a natural instinct for the progressive left to defend those that are being pushed. Eventually perhaps people will rally toward Hillary because of the relentless pressure put on her by MSM and neo-libs.
thanks a whole lot.
posted 11/11/2007 at 18:06:34

otherwise known as troll.

Can you post a more credible link to all of these allegations?
You don't seriously believe that anyone would read that trash and believe that there isn't an agenda by the VRWC do you?
you are like a fly, no matter how many times you flick it away, it just keeps coming back and being a nuisance.
posted 11/11/2007 at 17:48:48

Yeah, we do remember... we remember people like you telling lies and half truths and magnifying those lies into truthiness because of being so intimidated by Bill... I still don't know why.
His Charisma? I guess it does make those puny little bloodless republicans feel bad about their manliness.
That is all I can figure out.

Why else?

If you want to talk about lies and liars and rapists you have had ample time and opportunity to do so with your king of all fuckups and his evil retainer in the white house!

we're listening punk.
posted 11/09/2007 at 13:03:10

He's a drunk.

Look at this son of a *****.
Just look at him leaning on the podium like he's in some bar yapping his trap trying to impress with all his big talk. I, I, I... narcissistic F***! You know the type, you've see them in bars. They always have the loudest mouth, you can hear them over the din. They never leave the scene. Look at him.
He is an embarrassment. Doesn't anyone say to him you can't lean on the podium like that, you look like a drunk?
I'm glad they don't tell him. It shows who he is in plain old body language. Of course if they did he would do it even more since he is a narcissist.

His arrogant disregard for the law, the office he holds, the citizens of this country... hell the humanity of the world is truly beyond the pale.
He believes he IS the President of the US... (or the world with his megalomania) rather than holding the office of the Presidency. Holding the office implies that it is held temporarily, in trust, to be turned over to the next holder. It also carries with it the responsibility to hand it over at least as good as you received it.
He thinks he IS the President in the way all those evildoers he is constantly decrying believe they are doing the right and appropriate thing.

He gives drunks and dictators a bad name.
posted 11/08/2007 at 10:56:26

Great Post!
lots of good comments.
The thing is, this demented sonofabitch is projecting his own insanity, his own shadow-- unacknowledged self out into the universe... which in his case look like "islamofascists" and Democrats.
He has been a nasty sneaky and sadistic little ******* since he was a child, yet has never been called on it seemingly, and has certainly never owned it.

All of this gibberish looks like a kid trying to somehow bully hos siblings, or peers, or parents into see things the way he wants them to be so he doesn't have to take responsibility.

Is someone drugging him? Or playing subliminal messages?
I really think this guy is heading for a crack up, if it hasn't already happened. I mean beyond the crack up we are seeing daily. I think somewhere in that narcissistic brain he knows he has completely fucked up, has broken the country like he has broken everything else he has ever touched and he can't "charm" his way out of it.
I mean it is classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder behavior. You have to somehow demonize the people who see who you really are because of the fear everyone else will see it.
Oh, I don't know, I'm in such shellshock from ths punk I'm babbling most of the time anyway.
---screaming now.---

How the hell does he keep getting away with this crap?
It is pretty much obvious that he has lost it. Isn't it?
Isn't it???
posted 11/02/2007 at 23:26:10

Ha, I just noticed the narcissistic personality disorder references. That's why I put them in huge font. I think figuring out "Lou" as "AnnAngryBitch" has opened up the windows of perception to see that he has been far more than a prolific "chemtrails" poster. Wow. The Narcissistic personality disorder. Maybe people can plug that phrase into search engines and uncover even more usernames of this disinformation agent.

Ok. One more.
HuffPost has a new feature where fans of the user are listed. For "accountability," these are his fans:
Fans of this user

Ha. BLOGGINGBITCH. That Sounds similar to AnnAngryBitch.





Be prepared to puke.

Hastert is on CSPAN right now!

He has to quit because he was caught covering for Mark Foley as he was sucking that child's ****.

Every Republican covered for Foley.......just like Speaker Pelosi not having the votes to make it illegal for GOP contributors to visit the Mariana Islands and **** those children and force them to abort the baby.

Hillary has yet to address this.

GOOGLE Abramoff forced abortions and you'll learn enough to make you puke.......again.


posted 11/15/2007 at 14:40:52

Bill Clinton Shouts Down 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists
I suppose that Senator Vitter pretendiong that he got his period and has Toxic Shock Syndrome is just a conspiracy as well, hunh Bill?

posted 10/26/2007 at 16:22:16

********. She's constantly MIA!

What has she accomplished? She ever tackle corruption?

Is it still legal to go to the Mariana Islands and **** the children and force them to have abortions just because somebody contributed to the GOP?

Ask GOOGLE about it.

Think Hillary knows about it?

Why do you think they are leaving Abramoff alone?

posted 10/26/2007 at 10:58:21

Evidently there was no contest. Have you posted anything of remote intelligence today?

Go back to eating Cheetos and pulling on your little pink thing.

posted 10/26/2007 at 10:55:40

Maybe they just feel that since they have Senators paying to have their diapers changed and Senators playing butthole-tag that maybe health insurance isn't such a good idea.

They think we all carry on like that.

posted 10/26/2007 at 10:36:54

It's O/T, but I just want to take a second to congradulate Senator Craig for not showing his butthole to any strangers in over 2 weeks!

He is a true Conservative.

posted 10/26/2007 at 10:24:58

Now wait a minute!

I was told that the Republicans could never manage an exit strategy!

Even **** has an exit strategy!

posted 10/14/2007 at 20:45:39

Getting Outsourced ****.......in Craig's case.
posted 09/28/2007 at 10:30:52

Ok, just one more. Another fan of "accountability" is "AuntSally." One would think someone named Sally would be female. Just like it would seem normal to think AnnAngryBitch would also be female.

But check this out from AuntSally's profile page.

Arianna, I love you and would gladly be your gentleman friend, but...

...there is simply no evidence whatsoever to suggest that impeachment would delay ending this war. So far this congress has done nothing to end it. What Speaker Pelosi now suggests to be the entirety of their strategy, is that they won't take up war appropriations without a withdrawal date. (a) Where have I heard that before?; and (b) if this is her only strategy, are they really incapable of impeaching AND not taking up war appropriations w/out a withdrawal date?

Nonsense. We need these destructive, psychopathic FELONS to be impeached post haste!
posted 10/17/2007 at 00:58:15

I think "Lou Aubuchont" is a paid disinfo agent. It is too much of a coincidence how much he sounds like RUCerious. It is too much of a coincidence that the phrase Narcissistic personality disorder was used. It is too much of a coincidence that there are all the homophobic comments. There are too many things about internet message boards that reek of being about paid, cointelpro scripts.
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Is BigBunny of MegaLiars A Client Of Or Work For WAI?

Unread postby socrates » Fri Nov 30, 2007 11:18 pm

Before I get to this post, here is some more proof that "Louis Aubuchont" is tied in with strangeness.

I just clicked on the cached link above to "Carol's notes about premade." I got the original page for a split second, but then it redirected quick to a Vubafiba.org webpage.

Back when I first stumbled on that stuff, I had somehow ended up finding a link to a company named WAI. Sometimes I'll save things, and then months later, I will be able to use the data. A person from Maine kept showing up here. I saved the ip information. Months later, I plugged the # into google, and it was determined that "Lou Aubuchont" has been a paid, astroturfing username. Tonight, I was going over some of my saved screenshots and found something remarkable. I think we have finally figured out who BigBunny of Megasprayer works for or is affiliated with. I have tried to warn these disinfo pimps to back off. Every time they go after us, it backfires. If they would just leave us alone, maybe we would forget about the rubbish that they peddle.

So tonight, I took another look at something saved from months ago. Sometimes the internet is truly like surfing. One link leads to the next, sometimes we are just f&^cking around as may41970 calls it. When I saw the following again, the light bulb went on big time. For those who have been reading here and giving ourselves a chance, looking at the following should produce in you the same reaction.


Does the logo look familiar?

Is WAI the company BigBunny uses to be able to come up with all his copy and pastes?
I realise those are two different eyes, but they are very similar.
Did BigBunny get the idea for his avatar because he is a client of WAI, an expert in artificial intelligence?

This forum got the job done. Humble nobodies figured out the chemtrail forums scam and exposed it.
Since our top section is solid, and our findings on astroturfing the same, imho, this is why we have been attacked so much.

Chemtrails are deliberate activities.
Astroturfing is real.

We were like the website that watches Bill O'Reilly, so others don't have to.
We figured out the scam, so that newbies and fence sitters can cut to the chase, or whatever the cliche is.
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Unread postby socrates » Fri Dec 07, 2007 9:24 pm

From the wayback machine:

This is probably a coincidence. Toto is a famous dog. This link included the word toto.
TOTO is the username at DebateBothSides which appears to be an "Aubuchont" sock puppet or disinfo co-worker.


Anyway, I doubt there is any real person with the name of "louis Aubuchont."
And based on the many discrepancies revealed about Will Thomas' writings,
I do not think Thomas was duped by anybody.

And I do believe that "Aubuchont" is posting as a SeanGar. He can be found at a cigar forum. He can also be found posting on a New England Patriots football forum. No forum is off-limits to astroturfers. Notice how he has an "Ender" kind of way of using big words while acting as if he is an everyman's populist, as some regular Joe who is highly intelligent.


There are also those other SeanGar posts I put up which reeked of homophobia and also mentioned flag burning, the same exact crapola that was linked to Lou Aubuchont and AnnAngryBitch on the Atrios thread.
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Unread postby socrates » Wed Jan 09, 2008 7:30 pm

One would think the fakes would retire the username "Louis Aubuchont." Here is the latest ******** he posted at DebateBothSides.



Fakes expose themselves with their patterns. "Lou's" character has been all about raising the emotional hatred towards Bush and the neocons. He rarely has anything to offer as regards to info or links. It is his role to deter rational discourse. He is about promoting the lowest common denominator. He is about dividing and conquering liberals and conservatives.

Fakes like to deter any good discussion on election fraud. In the top post, he astroturfed that polls are worthless. If all polls are considered worthless, then there is one less check and balance for detecting election fraud.

In the last post above, he actually went the straightforward, disinfo route. Most of the voting machines used in New Hampshire are made by Diebold.

[quote="ntobi"]Finnish computer security expert Harri Hursti testifies to NH Legislature

Finnish computer security expert Harri Hursti, featured in the Emmy-nominated film Hacking Democracy, explains to the NH State Legislature how his hack and studies by the University of California expose the vulnerabilities of NH's Diebold optical scanners. With these machines counting 81% of NH votes, how does the State justify not banning them immediately? Hursti testified in September 2007.

No word yet of any action from the State.

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Michael Goodspeed claims Lou sent him an email

Unread postby may41970 » Sat Jan 12, 2008 8:23 am

Is Lou Aubuchont a real person? Did Lou, being the good samaritan he is, stop on the side of the road to assist somone who happened to be a popular internet psychic/prophet? Did Lou then proceed to send emails out to people like "Michael Goodspeed" to tell them how stupid this purported psychic is?

This is all so convoluted and nutty, that I haven't the slightest what to make of it. But it would be interesting to try and get a confirmation from Lou one way or another - whether he ever wrote the following.

Or might Lou and Goodspeed be the same guy? This is some really crazy ****...


Posted By: MichaelGoodspeed
Date: Tuesday, 6 September 2005, 11:23 p.m.

I received this message a couple of days ago from a person who claims to have had a personal encounter with self-styled "futurist" Gordon Michael Scallion. It's very entertaining and humorous, and the author has kindly given me permission to post it publicly, so I present it for your consideration:

Good Day,

Take it from someone who knows Gordon Michael Scallion, he is no psychic, if he were he would not need anyone like me to change that flat on his car that he got by running over that board with all of the nail's sticking up out of it in the middle of Rt.-41 in Madison, New Hampshire in the middle of the day, I guess that Gorden didn't see it with his eyes or his all seeing mind.

Good God, He didn't even know if he had a spare tire in his filthy old white Volvo, some psychic.

I had to move a bunch of junk out of the way in the back of his Volvo to get the spare out, it was only half way full of air, I changed the tire for him because he appeared to be lost or inept with regard to doing anything mechanical, while I went about changing the tire he kept apologizing for not knowing if he had a spare or not, like I actually cared what made him so stupid, if it wasn't for the New Hampshire plates on his Volvo I would have driven past him like any other brain dead tourist but I thought he was local so I stopped to see if I could help out a local, like a fool.

I got the tire changed for him and threw the flat in the back of his Volvo, I told him to take it easy and get to a gas station and put some air in the spare, he mumbled something about me getting his pack dirty when I put the spare in the car, Oh yea, this guy is a piece of work big time, I told him he was all set and he could go on his way, he never even said thank you to me, he just got in his stinking crappy Volvo and headed off down the road on three good tires and one really soft one.

I followed the nit-wit to West Ossipee, New Hampshire to make sure that he got to a gas station, he stopped at a Gulf station and went in, I went in just for the hell of it and got a coffee, while I was getting my coffee I could hear old Gorden asking the clerk if someone could put some air in his tire, do you believe this moron, there was an air machine on the side of the station that takes quarters, how hard is it to put a quarter in the slot and put some air in a tire, Christ, even the friggen tourons can do that.

The clerk sent him on down the road to a full service gas station that ended up selling him two new tires, serves the idiot right, I know the owner of the station and found out later that it was the great Gordon Michael Scallion, super psychic that I stopped to help that day, I've since talked to probably twenty people that know him and live in and around him in Madison, New Hampshire and every one of them think he is off the tracks big time, people have told me that he is an outright lunatic that's missing a social cog or two, others have just laughed and said that he's not right in the head, the kid's in Madison call him professor nutball or just nutball Scallion.

I've looked at his site and the buy my new world map BS crap, maybe the earth is changing, it changes constantly, I don't need some self appointed so called psychic know it all that can't even change a flat tire to tell me that. for a great business man who was living large on a sailboat off the Florida coast Mr. Scallion doesn't show me very much, in fact he acts just like someone who has been brain injured if you ask me.

I think the guy is a fraud but he's got a good little money making racket going with the futurist, psychic crap, preying on the people who don't really know him, well, I know him and he's a royal jerk.


Lou Aubuchont

Parsonsfield, Maine



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