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This Forum Was Hacked

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This Forum Was Hacked

Unread postby socrates » Sat Nov 01, 2008 7:35 am

{on edit: 24 unauthorized troll bumps were made by someone working at the Attributor Corporation. They were able to do things like change the date of the last posts to the time of the bumps. This was a hack, since no one but the author of a post can bump their threads, not even admins. :roll: }


We can see by which threads were bumped, that this person is in all likelihood affiliated with the cyberstalkers. I doubt the creeps realised we would be able to track down who was making the unauthorized bumps. Also, they went a bit too far by changing the date of the last post made before the bump to that of when "anonymous" made the bump. They did that, imho, so that the threads would show up on the main index. Perhaps I will add more to this, if more information becomes available. It is very interesting where the ip leads to.

I think these fools try to screw with the flow of this place. They despise freedom of speech and association. I also believe they try to send me psychological messages, that they try to influence my own personal happiness and whatnot. That is where I believe may41970 came into the picture.

But I too have tried to send them messages, that the more they mess with me, the more I will succeed as a trollbuster, the more I will fight back.

I may not be a perfect person, but I am fearless.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Re: This Forum Was Hacked

Unread postby socrates » Sat Nov 01, 2008 8:18 am

The hack took place Oct. 30th and within a certain amount of time. Only two forums were affected, this one and the Chemtrails Are Not Kooky Section. The cyberstalkers have made yet another strategic error. We know where they are coming from, a company with expertise in scanning the internet for data. We can also prove that a hack took place, imho. They messed up by changing the date of the last post before the bump. They messed up in that we know who made the bumps. They messed up in that not even admins can see a bump button on threads they didn't start.

It Happens

The bumps were strategically made to make me look bad, no question about it. They also were made to make it seem that may41970, a lone nut perhaps, made the bumps. However, one can go to the free forums thread and see where the ip leads to, that would be California. It may be a coincidence, but I have made recent strides in uncovering an insidious internet presence named Ben Burch. That guy is powerful as regards to fake progressive domains such as the corrupt Randi Rhodes Message Board.

Anyway, these are the threads which got bumped:

Perhaps this will help you
by SluggoJD

Are we on the google search engine?
by may41970

Hi Chief
by socrates

to socrates, from your moderator
by may41970

This forum
by Techman

I pretend it doesn't phase me
by may41970

"drewterry" trolling
by drewterry

Everything Else

To Socrates re. 9/11
by Turkeyneck

Internet Television
by socrates2

My Experience At Keith Olbermann's Site: Yes, It's Fake
Lucid Dreamer

Closed-Minded Debunker and Debunker in Chemmie Clothes
by bryansail33

I think they were trying to hide Isard's posts plus get the goofy no-planes crap and debunker spittle up to the front.

Chemtrails Are Not Kooky

I think they were trying to both bump up may41970 threads and bury my newer findings and ideas. This is the common thread I see with all these bumps. Bury the flow of my recent posts and make it seem like may41970 was trolling. But these bumps did not come from Taiwan. May41970 is Taiwanese. I even spoke with his wife. This bullshite originated out of a company in California. An abuse report has been made. My message to these cointelpro disinfo punks is the more you attack me, the more I will figure out and expose about your racket. So back the "F" off, fascists! :twisted:

Cruise Missile Contrails
by may41970

Someone pretending to be socrates
by may41970

Troll Deleted
by cjmg

Will Thomas, Lou Aubuchont, and S.T. Brendt.
by may41970

Public Forum

Here is where they definitely tried to make it seem like may41970 was behind these brat-like activities. The two threads bumped to the bottom made him look bad {the one titled Peace and the other the one on global warming}. Every other thread was bumped except for the one on CarmenJonze and the RRMB. This is where I start to think these people are affiliated with the fake progressives {cointelpro?} and subsequently with all attacks on yours truly and then by extension those on all good people like Lophofo and Isard, and all good readers and lurker people who are in our corner. The dark side knows that they can't let the reader decide. That is why cointelpro is all over the internet. Unfortunately for them, they are not too bright.

But again, may41970 is in Taiwan. The people who hacked us are out of California and work for a company with expertise in data mining the internet.

Astroturfing and the top chemtrails section weren't touched, again providing circumstantial evidence that these {I believe} cointelpro punks were trying to make the attacks seem to be from a disgruntled former moderator. I don't think they expected their footprints to remain. I think they are chumps and no big challenge to figure out. Maybe that's why they attack me so much. Because they're idiots who never learned their craft, and I am honest and learned how to trollbust in one year, they are jealous and are taking too many shortcuts. Why not just ignore us, assholes? You lose every time you mess with me!

That should do it. I am writing this post, so if anyone sees the date October 30th with a lot of posts made by me, that they will understand that something fishy did go on, but that it backfired on the punks.

Peace and goodwill to all decent folk.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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