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Onward and Upward; Public Forum Closing

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Onward and Upward; Public Forum Closing

Unread postby socrates » Thu Dec 11, 2008 10:46 pm

It feels good posting less. It feels good to no longer bang my head against the wall and instead let it all come out in the wash.

I do like to write. I still have hope that someday I'll find a real forum. It was an utter shock to find out how much the internet has been rigged. These are the same people who spend thousands on toilet seats. They are science/military hybrids. They don't think twice before unloading tons of dough on astroturfing. Just look at the tv or any form of mass media. They are drenched in advertisements. Everything turned into a big fat centralised conglomerate of greed over culture.

It's been close to two weeks without guest posts. Free forums was getting saturated with spam. Forums were being put up allowing spam to go unchecked. It's pretty sad how much of that does get circulated. I don't blame free forums one bit for shutting it down. Also, it turns out that those counters people like ourselves had added to our forums were a security risk. This place was hacked. It was minor. It only included the bumping of certain threads on Oct. 30th. I had made a mistake with the permissions also.

We also now know that we have been getting some strange visitors. Some military. Ooh, like I am scared. Not. There was one address I linked to disgusting edits being made at Wikipedia. These are not trolls in the basement getting kicks. People really aren't this bad. Imho, these are paid operations to repel our use of our freedoms of speech and association. Why would there be all these suspicious connections made? Wake up people if you don't think there are heavy duty mind games going on with social reality and more precisely for our purposes, on the internet.

This is a steering device. It can be used for both positive and negative social change. Not only is there all the astroturfing one can think of, there is crazy stuff going on, head scratching. This forum, myself in particular, has exposed a lot of nonsense. So I don't mind cutting back big time on this forum. I will never abandon it.

Uhm, I haven't much more to say until inspired. I do not trust Carnicom. The guy is in tight with Jeff Rense. Very tight. Then there is his quote from the other day where he said his forum might not always be around. There was a highlight, in his defense, where he has seemed to bury a ******* Deborah/FootSoldier thread. Has she ever written one chemtrail thread? For real. Why is she on chemtrail boards all these years.

I don't like how the early Carnicom forum threads have disappeared. Patrick Minnis allegedly and probably did post as DogsBreath. He has admitted to being Canex at Chemtrail Central. I don't like how most of Carnicom's board went down the memory hole. It's really not that good a website. I guess mission accomplished. :evil:

The Democratic Underground and DailyKos are no good. Is there one good forum around which tells it like it is with no hidden agendas? I don't think so.

What we are left with are pockets of awareness.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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