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Lophofo Reinstated as a Member

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Lophofo Reinstated as a Member

Unread postby socrates » Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:13 am

I have figured out why Lophofo made some crazy posts elsewhere on the internet. I have also figured out why he "tested" me. He had been given bad information from a source that I was some sort of rogue intelligence. He was manipulated into believing that I am DrewTerry, that I am some kind of disinfo king, that I am NSA. But the truth is, and he now seems to believe me, I am No Such *******.

I have figured out who Lophofo is in real life. I had already told him recently who I am. He knows my full name and is starting to see that I am a civilian.

I am not going to out him. I believe that he is one of the good guys. While it should be obvious to all who have read my stuff and followed my development as a blogger {that I am for real}, it has taken Lophofo more time to see that I simply became good at amateur internet sleuthing.

One obvious trait of mine is that I despise unsubstantiated tinfoil. I turned CPellatt, for example, into a guest because of her indifference towards being associated with such things. May41970, while he kept making it seem he was in agreement with me about the tinfoil, simply had too many ties to it. I have been trying to show the world that chemtrails are real and have nothing to do with the disinformation that has been circulating for ten years. I had to ban him. For the same reason, I had to ban Lophofo.

But it turns out that we simply have been coming at this thing from different angles. I am a civilian, a regular citizen. I have recently become aware that there is an internal battle going on for the heart and soul of the intelligence community. This means that I don't believe that all intelligence employees are evil. And I'm not saying that Lophofo is intelligence, either. People will have to read between the lines to figure out that one. My point is, it wasn't Lophofo's problem when he posted tinfoil. He didn't realise that I go googling every once in a while and such things can be found and cause me some internal distress. I don't want to look like a hypocrite. If he is blathering on about weather wars, that a storm that hit Utah was meant to hit the border community in Texas, that causes stress for me.

He is new with trying to move up the charts into the zeitgeist. He made such posts to gain loyalty from the general internet chemtrail crap. I'm not sure he yet realises that the whole thing is rigged. But even if he did or does now, he was simply trying to maintain a foot in the door for the chemtrail topic.

He now acknowledges that he should have trusted me more. He never wanted to "work" for Starman1 or Lou or whomever to maintain his status. He made a human mistake by "testing" me and has told me that my decision to ban him was a natural reaction. I don't know who this source was who threw him off by spreading lies about me, but he found them credible.

I take this all as a compliment. There was a time when Halva {Wayne Hall} tried to spin me as being an idiot, but now I see that they are trying to make me out to be an evil, intelligence ogre, one of the disinfo types that I have railed against and tried to expose. I have done a lot of research and writing. I can understand how someone might wonder how I was able to do so much in a few years, or perhaps how I came up with so many goodies that add up. It's called being a hippie.

With Obama being the new President, the clouds have lifted for those good jakes in intelligence who love America and hate what higher ups in intelligence have done to our constitutional rights. Such people do not want us in illegal wars. They do want all of us with full opportunity for work and happiness. They are the good cops. They may not be as out in the open like me. But that is how life goes. I am not naive.

I'm not going to out Lophofo even if it might give me a quick burst of credibility. Should we have disdain for meter maids simply because they are doing their job? What about when our hated sports enemies beat the home team? Why the hate? Is life really so cut-and-dried?

I cannot continue at this pace forever. It also pisses me off that my big stories are still buried. I am upset that the chemtrailing continues without official acknowledgement and accountability. There is a reason why chemtrails as a topic has been 100% manipulated. If the public knew about chemtrails, as for example, they are now aware of the AT&T/NSA f*cks with their spy rooms, we the united chemmies would be totally vindicated and have a solid chance to end the criminal dispersals. Torture becomes legal because of national security? No way. It's the same with chemtrails.

Unless I can make money through blogging, I will be cutting back. Instead of banging my head against the wall trying to find new stories to document, I am thinking hey people, what about that or that over there, or this, why the need for new info? Why are my finds being buried?

I've still got some ideas. I don't give up easily. I have made a small number of good contacts, and one of them has gotten through to me that one must think in terms of months and years rather than days.

I sincerely believe that instead of fussing and fuming over tinfoil zeitgeists like NWO, reptiles, Obama with no birth certificate, Mike Connell type hoaxes or any other planted convolution, that we must find ways to expose such paid trolling, but that then we must get back on topic. I wish I could go full time blogging. I'll try to. But it's just not that easy to do this for free. Especially considering all the psychological hits I've had to absorb.

Lophofo's a good guy, imho. He is no superman, but I now have reason to believe that there are plenty of folks with some power who have had enough with renegade spooks. They are also tired of the AT&T's, the Halliburtons, the wiretapping, the torture, the evil being conducted in the name of America, etc.. There are a whole bunch of us who are ready to fight back. We are not scared. We have the power of numbers. The dark side does not have a guaranteed win. The fight is on. The struggle continues.
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Re: Open Letter to Lophofo

Unread postby socrates » Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:23 pm

One of the things I strive for is consistency.

For a long time, I had zero tolerance for anything that could be considered as tinfoil. As time has gone on, I have readjusted that philosophy. If I hadn't, then Isard would never still be a member here. And I'm glad he is. Despite disinfo elements continuing to ply their bullshite about orgone and chembusters, I now realise that whatever others come up with, it doesn't have any bearing on my posts. Every time I have asked Isard for further explanations about his interest in those things, he has replied honestly. By doing so, I believe he has made a major contribution to helping chemmies get to the bottom of that specific topic.

Orgone and chembusters have zero to do with chemtrails other than with disinformation. They could have been ignored. But ignoring does not mean they go away or don't have a bad influence on increasing chemtrail awareness.

At this point, this is how I feel about yourself. I believe that you are an honest nobody like myself into figuring things out. I believe that insidious forces have been harrassing you and trying to drive a wedge between ourselves. I do not believe that you are intelligence. I am definitely not intelligence. But I can understand how you have developed doubts about myself.

One thing you recently said to me makes a lot of sense. We all want to be part of something big. Well, some of us just want to live the blissful ignorance. Yet, many of us do want to try to make this a better world.

I believe that over the last year or so, you have been holding back on some of your ideas for fear that I would think you are tinfoil. Nothing personal, but I do think that you are susceptible to believing things that make chemmies appear as gullible and into conspiracy theories.

I want you to feel that you can post anything you want on this forum without fear of being banned. Just please don't take it personally, if I strongly disagree. I was wrong to ridicule the LDS. At that point, I felt that you were messing with me a bit too much. I felt the need to fight back.

We are all human and make mistakes.

Now, I realise you don't want me to spill any Boston baked beans, your words, and funny ones at that, but if you can prove that nefarious forces are psy-opping us, now is the time for both of us to step forward and fight back. It is against the law for American citizens to be psy-opped. That is only legal when done to people of other countries. For that reason, there is Echelon out of England. I see there is also an echelon-like station in France.

I am not sure of the next source, but for the purposes of this post, I'd like to link to it. It does look like a good one, imho.




Subverting the Constitution


Government agencies can bypass the Constitution's guarantee against unwarranted search and seizure.
Surprise! It's happening NOW.

Under the 1947 UKUSA Agreement, each of the signatory nations granted each of the other nations permission to monitor themselves. We monitor them and they monitor us. Actually, we could not stop them from monitoring us if we wanted to. But that is not the end of it.

Each of the five nations involved in ECHELON have either laws or a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting unreasonable searches and seizures. In the USA, it is the 4th Amendment that guarantees us protection "against unreasonable searches and seizures" and further requires that "no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause." The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that your electronic communications, whether voice, fax or email are protected under the 4th Amendment. What this means is that if any government agency wants to monitor your electronic communications, they must first show "probable cause" to a judge that you are breaking a specific law....

The same type of thing is occurring with ECHELON, but at an enormously greater level. It is not illegal for Communications Intelligence (COMINT) authorities in Great Britain, for example, to indiscriminately and randomly monitor US civilian communications, just as it is not illegal for the NSA to indiscriminately and randomly monitor British civilian communications. So, under UKUSA, COMINT agents in each of the UKUSA partner nations monitor each other's domestic communications and pass suspect communications on to the authorities in the other country. Each nation becomes a surrogate spy for the other. Although there are technically no laws broken in either country, each country's government has subverted its own laws to achieve the goal of monitoring its own citizens....

To sum up, If we can prove we are being illegally monitored and spied on, if we can prove that we are being illegally psy-opped, we need to step forward as true patriots and fight back. I am not saying that Obama is perfect. But the political climate has changed drastically in only the few days since he has become President. There comes a time when we need to go beyond this insular corner of the blogosphere and step up to the plate in the real world. Now is not the time to stay put in a whirlpool of paranoia and fear. The world is not static, and the good guys can end up winning.

I like you and think you are a good guy. I think we are both a bit in over our heads. But I do think if we work together, we can become historical players. I believe that the time for action is now. I believe this is our chance to be part of positive, social change in America. I think that the dark side figures that the internet is some kind of wild, wild west, and that no one will ever call their bluff. I think we should step forward and turn our nobody statuses into that of true patriots. I sincerely believe that good can and must triumph over evil.

Thanks for your time and consideration.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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