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That's now lingo for "what's happening."

This place could be seeing some changes for the better. It will continue to promote the just spit it out attitude. But we'll try to open up some new sections. I've been busy negotiating with Ms. Pellatt to open up a Connections Forum. 8)

My real life is actually pulling me away from posting so much. I'm working on a few things. A few of us are trying to put together a cogent blog entry on the "weather mitigation" bills and then circulate it into the blogosphere. Hopefully, we'll be picking up some real chemmies as the place presses forward. That hope ties in with the upcoming revamp, gonna try to make it more user-friendly.

I was busy of late at some other places. BradBlog is good. He is the best moderator in the business. I was also over at the Democratic Underground again for about 20 posts. That place is controlled opposition, especially in the electoral reform forum. I basically stuck up for Bev Harris against the protected trolls who have nothing but ad hominems. I got my last post deleted for having the gall to question Mark Lindeman about how much he profits off of the election controversy.

The Randi Rhodes Message Board is back, and it's as bad as ever. Beware of the eggshells if anybody wants to post there. They have a feedback section, but it is not open to the public. Same with viewing member's posts. One has to sign up to see all that. They have no explanation for how four or so years of posts are now gone. They don't even seem to care. It's just more controlled opposition.

That place has a nasty atmosphere. There is this paid troll called Bushwa. It couldn't be more obvious. The mods protect him for some odd reason. I've been trying to find one mod there that I can trust. No dice.

I just started my first thread. He already showed up to ask that it be moved to the conspiracy section from the environmental one. This guy has also been posting at the Democratic Underground. This troll busting really isn't that tough. Just some folks like me aren't afraid to call them out for it. But I won't be attacking him at that board. If they do ban me, there will be no good reason for it to happen. Nonetheless, I could care less if they do. The place is an eyesore orange. It has a confusing set-up. They lost all the archives. They spread eggshells all over the floor......

"Weather Mitigation" Bills- The RRMB

I think they scrubbed the place, so no one can look into their shady forum past. Here's one tip for novice amateur sleuths. Say you want to figure out if someone is a troll, and you have no access directly to their posts. Go to google, plug in let's say Democratic Underground. Then hit more results, not similar pages, and then search for the username of your choice. OnTheOtherHand, e.g. is Bard College election fraud apologist, Mark Lindeman. Plug in OnTheOtherHand and you get a lot of his posts. Or stevenstevensteven for Hertzberg. It's real easy.

Places like Democratic Underground and the Randi Rhodes Message Board are afraid of sunshine. They don't want people to easily see how brutally unfair those places are run. After the next youtube video, I'll expose Bushwa as the insidious troll he is.

You can't put one over the Gambini!

Bushwa posts just like a freeper would, if he wanted to dominate a "progressive" board.

The following is from cache, so he had even more posts than this. He joined late Sept. '06 and this post was from early March ''08.


10,683 posts in 17 months. That's over 20 posts a day. He posts in one month what most post in a year. That's not the only place he posts either. He is also MADem at the Democratic Underground.

Here he was up to 56 posts.


Presently he is averaging 71 posts a day since the board came back.


He's always getting visits from certain mods. The top and bottom names are notorious for kissing that troll's ass.


This is his avatar:


I had to go to Democratic Underground cache to find MADem's avatar. He for some reason has gotten rid of it. :wink:


Here he is with his basic divide and conquer.


Here he astroturfed that the Wright story is legit to shove in our faces. I doubt he has posted at all on McCain's pastor.


It's really not just that the dogs are similar. These two both went after Randi Rhodes after she got suspended by Air America Radio. I think Bushwa is one of the many reasons why the Randi Rhodes Message Board has been scrubbed. The RRMB, to be blunt, has a very shady past, and nothing has changed except for the cover up. But the word is getting out. People now know about HuffingtonPost, DailyKos, Chemtrail Central, WhatReallyHappened, Democratic Underground, on and on.

Right before the board went down I lucked out and noticed the two were writing near identical astroturf. Maybe I could track down somehow his Bushwa attacks on Randi. But to be honest, I don't lie.


He made the same exact posts. He just didn't curse about it at that message board in Randi's name.

The only question left is how the hell did any of those mods get picked. We are talking some goofy infiltration thingie here. I bet Randi got suckered by "Ben Burch" or someone, then all the other crones got put in place. I don't know. But the blogosphere is now aware that those people have no credibility. Zilch.


Bushwa/MADem- All indications are that this is a paid troll.


Aaah, here are some DU links where others probably agree with my analysis, especially the second one. Where else does he post? How does he work the time cards? Does he have to turn in the links and post count each day?

This could be AnonymousArmy, the more I think about this. Check him out here. The creepy Skinner even made an appearance.

New, Improved Analysis of NH Democratic Primary Results By Voting Method

Freeper trolls like MADem/Bushwa got called out:

BREAKING: DU "STRONGLY" LINKED TO RADICAL RIGHT. Provocateurs Bashing Dem Candidates

You can scroll down that one and see that fake get called out.

This has been a public service announcement. 8)
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini

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cpellatt wrote:Socrates, I'm amazed at how you and the people you trust are able to research and discern who is real and who isn't out there. It's rather confusing to me.
Hi cpellatt, thanks for the post. I guess the best answer to your question is to say that a lot of what we post about sock puppets is based on circumstantial evidence. Perhaps in this case, it would make more sense if I stipulated that Bushwa and MADem appear to be the same person.

Other times, there has been concrete proof that someone has been working a board. Skinner of Democratic Underground wrote in one post about someone, I forget the username, who had been banned and found out to have had multiple accounts.

Astroturfing refers to the creation of a fake grassroots movement. The fakes realise how difficult it is to prove certain usernames are sock puppets. In a way, it is more important to expose the false ideas that get promoted.

I guess I should quickly sum up my posting history, how I became interested in this type of thing.

I started at HuffingtonPost late 2005 around the time the Plamegate became publicized. Then I ended up posting just a bit at the Citizenspook blog. There I posted as Wassabi, and then I changed that name to Vincent Gambini. At Citizenspook's, I came into contact with one of the original troll busters, John Dean {SluggoJD, BozosRnotforBush}. One of the last things I remember from that board was his advice not to take "Fintan Dunne" seriously.

I went to Dunne's board, because I could relate to his claims that the internet is full of fakery. I would soon find out that Dunne was as much a fake as any of the peole he labelled as such.

One of the people Dunne went after was Bev Harris. He also went after BradBlog. That didn't really mean much to me at the time. I have been a late bloomer as regards to the way the election integrity movement has played out on the net. But long story short, John and Bev did an investigation into one of the posters on Democratic Underground. It turned out that someone named TheRealRobP was actually a Robert Pelletier from Diebold. So there have been some important victories in busting insidious trolls.

Last year, Steven Hertzberg of the Election Science Institute was outed as being a "Navari" from Dunne's forum. People like this will always have the plausible deniabilty that they are just into forums like others. But if one looks into their posting patterns, strange things emerge, much of which has been explained elsewhere on this forum as pertains to Navari.

While at Dunne's place, I had gotten involved in a long thread on chemtrails. I learned a lot about debunkers. I learned how to find better sources. Some of the things I posted there were not good.

I went to Chemtrail Central around May, 2006. I was ready to jump into the fray and attempt to bring a realistic approach to figuring out the chemtrails. Within one month, myself and may41970 hit it off as regards to this concept of internet fakery. He started a thread on Netvocates. Around that time I started to read a section called Chemtrail Changes. There were plenty of threads and posts calling out Mark Steadham for allowing the debunkers back in. Those threads have since been deleted. From reading those, we figured out that Swampgas and other former moderators ended up at a place called Gastronamus Cafe. One such poster was Lou Aubuchont, whose story was the cornerstone for Will Thomas' book.

I was in awe. I trusted these people, like Halva/Wayne Hall who was also there. I felt I had finally hit the big leagues for chemtrail postings. Not to be obnoxious, but I became the most prolific chemtrails poster on the internet. Gastro was building up a good base. There I would also meet Lophofo and get to know NatureisMad better.

Then around November, 2007, Et in Arcadia Ego returned to make a flurry of posts. It soon dawned on me that he had turned into a debunker. I confronted him in the private section. He returned the favour by blasting me in public. Before I knew it, I was on the outs there.

Around that same time period, myself and Swampgas had gotten slammed by Chem11 at Megasprayer. At that point, a nagging feeling started to emerge. I started to think that all these people were plants.

Gastronamus and Megasprayer were established as outlets for normal chemmies to go to once they realised Chemtrail Central was a disinformation Palace making chemtrails look kooky.

The main goals of these places are to prevent real people from working together. Myself and Lophofo had been making ground at Gastro as regards to chemtrails as weather modification and environmental modification techniques. That is why I believe Arcadia was called in to quell that development.

Pardon this free form type indulgence, but I feel it is important that folks know exactly where I am coming from. If I make a mistake, I admit it. I am a very sociable person, yet I also feel a tremendous aversion to injustice. Before continuing with this mini-history of my forum development, I want to touch on what happened at Megasprayer.

I went to Megasprayer to begin with to expose Wayne Hall for his disinformation and overall troublemaker posting habits. This network of fakes did not mind my presence for the longest time. In fact, they can only flourish in the gatekeeper role if they are able to recruit a few real people. Otherwise, there is simply nothing organic getting posted, and real people turn away and seek out real people and ideas. This is what has been going on with a lot of forums lately, for example with DailyKos and Democratic Underground. Kos got exposed last year as being CIA. Democratic Underground has been getting exposed as being gatekeepers for the Democratic establishment.

So I went to Megasprayer because I wanted to figure out the ingredients for the chemtrails and to expose Halva. For all the talk of barium and aluminum, my research at Gastro had led me to believe that sulfur was a much more logical ingredient. I based this on the similarities between volcanos and chemtrails. The eruption at Mt. Pinatubo, e.g., had shown that the sulfates could lead to a cooling. Halva and Will Thomas had already gotten it into my head that chemtrails were some kind of program to counteract the effects of global warming. Halva had also been yanking my chains as regards to Chem11 and Deborah, two of the original internet chemmies, for the ambiguous nature of their posts. {I originally signed up at DebateBothSides to attack Jay Reynolds. I never expected to post there for too long.}

Anyway, Chem11 seemed on the surface to be the best chemmie. He had these ideas about chemtrails being a result of sulfate-loading generated through jet fuel. He even came up with a link showing that the USAF can legally have much more sulfur in their fuel compared to the commercial fuel. He also eloquently argued that barium simply doesn't have the hygroscopic qualities needed to produce the white-outs.

For a long time I was also enamored with Deborah/Foot Soldier. She had been involved in a report called Chemtrails Over America. She never seemed to be involved with the crazy postings one finds all the time at Chemtrail Central. I also had bought into Halva's idea that she was simply avoiding the word chemtrails in a Rosalind Peterson kind of way.

People like Chem11 and Deborah have a strategy in which they rely on wiggle room. They do not come straight out and admit to being debunkers.

Then Rosalind Peterson signed up to Megasprayer. I slammed her a bit. I would later openly apologize to her. I was just so wound up wondering who was real and who was fake. I saw barium showing up a lot with the mind control posts. I simply assumed that barium was a limited hangout.

This is how people like me got played. The astroturfing has been that the debunkers are the most evil people. This has been a case of divide and conquer 101. This has served a few purposes. For one, this type of thing leaves us all in the realm of emotions rather than one in which sincere people work together going through sources, ideas, and whatnot. Secondly, such focus on the debunkers has allowed the crazy chemmies to stay under the radar. Later on I would go through archives and read a bunch of kooky things coming out of Halva, Chem11, Deborah, and many others. More importantly, the kooky ideas presented by others were never confronted by the more normal appearing chemmies. When the focus is always on the "evil debunkers," there is somewhat a smoke and mirrors formed where the "crazy believers" are simply not seen for having the damaging influence that they have.

After my Megasprayer days, I went to the Democratic Underground and started a thread calling out debunkers as fakes or useful idiots. I have never had a problem with dealing with debunkers. They have never scared me. None of their points ever seem to add up. They are repetitive and do not deal honestly with the good points chemmies provide. After DU gave me the tombstone, I went back to DBS and went into full-froth attack mode on both closed-minded debunkers and fake believers. May41970 wrote a post at CTC saying I should be given a new chance based on my DU thread. I then invited may41970 to DBS to help fight back. We had pretty much full rein of DBS for a couple months. We were quite effective. But around May, 2007, the trolls were making it impossible to continue there. May41970 suggested we start a forum, and within a few days, this place was established.

Also during this time frame, my chemtrail forum fakery ideas took a major turn when it dawned on me that the goal of the fakery was to usher in the "debunkers in chemmie clothes." The closed-minded debunkers and crazy believers were meant to cancel each other out. The third category was meant to be the explanation. I believe I have been attacked so much because of my exposing of the third category. Fake forums do not mind real people as long as they don't upset the overall balance of scripted zaniness and limited hangouts. But once truthseekers are able to get the upper hand, they are shown the door.

About a month into this forum's existence, may41970 started a very interesting thread on the WhatReallyHappened forum. He uncovered posts made by someone named Ender that reeked of being cointelpro. Our thread became so effective, that the WRH "unofficial" forum shut down for about a month and then reemerged with many posts and threads missing.

But we continued on. We continued to keep an eye on that place, especially when the "evil Jews" shit started to accelerate again. Around that same time, we also started to focus in more on "Lou Aubuchont." We wrote letters to Will Thomas imploring that he reevalute his souces for his Chemtrails Confirmed book. We never heard back from him. Then his own website went down. He said outside forces were making things difficult for himself. He later came back with his new place with much of his past work no longer available as it had been at his previous place.

Lou Aubuchont then made me an offer. He said if I backed off of him, he would leave me alone. I said thanks, but no deal. Then he went on a crazy smear attack against me and May41970 at CTC. If you try to find such posts now, you will have no luck. Lou erased all his posts, over 900 of them. He left in their place an explanation that myself and may41970 were troublemakers, etc.. At the same time, the WRH forum ratcheted up the attacks on us. I never posted too much at that place, less than a handful of times. May41970 used to post there as Will Kane, his avatar here. Fake Socrates were also created and spread out across the internet. Swampgas at Gastro posted that I was Ed Snell/Yaak/Cydoniaquest, a legendary character with sock puppets, the poster child for the chemmie turned debunker.

But the thing is, whenever these people have gone after me, it has been their biggest mistake. They only now seem to realise that the more I am attacked, the more I investigate them. This is the thing with internet fakes. They are so arrogant as to believe they can discourage troll busters. They seem to have free reign at all these various major forums. But people are becoming more internet savvy. There are many people across the internet who have found ways to get their voices out despite being stifled/banned at the major places.

Perhaps because I'm inexperienced in forums. But how do you know when someone is posting under different names? And what do you do with someone who understands that chemtrails are real, but may have some other-unrelated-maybe "out there" beliefs? How can you really ever trust anybody? It's all very confusing. Makes me never want to leave the cave......
When this place first started, I used to take a peek at some of the visitors. One location was showing up as Maine. I bookmarked it and put it to the side. Many months later, I stumbled across it again in the bookmarks, then I plugged the # into google. A poster named AnnAngryBitch showed up. This person had the same writing style as Lou Aubuchont, one of the most fiercest frothers on the net. I soon realised that this guy has been simply dropping stinkbombs across the internet for years. He posted once at a conservative place on the Terry Schiavo thing. He posted a lot elsewhere about evil neo-con-artists. I noticed that his posts rarely had any good sources and ideas and were simply all to do with emotions.

I guess the only way to sense that someone is using sock puppets is to get lucky. Before the Randi Rhodes message board went down, I noticed that Bushwa and MADem were posting the same crap about Randi Rhodes. I also noticed them posting the same kind of divisive crap about Obama/Hillary. I noticed they both had very similar avatars.

Is that exact proof that they are the same person? Probably not. But it is not a lie to say they appear to be one and the same.

You have had a good influence on me, getting through to me the importance to not suffer the fools.

I am in the process of documenting Bushwa's posting #'s at Randi Rhodes. I bet he or others will find out I am doing this and either ban me and/or have him chill out, go on the lam so to speak. It is simply a fact that one must be a member to investigate this. The old board's archives are totally gone except for caches. If one goes to the RRMB, they can see who are the top posters for the day, but they must be a member to see who are the top posters overall. This guy Bushwa is starting to run circles around people with post counts. He is averaging over 70 posts a day for five straight days. He is posting as if it is his job. He is protected by the mods. He breaks rules left and right. Once before the old board shut down, before Randi got suspended by AAR, I complained to the mods that he was flaming me. They did nothing about it. On the thread linked to above, people can see that he did a hit and run troll post. I responded to his flaming, and he has never returned to respond back. That is against the rules.

I have found a few DU threads which clearly show that MADem also has an amazing number of posts. I'll find one of them....

Congratulations MADem!! 30,000 posts

That post was made in April, 2007, so we can only imagine what his post count is now.

As for how to know whether someone is simply mistaken or disingenuous with "out there" ideas, I have settled down a bit in being a pitbull. People like Wayne Hall/Halva show their true colours by not responding specifically to pointed questions. A poster here named ViewFromKSA really pissed me off by not responding to my research showing how disingenuous The Idaho Observer has been concerning chemtrail articles.

I am so happy that you have set the record straight concerning how that place and Educate-yourself, and subsequently so many others have botched up your work. Your story is primary evidence of what this humble forum has uncovered as regards to chemtrails disinformation.

I was a pitbull with you at first precisely because of how your work was presented. Bushwa at the RRMB pointed out that your tags for your video contain chemtrails, electro-magnetic weaponry, etc.. Thus he is arguing that the thread should be placed in the conspiracy forum. I countered that the main point of my thread was to get people to look at the "weather mitigation" bills. I only used your video and pictures to ask if this is how "weather mitigation" might look.

You shouldn't fear coming out of the cave. A lot of the stuff exposing chemtrail fakery has been on other things than CTC. I feel we have hammered the nail in, so to speak. I am also moving away from suffering that kind of foolishness. Plus, I am very proud of the top section here. While I went after the trolls, I made sure to also come up with solid threads on the actual chemtrails.

My advice is that if you don't want to look into the fakery side of things, that's cool. You have much to offer as regards to your research and commentary on the actual chemtrails. In fact, it may be for the best if you avoid this type of thing.

I apologize for going nuts with this one post.

{on edit- I think that the username Skinner exposed as having sock puppets was MrNiceGuyDied. I was unable to find the exact Skinner thread outing him for using sock puppets. That guy or someone else I have forgotten used to be all over the Schiavo threads. I am sorry I am not more exact with this.

But for those interested in how disinfo runs these types of divide and conquer threads, here are plenty of google results as regards to DU and Terry Schiavo. We are talking about freeper infiltration, Operation Chaos type stuff, divide and conquer 101,}

DU and Terry Schiavo

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Hiya May41970. Congratulations to both of us. I just noticed this is the one year anniversary.

I'll just say that I believe every single person now a member of this place is for real. I refuse to let the dark side destroy my fundamental faith in humanity. I also agree with you that the best we can do is deal with the concrete things that people post. Imho, the best way to figure out if someone is real or fake is to see how they respond to certain questions. If they ignore the tough ones, that is a pretty good indication that they are paid fakes or trolls{useful idiots}.

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Bushwa has been working that board, like he gets a paycheck to do so.

May 6th 4:26 pm to 10:57 pm 44 posts
May 7th 12:55 am to 9:46 pm 93 posts
May 8th 12:03 am to 7:30 pm 49 posts
May 9th 1:29 am to 10:59 pm 50 posts
May 10th 12:39 am to 11:47 pm 60 posts
May 11th 1:40 am to 11:53 pm 31 posts
May 12th 12:02 am to 8:31 pm 42 posts

7 days
369 posts

Now there's a ScottyMac54 working the board the last day. Around 125 posts.

He's on the pro-Hillary side. Other's are portrayed as the Obamabots.
It reeks of being scripted.

Here's another script I just learned about. Around November, December 2004, AnonymousArmy came out attacking Bradblog and the Curtis/dog story. I've looked into that a bit, especially because the only place that convoluted angle was discussed was at "Fintan Dunne's." But there was something else called Activisms. There was a poster named BlogVote at DailyKos. They were running some scam making up lies about Greg Pallast {sp?} and tying him in with Wayne Madsen. The fakes don't know subtlety. Anyon can seek out archives and learn a lot about individual rabbit holes.

My conclusion is that every major board is compromised. Larissa of Raw Story used to post at DU and Kos. She came out and labelled this bullshit as "ratfucking." Pardon my language, er, hers, just wanted the folks out there who are aware of all this type of astroturfing, that you are not alone in awareness. This scripted convolution is everywhere, placed by freeper organisations who have set out with the intention of gaming the internet. It is now years later. So apply the lessons of yesterday to what needs to be done today. Personally, I'm gonna try to post more on the chemtrails and current events type stuff.

How many times can we hammer the nail in proving that there really are paid fakes?

It's almost as if the rabbit holes are so transparent, that they don't care if we figure it out. The time we take figuring out trolls is time wasted figuring out even greater truths about social reality, truths that we can act upon.

Masses of people are learning about the chemtrails. Good lurkers out there, here is your chance to help us reach the critical mass for exposure and accountability. You could be the 100th monkey.

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One of our most curious members has been Don Smith. He made a lot of great posts that a progressive peacenik would make. He was in agreement that BreakForNews was disinfo. He was a solid contributor here when we were first starting out.

I have to stop checking into these places for good, because every time I do, there is something crazy to talk about. I was just checking BFN out for a quick look. Don Smith is back there and praising the place. :shock:

It's like you say soul cannot be faked. Contradictions in posting patterns are a clear indication that someone is a fake. Who returns to make friendly posts at places they were only months previously claiming to be insidious? Don Smith=fake username, imho. Him returning to that pit makes no sense.


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Thank you Cpellatt for helping to prove that chemtrails are a deliberate undertaking. I'm at a loss for words as to expressing such gratitude. You got the job done. You're a beautiful writer.

May41970, Don Smith returning to BreakForNews is no different than when Entropian Artifact went to Chemtrail Central yet has done nothing to counter the kookiness. Don's hypocritical return is a tactical mistake. It would be like you returning to the WRH board if it was still around.

Check out again what he wrote. Something about how honest BFN is. That's not an organic development. I'm going on your soul can't be faked angle.

I wouldn't advise anyone going there, but I am no one's boss. I am not wanted there, nor do I wish to be there.