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I think the "ender" script is simply more divide and conquer. I also think it is worthy to expose fakes on the internet. It maybe shouldn't take up all of one's energies, but then again, we are being astroturfed into thinking the internet is some new ground for promoting democracy. Maybe it is, but if so, people need to be aware of the bullshit.

Does the Israeli govt. stink? Yes. Do the Israelis stink? Well, if they do, then we all do. The point is generalizing with stereotypes doesn't help anything. For some bigot like Ender to not be flushed from that forum is a clear sign that something is not kosher. {nice pun, eh?}

I am hopeful that you guys can find a way not to escalate any harsh feelings that may be developing.

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Hey may41970, I checked out that thread a bit more. "Ender" sounds similar to Lord Reynolds, how he keeps calling someone will kane. Sure, Reynolds would never say that racist stuff at DBS, but it seems like Reynolds. doesn't it? If that is him, then that is what the low level spooks do. They make multiple id's and troll the internet. We, the chump nobodies, spill our souls while these clowns keyboard out their troll linguistics.

I just made some posts at DBS. Kola got banned for a few days, as if that matters. All that guy was doing the last month was going after me. You think he is supposed to be a distorted characterization of Freeman? How 'bout Weatherman714 as Scott Stevens? Maybe Lou Aubuchont is supposed to mirror Carnicom. We all know what the others are all about, that rense robot demeanor.

But yeah, I like talking about this stuff, because we finally have a place where the astroturfers can't attack our thought processes. That is what ender is all about or Snell, any of these low level tools. Speaking of Tool, do you like that group? The lead singer is Maynard. He refuses to go on commercial shows, tho' maybe he was on snl once. But he is ex-military really antiwar.

Tool - Ænema

Hey, off-topic--- ever watch Wizard of Oz sychronized with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon?

Us and Them

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Entropian Artifact wrote:
Yes, I intend to keep taking them on, Entropian Artifact.
No worries m8. Each to their own. Only asking.
Didn't you read my disclaimer at the top of my post?
Yes I did; that's how I was able to quote it specifically in my reply. Pay attention dude.
It was written for people like you, to save you the effort of "wasting" your time.
There aren't very many ppl like me May; which is a crying shame. I don't know about where you are but it's turned out just like those darned Brit eugenicists expected it to over here. I'd like to hear more about your definition of "people like me" and how you managed to identify me as one of "them" so quickly? I'd say "good job", but I try not to say things that don't make sense, or that I don't mean.

As for "wasting" my time; you really haven't you know. I wanted to understand your position and the reasoning behind it. Now that you've explained it, I've tried to understand what you are trying to achieve and the methods you are using to accomplish that and I have a much better handle on it now, so thanks for that - but my approach still makes a whole lot more sense to me. No worries though. I guess you feel the same and, you know, horses for courses and all that.
I must admit, though, that it does strike me how you are spending energy to convince socrates and me to stop bringing attention to the fact that there is an organized effort by fakes to control internet forums.
Oh really? :roll:

See May, I could propose the exact opposite right now (on equally unsupported grounds), but I don't. The reason for this is because I am not a fake. However, that is not to suggest that you are being deceitful either. The fact that we disagree about what constitutes the best use of our individual energies sits comfortably with me. I'm over it already. Why not you? I'm not telling you what to do, but I will make suggestions based on my observations if I so choose. Please feel free to do the same.

I am concerned with getting to the bottom of what going on up there - and for now at least, I'm prepared to work on the assumption that you do too, which makes you my ally. I will of course be forced to reconsider my position should any reply to this post come with residual negativity.

Look, you keep pushing back the darkness and I'll keep trying to bring some light OK? It's not so very different in the end is it?

And hey! Love and peace dude.


Ok, apologies to may41970. I didn't read this post close enough to see that Entropian Artifact needs to find another place to post. There is no place here for any promotion of eugenics. And it isn't just this one post that EA has mentioned this. In a pm he said that he could argue both sides of it.

So thanks for playing. I'd rather have this website just the way it is, than to have people posting bullshit like this.

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may41970 wrote:I hear what you're saying, and I want to apologize for my harsh post.

You could see he was a chump before I did.
The last few unpleasant weeks at DBS and CTC have left me pretty bitter about nearly everyone that posts on chemtrails forums. If you are willing to head over to DBS and read this thread titled "The elusive CTC Changes Thread," then maybe you'll get a taste of where I'm coming from:
Wow, it's over. People gotta scroll city, better yet go to search engines and figure it out. What's up in Ohio with Kucinich. He should get another chemtrail bill. Fitrakis of Columbus Alive said that he admitted to their existence. It's on one of the chemtrail threads. But Epoxynous/ Jay Reynolds makes up shit. Some of them copy and paste. Some are multiple id's like Aubuchont/ Brendt/ Tracker/ J Vitum/ mom_p3. Some are annoying trolls like Kola and Halva. Some are just fried. Yeah, they are full of fakes, and this has been as deliberate as the chemtrails.

To me, the issue of astroturfing is extremely important to bring to light. I believe that the phony believers/debunkers have wiped out the chemtrails awareness movement, and continue to do so with unmitigated success. And not just the chemtrails movement, but just about every truth movement on the net.
Project censored is a good source for info.

I believe there is a HUGE psychological operation going on throughout the entire internet; and it's an issue that few are willing to address. Those that say, "Well, as long as he believes in chemtrails, then we shouldn't criticize him for a couple nutty ideas." .....I just don't buy it.

The nutty ideas have got to be seperated from the sane ones.

I didn't start out as such a skeptic, Entropian. I started out simply wanting to post about the arrival of chemtrails in Taiwan, and it was much later that I began to realize that there was an insidious effort going on - scripted debates between fake believers and fake debunkers, designed to keep the real people out.
You said there is a U.S./Taiwan joint weather program? I keep forgetting the name of it. Not that it has anything to do with chemtrails, maybe it does. It's not like they say yeah we are behind the chemtrails. Dynomat is used for hurricane suppression? Who else? Maybe if these websites weren't so corrupt, we'd have all the answers, and Kucinich would be president. Maybe.
In fact, I just learned today, that the administrator of Gastronamus (Swampgas) had been sending private messages to socrates for the purpose of pitting him against me. And swampgas, the duplicitious bastard, had always been respectful and supportive of my posts. Like he was my friend. Swampgas' private messages to soc, designed to mess up soc's clear thinking , pretty much succeeded.
Swampgas is the gatekeeper of the chemtrail boards, but he doesn't have the talent or smarts to pull it off. CTC, DBS, and Carnicom's forums are toast, full of misdirection.

He gave me mmmmbarium and greenman as bones. Then I took care of Halva at Megasprayer. Then next up was the blow up with chem11 then swampgas. But the astroturfers love their recurrent characters, and they will not cede any forum to real people.

Me and Soc ended up becoming enemies for a long time; something which might never have happened if we had both been awake to the games Swampgas and his friends at Chemtrail Central were playing.

Then, a day or so after I publically condemned socrates at Chemtrail Central, someone calling himself "Big Bunny" reached out to me and sent ME a pm -- inviting me to come and be a member of his own forum, "Megasprayer," I accepted. And so Big Bunny his pal Chem 11 atarted to fuck around with my mind - lecturing me about the evils of socrates.

I think you have no idea, Entropian, how deeply involved the internet spooks are when it comes to the topic of chemtrails.

After me and soc started hating each-other, I turned back to the real fakes and embraced them. I expressed support for the the biggest shills of all...shills like Lou Aubuchont and Increase 1776 and Perverted Introvert and Weatherman and mmmbarium. Smarter people than me pulled my strings; smarter people than socrates pulled his strings, and for a while, we became their puppets.
You were making sense until you said smarter people than us. They are like Karl Rove. They are not smarter. They are just devious shits, they are cheaters, they don't play fair.
I don't care how smart you think you are. These people will fuck with your mind. Hey, don't trust me either. Always think for yourself. Most importantly, beware of ALL private messages. That's one of their key ways of manipulating you.

Probably sounds crazy to you, Entropian Artifact. (Maybe, with luck, in a year or so, you'll come back and tell me that you finally are beginning to understood why I'm so focused this issue.) Fact is, if you are a real, sincere person at the chemtrails forums, people are going to start messing with your mind.
This is true. But eventually they get figured out.

Thank goodness Swampgas didn't succeed. Thank goodness Big Bunny didn't succeed. Socrates and I woke up, established our own one-to-one communication, and totally cleared up all the fog and confusion and lies that the fakes had infected us with.

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I started this thread at DBS a while back on CTC and AONN Records. It does appear that Robert Taylor, head of AONN, is a paid disinformation agent working for U.S. government black operations. This is based on the man's own words and actions. It is also based on the fact that I haven't seen any proof that Mr. Taylor was charged with any crimes for his "hacking" into the .gov domain. For those new to this story, here is the thread. Then after I will tie this in to a possible connection to the WRH board and the excessive fascist astroturfing which has been revealed by may41970.

AONN Records and Chemtrail Central

I recently got a private message over at DBS from someone who I think is Robert Taylor himself. The writings are very similar.
Curveball Slamdunk:
Chemtrails, DARPA, AONN, Doppelgangers, Rendelsham and Deja Vu All Over Again...

Haven't you read 1984? Do you really trust every one in the U.S. government?

AONN infiltrated Echelon4 for a reason.

Nothing is what it seems.

Again... nothing is what you think it is. Contrary to someone's belief... we're the good guys...

In the future, it's us in Rendelsham. We came back to alter the course of human events:

Enter the Dragon...
Nothing is what it seems. The Matrix is Real. Arrest the FBI. Karl Nemetski and Sam Fisher are one in the same. Sebastian Rooks teams with Kaiser Sose.
I do believe in ufo's, but I think that all ufo's are high tech military aircraft. Fascists like Taylor are beholden to patriotism and money. Such meatheads have a fundamental fear of freedom.
Sociology: The Fear of Freedom
By Erich Fromm. (Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co. Ltd., London, 1942. Pp. 305. Price, 15 s.)

Review by: H. A. Thorner

The thesis of this book is best summarized in the author's own words. Modern man 'has been freed from traditional authorities and has become an "individual" but at the same time he has become isolated, powerless, and an instrument of purpose outside himself, alienated from himself and others; furthermore, this state undermines himself, weakens and frightens him, and makes him ready for submission to new kinds of bondage. Positive freedom on the other hand is identical with the full realization of the individual's potentialities, together with his ability to live actively and spontaneously. Freedom has reached a critical point where, driven by the logic of its own dynamism, it threatens to change into its opposite. The future of democracy depends on the realization of the individualism that has been the ideological aim of modern thought since the Renaissance. The cultural and political crisis of our day is not due to the fact that there is too much individualism but that what....
Now to get back to a possible connection between Taylor and the WRH forum, and then by extension to there being this overall covert operation to muddy the internet as a catalyst for democratic exchanges, as a vehicle for our rights of freedom of association, let's take a look at the signature of a poster at WRH named Thuban. Damn, sorry for that long sentence, but anyway,
~ I am a brother to Dragons, and companion to Owls.~ Job 30:29
And here is a quote from the person writing to me who seems to be Robert Taylor:
Enter the Dragon...
Last point, Don Croft's brother-in-law was posting disinfo tinfoil by association rubbish at the Rigorous Intuition forum for a long time. His name was "Dragon."