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You're 100% right, BlueSkyHope. The paid trolls are working on many levels and with plenty of volume. It's more likely than not, imho, that you have uncovered a paid troll. Would an ordinary prankster steal someone's identity? I don't think so. Strangely enough, that same thing happened to me. For real. There were fake socrates running around.

It reminds me of the Terry Stewart hoax. I thought the best evidence was with the Vancouver Courier and Will Thomas having evidence of the airport manager saying the chemtrails were from a joint American-Canadian {sp?}military exercise. Jeff Ferrell of KSLA new-12 Louisiana called Terry Stewart who said the whole thing was made up.

Or Steven Hertzberg trolling at BreakForNews. That guy used to whine if anyone mentioned the greenhouse effect caused by anthropogenic global warming.

To me, this lack of respect for the scientific method has all to do with denying us of our freedoms of speech and assciation. There is no way to get above the noise which is going on at the Randi Rhodes Message Board. There is one poster Morgan way over the top depopulation, weather warfare, etc.. He or she is calling me a debunker because I called out Carol Rosin for being a cointelpro-like infiltrator into the peace in space movement. There's the Colin Powell comment. Ugh. This clown {paid?} Morgan is saying commercial airplanes spread chemtrails. That's the kind of thing that a disinfo crazy believer would claim, along with other Kathaksung type "conspiracy chatter."

It's not a lack of examples to prove that the internet is being gamed.

Thanks for joining in. It's good to know there is at least one more person who has looked into this and not just taken my word for it.

I still don't know what I did wrong to get banned from Chemtrail Central. There are a million examples from that place and elsewhere like Debate Both Sides archives with Jay Reynolds, Jim Phelps, Deborah Footsoldier, et in Arcadia Ego.

One of the most striking things to me is the Aubuchont. It really is mind blowing, bizarre how he turned out. I was shocked to see he claims to be able to wipe out small clouds with his own mind. I was shocked to find out about his AnnAngryBitch history. I mean, is he an astroturfer? Disinfo? If he isn't, then who is? He deleted all his posts. But I saved his thread on Carol Rosin.

Sorry to steal your thread. It just got my mind racing on the last couple years of looking into these things.

Like, I think Deborah has meant to mirror Rosalind Peterson. Weatherman714 is meant to mirror Scott Stevens. The Jim Phelps stuff is an incredible abundance of this kind of malarky. The Jay Reynolds versus Lou Aubuchont battles were epic and lasted for years. Same with this Halva- Wayne Hall. It's just a bit too convenient with all of them being insane.

Even people like Increase1776 and Swampgas don't add up. They and others made too many incredible turns in judgement concerning Starman1. Now was he part of Maverick's debunker gang or not.

Chemtrails on the internet have been totally gamed.

There are so many examples.

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The problem is that no matter how many examples we come up with, there really is no where to share that information. We're always being forced to reinvent the wheel. We have paid trolls burying our good points. We have superficial webmasters like Huffington and Kos out to make a buck or worse. Larry Johnson isn't still a lying spook? Anyone hear of his No Quarters or whatever forum? It's a divide and conquer rag. It's part of a script.

Speaking of which, these fakes are all over the one place us nobodies can try to make a difference, the comment sections. The Randi Rhodes Message Board is totally corrupt. I have no doubts. The Democratic Underground, the same. There is no place to go on the internet that isn't being gamed by fake posters.

I have decided to stop posting at both Randi Rhodes and BradBlog. I am now here and no where else for posting. It's not that I am giving up on the internet completely. But these places are so rigged, there is no way for a real person to partake in any meaningful dialogue. One can make their posts, etc., but those ideas will be run through the propaganda machine. We either get ignored or abused by fakes. Corrupt moderators such as those at the RRMB and with Agent 99 at BradBlog do nothing to stop this. In fact, they support freedom of speech and association only for fakes and those that don't rock the boat.

Agent 99 makes BradBlog look like a conspiracy website. Brad is playing good cop to Agent 99's bad cop. She touts Louis Farrakhan. She disses Cindy Sheehan. She is a Tinoire {Progressive Independent} clone.

There are a million examples. The trolls want us bogged dowqn in a million, gazillion examples. They want us to believe that no one cares about any of them, that folks are looking for the next news/infotainment gone viral.

I have now concluded that Brad Friedman of the BradBlog is an unwilling gatekeeper. He is a thorn in true democracy, imho, but this is a result of his own Californian shallowness than because of deliberate intent. Agent 99? I think she is a paid troll. One or two strange examples of behaviour is one thing, but when examples of that pile up, that is a red flag.

*** dissed Cindy Sheehan
*** promotes bad Willis Carto type sources {A Rivero-ish What Really Happened attitude}
*** does not moderate fairly regardless of who the posters are
*** deletes and censors at will
*** allows someone disruptive named Erma to come across as being on the staff

There's more, there's tons more on these types of fools posting everywhere. It is everywhere and impossible to document even a small percentage of this.

That's the key to the trolling, to knock us off our games or to make us frustrated enough to give up.

Why should I believe in the BradBlog?

Where does Brad ever come out and argue that elections were stolen?
Why did he say he'd return the paper myself and Cpellatt put together with comments and suggestions but never did? Why is he covering up the weather modification problem?

Why is he covering up the astroturfing fraud that goes on at The Democratic Underground Electoral Reform Forum? He backs people no matter what one comes up with. Brad doesn't debate fair, because he doesn't have to. He always has the excuse that he is on the road or working on his next big story.

He's covering up the Hertzberg story. He had no comment on how the brother Robert was one of the first to push for funding of new voting technologies after what happened in Florida with the chads. He had zero to offer as regards to my inquiries into the Verified Voting Foundation, which I do not trust. Astroturfers are all over the voting issues. Brad Friedman is a gatekeeper by what he decides to ignore, which is plenty.

I hate to throw Brad under the bus like this, but I don't appreciate his support for Agent 99, nor do I appreciate his superficial offer to we the people to be the media. Hey, feel free to post at BradBlog, but only write good, long posts at the end of threads lest they might be deleted with an admonishment from the fake moderator. Brad put himself in a good position to out the racket going on concerning electoral reform forums. He's decided to ignore it. He'd rather us think a guy like "Fintan Dunne" is insane rather than a disinfo plant. I've never seen him make one comment about Hertzberg's association with Dunne.

When the examples are too good, they get ignored.

I am trying to open this place up for real people to write sincere posts. I am trying to let them know that there is no limit to what can be posted here. I want this place to be less about me and more about the truth. That has been my goal. If someone else discovers anything, like Lophofo with HAARP or BlueSkyHope here, then I believe it should be acknowledged and looked into. Brad Friedman, imho, is not a paid fake. I think he is being played by paid fakes who realise the guy is too busy with his own tunnel vision to ever be able to establish a Democratic forum.

There is something very strange about Fintan Dunne, Hertzberg, and the portrayal of the internet as "nutty conspiracy chatter." But all Brad can respond with to solid examples is the sound of crickets chirping. That to me is the essence of gatekeeping. The illusion of free speech and association is established, while trolls like Nunyabiz, Erma, Phil, and BambooHarvester, Agent 99, and others continue to lower the bar for the comments. BambooHarvester was Judge of Judges. One thread I asked him to explain why he picked the one sock puppet over the other to stick with. Agent 99 then attacked me. This Bamboo Harvester guy starts nearly every one of his posts with wilbur, I think that is a line out of Mr. Ed, a dumbass tv show even TVLand has ignored for broadcasts. Thhere is even a Mr. Ed posting at BradBlog, and one post he made was so ridiculous. I would find it if I had the time. So is Bamboo Harvester also Mr. Ed?

When he was Judge of Judges, he got into it one thread with a guy named Mick. Mick was acting over the top Willis Carto/Mike Rivero as regards to 9/11, even going as far as to say Israelis were behind 9/11. Judge of Judges went the other route saying how bad the Palestinians are with terrorism, that Israel has a right to defend itself. It was a shallow, seemingly scripted dialogue that I called out. Just like when I called Phil out for saying exactly what Aubuchont has, that he can alter the weather with his own mind. I got into trouble for that from Agent 99.

There are a million examples. Fakes do not want us to focus in on any of them. They want them to be forgotten.

It took me a while to realise that Brad is an unwilling gatekeeper. It is very discouraging to realise there is no place to go for amateur sleuths. We get drowned out wherever we try to make a difference. Or we get bullied around by the moderators who apply rules unevenly.

To wrap up this verbosity, I think we are supposed to be coherent and logical. I am no expert on the Middle East, but it is my humble opinion that the truth is more complex than any shallow debate between the Rivero/Carto types and the Pro-Israeli oppression types. The attacks on this forum escalated when I started to try to put in perspective the Israeli/Palestinian conflict based on facts on the What Really Happened thread here, the longest, most read thread.

My basic conclusion is that fakes do not want their controlled debates exposed. They do not want people applying logic to the social sciences. They want us feeling insignificant and lost in a sea of emotions. As long as real people do not expose the fakery, they are allowed to post side by side with the sock puppets. It is only when nobodies are too effective with their posts, that the dogs are called out on them.

That's what happened to me on the major chemtrail boards. It was ok for me to post what I wanted at Swampgas' place, because it was a small pond, and I was being manipulated to thinking in terms of believers versus debunkers. When that place started to pick up due to the sincere efforts of myself, Lophofo, and NatureisMad {MadCitizen/ Man&Nature at CTC}, we had to be broken up. That was when one of the now most obvious fakes showed up, the et in Arcadia Ego to put me in my place.

When I figured out he was a debunker, the decision was made to break up that party.

That's when my posting history took the turn it did, into the pitbull territory.

I am trying to tie loose ends and move on with my life.

One last point, the Arcadia Ego episode led me to see how Jeff Wells, Tinoire, Madsen, and Mike Rivero are tied to the hip. I am sure many others can see what I see. I have few regrets. I did not go after anyone out of malice. I used open source materials, took screenshots, and wrote the truth as best as I could.

I don't have time to proofread. I hope this post was ok. Peace.