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It is clear at this point that there is something very wrong indeed with Jason Leopold, Larisa Alexandrovna, Fintan Dunne, the Velvet Revolution and its founders, and with many other internet names.

But I was wrong to think AA could possibly be Hertzberg. While I believe coincidences combined with disinfo brought me to logically question the possibility, I now declare for all to read that AA appears to be a hero.

Sure, he teamed up with Freepers to create Scamdy.com. However, check out the body of his work on the net and find anything he wrote that would lead one to believe he is anything but a lefty progressive. His work exposing Leopold, BradBlog, Larisa, Bev Harris and more was crucial in enabling the truth to come out in the wash. I mistakenly believed he was part of a controlled, oppositional script. I asked through a friend of his why AA was listed as being from the United States at Scamdy. AA thinks that was a default setting from the forum software used at the time. As for posting at conservative leaning forums, he did so as a counter point to their ideological leanings.

AA played a big part in exposing the fundraising scams that have been put forth by so-called progressives. It doesn't take a rocket science degree to see that Andy Stephenson had a shady internet presence. This doesn't mean people wanted him to die or wished him any harm. It doesn't mean that anyone went out of their way to disrupt his attempts at getting surgery for his cancer.

Bozos, on the other hand, has been full of contradictions. He has been a big supporter of Brad, Leopold, Larry Johnson, Bev Harris, and many other dubious internet presences.

I am not going to ramble on much more than that. I will conclude this post by saying that it is clear that the internet and democratic processes on such are being manipulated. The holy grail for the trollbuster is to prove that there are people being paid to post disinformation. It is easy to show that some are involved in the dissemination of misinformation. But how does one then prove that such people are being paid to peddle it? That is not easy to do.

The big lie, in my honest opinion, is that Larisa Alexandrovna is an angry lefty who can't control her emotions and is simply frustrated at not gaining respect as a journalist. But when does the mountain of misinformation put out by such an individual beg the question of whether she is a plant? Is Brett Kimberlin a conman rather than a form of modern day cointelpro? Was he merely a pot smuggler, or was he also a cold-blooded murderer?

There is a reason why civil versus criminal cases are decided by different levels of evidence. The former are based on the idea of more likely than not deliberations. Criminal cases, on the other hand, involve the need to exorcise every shadow of reasonable doubt.

This is why one can say without any qualms that Brett Kimberlin was indeed a terrorist in the form of the Speedway bombings. Did he also contract a murder for hire against Julia Scyphers? Was he grooming Julia's ten year old granddaughter to be his future wife? Since most key witnesses are either reluctant to speak or now deceased, and since that murder has become the coldest of cold cases, it is perhaps impossible to ever imagine convicting him for the murder of Julia Scyphers. We know as fact that his planting of bombs led to the death of Carl DeLong. If one were to present a civil wrongful death suit against the Speedway Bomber for the murder of Mrs. Scyphers, I believe such a case could be won. In a strange way, the diminutive Brett Kimberlin has something in common with the NFL Hall of Famer OJ Simpson. The Juice was found innocent of killing his wife and her friend Ronald Goldman. Nonetheless, I believe that the available evidence shows that a wrongful death suit against Kimberlin for the death of Julia Scyphers would return the same verdict that the Juice received in his civil trial.

I am halfway through Mark Singer's brilliant book on Brett Kimberlin called Citizen K. I hope to be able to write a new diary at DailyKos in the near future providing information concerning his awkward history with Julia Scyphers. There is next to nothing on that on the internet. The acclaimed journalist Mark Singer never envisioned that the oncoming influence of the internet was just around the corner when the book was published in 1996. I seek to fill in missing pieces for folks, so BK will have further difficulty in spreading the lie that he is an exonerated, ex-political prisoner. No one should be allowed to get away with spreading lies in a quest to bilk funds out of good-hearted yet naive, misinformed supporters. Then there will be no excuse for any cognitive dissonance. I will not allow Brett Kimberlin to steal or tarnish the destiny of true progressives and peaceniks.
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Thanks for the response.

Sorry your post count isn't working. Mine is off too. People will need to go to our profiles to get to all of them.

The problem becomes of time logistics and information overload. My mind is bustling with ideas, but there are also dishes in the sink to wash, there's the matter of how much can I expect anyone to be able to follow all this stuff.

I will not be posting any longer at DailyKos unless I go back as a zombie. DailyKos has been exposed as being both rigged and gamed. Markos Zuniga may have his precious wiggle room, but a pack of vigilant moderators have taken over the ratings system which leads to deleted posts and automatic bans. DaveFromQueens has the lowdown:

http://davefromqueens.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false

Basically a lawyer and fake trollbuster ala Bozos named Fingerit and a sexual predator named Lachow along with a pack of others have been coordinating such attacks on people who thought the internet was an outlet for democracy. Now it can be said with proof that if someone tells you they have been banned from a place for no good reason, it might very well be true.

You can also check out his tag for DailyKos. I don't think his recent stories I have added to are in the tags section yet, but it is all there. Fingerit is MajorFlaw, the person who appears to have gotten me banned. See what I mean by information overload?

This has me asking the following question. Just because we cannot prove astroturfing and paid fakes are everywhere, does not the evidence to be found in the megaquagogillions of data prove that the internet is rigged? Yeah, I know, megaquagogillions is not a word.

How are people to understand what we went through? I sent Dredd two clips from the phone call your friend received at your workplace. They were about five minutes each. Add one more decent soul to the list who are now aware of our experiences. The first clip, from the alleged 52 year old from the Northeast, hmm conveniently exactly ten years older than me, where he says he's ex-intelligence, that the NSA cannot be beaten, that they can crack anyone. The second clip was most revealing to myself and helped me to finally understand the depth of actions taken to drive a wedge between us.

Your co-worker mentioned that you seem to be on an NSA watch list, perhaps because you kept getting hack attempts into your files, and he mentioned chemtrails and HAARP. That freaked the caller out. He thought he was talking to you. Now he knew there were others involved. It was no longer just Socrates and Lophofo to confuse and spook, now there were others.

The alleged ex-spook, in the first clip, spoke of how he was up against a foreign government, conveniently turning out to be the Israeli government? Think about that Lophofo. My cyberstalkers first emerged out of the WhatReallyHappened "Unofficial" forum. Those people set out to get three birds with one stone. May41970, an ex-Patriot and Rivero fan, had fallen for the Dancing Israelis and other hoax stories. The_Last_Name_Left was also an early follower of Rivero and 9/11 conspiracy theory until he managed to figure out the total scam that is Michael Rivero.

Was he trying to make you question me as being intel? Yes, no doubt. He had made a few earlier attempts before then to your workplace. I theorised, and you agreed, that his motive appeared to be to scare you into backing off posting/working with me. What he never expected was that one, your co-worker would know a lot about what we have been through, and two, the phone call was legally tape recorded. In Utah, there only need be one party consent.

Now the newbies and fence-sitters, I have one question for you. I realise this sounds very bizarre. Can't you see that there are only a few possibilities?

*** Myself and a few others, or someone else and a few others have had both the time and money to hatch an elaborate cyberstalking hoax. Quite frankly, I don't see how that could be true. But if one wants to rationalise it that way, more power to them. I ain't no brainwasher.

*** Myself and a "company" or others and a "company" have concocted an elaborate cyberstalking hoax for the sheer motive of disrupting democratic processes on the internet.

I think we are looking at something similar to this:

Captain Kirk's evil 'twin'

How else to explain the following post made by TITOR RIGHT?

http://www.khou.com/forums//viewtopic.p ... 823#167823

The Lophofo.com link could only have been attained by right clicking the url link for an image Lophofo posted here, at this humble forum.

It stretches the imagination to think the elaborate cyberstalking/smear campaigns against ourselves were done by a troll in the basement with too much time on his hands.

I am asking the good reader as I had asked Lophofo when he doubted me after the phone call, yes, check out the evidence, check out my writings and what I have tried to accomplish the last three years as a blogger, and ask yourself....

Who is the real Captain Kirk, is it me or is it "Louis Aubuchont" and Company?

William Shatner-Rocketman

Ok, I was just trying to be funny with posting the last youtube clip. But for real. What myself and a few others have gone through is proof positive that something fishy and disturbing has been going on. The question is why?????

Lophofo wrote:
socrates wrote:No one should be allowed to get away with spreading lies in a quest to bilk funds out of good-hearted yet naive, misinformed supporters.
Isn't this what happened to many of the chemtrail believers (or should I say debunkers)? Many of them have propagated this disinformation in order to sell chem-busters and other "magical" talismans which will help cure and heal you from the "poison" in the chemtrails. In all reality, aren't they just part of a quest to scam the naive, misinformed chemtrail believers/supporters?

I totally get what you're saying. And, I agree with it. It's just like no one should scam the elderly either.

Eliot Ness had to settle for nailing Al Capone for tax evasion. Sometimes we have to go for what we can get. Kimberlin cannot be proven to have contracted to Bill Bowman the murder of Julia Scyphers. But we can show that he has fulfilled the American Dream as a conman. We cannot prove that Larry Johnson, Larisa Alexandrovna, BozosRNotforBush, Markos Zuniga, and many more are paid intel fakes. But we can nail them for the dissemination of misinformation. We can show that Zuniga aka Kos has been involved in payola type schemes. We can show how Johnson, Bozos, and Cannonfire spread bullshite about Obama. We can prove that Alexandrovna has spread lies about Brett Kimberlin. We can even show how much of a nutjob she has been in spreading the meme of amateur internet sleuthing and of abusing the tag system at DailyKos.

tag abuse

Larisa as strawman for the concept of internet sleuthing

We can even prove that Larisa and her buddy Jason Leopold were involved in an outrageous scheme to astroturf that AA was a DoD disinfo agent.

Anonymous Army prempts article and outs himself as DOD-DIA employee

But how do we prove that Alexandrovna and Leopold, for two, are disinfo agents themselves rather than conmen?

That takes me to the concept of the chembuster. Were those the result of a conman named Don Croft trying to make a buck off of New Age mumbo jumbo? Or was it part of a coordinated effort to turn chemtrails into a hoax concept? Was it both?

I believe that the sheer zaniness of the presentation should make one consider whether chembusters was more to do with disinformation than with conning people out of money. If not, then why has the presentation been so outrageous? Wouldn't they be more likely to get customers, if they didn't sound so much like insane nutjobs?

Dragon is married to marykmusic, Croft's sister. He wrote the following at a disinformation website called Rigorous Intuition.

Captain's Log
My purpose is to recruit as many individuals as possible. I want to show them how to fight back against the Dark Side, the NWO, or whatever other name the Forces of Outer Darkness use as a cover....

Now, mind you, this is all stuff that we get from remote viewing, from Flash's infrequent reports, and Spaceman Spiff looks in at irregular intervals. Spiff is the main source for our information on the cyborgs. I'm just writing this stuff as it seems to us, just so there'll be a record later on and hoping maybe someone will have a contact aboard one of the affected ships. There may be a cell phone and internet blackout due to the sensitive nature of the powerplant failures. Anyway, y'all are free to disbelieve it. If it turns out to have been fantasy, it was fun, anyway.

Speaking of cyborgs, we tried to get a handle on those guys, but information is very sketchy. They seem to have been sent from Italy, according to a report from Spiff. That was a surprise. Suggests that they may be agents of the Vatican, of the Black Pope, or who knows? Spiff reported that there was one of them who was obviously in charge, and he always carried a briefcase with him. A metal one, if I recall.

The briefcase was not an ordinary briefcase with notes from previous meetings and a sandwich for lunch inside. This is some kind of a functional unit, and our best guess right now is that it produces holograms that mask the true identity of the other three members of the team. The leader is the one we refer to as the Slick Haired Dude, or SHD for short. SHD may have friends from out of town that he wants observers to see as being someone like him, hence the need for cloaking with a hologram. Current thinking is that SHD is a true cyborg and the other three are some sort of biological being unaffected by radiation, and that's how they were able to work on the reactor.

These guys didn't arrive on earth the regular way, not even by virgin birth. Someone, somewhere, manufactured them. We have yet to spend much time trying to find out where. Sensors tell us that there are about 200 of them on this planet, though. A force to be reckoned with and no doubt a valued asset to the Other Side. I have a plan, similar to the Westinghouse plan, but I've been involved in other projects and it's on the back burner right now while another part of my mind gathers information and makes plans. I call it parallel processing. Not unique to me, I'm sure.
And those are just a few quick excerpts I found.

So I ask the question once again, so it sinks in for the good reader. Wouldn't it make more sense in order to make money off of chembusters to make more sense?

What about the DailyKos. If Markos Zuniga really wanted to keep it as a cash cow, wouldn't he make sure it wouldn't turn into a hate site controlled by vigilante moderators gaming the ratings system?

What about Louis Aubuchont? What money does he produce by turning chemtrails into a hoax? I have already explained my internet history elsewhere. I have a trust which pays my rent and utilities. I have been at this for about three years. I have hit my peak. I have been contacting reporters in real life. I am ready to back away from being on the net so much.

Brett Kimberlin is a master at making money off of his schemes. Folks can buy the Singer book and understand exactly who he is. I always pictured Brett as some kind of poor, uneducated kid who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. The truth is the guy was/is a genius, of the evil variety. He came from an upper middle class family and even during his years in jail figured out how to make a lot of cash. Is he part of modern day cointelpro? I don't know, and I don't think he can be proven to be so. But he did turn lemons into lemonade during his years in prison. He became the #1 jailhouse lawyer. He figured out how to separate himself from the Speedway bombings and his disturbing relationship to the Scyphers' family. He duped Doonesbury. He duped a prominent legal scholar into pimping his case. Brett turned the focus away from the facts and turned it towards things such as the dubious use of hypnosis in criminal investigations. I beg people to buy the book by Singer. That dude took four years to piece the whole thing together. He is an accomplished journalist, and that book rivals any non-fiction crime book I have ever read, from Fatal Vision to The Executioner's Song to Helter Skelter to In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. It is a shame that Kimberlin's true past has been buried on the internet. It is a shame that people like Alexandrovna and the vigilante posse have been able to bully truthseekers off of major forums. It is disgusting that the administrators of both Democratic Underground and DailyKos cannot run a fair ship.

I believe the following Red Hot Chili Peppers song sums up my feelings on this nonsense.


Lyrics- courtesy of sing365.com

The more I see, the less I know
The more I like to let it go
Hey oh, whoa

Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder
Where it's so white as snow
Privately divided by a world so undecided
And there's nowhere to go

We must find places to go for truth and enlightenment which can guide us to heroic action. Cultish, groupthink indoctrinations are devastating our chances to make this a better world. Whether the source of this legitimation crisis is from psychological operations or the generation of a grand pool of useful idiots being steered by conmen or both, we must find ways to break through to peace and love.

Subterranean Homesick Blues

FilmAid: Elvis Costello - "Peace, Love and Understanding"
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Sadly, I just met this guy DaveFromQueens, and he passed away a few days ago. This guy uncovered an astroturfing scam going on at the DailyKos. A poster there named MajorFaw, who got myself banned, has been managing a vigilante squad manipulating the ratings system and semingly having inside connections to the Kos administrators. He was or still is running a place called the UGOG's, or Usual Gang of Grown-ups. His name is Michael Fingerit. He is an attorney who I believe also does political consulting.

Other names have emerged such as Lloyd Lachow {Bottles}, a chiropractor from Colorado found out to be a sexual predator, Michael Bouldin {MBNYC}, and many others.

Fingerit had a private forum which apparently didn't have the software capability to keep the place hidden. They would coordinate their activities and then jump on whomever they wanted ousted from DailyKos. He has also admitted to pulling the same kind of stunts at Democratic Underground a few years back.

Dave Weintraub was a hero. This is probably still a developing story. Knock on wood some reporters get off of their asses and start to expose the corruption many of us are well aware of existent on the net. Dave had been harrassed and cybersmeared in ways much like myself, Lophofo, may41970, and to a degree also the_last_name_left.

We now have further proof that the internet is rigged. We now know for certain that DU and Kos are controlled opposition.
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This guy Aubuchont doesn't seem to think he will ever get into any trouble for his on-line cyberstalking and smears. I am trying to get Lophodo and may41970 on the same page. You see, may41970 got some vicious emails sent to him by Lou. The following post at DebateBothSides explains a lot.

http://debatebothsides.com/showpost.php ... count=3200

"Lou" made a big mistake visiting this forum. I was fortunate enough to grab his ip. I was even luckier for it to show up as AnnAngryBitch. Then when Brad confirmed it was the same one cyberstalking me at BradBlog, that was huge.

"Louis Aubuchont" has been proven to be a cyberstalker and a debunker. The former is fairly obvious. The latter is quite ironic.

If Lou made that phone call to Lophofo's workplace, I believe Lou might be eventually heading to jail.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini