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It never fails to amaze me how much attention this nobody blogger, yours truly, receives. Good people, the offshoot hate blogs from the Political Flesh Feast continue to write about me. One of them is saying that my humble weather mitigation forum contains malware. A month back someone else was saying that I banned them mid-stream from a proxy account because I was able to see what keywords they were using on the search engine. Internet fakes do exist. They do not want you the good reader to check out my stuff. They realise within it are revelations about an internet full of fake progressives. They want you to think I am a paranoid nutjob. However, the reader decides.

Yesterday, I declared that I was finished posting at those websites. That is true. But I am not gonna give up blogging simply because a sophisticated cybersmear attack is in place against me. No frickentacular way. I represent too many truths which transcend who I am in real life to give up that easily. Thus, here is a new installment of sheer truth. Enjoy.

While I was scrounging around the net, I ended up at the Satanic Orange checking out a poster named the choice is yours. He had written a tribute piece to David Weintraub. While looking at one of his recent comments, I noticed something fishy. He outright used a sock puppet to promote his image. I have never used a sock puppet. Those are usernames that people use in order to cheat in forums. Zombies are usernames of people who return to a forum they have been banned from. Zombies can be ethical.

I wouldn't be snitching on this guy, if it weren't for him glossing over Dave's cybersleuthing which exposed Michael Fingerit and UGOG/KosKops including Michael Bouldin. Here are some excerpts from his tribute piece for Dave.


Josh Nelson did a good job highlighting Dave's street theater. He did point out when Dave took Harold Ford to task for working for Fox News. But here is how Josh became a useful idiot covering up for the perversion of democratic principles at the Daily Kos.


He linked to some cat named Connecticut Bob, another well-meaning useful idiot helping to cover up the corruption which Daily Kos represents. From the link to CT Bob's entry on Dave:


To paraphrase:

Nothing to see here. Dave messed up what was otherwise a "colorful blogging career." Please move along.

This is referred to as card stacking. When the readers don't get all the information, they are directed to conclude certain things. Now since I don't believe these are political operatives, that's why I have referred to them as useful idiots.

Now let's move on to the self-serving and sock puppet stuff.

Josh Nelson has created a second username at DKos, He is now using his real name. Kudos to him for doing that. But check out what his new entry is. While you read this next excerpt, picture a guy who is in love.... with himself.


You know, my pieces on Brett Kimberlin attracted plenty of attention also. A somewhat famous freelance reporter referred to me as a player. Did I write those trying to advance my career? Uhm, no. I am a nobody who only desires for the planet to be saved. My goal has strictly been for true progressives, peaceniks, and intellectuals to get a place at the political dinner table. My stuff at Democratic Underground got completely deleted. I had a 5000 view nearly 100 post going at DU. That was in the electoral reform forum where threads are lucky to get 500 views. And the thing was still going strong right up to the point I was banned and the whole thing was shoved down a memory hole.

I then went to DKos, and that was when I came face to face with the UGOG/KosKops. That's what brought me to learn about the heroic David Weintraub. That's how I ended up at That is how I ended up at the PFF offshoot forums and MyLeftWing. that is how I have entered a new era of getting my ass unfairly cybersmeared.

Now on to the sock puppetry. Josh Nelson: You are soooo busted!

The username Ticket Punch thought Josh was overreacting with his analysis. Hey, it is kind of funny how Josh seems to be kissing his own hand and making love to the camera for this big expose on an ABC headline.


So Josh, a headline on a website needs to be held accountable, but the Daily Kos' perversion of democratic principles as exposed by David Weintraub somehow escaped your cognitive abilities to understand?

Check out the time difference between his sock puppet and his new username. It'd be one thing if he had absent-mindedly used a sock puppet in a no harm no foul way. I wouldn't be snitching on him, if that was the case. But he obviously signed out of one and into the other to support his self-serving debate point. I also don't like how he glossed over Dave's expose on the Daily Kos. I mean, this guy Josh Nelson is posting away at Daily Kos to this day. Based on how he covered up a good chunk of Dave's work, and that he does not seem to be willingly trying to cover it up, I refer to Josh Nelson as being a useful idiot. He had basically helped out political operatives Michael Bouldin and Michael Fingerit without realising it. It was probably out of laziness. He was probably like... oh my God, I haven't a clue what that was about and I don't have the time to figure it out. But here is an opportunity to plug myself as a political activist.

Hey Josh Nelson, don't use sock puppets and don't use a guy's death for your own self-promotion. You never know when a trollbuster will figure it out and expose your moral lapse.

Check out the time between the Josh Nelson post and the Choice is Yours post. That is evidence of the willful use of a sock puppet to serve one's own cheating forum purposes.


More KosKop culture continued:


The irony is that Dave busted Michael Bouldin months earlier making a racist comment about Obama. KosKops are part of a herd. Some are seemingly paid to do it, as one can see with the UGOG files. Others are simply useful idiots. I don't know this poster who confronted Josh Nelson. In fact, I never got into DKos until Democratic Underground had banned me. It is a yawner of a place. I only used to read the stuff that pertained to certain topics I was interested in at various times, such as with Netvocates or with "election integrity." DKos has plummeted in readership. And it's as if Kos and the top admins have allowed this to happen. So what is the point of DKos? To be some type of payola-type scheme? To fundraise? To spread certain political memes? It certainly doesn't appear to exist to promote freedom of speech and association among true progressives.

So what if the term indentured servant is used anyway? Check out how Michael Bouldin once offered an image of Obama alongside cannibalism.

Here is why Dave Weintraub had called out political operative Michael Bouldin for making a racist comment. In this DKos thread from last November, Bouldin seemed to be trying to deflect attention from the need to prosecute the Bush Administration for war crimes. ... 740/28#c28
You're so right. (0+ / 0-)

While we're at it, someone needs to clarify whether Obama's goals include a return to widespread cannibalism. I mean, there's no indication of that, but hey: we know nothing, and speculation without actual info is a great thing.

by MBNYC on Tue Nov 18, 2008 at 05:08:49 PM PDT
Bouldin might as well have said, "Someone needs to clarify whether Obama's goals include a widespread return to fried chicken and watermelon for the White House dinner menu."

I just noticed something else. When Dave posted about this , he included Bouldin's old signature but forgot to put it in italics.

Warning: this comment may contain sarcasm or satire.

Wow. Bouldin clearly made a racist comment. I wasn't so sure when I first read about this a while back, because I had confused the old signature for being part of the post.

According to the "NYS BOARD OF ELECTIONS FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT" Michael Bouldin of 139 RUSSELL ST., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11222 was paid $16,000 for being a consultant. It would be nice to get a look at Bouldin's complete income records and assets. Same with Fingerit. Though perhaps these political operatives could be gettin paid "off the books" for their strange internet activities.

One link has the real estate at the above address appraised at well over a million dollars. Does Bouldin own it?

I also saw another link where Michael Fingerit's dad Irwin had made a donation to Long Island University. Hmmm.

Perhaps Michael Fingerit can be tied directly to Sean Hannity? He sure did go out of his way to attack Dave only after he became a muckraker concerning neo-nazi Hal Turner's buddy Sean. Do people realise that Hal Turner has been exposed as being an FBI informant?
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