Was I Wrong About Being Wrong About AA? {and more on MeSoc}

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Before getting started, I'd just like to point out that at present I am posting a bit at davefromqueens.com. I used to post there as Prepostericity and did a decent chunk of work trying to put together the fine cybersleuthing that Dave Weintraub accomplished before his untimely death. Uhm, I no longer post at MyLeftWing, but can be found there under the usernames socrates, socr&tes, s0crates, and KendrickGarnett. I'm not sure, but it feels like MSOC and her cronies have scrubbed and pruned some of my posts. Anyway, I can be read at FreeSpeechZoneBlog with whatever the disinfo rotting head of the fish there named Jack's Smirking Revenge hasn't scrubbed and pruned.... yet. I can also be found at PffugeeCamp, but I am not sure how often I will be posting there. For the most part, I wish to hang out here and at DFQ's. I am probably done writing at davefromqueens2.blogspot, as abbeysbooks doesn't seem to understand how corrupt FSZ is and stopped posting at DFQ2. Plus, it never really picked up. It was meant to complement Antoinette's work at the original DFQ. I have had some communication with one of Dave's sisters. I told her my real name and spilled my guts a bit. She seems to have no problem with me. I've told her she can ask me anything, and I'll do my best to help her out in any way possible. Uhm, this entry will be about how I have done another 180 turn in regards to how I feel about AnonymousArmy. I've also got more to say about MSOC. There are informative posts also over at PffugeeCamp in regards to her. I could cross-post some of it here, but I'm not into doing that too much. I've also made posts at DKos as Prepostericity, NoMoreKosHate, and LetTheSunShine, which led to huge increases of page hits at Francis Holland's truth-about-kos.blogspot.

AA stands for AnonymousArmy of DailyKos. I had recently done a mea culpa after some email exchanges with Number5. Those who have looked into DKos KosKop history know these names. Number5 is the one who changed my tags back for a Prepostericity diary, after Michael Fingerit {MajorFlaw} and Larisa Alexandrovna had broken rules. Number5 told me I was wrong about AA. He told me they were roommates in Canada, and that AA had pretty much given up blogging for his career as a chef and restaurant entrepeneur. I am now back to thinking I was originally on the right track to think AA was part of a controlled, oppositional script. In fact, that is exactly the kind of crap that has been saturating the major "progressive" forums for years. I basically do not understand why Number5 and AA have fallen off the map. So much has been going on. Why haven't they made a concerted effort to continue to help expose fake lefties after having done so for years? How come if they have been such a thorn in the mis or disinfo toes of Larisa, Brad, Larry Johnson, Jason Leopold, and many others, they have now disappeared in regards to the very recent "Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove" hoax? How come such big critics of Brad Friedman and Larisa Alexandrovna have never done any blogging on Brett Kimberlin? Could there be a bigger elephant in the room for the "Lefty Liar's Club" than the Speedway Bomber?

This change of a change of heart hasn't happened in one day. The difficulty in getting to the bottom of "meta" is that it can be obfuscated by mountains of rabbit holes and a heightened noise to signal ratio.


This dude Richard Silverstein put up a diary espousing the need for Markos Moulitsas Zuniga to go out of his way more to make sure any appearances of impropriety between political consulting and the blogosphere be squashed through consistent usage of transparency. This must have been around the time when that specific townhouse memo leaked out, in which Kos went gangsta style telling his peeps like Jane Hamsher to starve the oxygen out of the Armstrong payola scandal.

The people jumped all over the Silverstein dude in KosKopian fashion. That triggered the unstable MaryScott O'Connor to put out her mega meta diary, "Something is Rotten in Blogmark."

Here and there since learning of David Weintraub and his expose on UGOG/KosKops, I have taken a closer look at who uprates who, and who troll rates who on DKos. The last month or so while web surfing, I started to notice how AA was showing up too often on the wrong side of the "pie fights." {off-topic- this is what the pie fights were about. I used pie fight before in a generic way.} Well, fancy this, AA turned out to be an ally of the uber-KosKop, Armando, and a big defender of Markos Moulitsas Zuniga. He did some tag abuse of Mr. Silverstein's entry. Though that is a bannable offense, some like AA and Larisa Alexandrovna {on my Prepostericity diary} could do that without any repercussions.


One can check out those long-winded threads, if one wants to. It's just more of the never ending loop of noise. I've said it before, but anyone who has read or participated much at DKos is a chump. I have done so only for specific topics, such as with those having to do with "election integrity" or the lack of such. I'm not gonna reinvent the wheel ever again. The dark side wants us to feel that nothing can ever be figured out. They are simply working a strategy to keep all the blog hits in the soapblox family. That is why one will see more links to other DKos threads within DKos than probably to outside sources. It's been a business model to bilk advertisers. What the DKos management doesn't want those people to know is that most of the DKos page hits are being done by "addicts." Kos has had so many chances over the years to clean up his website and ensure it is democratic. Abbeysbooks has wondered aloud why it seems that DKos has deliberately tanked that model by driving off so many Democrats, liberals, and progressives who are not in the mood for the hate dialogue. Well, my thinking is that DKos hit a point of no return. It's like when George Costanza said he owned a house in the Hamptons, and his fiance's parents didn't believe him. George kept "taking it up a notch" and piling on the lies. Kos must be making money from other areas. It's not just about advertising. Perhaps he has made so much from previous years, that he no longer cares about maintaining the empire, and that is what led to Arianna Huffington taking all that advertising revenue instead. There are fundraising and payola-type schemes. Hey, there is also the possibility that others are paying Kos money simply to ensure that the left/progressive ideology is successfully co-opted by centrists.

On a sidenote, I forgive Abbeysbooks for continuing to post at FSZ. It does make her look bad. That is the place that tried to make a mockery out of Dave Weintraub's work. I have tried to explain to her how her presence there doesn't add up, but so be it. It's her life, and she is retired, and frankly, I don't think she can comprehend what must be obvious to anyone who has been following this saga, that FSZ is the enemy. Dave, with the help of DonkeyTale, had exposed Jack's Smirking Revenge for being a man with no morals or principles. But if Abbeysbooks can't see that, then envision a sigh smilie.

Back to AA. It appears that it was Bozos who had invited him to DKos. If that's true, then this idea of a controlled, oppositional script revolving around election fraud should make more sense. I have done my best to dive into that topic. There is plenty in this forum and stuff I have posted elsewhere covering this. The problem is there's a mountain of data. It is difficult to entirely put one's finger on it, without falling down rabbit holes and ending up scratching the noggin on many occasions. But check this out. Here is the first post AnonymousArmy ever made at Daily Kos.

{off-topic: Bozo's username was actually BozosRNot4Bush. Think about that!}


Even the Jamboi username was disinformation. You can research it. He had an infamous ending to his Democratic Underground days, similar to the bizarre ending for SeventhSon. I have tied a lot of these usernames together. It comes back to the reinventing the wheel thingie. Tinoire, Jeff Wells, Wayne Madsen, Andy Stephenson, Larisa, Brad, Ben Burch, on and fricken on the ties can be made. I made them, and that's probably the main reason I have been ostracised by the internet fakes.

One of the key tactics used by such fakes is the bait and switch. They pull you in with the sincere, outside layer. That's how I think Number5 lulled me in a bit to rethink AA. He stuck up for me at DKos, if only by just fixing my tags. It is kind of fishy that he didn't make one post on that diary. But perhaps he was busy duking it out with the UGOG/KosKops elsewhere. Yet, for the reasons stated above, especially that he has essentially disappeared when most needed, I no longer trust that dude. I truly believe that he is none other than AnonymousArmy. AA got banned from DKos, and then Number5 conveniently showed up soon after with the same kind of topics and the same way of getting involved with the meta stuff. I may fall for people's acts at first, but eventually I do figure out their games.

Here are a few posts I read from AA yesterday that simply contradict his involvement with freepers in regards to scamdy.com.



We can see from the above long-winded threads how he ran interference for Kos. He even took the side of Armando and started attacking Peeder.


The stated goals of DKos? And what are those? We all know at this point that Markos Moulitsas is the worst thing that ever happened to Democrats and to freedoms of speech and association on the internet. For someone so adamant about going after "lefty liars," why was AA running interference for Moulitsas and his propaganda, hate website?


Why do I think AA and Number5 are the same person? It started to dawn on me after having some email exchanges. Here they are. Those started on February 5th, 2009 and lasted for about a week. I'll do a bit of editing and sprucing to make it easier to follow the gist of it. This will pretty much explain how I got tangled up into the soapblox world. By the way, I am not into outing people's ip's. I did that once, and it was to a cyberstalker. Number5's ip, which I won't reveal, happens to have been spoofed as being a private, intranet-type one. I could see how one may use proxies or tor, but what's up with him spoofing ip's? But then again, maybe this doesn't mean anything. Hey, maybe these two cats are really two separate guys, and their stories add up. Yet, I am having some serious doubts.

I wrote to a lot of DKos admins and to Number5. He was the only person to write back.
Hi Number5,

Are you a mod or admin?

Thanks for fixing the tags on my diary. I have a few questions. I am wondering how Larisa Alexandrovna was able to modify the tags? Also, none of my posts deserved to be deleted. If you have access to them, you can check and see that something fishy is going on. If you go through archives, you can see that Alexandrovna is the one who has been wearing the tinfoil hat. Her and Leopold have done more damage to the left than Rush Limbaugh or any other rightwinger has.

MajorFlaw also altered my tags. If you look through his comments, you will see that he is all over the place bullying people. Do he and Larisa have adminstrative or moderator powers at DailyKos?

So I guess there is no democracy for me at DailyKos. I don't hold it against you or Markos. But I do wish there was a way that this can be looked into. None of my posts deserved to be deleted. This shows that the website is being gamed.

You must realise that Alexandrovna has zero credibility? I am not a stalker. I am not crazy. I have a masters degree in social theory. But I am now realising that powerful forces have been able to bully me off the stage despite myself playing by the rules. I would be very grateful if this could be looked into.

Thanks for your time and consideration.
His reply:
Any "trusted user" can alter the tags. There are about 1000 TUs.

I don't think you are crazy. Dailykos is about making money. That's it. If you piss the wrong clique off your posts will get hidden.

But, I'm pretty good friends with AnonymousArmy. You are way off base about him imo.

LaLa Rawraw, is a total phony. Disinfo queen.

Same with Bradblog.

If you want to talk to AA his email is [email protected] He is a nice guy that will answer any questions you have.
I've got two questions which are killing me. Please ask AA them for me. He never replied to my other emails trying to reconciliate.

1) Why did he list himself as being from the United States at Scamdy.com?

2) How does he justify teaming up with the Freepers?

If you can answer #2, then fine, but #1 doesn't make any sense to me.

I'm not looking for any trouble. I want to believe in him.

But why would someone from Toronto have listed himself as from the US?

Thank you.

Things can be so confusing. Remember Jamboi, Fintan Dunne, and Madsen?

It wasn't a stretch to think AA was a plant. It wasn't a stretch to think there was a lot of controlled opposition to create noise and clog up the bandwidth. Yes, we all make mistakes and get duped. But one time at BooMan, Sluggo posted that AA was listed as being in the US, and AA didn't deny it. I could perhaps get over his associating with freepers if he thought it was the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but if he posted he was from the US, that doesn't add up one bit. Please help me with this. Thanks.

I admit I was an idiot about Bozos, but stuff gets deleted, stuff gets noisy, and he did make a compelling case that Bev Harris was getting railroaded. There was that Rob Pelletier thing he was apparently successful with. It's all well and good for ye who were there since 2003 to 2004, but a lot of us came late and many are newbies. Leopold and Larisa and many others are easy to see as frauds, and of course Bozos eventually made it easy to see with himself as he supported Leopold and Johnson.

Have you met AA? I think he might be Steven Hertzberg. It's kind of bizarre that he hooked up with freepers, was listed as usa, and went for Stephenson's jugular when he was approaching death. I can see how he might have been fed up with the grifting aspect and tinfoil.

Are you friends with AA in real life? Have you checked his ip for geography and made sure it doesn't include a proxy or tor?
Number5 wrote: I've done more than meet AA, I live with him. In Toronto.

He hooked me into dkos when I moved here to work. Imagine my luck finding a Canadian roommate more into us politics than me.

Scamdy.com....AA says he has no idea but thinks the php forum software was probably set as usa default.
The freepers had 10000 post long threads b4 he ever started posting with them at a conservative site. not freeper site though.

AA said he always injected liberal propaganda into each of his posts to counter the repub bile.

Finally I had to email AA those questions because he is in ********* for two weeks opening a restaurant.

He doesn't post online much anymore because he has become quite busy professionally. Most of his AA work was at a time he was in charge of a restaurant that had very few customers and was only open 3 days a week.

as for disinfo.... he and I both think there are more disinfo plants than legit 'investigative bloggers'.

How does brad jason leopold lalarawraw etc make a living? Not from their shitty bloggs or op/eds.

Number5 wrote: if you can't reply to comment or post a diary you have been banned.

you still are able to edit your profile and/or delete your diaries if you wish.

I wouldn't worry about it too much dkos is going down hill pretty fast.

You want to do something useful look into major flaw, the guy who gave you such a hard time. he is a real gate keeper type prick.
I wrote: Thanks for letting me know. So Larisa and others can do the tag abuse, do troll rating abuse, but never get banned. Wow.

I looked into MajorFlaw right after he attacked me. He is clearly a plant. He has tons of posts where he did the same exact thing to others.

DU is rigged. Same as Kos. Certainly disinfo at least has inside connections and power.

You see, the truth about Kimberlin is nowhere to be found on the internet, because Mark Singer's book with all its findings never made it in time. Just snippets.

Brett was suspected of killing Julia Scyphers through an associate. Her husband Fred identified Bill Bowman as the assassin. But he died about a week later from cancer or a stroke. Bill Bowman had been busted along with Brett and others in Texas.

Larisa has outright lied about Brett's past. He wasn't a pot dealer, he was a smuggler. It looks like Brett was a millionaire before he was 18. The police theory was he set those bombs to throw off the understaffed Speedway Police Dept.'s murder investigation. Brett was involved with Sandra, Julia's daughter. He was prancing around naked and going around on private trips with her 10 or 11 year old daughter. Brett seemed to be grooming the young girl he had described as a Cheryl Tiegs type to be his future wife.

Brett quit drugs around the age of 17. He was from a very wealthy family. His granddad was a big wig in the aviation industry. Brett became a licensed pilot at age 16.

Damn, I was getting ready to write a huge expose on this at Kos. Now where am I supposed to go with this? There is nothing on the net near the full truth about his past. The Julia Scyphers thing was not allowed into the Speedway bombing trials, so the jurors had no clue as to what his motive could have been. On the surface, Brett was a successful businessman with a health food restaurant he used as a front for his extensive, illegal activities.

I just want the truth available on the internet. Where do I go? I'm thinking of trying a bunch of places. Booman? MyDD? I haven't a clue what my best bet is.

I also see that Brett and Andy Stephenson were close. I may not be able to prove that Brett is Cointelpro, but in short, I want the facts about Julia and her offsprings on the internet and in the search engines.

Brett Kimberlin is no progressive. He is calculating with ties to hardened criminals. He was responsible for a man's death {Carl DeLong}. Witnesses nailed him for having the explosives. Residue along with timers were found in the vehicle he was in possession of.

It is fried that I am the only one onto this in regards to the big picture. If you would read Singer's. who took four years scouring newspaper clippings, doing interviews, and whatnot, you'd feel the same.

Brett Kimberlin is a scary dude and makes Larisa, Andy, Bev, Bozos and many others look like Ozzie and Harriet. I was ready to write something brilliant providing footnotes and bibliographic info from the book. Something fishy is going on. I am effectively being silenced. It's not enough for them to call me a conspiracy theorist, because I believe "chemtrails" are not contrails. They can't beat me fairly, so they shut me out.

I don't understand why Kos and DU are protecting Larisa and this pack of internet liars.

Brett Kimberlin, imho, was a possible pedophile and definitely responsible for Mr. DeLong's death. I think he must have fried his brain so badly around 14-17, that he evolved into some kind of Charles Manson with a high IQ.

I will not rest until the truth emerges about him on the internet.

Any advice of which are the best internet venues to publicize this will be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the rant, but I am an honest person. I correct my mistakes when I realise them. One reason I doubted AA until recently was because he never went into the Kimberlin thing. Brett got out of prison around 2001-2002ish. Within a few years himself and Andy were at the top of the "electoral integrity" food chain. Bizarre. AA was in his prime from 2004-2006. Perhaps Kimberlin really wasn't that well known until the last year or two, when he started to pull his stunts like waterboarding himself and doing interviews?

Did you guys ever figure out if the Clint Curtis dog story was a hoax? Did you try to find the police report? If that was made up, then there is further proof that these people are outright disinformation.
Number5 wrote: go read davefromqueens.com for all you need to know about dkos.
try http://www.freespeechzoneblog.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false it has many exkos folks and as the title suggest pretty much anything goes. no racism sexism or homophobia though.

Try posting one of your dkos diaries there to get a feel for the reception you can expect.

As for Kimberlin i have a couple of questions for you.

1. what's your goal..to discredit him as a progressive fund raising activist...to expose as yet unproven criminality..or is bringing his past crimes up now part of a larger expose to de-legitimize several fakes?

2. have you contacted in the real world the cops involved in his past crimes? Often they are eager to stop excons they think got off light hiding their past. Maybe if you found out who was involved then and ask them what they think about what he is up to now, they might want to help.

3.have you figured out the worst case senario for your theories. ie.. kimberlain got off easy because he struck a deal to embed himself into an activist movement, tainting it with dirty money and slimy connections so that if the larger activist issue gained any momentum all the establishment had to do to discredit it was point to everything this clown touched.

if that's the case in my worst case there, it would mean the fbi or some black ops division of the ag's office was involved... id take that into consideration when plotting how to put an end to it.

Also consider that rumsfeld himself told us to our faces he was setting up an office of disinformation. Congress balked, and he supposedly put an end to it.

Yea right.

anyway i hope the info above helps you find a place to post.

Also consider one other thing...you claim dkos is rigged, same with DU... I've been banned by both places and returned to both places.... each time i was banned it was because i rocked the boat. each time i returned i had no problems as long as i didn't piss people off or cause flame wars.... rocking the boat = risking the ca$h flow. At DU i pissed of a long time donor, at dkos i picked sides in a 5 day flame war the resulted in a huge number of people leaving the site and causing a dip in the ad revenue ie hit count.

pbs, amex, nike don't advertise on websites that are full of conspiracies and slander, democratic candidates don't advertise on sites that demonize or vilify them.

any political website in a position to need large ad revenue or donor support will always sink to conformity and rigidity to stay operating.
I wrote: I actually have been on the computer in between emails and found all those things, the DaveFromQueens dude, the freespeechzone, the pffters and that MajorFlaw website where a bunch of them conspired in the open to be vigilante moderators. It's like all those Bev Harris versus Kelvin Mace threads, total convolution and very difficult to figure out as a newbie, especially when we all have our own biases and websurfing experiences going into things. I don't want to recreate mistakes I've made in the past. I've basically been on my own the whole time these last three years with no one to watch my back.

There's a MarisaCat.

I also believe that fake opposition is created for the inevitable real people who are going to try to fight back against blog injustices. Ben Burch has the Democratic Warrior and Randi Rhodes Board. Tinoire of Progressive Independent is fake opposition to DU. The whole progressive blogosphere is a mess. You guys also know how so much gets scrubbed. I always wanted to check out things like with the Burch crowd slamming your friend at Malloy's forum, but that is gone too.

I guess you are correct, I could try those places and see how it goes. Also, I am trusting Dredd at the moment. He was an original BradBlogger, and both of us got frustrated with Brad and pretty much the whole EI movement at the same time. It's a zoo.

1) my goals with Kimberlin:

Like I said before, I apologise for not understanding the fundraising aspect. I have been zoning in on the concept of modern day cointelpro on the internet. But like with Al Capone and Eliot Ness, Ness couldn't get him on the big crimes, so he took the tax evasion for at least something.

I am pissed at Larisa for outright lying about Kimberlin. I want his true history to be known. The only possibility I see that he didn't murder Scyphers is that his now deceased brother Scott was behind it. But he clearly is no hippie peacenik. I don't like that. I am a poor hippie socialist type, that pothead dude you knew in college, someone who was idealistic, into the meaning of life, hoping for world peace. I despise fakeness. I believe in Mark Singer. I do not like how MajorFlaws and Larisas bully us off of these forums. They portray us as trolls, they try to coax us into cursing and anti-social posts, they don't post fair. MajorFlaw acted awfully stupid on purpose disregarding those radio interviews I found, where Kimberlin was promoted as a moving force behind RawStory. I don't like how Larisa lied on that old Kimberlin thread by TroubleInWinter. I do not like what they did to me at DU. I had a huge brilliant thread, 90 posts, 5000 views, I was starting to get into the Bev Harris and the historical convolution. I just want the truth. I just want everything to be out in the open so everyone from RFK JR. to Joe/Jane Schmoe can see that something is terribly wrong.

I do believe that Kimberlin is a curse for Progressives, same with Larisa.

I would like to do all those things you mentioned, get the facts out so people know there is the strong possibility that Brett was involved in the murder of Julia Scyphers while grooming the granddaughter for marriage, to let the world know that Mark Singer is an admirable man, a hero. To, yes, tie it in with great work already done by AA and others to expose the Leopolds and such. I dislike rightwingers posing as progressives, such as with Ben Burch and Tinoire. I know I shouldn't let them get to me like this, but it gets to the point where I will do whatever it takes to get the other side out there. I am an academic, or was. I understand the difference between opinion and fact. I know it's probably impossible to prove Kimberlin killed the grandmom. But at least people should know the suspected reason for why he would have set the bombs. Yes, I also don't want people donating to hoaxes. I believe that Velvet Revolution is a scam, whether to raise money as grifters or for perhaps something more insidious than that.

I am also not afraid to go public at some point. Three reporters know who I am.

Also, an internet friend of mine got a strange phone call from someone saying they are ex-intelligence. The call was recorded. I have been getting cyberstalked and smeared for over two years. When one has nothing, they have nothing to lose. I am actually not a bad guy, not violent, not multipersonality, not a troll, just kind of feisty, someone who doesn't like to give up, especially when I know how easy it is to discredit Alexandrovna. I do not appreciate how I got duped by certain elements. I can relate to what Mark Singer went through. He tried to fix the damage after falling for Kimberlin's fantasies, and his book is brilliant. Larisa said he wet himself and wrote smear jobs. She said Brett was a pot dealer. He was actually a major drug smuggler. He had a pilot's license at age 16. This story is huge. There's a big void because the book was written before the internet took off. Brett Kimberlin is a con artist.

2) great point. I have sent some emails out to folks. But I hadn't thought about trying to contact Indianapolis police or feds. I'd be a bit paranoid about it though, especially with Feds. But that's something to consider. I am thinking primarily reporters right now. But you make a good point. I wouldn't mind getting something out of this, some credibility, but deep down, if there is justice and I get no credit, I can live with that.

3) I sense that Kimberlin is cointelpro-like. I wonder how someone can go from ex-convict in 2002 to big shot in 2004. Same with Stephenson and Brad Friedman, in that their quick rise to fame was out of nowhere and revolved around skittish claims. Then there are the cases of Bozos, Larry Johnson, Cannonfire, I wonder how the heck they became such a big part of the zeitgeist. Kos is clearly someone who could be intel. There could be fakes who aren't intel but corporate hacks doing similar kinds of biddings.

My gut tells me there is a sinister bunch of people messing up the internet on purpose. You guys agree. You guys were on the net before me. I was late to the party. At this point, none of us seem to have a chance anymore. Back in the day, AA got to post. They like having us around for the enigma, but then I think they want everyone to feel things are all ancient history.

I read DaveFromQueens saying one time how he has felt the need to back off a bit, because he doesn't like what these things are turning him into. I am kind of at that point too. But I wouldn't mind finding at least one semi big safe haven to write things up once in a while based on facts and try to differentiate between theories, opinions, and facts.

I am thinking it could be rogue FBI behind some of this. They are one of the only agencies with the "legal" right to psyop. Maybe they think their internet activities are about keeping an eye on things, but I think there are rogue forces. There are intel divisions in every part of the military, the air force, the navy, fbi, on and on. I'm not a conspiracy theorist. Cointelpro is a proven part of U.S. History.

Cointelpro tried to get MLK to kill himself. They definitely weren't just keeping an eye on things. Their goal was to demolish grassroots from the inside. I think people are naive, if they think this is something that no longer goes on.

To not rock the boat means walking on eggshells. How is someone supposed to post at those places knowing they have no chance at setting records straight? I think DU is completely compromised. Kos? This MajorFlaw thing certainly points to it being compromised. I believe the days are long over at either place for someone like AA to post, even if he tried his hardest to not piss anyone off.

Plus, there is always the chance that the person you think is legit turns out to be just another fake.

They have me pinned down as a kooky chemmie, even when I can show more likely than not that those aren't chemtrails. I know contrails are real. I don't believe in the kooky theories. One reporter tells me I need to think in terms of months and years rather than days. I am trying to do that.

Kos is a nasty place. Maybe there is hope in the future that they'll start moderating and level the playing field. I see your point about the funding, the money making aspect. The cointelpro theory is fairly kooky to the world even when like you said, Rumsfeld and others have their information highway. There's a group called Advantage Consultants who talk of flooding the zone 24/7 and going on blog attacks. They advertise for politicians, government, military. I would suspect they took that down, but lots of us screenshot it. Most people are kind of shallow. I used to live in Ireland. I know Canada is a good place. Maybe I get lucky and meet a nice Irish girl and get the f&ck out of this mess. We each do have the right to some peace. Though as a fan of Socrates, there is a part of me that refuses to leave or to keep my mouth shut.

I think the ptb's don't mind when we expose the strawmen, but when we start to attack the concern trolls also attacking the strawmen, then they kick us out. I got banned from DU for my chemtrail posts. I wasn't kooky enough for them, and I was the #1 chemtrail poster in the world. That might sound nuts, and the debunkers made fun of me for being proud of that, but it's what I truly went through.

I feel I've come up with some big things, like with Hertzberg and then the recent stuff on Larisa and Kimberlin. When such findings get buried, it makes me think I have hit raw nerves. I now think that perhaps AA was so effective, that's why the #1 disinfo pitbulls were sent after him.

Short term they ruined him, but long term he is looking like a hero.

But these guys we're up against are pros. We just end up going to new place after new place and keep getting burned.

It takes months to get through to reporters that there is even a possibility that the internet is rigged. Unless people dive into the net and really absorb it a bit, they aren't gonna see the trends that we do.

Thanks. Take care. You are good guys.

Sorry for rambling. Feel free to pass any of my emails to AA.
I wrote: I respect what Dave did. I think the FSZ is a joke. It's nasty.

I think that rabbit holes are being developed to cover up the big picture. I agree with you that Browneyes seems to be a fake. I think that whole deal with "outing" her is a diversion.

I think the plan was for MF and them to be deliberately outed but not in the way Dave has done it. That's my gut instinct of this thing in a nutshell.

I don't trust Deedog, Ender, Mattes, and many others.

Thanks for the tips. Thanks for fighting the good fight. Unfortunately, it appears that there is no place to get the truth out. There may be a facade at places of free speech, but then out come the astroturfers with their noise, obfuscation, and outright lies. Many of them do seem to be working out of propaganda manuals.

They don't debate fairly They throw so much out that confuses things.

I am pretty much at the end of the line for blogging.

It seems like a lose/lose proposition for me. I am not into creating new usernames and toeing any lines.

Though maybe I can be more low key and simply stay away from places where it is enemy turf and just write when inspired.

They are sullying your username too without any proof. The big picture is being lost. Peace.....

I'm not exactly sure what is going on, but the wholesale deleting of threads over at FSZ is crazy. There is one good one I found that Jack never deleted. He pretty much threw Dave under the bus and gave respect to Fingerit as being the one with gravitas.

I also see Kestrel9000 has a confederate flag in his home. I think these punks are mostly sock puppets.

If that was you as Blowery Boy with the thing about Carl Bell, I just saw that stuff. I agree that Browneyes is a plant.
Number5 wrote: Hey.

Thanks for the email.

Jack is all right. He's just new at the forum admin thing.

He doesn't want to get into a big huge deal right after Dave. So he pulled the thread.

I explained to him he was setting a dangerous precedent deleting a diary that was unpopular but broke no rules.

He agreed and back up it went...


Some final tidbits:

Mattes has recently shown up as a new member at pffugee camp. That is a fake username, part and parcel of the disinformation script, imho. She used to have the what really happened website as her signature. No true lefty would ever link to that domain. It's like Tinoire of Progressive Independent also embracing Michael Rivero. That does not add up. That's not even to mention how Tinoire also supported Ron Paul. Speaking of which, DonkeyTale has rightfully pegged a username Pinche Tejano as being a probable cointelpro-like poser. Folks can check into him and see how he has been a big supporter of Ron Paul. What is up with all these centrists, libertarians, and fake lefties dominating so-called major progressive forums? It comes as no surprise to me that this Tejano dude has been yet another freeper infiltrating DKos and its offshoots. Steven Hertzberg was the same kind of person. He was stevenstevensteven at Democratic Underground. Look, these aren't the brightest political operative types in the world. Hertzberg actually had the gall to promote Matt Damschroder at DU. He had the utter stupidity to inform DrewTerry of his real name and to mention a website also registered in his real name. Hertzberg is not a regular guy. I agree with Jack's Smirking Revenge that "regular guys" should not be outed, but Fingerit, Bouldin, Lachow, and many others are not "regular guys." It also comes as no surprise to me that Mattes has been one of Jack's biggest defenders. She reeks of being disinfo. Her recent arrival at pffugee camp reeks of the dark side's continued attempts to make sure that all the domains will continue to be perverted. She and KarmaFish are symbolic examples of a controlled, oppositional script between "pro-Palestinian versus pro-Israeli" animosity. Rather than intellectually hammering out the truth, such folks continue to pervert democratic processes in regards to one of the key topics that disinfo fockers have shoved into the forefront of a manipulated internet.

As for Maryscott O'Connor, I checked out some of her posts from Arianna's. She used to spam her website MLW a lot when she first arrived, eventually getting a few of them deleted. I see that she hung out a lot on Lee Stranahan's blog. Once she asked him to cross-post at MLW. He didn't respond. I checked out his username at MLW, and he seems to have moved on from being associated with MLW and MSOC. She was actually in a movie he made many years ago. One can search for her name at youtube, and the top result right now is that flick. I agree with DonkeyTale that MSOC has thrown away a great chance to become a major player on the internet. Her decision to go with fake lefties as her admins has alienated sincere lefties and progressives. No one legit is gonna have Armando, ThereIsNoSpoon, Curmudgette, DevilishAdvocate, and other white-o-spheric people as top dogs. It was because of MSOC's incompetence, that the Political Flesh Feast was formed by Peeder. Or is Peeder an insidious fake also? I can't figure that one out. Seeing that he deleted PFF, I will always doubt that person's true intentions.

I noticed a few MSOC anomalies at HuffPost. I saw her sticking up for the rich not being heavily taxed. I saw her doing a bit of trolling. Perhaps a few of those were legit, but I also saw a bunch of her posts that seemed simply like more Kos hate dialogue. I saw her claim to be an atheist. WTF? The opposite of being a believer is to be agnostic. Atheists are disgusting hedonists, imho. How can one say there is no God? Maybe they can say they don't know. Francis Holland is definitely correct that DKos tends to be anti-religion. I also saw posts at Huffington where MeSoc was talking about medications. I saw plenty of vapid comments made on American Idol. I even saw a post of hers where she mentioned some kind of perverted phrase. I had to google it to figure out what it means. It's that kind of stuff she is now well known for, that self-serving, blowhard potty mouth shite. It is fairly incredible what she told HRH to do with Marisacat years ago or to read her post at DKos where she said she was gonna masturbate because her husband was taking a nap.

To me, the most ludicrous thing about MeSoc is her affiliation to Fox News, and how one of her top bloggers is a producer for Fox News. Is Phil. I. Stine, "Angry Rich," the producer for John Gibson's radio show? That's the guy who has been like any other typical Fox News loser. Google Angry Rich and John Gibson if you like. There are over 51,000 returns as of right now. Phil being "Angry Rich" would definitely add up, seeing how MeSoc has defended Fox TV on Huffington Post and has said that "Phil. I. Stine" is her good friend. Is Maryscott O'Connor a political operative or paid by such to allow them to dominate and direct MLW? She used to have an "essay" declaring that she would never accept money from such people to put up ads and whatnot. That "essay" has been deleted. Anyone who looks into DKos or MLW will understand why both of those websites have had dramatic drop-offs in popularity. They have truly jumped the shark and are left with only their cynical approaches trying to keep blog hits within the soapblox family. MLW only gets around 2800 U.S. hits per month, and who knows how many of those are from spiders and robots. Now according to Alexa.com only 20% of their users are coming from America. A whopping 78% are coming from India. Are there elements who are trying to make MLW seem more popular than it really is?


As for MeSoc snitching on me, I am not scared one iota. She wrote to me at PffugeeCamp informing me of that action, because I had the gall to put up screenshots from Arianna's concerning a few of the things I just mentioned above, like with her supporting the rich. She considers me a stalker, because I did things like find that movie she was in where the "nice legs" can be seen. I see that at MLW MeSoc agrees with me on that one. The only problem there is that those nice legs were from over a decade ago. She's clearly made a fool of herself over and over and over again. Here is her ex-friend Diane explaining how MeSoc has made a complaint against me for pretty much using google to find and repost things she has posted herself. Oooh, yeah. Big crime there. Not. I've also made copies of some examples of MSOC making cruel epitaths against myself, just in case Agents Fox and Mulder want to cut to the chase and understand the concept of glass houses and stones. And if need be, I will shed anonymity and post my real name.

I'm referred to in the last sentences. By the way, this Diane doesn't think highly of me. Fine. That's her prerogative. But at least she has the balance to see what this claim of stalking really amounts to. Hey MeSoc, using the googler doesn't equate to stalking. Grow up!!!!


I've one last comment to make. There is a person named Cheryl who was the first to come up with the idea to snitch me out to Mulder and Fox. Before I was perma-banned at MLW, I was able to counter-act her nonsense smears against me in which she ironically quoted from my cyberstalker as "evidence" against myself. If that hasn't been deleted, it can be found under my KendrickGarnett username. You see, MSOC told me herself that no one is ever banned permanently from MLW. If they come back with a new username and change their tune, they are allowed to stay. However, MSOC has recently perma-banned me, actually saying I was the first of all time she has ever done that to, because of my Eat it with Milk diary at PffugeeCamp. Fine, now that I know I am perma-banned, I won't go back. Hey, if she wants to continue to call me a stalker, maybe it is in my interest to reveal my true name, to see if she is foolish enough to continue with such idiotic slander. I'm not saying I am gonna cough up my real name, but that I'm not afraid to if I must. Three reporters/journalists know who I am. Dave's sister knows who I am. I even offered MSOC my info, when I first joined up at her lefty poser palace. If anyone did google my real name, not one thing would show up having to do with me. You see good people, I am actually the proverbial "regular guy" and a true lefty peacenik and ex-academic. I haven't made one cent at blogging. Can MeSoc say the same?

Anyway, this Cheryl person is either an outright liar or needs to correct her medication dosage. I never considered signing up to the wild, wild left soapblox. The point I made a while ago was that MeSoc directed me to sign up there knowing that Diane doesn't allow attacks on herself. If by chance this Diane person reads this post, all is forgiven for her ad hominem attack against me. Months ago I saw one of Diane's youtube clips, and oh well, I don't really get too upset when some unknown, nobody non-thinker who writes exactly like MSOC with capital letters and INDIGNATION, i.e. drama blahma, trolls me at insignificant, DKos subordinate soapblox dumps like her own place or MeSoc's.

Here one can see how Cheryl made up some yarn about a comment I never made. So is Cheryl a liar or simply just another {m}edicated {l}oony {w}hite-o-sphere blogger?


I said Diane shut my ass down? No. I said it'd be pointless for me to go to that place seeing that Diane doesn't allow criticism of MeSoc. I guess the only place that might make sense is MarisaCat's, but I'm not gonna go there. Cheryl needs to stop posting lies, if she wants to ever be taken seriously.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini

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This makes them appear to definitely be political operatives and perhaps even cointelpro-like. Why stoop to fabricate? Why have I been cybersmeared for over two years? It must have to do with the content I have come up with. That's logic 101. I never signed up to the wild, wild left blog. Thus, I was never banned from that place. These friggen no good liars are always going out of their way to smear me. It must mean I have figured out a lot about the internet. Otherwise, what's up with all these lies and sophisticated "state-sponsored" trolling????

Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini