On the Historic Troll Donkeytale and Other Fakes

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I get taken in at first, because I am a good guy, sincere, and honest. Insidious individuals play off of my innocence. When the worst case scenarios arrive for them, such as that I figure out what is up, they then resort to further cheating. This has happened time and time again, since I became an amateur internet cybersleuth a few years back.

There are only so many explanations for when liars lie.

*** They are paid to pervert democratic processes on the internet.

*** They are loser trolls who could care less about who they hurt. In short, they are sadistic useful idiots.

Without paystubs as actual proof, dedicated trollbusters are forced to always mention the second possibility. It's not that one doesn't feel in one's gut, that someone is paid to post. It's that one needs to put malice to the side at all times, and explain whether one's findings are based on proof or opinion. This is why the adage "let the reader decide" holds ultimate sway.

One needs to understand the concept of controlled, oppositional scripts. One must get a feel for what the trolls, paid or otherwise, are thinking. This is not biological science. There is a reason C. Wright Mills spoke of a sociological imagination.

I've been getting a sinking feeling in my gut, as I've seen one concern troll after another treat me like dirt. There was supersoling. He attacked me out of nowhere months back and ensured that the meme of myself as a shit stirrer would germinate. Then recently, Vox Humana, FairLeft, and DavidByron all failed in treating the data in an objective manner. I will leave FairLeft to the side, because I find his writing style virtually unreadable. The other two are also very cumbersome. But unlike FairLeft, they do have solid personalities. Mattes and LastHorseMan? No, they do not seem to have a core personality. There is no there, there.

Vox and Byron have utterly failed to interact with the most basic of proof, that Jack had outed himself. They have failed to take even a quick look at the emails between us, that Jack did not include. Not only has JSR cheated by lying about me being into phishing, similar to how Lauren S. {MajorFlaw?} has posted that I harvest ip addresses, he left out the key ingredients that explain why I thought he had stolen a Hofstra student's identity. Folks can check that out here.

Donkeytale has been my biggest supporter. No one else has fought for my dignity. Donkeytale is a genius. I'll give him credit for that. He appears to definitely have studied and utilised propaganda manuals. For a historic troll to pay dividends, there must be some level of credibility. The first negatives I read about him were that he stalked female bloggers, used sock puppets, and was against DFQ's trollbusting. I found zero proof that he stalked any bloggers. Acting like a troll or nuisance on messageboards is not illegal, if it stays within the realm of anonymous usernames and on the net. It was also apparent that Jack had made up lies, or they were gift-wrapped to him in order to create the illusion that noom, donkeytale, shadowthief, and Eric S. were all the same person and worthy of banishment. Finally, while donkeytale did not show much respect for DFQ's later work, he did fight for his right to publish such findings and ideas.

Yet, over the last few months, things started to not add up concerning the historic troll. He coined sock rat as my nickname. Despite telling him I did not like that name, despite telling him how I have been victimised by an elaborate, cybersmear script concerning the use of sock puppetry, despite the fact that I stood up for him, he has utterly failed to return the good will I have shown him. He continues to call me sock rat. The other day he referred to an internet friend, may41970, as sock rat. He stood up for HowardX and supersoling, despite the fact that both of them treated me like dirt.

Is Donkeytale a Political Operative or Spook?

That is for the reader to decide. I finally got to read some posts of his, where he outright lied. At DFQ, I started to understand, that he is a right-center Democrat. That in itself does not mean someone is a troll. Heck, Pinche Tejano supporting Ron Paul and Phil Gramm does not supply the necessary conditions to call him a troll either. The troll designation is applied, when insidious lies are uncovered. I sincerely now believe that donkeytale is a right woos left troll, same as Pinche Tejano, same as the vast majority of posters to be found at FSZ and PFF. I believe most of these people are fakes.

Desperation Uncalled For on Left
Dont borrow on credit cards is my advice. I stopped using mine even though I go hungry in the dorm once in a while....

I plan to take you up on all, except someday I would want to have children. But I know I need to make some money and have health insurance first....

My dad got laid off his job a few years ago and has since started his own business. Its been hard, but he is starting to make almost as much money as he did when laid off---and he is a lot happier now. He has advised me to stay away from corporate life....

I was born and raised in Wisconsin....

My dad tells me he [Clinton] reopened the federal student loan program so I could afford to go to collede....

I was born in the 80s....

I have been studying community blogs and I have pretty solid evidence. A respected member can say something and receive a bundle of 4s, while a newcomer can say virtually the same thing and be troll rated off. This is why I never have posted on Daily Kos....

I am not a troll. I am also not a robot. I am a student. I am learning....
No, he is a liar. Does he lie all the time or often? I don't think so. Perhaps he wasn't lying when he wrote the following.
Lets see now, I have many different names from which to choose, after all, I invented sock puppetry with brinnainne at BMT simultaneously to inventing role playing in the blogosphere...
It is quite bizarre, imho, how certain usernames like donkeytale and supersoling are always finding themselves in the thick of the meta. Both, like Curmudgette, love to astroturf themselves as experts on such yet never seem to provide anything concrete.

Then there is also the concept of the concern troll.

http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.p ... cern+troll
1. In an argument (usually a political debate), a concern troll is someone who is on one side of the discussion, but pretends to be a supporter of the other side with "concerns". The idea behind this is that your opponents will take your arguments more seriously if they think you're an ally. Concern trolls who use fake identities are sometimes known as sockpuppets.

2.A person who posts on a blog thread, in the guise of "concern," to disrupt dialogue or undermine morale by pointing out that posters and/or the site may be getting themselves in trouble, usually with an authority or power. They point out problems that don't really exist. The intent is to derail, stifle, control, the dialogue. It is viewed as insincere and condescending.

3. A person who lurks, then posts, on a site or blog, expressing concern for policies, comments, attitudes of others on the site. It is viewed as insincere, manipulative, condescending.
My Conclusions

Internet right woos left is fact. We know this through looking at examples such as Alex Jones, Willis Carto, Jeff Rense, and Michael Rivero. That concern trolls exist is a fact. Whether they are paid or not is the million dollar question.

Certain posters such as Blues, Lasthorseman, and Mattes appear to be caricatures representing right woos left's infiltration into the progressive blogosphere. Concern trolls such as KarmaFish attempt to reinforce the fallacy that tinfoil and anti-semitism is derived from the left, and he uses examples such as with the above usernames as his proof.

Marisacat appears to be for real. Where I think she has made a mistake, or perhaps not, is in thinking Shadowthief is from California. There are things called tor and proxies, in which usernames can spoof their location. There are tors that one can do a whois on and it will lead them to academic institutions. I do not believe that shadowthief is an educational administrator with too much time on his hands.

Concern trolls do like to bend gender roles and role play. They do like to spin their disinfo around the concept of sock puppetry and convolution. There are things like limited hangouts. Posters such as supersoling, Vox Humana, David Byron, Revisionist, Yetimonk, and FairLeft are examples of posters who spin themselves as having good ideas to offer concerning "meta," but what they present leads to nowhere.

I believe that Hidden Comment/wormwood {and another hard to remember name at DKos- a centrist at that} is also Greenwood and is not a female.

I think that DeeDogg is FeloniousMonk. I think that Pinche Tejano is friends with the UGOGs in real life along with JSR. I believe that FSZ is a controlled opposition to DKos. I believe their plausible deniability is that they are nasty meanies rather than being part and parcel of some political operative or psychological operation network.

I do think a few people are legit. Yet, the convolution is spun so thick, that it is very difficult to get to the bottom of things. My recommendation to the good readers and any sincere posters is to stay clear of all these forums. You can't beat cheaters, when you are caged into their pigsties. They get away with their bullshit through the use of the concern trolls. They do want some real people around. They do realise their racket is harder to obscure, if it is just themselves spinning tales.

These people believe that there is a need for a balance in the world, that it is a jungle, and that the United States is the moral compass.

Now that I see that donkeytale is ultimately one of them, there is no point in me trying to counteract any of this utter bullshit on their own turf. I am a real person. My story is organic. I also do not willingly make false statements. I am pretty much done here. I am going to take action, but it is going to take place away from the manipulative forces and through proper legal channels.

In short, I have been the wrong person to fuck with. A few of us are working together behind the scenes. Most of the responsibility lies on my shoulders to fight for my integrity and dignity. I agree with may41970 that insidious forces have been trying to drive me to suicide and confusion. At times they have succeeded. Yet, this is not about individual battles. This is not about going around in circles with sadistic people and their various usernames. I will have my day, and it will come through the proper channels such as with courts and the media. I do not use sock puppets. I have always explained who I am, and where I have been. No one has had any right to insinuate that I am a pedophile, stalker, or anything else like that.

Cut the military by 80%. Prosecute the war criminals. Provide every citizen with equal education, housing, food, work, and health care. Create a Palestinian homeland side by side in peace with Israel. It is time for authentic progressive ideals centered around social and environmental justice to come to fruition. I'm done fighting these assholes on their own turf. Yet, I am not done fighting. I and others will win this ideological war. The internet is rigged. You know it.

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