Guardian: climate denial 'astroturfers' should stop hiding..

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I think Socrates will find this article interesting.
The Guardian (George Monbiot's Blog) wrote:Climate denial 'astroturfers' should stop hiding behind pseudonyms online

To stop oil, coal and electricity companies inserting their views into the media by stealth, we need to make blog commenters accountable
A short excerpt:
Some people object that verifiable identities could expose posters to the risk of being traced and attacked. This is nonsense. I make no secret of my whereabouts and attract more controversy than almost anyone on these pages, but I have never felt at risk, even when, during the first few months of the Iraq war, I received emails threatening to kill, torture and mutilate me almost every day. For all the huffing and puffing in cyberspace, people simply don't care enough to take it into the real world.
Here is the link to the article: ... pseudonyms


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Isard wrote:I think Socrates will find this article interesting.

Thanks Isard. Monbiot has turned up with this angle before. This is a good update and confirms a lot of what this forum has been documenting on internet disinfo. This might sound goofy, but I thought if I could break the astroturfing story, then the chemtrails would have to be taken more seriously. I've never been more convinced that those are chemtrails not contrails. While I don't believe chemtrails are for geoengineering- they're too low for that- I gravitate towards 100% belief that chemtrails are for uv-b ray mitigation. Especially since it's being done in clear skies, it doesn't always have something to do with attempts at taming severe weather. The greenhouse effect has been known about for a long time, a century is my guess. People are nuts if they think there isn't any global warming, or that it's merely cyclical, or that it''s not man-made. People need to wake up and smell the pollution. Quite a number of times over the last months I've witnessed chemtrails being dispersed in low relative humidity. That proves chemtrails are not contrails. There haven't been any humidity skewing biases large enough to provide wiggle room for the debunkers. Thanks for the post. Don't be a stranger.
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