The Daily Kos Is Fake Too?

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Yeah, it was a bit of a shock to find out that Anderson Cooper of CNN worked for the CIA. Now we can add another big name to the list, Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, the "creator" of the influential DailyKos.

"Secret Agent" Markos Moulitsas (DailyKos) Spent Six Months Working at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

excerpt- from The Francis L. Holland Blog
"As an organization their heart is in the right place. I’ve never had any problem with the CIA."

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Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, owner of the DailyKos website, now admits that he spent six months in the employ of the US Central Intelligence Agency in 1991. In a one-hour interview on June 2, 2006 interview at the Commonwealth Club, Moulitsas, also known as "Kos," admitted that he was a CIA employee and would have "no problem working for them" in the present:

QUESTION: Not long ago, liberals loathed the Central Intelligence Agency as the enemy of democratic governments and they installed dictators around the world, and these days you read the papers and people on the Left are rallying to the defense of the CIA and are indignant when the CIA is politicized. How did this come about, that suddenly liberals are championing the CIA:

SECRET AGENT MARKOS' ANSWER: I don’t know. You know I.

QUESTION: Do you find it stranger or ironic, this sudden love for the CIA?

SECRET AGENT MARKOS' ANSWER: You know . . . coughs . . . I think a lot of the people that did have problems with the CIA, I mean it was a very vocal minority. I think most people really didn’t think about it all that much. Right? It wasn’t really on their radar screens, ah, in the way that now it is, because now we are in this huge war, and it was the CIA that was warning the Administration against invading because, there were no weapons of mass destruction.

Here’s a little secret I don’t think I’ve ever written about: But in 2001, I was unemployed, underemployed, unemployed. You know I was in that . . You all have been there “dot com” people? Kinda like, in between jobs, doin’ a little contract work and . . . kinda. So, you know. That’s where I was: in this really horrible netherworld of ‘will I make rent next month’ and . . .

So, I applied to the CIA and I went all the way to the end, I mean it was to the point where I was going to sign papers to become Clandestine Services. And it was at that point that the Howard Dean campaign took off and I had to make a decision whether I was gonna kinda join the Howard Dean campaign, that whole process, or was I was going to become a spy. (Laughter in the audience.) It was going to be a tough decision at first, but then the CIA insisted that if, if I joined that, they’d want me to do the first duty assignment in Washington, DC, and I hate Washington, DC. Six years in Washington, DC [inaudible] that makes the decision a lot easier.

[ . . .] This is a very liberal institution. And in a lot of ways, it really does attract people who want to make a better, you know, want to make the world a better place . . . Of course, they’ve got their Dirty Ops and this and that, right but as an institution itself the CIA is really interested in stable world. That’s what they’re interested in. And stable worlds aren’t created by destabilizing regimes and creating wars. Their done so by other means. Assassination labor leaders . . . I’m kidding!

[ . . . ] I don’t think it’s a very partisan thing to want a stable world. And even if you’re protecting American interests, I mean that can get ugly at times, but generally speaking I think their hearts in the right place. As an organization their heart is in the right place. I’ve never had any problem with the CIA. I’d have no problem working for them . .

* * * * *

I feared something like this was coming. I warned America back on June 2, 2006 that Markos Moulitsas was "an exquisite little crank," but I remained extremely concerned that he might not be utterly discredited before he was able to steer the Democrats' presidential nomination in 2008.


It's time that these "progressive" fake, shallow, manipulative fucks realise that WE are sick and tired of their games, and that they are all gonna get exposed eventually.

And here is another plug for what appears to be the last, best chance for an open, honest, progressive forum, and their thread on "Kos."

What is the background on KOS?

I think many of us were simply mesmerized by all these flashy websites like Rense, WRH, PrisonPlanet, Daily Kos in the early part of this decade. When the Democratics finally returned to Congressional power in 2006, the time was ripe for things to get better. Yet, when impeachment was taken off the table, when GW and the other fuckstains continue with their bullshit virtually unabated, this is when the internet community, consisting of real nobodies like ourselves, started wondering wtf has to happen for things to get better?

There is a serious backlash developing towards websites, especially these flashier versions. I am now of the opinion that such places are not as popular as they portray themselves as being. Sure, a place like HuffingtonPost seems to want to increase web hits to increase advertising revenue. But what about these other places? They end up exposing themselves. They do not have operating principles that will work for the long haul. It appears to me that such websites are astroturfed as "popular" for one reason only. They simply have the backing of insidious forces bankrolled by our tax dollars. Such places exist to either make a fast buck, and/or to flood the internet with bullshit, cointelpro-like rubbish.

We have been in this "tinfoil by association" period for many years now.
But, the internet is a big place, and the sum total of all of us "nobodies," whether from a small nook like here or to a big nook like The Progressive Independent, the word is getting out and travelling fast about the bullshitters who have been pulling the wool over our eyes all these years.

These insidious forces may have the bankrolls. They may have the power of fake numbers. But their achilles heel has been and will continue to be the truth.

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Don Smith wrote:I thought everybody knew about daily Kos.
Oh well. That's what I get for thinking.
Joined" Progressive Independent " today

I didn't even know that much about Mike Rivero until May41970 started his thread on the wrh "unofficial" forum. I didn't know too much about The Barnes Review or that dude Carto or about any Dandelion publishing.

Same with Fintan Dunne. I signed up with BreakForNews. I liked his ideas about there being all these fake websites. But then a lot of shit just didn't add up about his place. So I went to the googler and discovered a lot about him. One thing that stood out to me was how he used to be a prolific poster for RumorMillNews. Anyone who knows about that place, you know how that would send out warning signals. Plus, there is a picture of him that looks completely different than the one he now uses for his avatar. So how come one picture from the past makes him look Armenian or something like that, yet the new photo makes him look Irish?

But when you do end up having doubts and check these people out, it almost seems as if the implosions are preset. Look at "Lou Aubuchont" as "Tracker" at Chemtrail Central. It looks as if he messed up on purpose, to prop up Jay Reynolds, or to prop up that zany imagery of the "debunker" versus the "believer." That is why I now think that Lou and Jay are on the same payroll.

Other people don't seem to want to be exposed however. They don't want to be strawmen.

Examples of this are with "Kos" and with "Skinner" at the Democratic Underground. The Progressive Independent was established by people who used to love the Dem. Underground. But they got sick of the censorship. They got sick of all the "tombstoning." So, they escaped to the new place. They have a section called Complicity Watch. Here one can see a lot of open discussion about DU and other forums, of the wtf are they trying to pull variety.

Democratic Underground does not allow any mention of The Progressive Independent at their place. They ran off Cindy Sheehan. They have run off nearly all the progressives.

I haven't researched this stuff completely, but it appears that DailyKos and DemocraticUnderground are owned by or strongly affiliated with the DLC, the Democratic Leadership Council.

As to Mr. "Kos," this info on his CIA work, of how he nearly completed his training to be a spy, this info does not seem to be well-known. Maybe I am missing something here, but it seems that he messed up in that one obscure interview where he expressed his admiration for that bullshit.

Bob Marley said, "Rasta don't work for no CIA."
Perry Henzel interview on bob marley

Q: Is Rastafarianism a religion?

A: I would say it's a way of life, a way of thinking, that came out
of smoking a lot of ganja in Jamaica, starting way back in the
early forties when I used to ride a horse up to a house where
probably a third of all the Rastas then in the world were working,
and I remember how they used to smoke herb and read the bible and
tell stories and laugh. They were not talking about how poor they
were, they were talking about how high they were -- there's a lot
about Rasta that makes sense to me. Like the Rasta concept of

"Ital" means natural living, but it means more than that, it means
not being a slave to material things. Now a lot of people say that
but they make it sound boring. Yet living ital in the Jamaican
countryside is not boring at all.
[less is more]

An old Rastafarian once said to me that right at the beginning of
mankind the two sons of Adam were given two different blessings.
One received the blessing of nature and the other the blessing of
science. The spirit that loved and depended on nature could get
everything he needed from her even if he was an Eskimo living in
snow. The other hated and feared nature and was just waiting for
the fufillment of his blessing to use science against nature and
ravage the natural world to make life easy for himself. As the
refugees from the world that lives in harmony with nature swell the
ranks of those who ravage it, the end of once natural abundance
approaches more and more rapidly. Don't we see that happening?

[rasta don't work for no CIA]

Ital is like a stoic's philosophy in a way, it says there's freedom
in being happy to do without, you don't have to live a greedy,
jumpy life.

Q: And what is Babylon?

Babylon is what says "oh yes, you do have to live a greedy jumpy
life because I need your energy, to pay tax, to fight wars, to
serve some plan that I have for you. Rasta identifies a dangerous
enemy and gives it a name and says "beware of Babylon".

Q: How are we to recognize it, Babylon, in the Rasta sense?

[the pope] The characteristics of Babylon are never failing. Babylon
will always: persecute you for not proclaiming some
ludicrous proposition that they preach as gospel; invade your
privacy as a routine; insist on wearing uniforms, particularly
boots, guns, hats -- dogs on leashes; they particularly love
marching in imitation of robots; they always demand an end to
relaxation in general and laughter in particular and they have an
infinite capacity for boredom..any "ism" will do as an excuse for
letting loose the beast-religion, politics, race, class, the sheer
lust to cause fear; I would say that the war against "drugs" is
currently a big favourite excuse for babylonians supreme to
interfere with people's lives and propogandize nonsense and create
a chance for criminals to make more and more money and gain more
and more power every day because central authority is fighting some
basic instinct in human nature -- but nobody can tell the French
anything they don't already know about Babylon; France lived under
Nazi rule, and you can't get any more Babylonian than that.

Is that spirit of central bureaucratic power and ignorance and
stupidity still alive and well in Europe? Oh yes. In the world at
large? Indeed it is! And are Rastas in the front line of opposition
against such a spirit? They are. And was Bob Marley a general
leading Rasta forces in the world? For Sure. And should we, because
of that, try to deify Bob Marley? Oh no. Bob was just a man, but he
was carrying a mighty spirit; so his structure was just the
structure of a small guy, kinda sulky when music wasn't there to
flush it out, but most of the time music WAS there, just flowing
through him like pure inspiration, a cleansing force, so much so he
was convinced it would just sweep the cancer away, but apparently
the spirit of the music that passed through Bob wasn't that
concerned about any one man, and if his spirit had been recorded
there were lots of of others to carry on, to give expression to it
-- after all, if electrons on tape could record Bob's music, why
couldn't electrons in the air record Bob!?....

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Don Smith wrote:What I am trying to do is outline why information is so difficult to share. What are the "trip wires" that block perception, where is the anxiety-rejection factor in all of our thinking.
The answer to this one has to do with fakes running around all over the internet. Outside of the net it is quite easy to have good conversations.

Here is more proof that myself and may41970 have been correct that the internet is being astroturfed. How widespread is this nonsense? They are to blame for all of us needing a lot of time and proof to trust anything or anyone. What the few of us have done at this forum is remarkable, imho.

Advantage Consultants

OMG. I just engine searched doug guetzloe, the President of this company. This could be the best thing to happen to Steven Hertzberg in a long while. :twisted: Just added Karl Rove. :twisted:

{on edit- this is a good link for info on this guy.}
Florida Progressive Coalition

Yoyos has been kind of cynical about these kind of searches.
I think this is good stuff cheap.
Things like this being exposed can only help the cause for positive social change.
The fake bloggers want us to feel defeated.
We are winning. They are losing!

But back to Advantage Consultants and their home page.

On the top banner "governmental relations" is listed. They ask the reader if they are "ready for a blog attack?" They advertise themselves as being "professional blog warriors" who will "flood the zone" and "put your talking points on the blogosphere 24/7." This is the kind of tinfoil that is too friggin real. Check out any forum, blog, etc., especially the big ones. We've all seen them. I haven't a clue really about these specific companies. But it's fairly obvious that enough of them have been dumb enough to admit that they misrepresent themselves on the internet. This is fakery. The words that come to mind are shills, hacks, trolls and fakes. No one but sell-outs can justify this. I saw this firsthand at the Democratic Underground. Without a doubt, most of those posting in the Sept. 11th forum at DU are paid fakes. The word's getting out though. Real people seem to be figuring out how to neutralize them. And when the websites themselves are corrupt, that becomes apparent also at some point. Maybe AnnAngryBitch works for a place like this. Maybe that is how paid, fake astroturfers have no problem writing what they write. They're working from a script! Maybe he's just a character on the internet working for a company hired by Patrick Minnis.
This may not be straight chemtrails stuff, but until we are able to find the spark which fires the imagination and energy of people, we will be struggling against resistance which, most often, has very little to do with content, and a great deal to do with fear and prejudice.
Paid trolls are scared of the content. We must absorb the content, study it, reflect, find the best possible, most reliable sources. We must bash the trolls then get back on topic. People in the blogosphere are figuring that out. It wouldn't hurt if progressive webmasters could find a way to put the advantage with real people, not hacks and shills.

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The irony is that I stumbled across this story from a post on a youtube chemtrails thread. People there are fighting back, many saying the same things as us, that there seems to be paid disinfo agents all over the internet, with their transparent attempts at obfuscating chemtrails, election fraud, illegal wars, etc..

They hate us for our honesty and our thirst for the truth. They hate us because as a collective, all us nobodies are figuring out how to get the word out about the astroturfing. They can "flood" the internet, but until they outlaw the scroll button, they will never be nearly as effective in reality, as they are in their own minds.

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Markos, CrooksAndLiars, Huffington, the Democratic Underground, WhatReallyHappened and many others can easily be argued to be gatekeeping hacks and shills. BradBlog seems to be one of the few places which is interested in the truth.

Daily Kos' Markos Moulitsas Attacks Election Integrity, Irresponsibly, Yet Again

Basically, the CIA hack DailyKos is busy playing a Steven Hertzberg covering up election fraud. I can't figure out why the fakes can't keep their psy-ops from being exposed. One after another the truth about their agendas are revealed.

Would a real progressive ever shill for the CIA? No way.

The CIA Truth about Kos - Daily Kos

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Bradblog has been calling out Kos a lot lately for being a thorn in democracy.

Your Daily Dose of Daily Kos Diarists in Dangerous Denial...

I finally read a few Kos essays. It seems he really did blow his cover, when he admitted his admiration for the CIA and Ronald Reagan. He certainly has hidden agendas. BradBlog wants the good people to keep fighting on his turf. He asks them to keep signing after getting banned. I can appreciate that outlook. Yet maybe it's time for the good folks at Kos to find other homes and let the DailyKos rot on its own. The more people stay there, the good ideas will get lost amidst all the insidious propaganda.

{on edit: This was one of my worst posts. On long threads at Kos, big blackout boxes were appearing. I thought maybe there was some censorship going on after the fact. But once while fixing this forum for the upgrade, I noticed the same thing here. There was just too much data for the software to handle. In my defense, a big shot guy like Kos should be able to better maintain his website, considering how much money it rakes in. For the following and subsequent posts, I will change the images to screenshots. I'll keep a few, if they are interesting to read. :oops: }

It appears that Kos might be censoring the comments in his sections. I have found a bunch of threads where comments have been blocked out. However, I was able to get to all the original comments. Even though they are apparently censored, the permalinks can be clicked on by sliding the mouse over the hidden posts. I think this may be evidence of Kos running a spook website. All the unreadable comments appear to be ones a rightwing spook would delete or obfuscate, if he was to do such a thing.

Here's one example.

Fraud in South Carolina!
by kos
Tue Jan 29, 2008

Perhaps the cries of fraud in New Hampshire had little to do with actual concerns about electoral integrity, and everything to do with irrational Clinton hatred and the pathological need to see dark conspiracies even were none exist?. (Apparently the Clinton cabal is capable of the darkest, most sinister conspiracies, but the Obama cabal is not.).....

Stupid people prophylactic -- no, this isn't an endorsement of Hillary Clinton. I'm just pointing out that Hillary won New Hampshire fair and square, just like Barack won South Carolina fair and square....

Take a look at which comments got censored. Is Kos a disinfo gatekeeper?


Mark refers to Mark Lindeman and Febble is Elisabeth liddel {sp?}.



This next image didn't get blocked out. The gatekeeper websites like to portray those fighting against the massive election fraud as being kooks.


For this next one, the top post seen was not blocked out. I have included it to give context to the blocked out ones.







Here's the post that last one responded to, to put it in context.


This next unreadable one was posted by "Hawkjt," someone whose username has shown up quite a bit being affected by what is either a glitch or a spook maneuver.

Is Kos not a spook?
That's not so crazy a conpiracy theory.





{divide and conquer at DailyKos- a website that probably makes Karl Rove feel proud.}