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{on edit: the point of this thread is that when using the internet as a research tool, people must keep in mind that links, evidence, search engine results, etc. are often manipulated and/or totally deleted. It shows that people need to learn how to secure evidence through screenshots and through learning how to copy whole pages of data.

The WRH "unofficial" forum is an excellent example of this. Twice that website has been shut down for "maintenance." Twice, that website has gone about deleting from virtually everywhere evidence that posters such as "Ender" and "Thuban" have been inciting violence. The evidence of cyberstalking and ethnic hatred remains for now in the caches. Perhaps fakes plant evidence for amateur sleuths, so they will link to such materials, then the stuff is pulled, making the amateur sleuths look like liars. That appears to be the case for this thread.

At one point, the Will Thomas, Aubuchont, and S.T. Brend thread here was at the top of the google search engines. When we pointed this out, the following original statements posted did occur. Then at one point, this website was completely missing from google search engine results for "Will Thomas Aubuchont." The moral of the story is to capture screenshots and secure evidence when one can. One last thing, I do not lie. I do not make things up. I am not a disinfo agent.

So I check out google again, plugged in "Will Thomas Aubuchont."

And yeah we still come to the top of the list.
The funny thing is though, if you click on the "will thomas, lou aubuchont, s.t. brendt" thread, you end up on the "speaking of chemtrail forum nonsense" thread instead.

If you hit the cache, you do go to the older version of the correct thread. But then if you hit on the cache page link to get to the current page, guess where you end up?

Back on the "speaking of chemtrail forum nonsense" page.

Coincidence or what? A glitch? WTF?
Hey, if anything ever happens, we get erased, whatnot, not trying to be dramatic or overly paranoid, but we all figured out the truth. That genie can never be put back in the bottle.

The People United Will Never Be Defeated
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This story is conveniently making the rounds across the "kooky" website network. The angle is that great truthseekers are being muzzled by google. What this story fails to address is the widespread manipulation being done with the search words, and especially how smaller websites like this one are being blacklisted. The message is that Rense, What Really Happened are being kept down by Bush and the neocons. They say that the wingnut Malkin's website is being given extra juice.

I tried what the article said to do, and it is true that links are being hidden. The main problem I see with all this is how google is being rigged so that certain things get hidden while others including outrageous tinfoil and spam are getting top billing. There is widespread corruption going on with the internet, and it goes far beyond what this limited hangout of an article suggests.

100% Proof Google is Keeping Conspiracy Sites Down
"Link Relevance" Suppressed on Alternative Media

Hmmm. Let's use those new search skills.

Hey, check out what the dumbass spooks listed for their address.
Check out when the website was created. WTF?
One other thing, look at how they spelt their name wrong on purpose.
This is just like the Riddler would do with Batman.

I think the people behind this website are in cahoots with the whole network of bullshit. And of course, yet again we see they are hiding behind Bob Parsons and Go.Daddy.

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I just tried "Will Thomas Aubuchont" again.
We don't even show up anymore.
Just DBS, Chemtrail Central, and other tinfoil links.

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" mark watson" on yahoo- 1,470,000 results
"" ....................on yahoo- 132 results

" mark watson" on google- "did not match any documents."
"".....................on google- 67 results

Here's an interesting link. 724,000 results for " taking over the internet"

Did a spook just get exposed?
Hey Mark Watson, if this ain't you spamming all that crazy tinfoil, you might want to expose who it really is, because you are sharing the same ip address out of Arizona along with a "Desertrose."


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{on edit: this post as all others were posted on a specific date. Search engine results can and do get changed. Caches can get scrubbed. Amateur sleuths must learn how to secure evidence.}

Google used to be our friend. One could plug in Will Thomas Aubuchont, and we would come to the top of the list. Now all we get from google are links to posts made at fake chemtrail forums such as CTC and DBS.

search Engine................key words..........results

yahoo................................will thomas aubuchont......this forum
google...............................ditto..............DBS; this site doesn't exist

yahoo..............some public figures do care about the truth.....this forum; this site doesn't exist

yahoo............chemtrails are not kooky.............this forum
google............ditto..................this forum; maybe "they" forgot something

yahoo...frankensteinian atmospheric shenanigans...ctc; we are #3
google....ditto......... this forum

yahoo..............socrates chemtrails...........Carnicom's forum; we are #8
google.............ditto...................ctc......prosemiteundercover and make it to the list somehow at #2 and 3. we now have reappeard at #6

The thing about us showing up at google now is that as may41970 has pointed out, they are linking to the astroturfing that we are disinfo.

And socrates chemtrails entered into google is quite different now than what it was a few days ago, where we became non-existent and the craziest tinfoil was showing up. It appears that we truly have uncovered who is behind the astroturfing that chemtrails are kooky, and they are reading at this website, and they are fully capable of manipulating the google search engines.
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So, it appears for now google no longer redirects from the Thomas, Aubuchont, Brendt thread to the speaking of chemtrail forum nonsense one. This is probably because Aubuchont as a fake has become brutally obvious. I am just sending advice out to all amateur sleuths, this was advice John Dean gave me, we need to secure our evidence. We can copy and paste all we want, but unless we secure the proof, the evidence can vanish.

The more we figure out how to secure evidence, the more likely we are to deter paid fakes from messing with the internet.
In short, paid fakes are trying to manipulate the process in which the reader decides.

A few days ago, may41970 told me to check out a link, but to be careful, because it was asking him to download something to his computer. He found the site by plugging "Lou Aubuchont" with the parentheses into google. The first result was bizarre. Months later after starting this forum, we are older and wiser. We ARE securing proof of our claims. We learned on the fly and advise other amateur sleuths to do the same.

Now why would the following come up as the #1 result for "Lou Aubuchont?"


Why does Louis Aubuchont come up so often on strange websites?


Remember this one?


Anyways, "Lou Aubuchont" plugged into google doesn't give that strange result anymore. This info was posted a few days ago on another thread. The fakes fell for the trap. They read here, imho, and then tried to rig the internet to make us contradict ourselves. But the proof is right above that "Lou Aubuchont" was returning a strange link for the #1 result. Since the evidence was secured, there is nothing paid fakes can do to make us look like liars on this one.

Anyone who still doesn't understand how the internet is manipulated, check out my thread on I stumbled across that place, and within hours and days the scrubbing and deletion began.