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Malcolm X once said that he called himself X because in math that is a variable, it is the unknown. He said that his history was stolen from him through slavery, so that's why he changed his name to Malcolm X.

While many of the fake websites seem to be hiding behind proxy organisations like, such buggers are leaving behind bread crumbs or making mistakes that allow the unwashed masses of bloggers to figure out their scams. At Progressive Gold, we were let inside the seedy world of Bob Parsons and Then the Secretary of Commerce's Office made a big mistake by logging into that website and exposing the fact that a Mr. Kneuer was very interested in seeing what was written about himself and his relationship to Bob Parsons.

So anyway, I located a tinfoil website last night and went to the whois. Long story short, I ended up at some huge corporation named XO Communications located in Reston, Virginia. Yeah, one sees that location and warning bells go off. That is where "Intelligence" meets "Capitalism."

So I am looking at some forum named

Domain name:
Registrant: Simon Aronowitz

I go to the googler to figure out more about "Simon Aronowitz." It turns out he has his own tinfoil website named I then start looking into a bunch of websites linking to Aronowitz.

There is registered through

{I found this next story, which is perhaps off-topic. Aronowitz is quoted.
"I seriously doubt these people are spoofing government addresses," he said in a phone interview from London. "That's asking for trouble."
It appears that a government ip address may have been involved with some nasty intimidation of an independent website. is registered by domainsatcost}

I run across a website named whose ip is located in Texas with Internet Services Inc., a server company like which shows up a lot with the tinfoil websites.

Then I make it to this website with the popular tinfoil which turns GW Bush into the devil. Yeah, I don't like GW either, but perhaps the emphasis on GW, Cheney, and the evil NWO has been marketed just a tad too much, as if the neocons are bounced out in 2008, that things should get a lot better. That kind of simplistic reasoning keeps us from investigating the institutional factors that go into supporting an unjust world based on shallow consumerism and war mongering.
Registrant: Negocios Internacionales Alternativos
San Jose, Costa Rica
Registered through:, Inc.
Costa Rica? What?
RFID and the end of civilisation
By Simon Aronowitz
simon at thoughtcrimenews dot com
Sponsoring Registrar:Namesdirect Inc.
Registrant Name:Rob Hay looks to be just another registrar front like GoDaddy.

Then things started to get very interesting.
The Story the Rightwing Media Refuses to Report!!!

It turns out that Aronowitz was very interested in getting out the "story" about GW Bush allegedly being a rapist. This right wing blog was pretty much saying that the kooky left loves a good conspiracy story. The problem with this however, is that the backers of all these tinfoil websites always seem to lead back to rightwing corporate entities.

Then I hit paydirt.

Caught In The Web
Bush, news, and Schoedinger's uncertain case
Caught In The Web By Verne McDonald
Publish Date: January 7, 2004

The name of the website is called Straight*Com, but the website's address is a friggin "ip" address, WTF?
OrgName: XO Communications
Address: Corporate Headquarters
Address: 11111 Sunset Hills Road
City: Reston
StateProv: VA
PostalCode: 20190-5339
Country: US
Reston? Spookville, USA?

A rudimentary search will find that XO Communications has had a shady past full of lawsuits and talk of bankruptcy. Yet, somehow it has emerged to be a major player in the telecommunications industry. Hmmm.
Craig McCaw's Prized Possession
May Soon File For Bankruptcy

That's why investors were shocked at the proposed restructuring. "People think these guys just flat-out lied," says Steven J. Toll, a partner at Cohen, Milstein, Hausfeld & Toll who was named lead counsel for the class actions on Feb. 15. Akerson would not comment because of the restructuring negotiations.
The Man Who Would Save Satellites

NYC GUARD Project Boosts Pre-WiMax Promoters

Craig McCaw seems to have a lot of higher up contacts and the abilty to get government contracts.

Iridium sets up shop in Iraq

The satellite phone company, whose services have already been used in Iraq by the U.S. military, is set to roll out commercial sales in the region.

By Matthew Broersma
Special to CNET
Iridium rival Globalstar, based in San Jose, Calif., has also offered satellite-phone service in Iraq since mid-April. It said it expects usage to rise dramatically with the end of fighting, as usage has done in Afghanistan, where combat ended in early 2002. Globalstar said that usage in Afghanistan and the surrounding regions is now more than double the average level of 2002...

Satellite phones are seeing increasing government and commercial usage in areas where no conventional telecommunications infrastructure is available, partly due to drastic price cuts by operators. Iridium and competitors such as Globalstar target the government, forestry, maritime, oil and mining industries....

Globalstar is in the midst of its own restructuring. ICO Global Communications, chaired by mobile industry billionaire Craig McCaw, earlier this year received U.K. court approval to take a majority stake in Globalstar in exchange for a $55 million investment.
The Iron Triangle
C. Wright Mills spoke of the Iron Triangle between big business, the military-industrial complex, and the executive office. Well, it doesn't take much poking around to see the same types of incestuous ties exist with the internet.

Mike Ballard – Chairman and CEO
Prior to Switch, Mike was chief operating officer of Systems Research & Development. In his three years involved with the company, first as a consultant and eventually as COO, he helped grow revenues six-fold and the staff by 300 percent. The company was initially funded by the CIA's venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel, as well as SAIC Venture Capital Corporation and Reed Elseveir Investments. The company sold to IBM in January of 2005.
Scott Nelson - President, Director
Prior to joining 1Velocity, Scott spent six years with XO Communications where he was the western region vice president and accountable for leading all aspects of the business for the market areas of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Orange County, San Diego, Las Vegas, Utah and Minnesota...

Scott helped launch Nextlink Communications 1996 and directed all aspects of the business.
Frank Kostelac - Chief Operating Officer
Frank also served as National Deployment and Construction Manager for Clearwire (a Wireless Broadband provider). Frank had various positions of increasing responsibility at XO Communications such as Senior Manager New Business, Outside Plant Manager, Inside Plant Manager, Technology Deployment Manager, and Senior Technical Consultant.
RESTON, VA - April 24, 2006 - XO Communications today announced that it will utilize broadband wireless technology from its sister company, Nextlink, that will allow XO Communications to significantly expand the reach of its network and help reduce the costs of local network access in serving enterprise customers.
U.S. Terrorist Screening Center Visits Cryptogon; Reveals Activity Due to Stupidity
June 19th, 2007

The U.S. Terrorist Screening Center user (host:, ip: conducted the following Google search: “national security analysis center”

The user clicked on this Google cache page of a Cryptogon story about the National Security Analysis Center, but I saw it in the log anyway (explained below). In fact, I saw two visits simultaneously. The one above along with one from something called (host:, ip: It contained the same referrer info as the visit above, and arrived at the same time.

The ip comes back to XO infrastructure in Virginia:

OrgName: XO Communications
Address: Corporate Headquarters
Address: 11111 Sunset Hills Road
City: Reston
StateProv: VA
PostalCode: 20190-5339
Country: US ip comes back to:

OrgName: Cypress Communications
Address: 15 Piedmont Center Suite 100
City: Atlanta
StateProv: GA
PostalCode: 30305
Country: US

But look at the DNS machine names:


Loyal. Clean. Brave.


# Anon E. Mouse Says:
June 19th, 2007 at 6:47 pm

XOXO Communications, huh? That rings a bell with me, so pardon me while I tell you a little story. I wrote the following letter to Jame Howard Kunstler in December 2005, after reading one of his columns in which he basically said that those of us who suspect our government of spying on us are basically paranoid.

Dear Mr. Kunstler,

Reading your recent columns on the Clusterfuck Nation Chronicle, I felt compelled to write to you and share my little story that touches on both the themes of electronic surveillance and 9/11. You can draw your own conclusions about whether it qualifies as evidence of non-jihadist surveillance.

Last June I organized a speaking engagement for Michael Ruppert in Portland, Oregon. It was a fairly big deal for me personally, as I put about $4k on the line to bring him to town to express his views on Peak Oil and 9/11. The afternoon of the event I received an email on my Windows computer at work. The email was addressed to me personally, and it was purportedly from my email provider (or so the return address said). It said that my email account was being terminated and that I would have to read the enclosed attachment to find out why. The attachment appeared to be a plausibly named .txt file, so I clicked on it… and then instantly regretted it. For I saw a brief little window telling me that Windows was installing something. Quickly I unplugged my computer’s ethernet cable, and ran to get the IT guys involved.

The IT guys weren’t busy, so we had time to figure out what had happened. We checked the server logs, and learned that my computer ‘phoned home’ immediately after the virus/worm installed itself. We made a note of the IP address it sent packets to.

Next I signed into my email account from a different computer, and examined the headers for the suspect email. Because each email forwarding computer leaves a trail of bread crumbs in the form of IP addresses, we were able to determine that the email return address was forged. We made note of the real originating IP address for the email. We also noted that the attachment in the email cleverly exploited a vulnerability in my provider’s web mail interface, in which spaces could be used push the real file type suffix off the end of the attachment name field. Slick, very slick.

Back at the still-running and infected computer, we poked around trying to see if we could detect the virus using the usual common tools. Windows task manager showed nothing unusual. MacAfee virus scan showed nothing unusual. Finally, after picking through the registry manually the IT guys were able to determine that it had installed a variant of one of the more deadly worms of last summer, though not a variant common enough to be detected by standard anti-virus tools. We eventually found the files that it installed, and verified them against Norton’s online encyclopedia of virii/worms.

Then I noticed that the email address that the suspect email came in on was an email address that I had created expressly for the purpose of organizing the Ruppert lecture. It had never been given to or used with anyone other than a few other helpers in the organizing. It was certainly never given to any commercial enterprise, nor posted on any web site or forum page. The other thing you have to know is that I almost never get dangerous emails of this type; I use an email alias service that lets me delete any email address that I give out if it becomes known to spammers. This email attack was the only one that I received in all of 2005, as a matter of fact.

I looked up the two IP addresses of interest. One was for XOXO Communications, 11111 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, Virginia. The other was for Beyond The Network America, 12100 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, Virginia. I find myself wondering about what entity is large enough to send an email from one address in Reston, VA, and then have the response directed back to another entity in Reston about a block away… The CIA’s Technical Directorate, whose primary function is electronic eavesdropping, is headquartered in Reston. Want to bet that it has an address on Sunset Hills Road?

So, adding it all up, what do we have? A forged, virus laden email, originating in Reston, Virginia. Addressed to me personally, by name, arriving the day of an event featuring Ruppert, whose views you are familiar with. Coming in on an email address used exclusively for organizing that event. Very professionally designed, nearly undetectable. Phones home to Reston, Virginia. You can draw your own conclusions, but for me the most important fact about this virus attack was the fact that it was an asymptomatic delivery: virus attack emails either come as mass-mailings (which this was not), or they come as emails from the infected computers of people I’ve corresponded with (which this one was not).


Well, that’s my little story. It is not 100% provable, just suspicious. And although I do happen to believe the Ruppert 9/11 story line, I won’t hold it against you if you don’t. I’m sure that others have pointed out the good work that David Ray Griffin has done in documenting how poorly the official Commission has done in investigating the tragedy.

Anon E. Mouse


John Doh Says:
July 5th, 2007 at 6:11 pm

I only dropped a few topics relating to stuff
I heard on here in other forums.
I now get XO sniff/scans,…I guess
I am in link

From the last link:
Whois Report from ZoneAlarm

Details about, the IP address of the computer that caused the alert you received from eTrust EZ Armor, are provided in the Whois report below. The information in the Whois report comes from the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for the region where is located: ARIN, RIPE, LACNIC or APNIC. The name of the RIR appears in the Whois report.

The Whois report includes the name, address and contact information for the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that administers the block of IP addresses that contains The report probably does not list the administrator of the specific computer at IP address

You should not assume that individuals listed in this report are responsible for the alert you received on your computer.

OrgName: XO Communications
Address: Corporate Headquarters
Address: 11111 Sunset Hills Road
City: Reston
StateProv: VA
PostalCode: 20190-5339
Country: US

View open incidents for ""
You have the option to anonymously submit information about this event for aggregation and analysis. Our security event aggregator will:

* Gather intrusion event information from multiple parties.
* Analyze all the aggregated event information.
* Escalate the events to their respective sources as necessary.

To report your inbound firewall event information, click the submit button below. To view any open incidents related to the IP tied to this firewall event, click on the "View open incidents"link below.

Crony Reform: How the access capitalists at the Carlyle Group became real businessmen.
By Daniel Gross
The biggest change at Carlyle in recent years has been in personnel. The firm now employs some real, live businessmen, people whose careers can be easily described rather than explained with a grimace. In January, Gerstner, who led IBM's storied turnaround in the '90s and who has never held a government post, replaced Carlucci as chairman. (Gerstner spends 20 percent of his time with Carlyle.) In February, Daniel Akerson, the former head of XO Communications, joined as a managing director. And the ex-government officials Carlyle has brought in recently—former Securities and Exchange Commission Arthur Levitt Jr. and former Federal Communications Commission Chairman William Kennard—possess useful industry knowledge.

Spies, Murderers, and Creeps- - Management of the "free dialogue" on the Annan plan
This is the original article by Petros Evdokas published by Cyprus IndyMedia, which triggered the Intelligence investigation against us. Please return to these pages soon for more updates and developments.

There's another new website containing the text and maps of the Annan plan which has become fashionable recently, as a part of the Imperial campaign to lead our countries to a formula of eternal war by enforcing the Annan plan on us. The link to that page has been circulating around the various discussion groups which are debating the Annan plan online.

What's so special about that website?

It is a good indication of who, exactly, is serving up the dialogue among us, and how a blind support for the plan is being promoted as a supposedly "peoples' movement" aiming at Peace.

Here are a few items to consider - those of you who like espionage stories, who like to understand how it is exactly, that the intelligence operations of the Empire knowingly lead to the massive butchering of people around the world and to the destabilization of the globe so that the Empire can administer it "in Peace", please read on.

The page is here:

{the page has been edited and improved since the writing of this article - all of the purposefully "shoddy" qualities, the calculated "homemade" elements of its appearance, have been altered since we publicized the situation; we retain this part of the text because it highlights the route of the discovery of the intelligence operations behind it - Ed.}

First: have a look at the graphic, depicting the UN logo.

It is made to look cheap, fuzzy, to create the impression that the page was created by "independent" and poor web designers, like us. A lot of pages online have that appearance, which creates the feeling that the designers don't have money for high-technology graphics, or any "special" knowledge to make the images come out smooth. For people who spend a lot of time studying pages online, this page creates a psychological impact, an effect which is the modern- day equivalent to a hand-written leaflet of old times (from the time when populist movements could not afford to typeset leaflets and had to create the originals by hand). It is designed to create subconscious sympathy for the page designers, making the work appear as if it from "the people".

But the domain- name of the page, is registered as owned by the UN Operations Office, headquartered in Cyprus (listed as the "United Nations Protected Area" - curiously, it is registered as a Province of the United Kingdom).

The UN Operations Office has a lot of money to make websites look better and smoother. In fact, the page is hosted on the server of the XO Communications Corporation, which has services only for other businesses and governments, very expensive services which are not available for consumers ( So why did they choose that "poor" appearance for the website? Is it just a "little propaganda thingie" to win subconscious sympathy? Was this decision taken with the advice of the page designer?

But who is the page designer?

His name is Alexander Ernyey. If there was ever a real spy, a real enemy of the people of the world among us, he would be the best man fitting that description.

This man has spent his entire life, almost, on operations of the US Department of Defense, the Office of Naval Research, US Navy, operations of the US Department of State, of the US Embassy, and a lot more. He has worked as an advisor and consultant for Israeli Intelligence agencies, and fought with then in the totally illegal genocidal war against the people of Iraq in operation Desert Storm.

His technical expertise is impeccable - he has many decades of experience in the design, management and operations of all sorts of communications systems, especially internet-related systems.

If all this sounds extreme, hey, this is just the tip of the iceberg! You can read all about it in his own words, with special attention to his military connections, his Professional Experience, and "special skill areas", right here:
{alternate link, in case the above has been moved elsewhere: }

This man runs the United Nations offices here in Cyprus, has total control of the UNOPS office through the information system which he installed and manages ("I currently provide all systems administration for UNOPS Cyprus.... and have supported all computing resource requirements for UNOPS and UN Development Programme personnel in Cyprus", he says.
And then - in our innocence - we wonder how is it that Kofi Annan's offices and operations all over the world have been targets of continuous espionage and manipulation by the US intelligence services? Does it take a genius to figure it out?)

This is a man who should be immediately deported by the Government of Cyprus (it's obvious that the Government has never shown an interest to do what is right for these criminals, that is to arrest and charge them as spies and war- criminals. It can at least pretend to protect us from these creeps by deporting him). He is actively working to disseminate propaganda and lies aimed at destabilizing regional Peace (whatever little we have of it in our part of the world) - is this the kind of people we trust to give us "objective information" to decide about the terrible dilemmas in front of us which will determine life or death, war and peace in our country?

Actually, yes. These are the kinds of people who are determining the level of political dialogue among us, at every level of our society, from the top to the bottom, and on both sides of the fence dividing our country by force and horror. Is this the current level of our political maturity? Yes.

Petros Evdokas


For an example of a UNOps website which is intended to appear rich, high- tech, and impressive, please see this one (it is also managed by the same person and UN agency as above):

Its connections to the US Government are at least more obvious here. Mentioned openly, are the project's dependency on US Government funding; its operation parallels to the Marshall plan (end of World War II domination of Western Europe by the US); and its administrative relationship to the US Agency for International Development (USAID), which is the "civilian" arm of the CIA.

If you would like to understand more about the USAID, please read their mission statement:

"The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is an independent agency that provides economic, development and humanitarian assistance around the world in support of the foreign policy goals of the United States."

It is one of the most ingenious arms of the global Empire. Please read more here:

For background reading, on espionage and intelligence operations closer to the Cyprus conflict, and more specifically on the domination of the BiCommunal efforts by US intelligence, please see:

"More of those Cyprus BiCommunal "curious" products of the US intelligence services"
and :
"Better Read than Dead / A continuation of the dialogue"

March 5, 2004

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Don Smith wrote:This is a good one.
I'll try and find some time to chase it down some myself, (so much to do...), these connections are all over the place, the more one finds, the more one finds.
BTW big Fan of C.W.Mills here, his books opened me to a whole new way of looking at the world back in the day.
Thanks. I'd say the two biggest influences on my thinking were Erich Fromm and C. Wright Mills. Perhaps not so much their actual writings, although those are quite illuminating, but their methods, their faith in the individual mind, their refusal to back down from speaking harsh truths about our social-psychological condition, those traits impressed me.

Yeah, the more you dig, the more there is to dig.
I threw this latest one together very quickly, then had to do the edit job to clean it up.

I am kind of interested if anyone has any feedback for this thread-
A "Chemtrails Are Kooky" Astroturfer Is Exposed

I am now thinking that the fake, internet characters try to get people bogged down figuring out their personas, e.g. Jay Reynolds or Lou Aubuchont for examples, but that they are merely fronts for the people behind the scenes, like Parsons and the Secretary of Commerce. This is why they are all frothing so much lately, trying to drag myself and may41970 back into the idiotic fray. But by ignoring that crap as best we can, we have been able to find bigger fish to fry than zany internet characters.

May41970 just sent me a you-tube link making "Tinoire" of Progressive Independent look like the disinfo ass that she is. It's a bit over a minute. Hopefully, it won't be taken down.

Don't worry about PI.
Their ties to Mike Rivero and Ron Paul say it all.
right woos left propaganda.
You were wise to not buy into that place.
I am Mr. Naive. I usually go straight into places and trust them, until I am shown otherwise.

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We are bombarded our whole lives with "ignorance is bliss," and "respect authority." We seemed to get a brief reprieve in the 70's after Nixon resigned and Watergate was exposed. Then it was ok to "question authority."

I read The Power Elite, not the others. For Fromm, I got into Fear of Freedom and The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness.

I think the reason why we relate to each other Don is because we both seem to realise that reading, reflection, research, etc. can be very uplifting and/or enlightening. Yet, we also seem to sense the divide and conquer involved between the "unwashed masses" and the "intellectuals."

If people can find a way to transcend this societal constraint, then they will be less vulnerable to being manipulated and "kept in line."

It actually starts when we are little kids.

FOR YOUR OWN GOOD - Alice Miller
I am convinced of the harmful effects of training for the following reason: all advice that pertains to raising children betrays more or less clearly the numerous, variously clothed needs of the adult. Fulfillment of these needs not only discourages the child's development but actually prevents it. This also hold true when the adult is honestly convinced of acting in the child's best interests.

Among the adult's true motives we find:

1. The unconscious need to pass on to others the humiliation one has undergone oneself
2. The need to find an outlet for repressed affect
3. The need to possess and have at one's disposal a vital object to manipulate
4. Self-defense: i.e., the need to idealize one's childhood and one's parents by dogmatically applying the parents' pedagogical principles to one's own children
5. Fear of freedom
6. Fear of the reappearance of what one has repressed, which one reencounters in one's child and must try to stamp out, having killed it in oneself earlier
7. Revenge for the pain one has suffered

Since at least one of the points enumerated here is present in everyone's upbringing, the child-rearing process is at best suitable for making "good" pedagogues out of its objects. However, it will never be able to help its charges to remain vital. When children are trained, they learn how to train others in turn. Children who are lectured to, learn how to lecture; if they are admonished, they learn how to admonish; if scolded, they learn how to scold; if ridiculed, they learn how to ridicule; if humiliated, they learn how to humiliate; if their psyche is killed, they will learn how to kill--the only question is who will be killed: oneself, others, or both.

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Don Smith wrote:I have read, often more than once, every book Alice Miller has published. (In English translation).I regard her as the real explorer of how to change the horror of modern existence.
I am a bit struck by the "synchronicity" of this bit of Jungian universal unconscious.

This is why I am glad you are here. This also proves that if there are the two of us relating a lot in these ways, then there must be many others too.

I liked the Alice Miller because she was able to clean up the patriarchal garbage that Freud concluded with. She paid homage to his discovery of how the past influences our psyches, but Miller found a way not to blame the victim. It's been said in Freud's defense that one must consider the depressing times in which he lived, during all that anti-semitism, war, and disdain for the groovy nature of the ladies.