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Looking for a reasonable approach on NWO, 9/11, etc

may also include historical analysis and perspective

Looking for a reasonable approach on NWO, 9/11, etc

Unread postby Isard » Thu Jan 15, 2009 5:52 am

NWO, Bilderbergs, 9/11,..
These topics are very difficult to treat, as disinformation is the rule, and not the exception.

But I do think we must, as we do with chemtrailing and HAARP, get them down to the earth. We have to write on NWO, on Bilderbergs, even on "Illuminati". With a strict approach.

It is not worth quoting tons of words and inserting lots of commentaries, but to find real good sources, authors.

Today I came over the following forum "truthaction.org".


I think there are some good posters over there, that question every source and think by themselves.
Maybe it's a good starting point.
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Re: Looking for a reasonable approach on NWO, 9/11, etc

Unread postby Lophofo » Thu Jan 15, 2009 12:22 pm

I can be "strict" in my approach to things. I can conform to rules and guidelines. I am logical. I can find good sources, authors...generally speaking.
I suppose that's better than conforming to be a non-conformist...doesn't fit my "profile" now, does it?

I can check out this truthaction.org. You might be right...could be a good starting point if this is the direction we are to go.

Re: Looking for a reasonable approach on NWO, 9/11, etc

Unread postby socrates » Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:04 pm

Hi, I saw it, what is at question is beyond debunkers versus believers, imho. It's about good ideas and sources like you wrote. It's also about a balance. Some people, myself included, are not into it. I am not a gatekeeper. I am just me. I started this out as for chemtrails. I also have gotten into exposing astroturfing and fakes. I don't like to look like a hypocrite. I also think it's unfair for folks to put up links like this and expect a big response from me, if they are not going to respond to any of the things I have come up with. I have tons on chemtrail forum fakes with no feedback. I have that stuff on "election integrity" activists. But no feedback.

But I don't want to delete anything unless it is porn or troll rubbish.

I have two Lophofo emails to get through.

I am tired of the emails.

Uhm, I guess I could copy what I write here and post it, making things easier.

Now to be honest, I think the chembusters stuff is not true one bit. Reich was a thinker probably into drugs. The orgone? Not really much different from being Mormon, but probably just better *** and groovier times. Nothing personal. I see zero proof why chembusters should be taken seriously.

There was one lady making sense on that 9/11 thread, but then I went to her blog, and she is in dialogue with Patrick S. McNally, an outed Jew hater. And she's writing as if she has no clue that he is probably an agent provocateur.

These types of forums, websites, etc. are trash and a waste of time. I have put up, admittedly not too often, a few 9/11 ideas and links I find interesting. I think there was something fishy about it. But I don't think it can be linked to Bush/Cheney. If it was an inside job, we are talking black operations, imho. I don't like the way the buildings fell. I am curious about the airliner put option movement.

But there are conspiracies like Iran Contra, Savings and Loans scandals, uhm, real stories that one can document. This Iraq War is completely illegal, flying in the face of what the World Wars purported to be about, the sanctity of borders.

The slaughter being done in Gaza is dreadful.

Uhm, the illegal spying, those secret prisons, the military/war industry, these kinds of things are what we need to get done. We need peace and love. If someone is talking up David Icke or Alex Jones, for example, or any other jackasses like Rivero, Rense, etc., I don't want to hear it. Those sources are rubbish.

The best sources are from the library. And even then things can be disinformation.

There's a forced zeitgeist going on.

The NWO? Come on, that was a phrase used by George Bush. It didn't mean any more than any other political slogan. He also said a thousand points of light. Should we make a cottage industry out of that phrase too? The truth doesn't need drama and ********.

If you think 9/11 was rigged, and you want the world to know it, then my advice is to find the best possible stuff, things that can't be convoluted. Otherwise, you are gonna run into a lot of static.

Diane was making sense on that thread, but then when I saw her praising PatrickSMcNally, it made me think of that tinfoil Mormon article Lophofo linked to, and how this forum was right next to that link, and I was furious.

I'm gonna copy and paste this for my reply to your post. There is only so much time in the day. Emails cut into my time to make blogposts.

But seriously, with all due respect, I think the chembusters and the other guy DeMeo are full of crapola, some form of scripted opposition trying to rationalise this thing called orgone, which sorry to say, doesn't exist.

I can only imaging what Wilhelm Reich was smoking when he developed that theory.

I think I told you this before, but a professor of mine I was working with going over the roots of fascism, that Reich book was covered. Of course, I asked him about the orgone. He shook his head in disgust. Because Reich had done a magnificent job using psychology to pin down how we become fascist. A lot of it is greed, of course. But imho, most of it is the result of sexual repression. And Porn is not sexual freedom. Real freedom means we are all good people being ourselves, like that Beatles song, All You Need Is Love.

But yikes, then someone will say they got that while hanging out with another cult called the Hare Krishnas. It's tough to win world peace, but we can never give up.

Just remember, I am not a debunker per se, nor a believer. I am simply me trying my best as a human.

But when people start chomping on about Bilderbergs, NWO, 9/11, throw in some shape shifting reptiles and extra-terrestrials, it looks ridiculous.

Someone like that Diane can sound good, but if she is in dialogue with PatrickSMcNally, I cringe.

It's like my recent problems here with Lophofo. I've been trying to say that chemtrails are not kooky, that there are legitemate reasons for the activities. This weather wars angle is crazy. American Black Ops in the military are gonna target their own Texas border? Lophofo was saying that we had some kind of inside job weather wars? And that last link he provided was completely nuts.

But the Mormons thing is a cult, and I can see how brainwashed people can get brain cramps. He might be the coolest Mormon ever, but if he can't see that Joseph Smith was all lies, then wtf?

I want the real world to heal. Fiction isn't gonna cut it.

That type of stuff makes me look like a bigtime hypocrite. It is not normal to have crazy thoughts. It is ok to become aware of the craziness and get the f out of there. For the sake of his children, he needs to become an ex-Mormon. But maybe the money tied in with the scripted happiness makes it tough to break out of it. I am thinking of the Mormons as some kind of "The Matrix" type existence. The people of Utah are being told what to think. And this goes on everywhere on the internet, not just with the crazier **** like with Joseph Smith. The Mormon thing is crazy. We need missionaries to save them, to help get them out of that cult. He should do it for his kids. It's not fair to them. He has to know deep down that he is in some kind of deep doodoo. The Mormon Church is all about mind control. I am not trying to be rude to him, or with you concerning the chembuster ********, but I don't see you guys really getting into it at all the stuff I came up with concerning astroturfing or chemtrail forum fakes. I refuse to let two years of hard work get tainted because others' posts make me look like disinfo. I have accomplished too much based on facts to let some slippery slope get going.
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