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Officials Say U.S. Wiretaps Exceeded Law

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Officials Say U.S. Wiretaps Exceeded Law

Unread postby Lophofo » Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:23 am

This is old news, but it's still worth mentioning:
New York Times

Officials Say U.S. Wiretaps Exceeded Law

Published: April 15, 2009

WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency intercepted private e-mail messages and phone calls of Americans in recent months on a scale that went beyond the broad legal limits established by Congress last year, government officials said in recent interviews.

Several intelligence officials, as well as lawyers briefed about the matter, said the N.S.A. had been engaged in “overcollection” of domestic communications of Americans.

...Under the new legislation, however, the N.S.A. still needed court approval to monitor the purely domestic communications of Americans who came under suspicion.

In recent weeks, the eavesdropping agency notified members of the Congressional intelligence committees that it had encountered operational and legal problems in complying with the new wiretapping law, Congressional officials said.

Officials would not discuss details of the overcollection problem because it involves classified intelligence-gathering techniques. But the issue appears focused in part on technical problems in the N.S.A.’s ability at times to distinguish between communications inside the United States and those overseas as it uses its access to American telecommunications companies’ fiber-optic lines and its own spy satellites to intercept millions of calls and e-mail messages.

Re: Officials Say U.S. Wiretaps Exceeded Law

Unread postby Lophofo » Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:30 am

N.S.A. :: Neurotic Sociopathic Assholes

Re: Einstein 3

Unread postby socrates » Sat Jul 04, 2009 1:05 pm

Cybersecurity Plan to Involve NSA, Telecoms

DHS Officials Debating The Privacy Implications By Ellen Nakashima
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, July 3, 2009

The Obama administration will proceed with a Bush-era plan to use National Security Agency assistance in screening government computer traffic on private-sector networks, with AT&T as the likely test site, according to three current and former government officials.....

But the program has provoked debate within DHS, the officials said, because of uncertainty about whether private data can be shielded from unauthorized scrutiny, how much of a role NSA should play and whether the agency's involvement in warrantless wiretapping during George W. Bush's presidency would draw controversy. Each time a private citizen visited a "dot-gov" Web site or sent an e-mail to a civilian government employee, that action would be screened for potential harm to the network....

The program is the most controversial element of the $17 billion cybersecurity initiative the Bush administration started in January 2008. Einstein 3 is crucial, advocates say, in an era in which hackers have compromised computer systems at the Commerce and State departments and have taken military jet data from a defense contractor.....

The propaganda machine rolls on. Illegal wars. Illegal wiretapping and spying on citizenry. War crimes go unpunished. I don't know who did 911, but the actions taken by the U.S. government since that sad day are disproportionate to what actually happened. The U.S. government failed to protect the people in New York. It's as if the event was at a minimum allowed to happen. Terrorism needs to be treated as crime. We the people should not be continually punished by the corruption and greed put forth by the United States of America.

America cannot be allowed to continue as a police state spreading war and mayhem across the globe in the guise of being democracy building.

Spying on Journalists

{Lophofo told me about this next one}
Senator Feingold questions Attorney General on warrantless wiretapping
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