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Internet Fakes Creating Outrage At Jewish People

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Internet Fakes Creating Outrage At Jewish People

Unread postby socrates » Mon Jun 15, 2009 2:12 am

Is Michael Rivero sincere in his insanity, or is he paid to provoke divide and conquer and violence? How can folks not see that fakes are all over the internet spreading propaganda? Sure there is anti-semitism. There is also racism, sexism, homophobia, and lots of bad stuff. But I'm talking about a specific form of fakery. I'm talking about Michael Rivero, Hal Turner, and Jeff Rense. I'm talking about people posting on "lefty" blogs who speak of "Jew boys" like Virgil at Progressive Independent. I'm talking about some loser at Rivero's What Really Happened shitdive, who equates this recent murder at the Holocaust Museum to cointelpro. The person even had the gall to link to a fine website named Third World Traveler, which is an authentic, progressive domain. I'm talking about an anti-semite named Mattes who spreads disinformation all over soapblox {DKos} blogs while linking directly to Michael Rivero.

These are the Palestinians' worst enemies. I found a Michael Rivero podcast. He's saying this whole thing smells fishy. That the elderly gunman was shooting at the walls to garner attention and not to maim anyone, as if he murdered the security guard in self-defense. I've been googling a bit. I could write fifty pages on this. I could copy and paste tons of rubbish from right wingers posing as lefties posing as holocaust deniers and Jew haters. Rivero also says that Israel suckered the U.S. into attacking Iraq.

The situation is bad in the Middle East. The Palestinians are getting a raw deal. But the more these types spread their propaganda, and the more shallow people buy it up that anti-semitism is growing on the left, the more right of center politicians like Obama do what ever they want to help out the rich and continue pumping money into the military industrial complex.

I don't have the time anymore to keep blogging hours on end for free. The same bull the few of us have tried to explain so many times before is being reproduced over and over again. The guy I mentioned at Tinoire's Progressive Independent? I now see him pimping for Alex Jones. Now why would Alex Jones, as right wing as they come, be promoted at a so-called progressive website? He wouldn't be, if the place was for real. That forum has been a sponsor for Michael Rivero. Rivero sponsors Jones, Curtis Maynard, Willis Carto and all various types of propagandists and/or vice versa.

I'm gonna email the_last_name_left and let him know I've made this post. He was telling me about this story. The irony is that it is fueling the wingnuts and their drive to create useful idiots and provoke mayhem. You wouldn't believe how Rivero turns it around. He's asking who benefits. Others are posting that this was a hoax and a false flag event. This is lunacy. These are not progressives. These are paid fakes who make money to pervert democratic processes on the internet. It's all about right woos left and tinfoil by association. And the worst part of all is that the two major American forums, Democratic Underground and Daily Kos, have been proven to be rigged.

We have found out that Hal Turner has had FBI ties. We do know about cointelpro, so that is very suspicious. Now what about Rivero? Could he be a member of the Mossad? Think about it. That's the Israeli equivalent of the CIA. Let's take what Rivero has just said in his podcast- about asking who benefits from this horrific murder and turn the tables on the Rivero, Carto, Maynard, and Rense types. It does benefit the Israeli's in favour of asymetrical warfare. So why is Rivero spreading the tinfoil extra thick? Why are these people associated with holocaust deniers? Why are any "lefties" linking to Rivero? Who does it benefit to have outrageous tinfoil spread about "the Jooos" controlling the world? Those in favour of the status quo is who would promote such hogwash. Why does Michael Rivero hate the Palestinians? Why does he hate Jewish people? Does he love the Israeli and American militaries so much to justify acting the buffoon role? It appears so. Does he hate the left? Yes he does. Here's the creep's podcast, where one can listen in and see that Michael Rivero is some kind of monster.

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Re: Internet Fakes Creating Outrage At Jewish People

Unread postby the_last_name_left » Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:29 pm

hey - you covered a lot of ground in there!

I feel like adding a few things about Rivero: through all he writes, there's a distinct lack of sympathy with any victim whom happens to be jewish. That isn't compassion, it's anti-semitism. In this example he doesn't betray the least sign of genuine compassion towards a security guard gunned down in cold blood by some nutter. A nutter of the ilk Rivero is clearly seeking to breed through his espousal of a massive conspiracy needing to be opposed by gun-wielding aggressive patriotism; all mixed up with heavy does of racism and anti-semitism - and a seemingly purposeful effort to blur the boundaries between fascism and liberalism, conservatism or libertarianism - and by so doing, create an opportunity to foist far-right memes into conservative, liberal, and even socialist discourse (if 911 troofers can be considered to have "discourse" - lol)

It's no surprise that Rivero promotes holocaust denial - it's a great thread for him to hang everything on: it breeds distrust in institutions, even in "history" and "science" and "education". It is anti-semitic - and inevitably promotes the idea that the jews are "deceptive" because it implies the holocaust is a deception. And if the holocaust is a deception, then - wow, anything could be, right!? Then it inevitably seeks to rehabilitate Nazism - because they couldn't have been as bad as we thought, and in fact it's Nazis whom have been the victims all along.

From this perspective, it isn't difficult to see why Rivero seems to find it very hard to show any compassion over the murder at the Holocaust Museum. Nor why he seems desperate to distance himself from the whole thing - to downplay it - to make out that it's a setup......anything other than recognise he and the murderer are even fellow-travellers. They appear to hold very similar beliefs, they share similar sources, share perspectives and political positions, whatever you want to call it - they're seemingly ideological brethren and mixed up in all the same stuff: conspiracism, holocaust denial, fascism, anti-socialism, ultra nationalism, NWO, FED conspiracy, jewish/NEOCON world conspiracy/coup, jewish/banking conspiracy, jewish/media conspiracy, everything.

His 'support' for palestinians seems cynical exploitation of the issue: similar atrocities in Sri Lanka or Turkey/Iraq-Kurdistan draw none of the outrage Rivero seems to especially reserve for Israel. It's a very common characteristic found in 911 troof and associated critics' discourse - extreme criticism of Israel for actions that go unnoticed and unremarked upon elsewhere, such as Sri Lanka, Turkey, Chechnya, Congo.

All too often it appears criticism of Israel/jews takes precedence over compassion for everyone. Attacking the jews/Israel seems more important than opposing violence everywhere. The concentration upon, and strength of condemnation of Israeli atrocities seems to suggest Palestinians are especially important victims. Why would that be? one answer is because they're the victims of jews/Israel, and that's especially important to anti-semitism, as it provides a good "liberal" or "socialist" cover behind which to attack the jews/Israel, and provides yet another clandestine opening for the dissemination of far-right propaganda and ideology.

Rivero and AJ et al protested heartily about the whole domestic terrorism thing the DHS issued recently........and yet just the other day Rivero was suggesting this Von Brunn dude was 'mixed up with everyone'........and that the attack by Von Brunn on the Holocaust museum would be used to smear 'resistors of the NWO' or some such. Doesn't add up really, does it?

Then there's Rivero's attraction to self-defence, and his promotion of gun ownership, his promotion of massive conspiracy sprinkled with exhortations towards action towards nationalist revolution........all mixed up with Curt Maynard, Willis Carto's cliques, Birdman Bryant....and all the rest......a heady mix.

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Re: Internet Fakes Creating Outrage At Jewish People

Unread postby socrates » Mon Jun 15, 2009 5:32 pm

Thanks for the post. You've been very good at what you do. It's a shame that Trausti of one of the WRH offshoot forums has decided to hide his domain from the public. It makes me wonder real hard about that guy, whether he has been a plant the whole time. He writes that nothing from his place may be published elsewhere. He says it is his property. Perhaps his forum was set up from the beginning as a honey pot, to lure in any free thinkers like yourself and to trap them within the honeycomb. Perhaps he doesn't want the world to know that he has used the N word in referring to Obama. I think he looks like a white power dude. I know that's not fair to judge someone on their looks, but heck, I guess with him censoring your fine work and calling Obama the N word, he deserves it.

That's a great point you make, how Rivero has dehumanized the world. The shooting wasn't just about a deranged holocaust denier. These people are white supremacists. Rivero has published the bizarre writings of Curtis Maynard. Thus, he is part of that hate. Rivero is affiliated to Jeff Rense. Thus, he is tied into that. Alex Jones is now closely tied to Michael Rivero. Thus, Alex Jones is now part and parcel of the "Joos did it" network of propaganda. Tinoire of Progressive Independent is affiliated with Desert Peace and Michael Rivero. Now that is a specific place where right woos left. It is obvious to the few of us. We did the googling. We learned of Willis Carto. This isn't rocket science.

Of course, when gadflies like ourselves are critical of Israeli policies towards the Palestinians, this goes unnoticed by the propagandists. They are too busy saying we are fools to call them racists and Jew haters despite such truths being wide in the open for all to see. Rivero speaks of his first wife being Jewish. So that means Rivero can't possibly be a Jew hating propagandist? Get out of town. Maynard spews about his Mexican wife. He asks how can anyone say he is a white supremacist. I'm not gonna link to that vile person, but this is from his own gutter mouth.

...Believe it or not, I'm often accused of being a racist. I know why this is, it's because I insist on telling the truth in my own unique and unapologetic manner. I often use terms like ******, ****, meskin, and ****** in my missives, when describing various things you'd never otherwise hear about if it weren't for my blog.

...I utilize terms like "******, ****, meskin, and ******" because it clearly reveals to others that lightning bolts won't come out of the sky and strike them down for violating the man made tenets of political correctness. I'm a politically correct apostate after all, I don't believe in the self censoring precepts of Zionist Jew indoctrination.

He's upset that I didn't publish his hate speech on my blog dedicated to the memory of liberal activist David Weintraub. I'm all into free speech. Yet, I am also vehemently opposed to troll spam. Another Jew hater goes by the name of Hal Turner. It turns out that Hal has been fairly close with the right wing television propagandist, Sean Hannity. We are looking at good cop bad cop. The problem for "good cops" like Hannity and Rivero is that they go too far. When they can become linked to people goading others to violent thoughts and actions, then their right to act as if they have even a smidgen of credibility goes out the window. Alex Jones seemed to have distanced himself from the Jew haters. You were articulate in the past explaining how he uses coded phrases to replace outright hate speech. So instead of using vile words such as "****" and "zio-nazis," Jones has spoken of bankers and Hollywood. Nonetheless, now that Alex Jones can be clearly tied to the hip of Michael Rivero, as Rivero is the same to Maynard, they can all be seen as racist propagandists.

I think a lot of propaganda comes out of NASA. I base that on things I've read about concerning astroturfing. The owner of Chemtrail Central has admitted to working for them. Same with Rivero. I just did some googling and will have one link to share. But with another one I noticed how Rivero says his wife's name was added to some list put into space. He says he thinks they added her name, because she sent a free album of hers to astronauts. Hmmm. It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Rivero has worked for NASA? It wouldn't have to do with Michael Rivero being tied to military domains? Why did Michael Rivero have an email address for McDonnell Douglas, a defense contractor, and for NASA? Could perhaps those explain how his wife's name got added to some names in space project?

I listened to a bit more of that audio I linked to above. What is up with Rivero making comments with no proof? He does think the Holocaust Museum shooting was probably a hoax. He also is trying to minimize Brunn's internet activities. No way in hell do the propagandists want the reader to decide and then be able to see that they are fueling hate and violence. The most ironic thing I have read the last few days was with a white supremacist arguing for civil disobedience. Open up a can of spaghetti-o's and invite me late to dinner.

Rivero was filling in his audience on the American Nazi movement from the 1930's. He spoke of the dude caught embezzling money. He then had the gall to link that man to the ADL. I went googling. There is no proof of that. In short, I believe Michael Rivero is a deliberately created strawman in the vein of being the Palestinians' worst enemy. He makes it seem Israel and Jewish people are on the brink of being exterminated by growing anti-semitism. I am not saying there aren't people who sincerely hate Jewish people and Israel. But I don't believe there numbers are that large. This is what astroturfing is all about; to create the illusion of a substantial grassroots movement, that just isn't there. Take away the image of a vulnerable Israel, and perhaps we could see a Palestinian homeland or an Israel full of equality. I am thinking about Northern Ireland. These are problems that have been going on for centuries. My goal here has been to show the possibility that Rivero is not sincere with his words, that he could very well be a spook working psychological operations. The Brunn dude, as disgusting a person as he is, has been the proverbial useful idiot. Take away the Rivero's, the Tinoire's, the Maynard's, the Carto's, and all the other suppliers of hate rubbish on the net, and I simply don't believe this recent tragedy would have taken place.

Much of the following you already know about. But a part of it, folks may not. I believe this is proof that Rivero is disingenuous, that he isn't an organically developed wingnut. I believe he is acting. Same with Jones. Same with Turner. Maynard may actually be a real fruit loop. Hey, they are all nuts. But my point is, that I think many of these big internet names don't even believe what they post. They are simply abetting the status quo with their tinfoil by association and hate noise.


Ok, first the stuff we already know about. This was written in 2002.

More lies from Rivero:

...So, when Arial Sharon openly bragged on October 3rd that, "We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it", why should I not find this statement objectionable, and anti-American? Why should I not feel something less than affection for the man who made that statement?

The problem is Sharon never said that. Yet, it fuels the Rivero/Rense/Maynard/Carto spiels of "Run for the hills, it's the Joos." Same as like that guy from the American Nazi group wasn't associated with the ADL. Rivero lies. Then ironically he speaks of how we must be critical of others who have agendas. Ma Pot meet Pa Kettle.

...I've run this web site for over 8 years. You can check through the pre 9/11 version of What Really Happened for yourself to see if I have had any excessive preoccupation with Israel during that time. Only in recent weeks have I even mentioned Israel, and that solely because the ACTIONS of the government of Israel have called attention to Israel.

...In the course of that reporting, it was revealed by a US official that evidence exists linking 9/11 to persons other than Muslim Arabs, but that this evidence is CLASSIFIED. That too is NEWS. Deal with it.

There are many disturbing questions that revolve around 9/11. Even the_last_name_left admits this. No one is saying that the Israeli government isn't doing wrong in the Gaza Strip. What we have bonded on are facts, that a disgusting circle of wingnuts have been spamming the internet with their hate tinfoil. I think it is quite telling that Rivero all of a sudden shifted from his previous crazy stuff to focusing in on "The Joos did it." The shift was not organic. It was too abrupt. It was too coordinated with other websites such as Rense dot com. It's too lacking in evidence. It's a cereal filled with too much cuckoo bananas.

I believe much of this Jew hating rubbish has been deliberately planted propaganda. I believe that the numbers of folks who actually believe this shite is very small. Thus, I think this group of nasty meanies is relying on funding from black op, status quo sources, and that many of the usernames are sock puppets and closely associated. I don't need any more proof of how insidious Alex Jones is based on his close ties to Michael Rivero. I don't need any more proof that Rivero is bad news based on his ties to Curtis Maynard and Jeff Rense. I need no more evidence that Tinoire and Progressive Independent is bad news based on their close ties to Rivero. I need no more proof that right woos left is fact, when so much of this rubbish ends up finding itself on so-called progressive domains. I need no more proof that these are deliberately created strawmen used by the "grown-ups" on "progressive" boards who predominantly end up siding with folks who condone the Israeli government's atrocities in the name of self-defense. I see this all as being a sophisticated, controlled script. Authentic progressives, peaceniks, and intellectuals need not apply.
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