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Cindy Sheehan Thrown Under the Bus by Fake Progressives

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Cindy Sheehan Thrown Under the Bus by Fake Progressives

Unread postby socrates » Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:16 am

The people doing it this time can be tied to Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman. More on that in a bit.

The Raw Story has once again shown its true colours as being less progressive and more of a rag tabloid. On June 4th, they published an "article" by Stephen C. Webster and David Edwards titled, "'Peace Mom' to hound Bush in Dallas." Is hound their nice way of saying Cindy is stalking George Bush? This is reminiscient of the attacks made by Michael Fingerit {MajorFlaw of DKos and DU}, a perverter of democratic processes, on peace activist David Weintraub. Fingerit was upset that Dave had been going after Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, two George Bush supporters. Now other fake progressives have decided to attack Ms. Sheehan in order to protect the war criminals who just left power. These are not coincidences, imho. It is all about right wooing left. It's all about maintaining the status quo of war and greed.

Some on the internet are starting to co-opt insights that a few of us had been brave enough to articulate, before it has become popular to do so. A poster named donkeytale, who appears to be a paid fake, is starting to grab hold of the right woos left concept. Ironically or planned, he has fit the image of the stereotypical "Obama-bot." Why do things never get better? Why is justice never served? It seems this is because fake progressives have stolen the legacy of true peaceniks, intellectuals, and progressives. There is no justification for what the Raw Story has just posted. None.

'Peace Mom' to hound Bush in Dallas


Cindy Sheehan, who gave the Bush-era's peace movement a proper kick-off by camping out in a ditch down the street from the former president's ranch after her son died in Iraq, is still honing her protest craft.

Honing her craft? As in Cindy is all about self-promotion? Maybe I am reading too much into that sentence. But what about this?

Of course, Cindy is quite comfortable being ridiculed by practically all sides (including her own). The "Peace Mom," as she became known, was hit by the right for criticizing the invasion of Iraq and, eventually, by the left for being a perpetual spotlight-seeker.

I would link to sources on that, but that bit comes first-hand. After spending months covering Cindy's activity for The Lone Star Iconoclast in Crawford, I understand many of the various opinions expressed about this woman's activism. Especially the whole "figurehead" syndrome which any normal person gets when tens of thousands swarm and lift her up as a hero.

Webster seems to be running interference for war criminals. Instead of attacking the message, he has attacked the messenger. He is equating Cindy Sheehan as being some kind of publicity seeker, that her initial successes have gone to her head. While Webster is attempting to phrase the left and right as having two distinct critiques of Cindy, he couldn't be farther from the truth. The right were the the first to portray her as a media *****. Their attacks weren't merely about disagreement with the Iraq War. I used to post at the Randi Rhodes Message Board, a place that has been deleted more than once. On one thread, a person spread the hoax that Cindy had done an interview with Hustler Magazine. Myself and only one other person cried foul. The hoax was put out at the same time conservative domains such as Free Republic were spreading the meme that she was a media *****. This is how right woos left works. While the right is blatant in their attacks, fake progressives post the same kind of rubbish on so-called liberal blogs. This is astroturfing. These are attempts to make conservative smear attacks appear as middle of the road and centrist. It's as if the Lone Star Iconoclast and its hacks have been doing the work of modern day cointelpro. They act as if they are part and parcel of the peace movement, yet here they are discouraging grassroots efforts to develop the necessary critical mass to get us the heck out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Any chance that Webster was being fair and balanced went out the window when he said the following.

Eventually, as my friend and former colleague Nathan Diebenow once quite accurately summarized, her constant angling for the spotlight and failure to significantly modify her tactics made Cindy into a "media bore" (as opposed to the oft referenced "media *****" insult so many on the right would hurl at her).

In spite of the sympathy I feel for her cause, I can't help but wonder what this is meant to accomplish ... Aside from, ah, annoying the neighbors. Looks like a lot of Dallasites feel the same.

Nathan Diebenow has written more than one fluff piece on convicted Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. In not one of those did he mention anything about his domestic terrorism or his propensity to propagate "election integrity" hoaxes in attempts to make millions off of gullible progressives.

Bush Is So Over Now: Song Marks End of Political Era

BRETT KIMBERLIN, a musician and election reform
activist, wrote the words to “Happy Springtime (Bush Is Over)”
to signify the beginning of a new era after the darkness of the
Bush administration.

The message behind Brett Kimberlin’s new song couldn’t be clearer yet he is finding that a part of his audience is missing the bigger picture.

The song carries the weight of a powerful pro-peace song. It’s a version of the John Lennon classic "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" that fits today’s political landscape.

But "Happy Springtime (Bush Is Over)" is much more than a song about impeaching President George W. Bush, said Kimberlin in an interview with the Iconoclast.

"It’s more like the Bush era of darkness and sadness is over," he noted. "And there’s a new beginning. If we start envisioning the fact that this era is over, we can create a new reality in our minds."

Aaah, are you starting to spot the trend, good reader? Fake progressives are spinning this new era as being the start of a better world. Cindy Sheehan type attacks on Bush and Obama need not apply. That is the message. We have won. Hallelujah!

How close are Velvet Revolution and The Lone Star Iconoclast?

...And come fall, he’ll have his eyes on election reform as the co-founder of the Velvet Revolution.org with Brad Friedman. (Full disclosure: The Iconoclast is one of VR’s affiliates.)

Uhm, in the movie Austin Powers, Dr. Evil's son has the famous line a trillion is bigger than a billion, numbnuts. That's velvetrevolution.us, Mr. Diebenow. :twisted: But thanks for making the disclosure. It appears that VR no longer lists its affiliates. Perhaps that is because it is fairly embarrassing.

Another affiliate of Velvet Revolution is the Progressive Independent. That domain has sponsored Michael Rivero. Rivero has ties to neonazis. One of the reasons I have been cyberstalked and smeared, is because I was able to tie together various fake progressive domains. But let's get back to The Lone Star Iconoclast pimping for the serial bomber and his cadre of hoaxsters, before I lead us further towards Digression City.

Rovian Flu — Activists: Review Bush DoJ For Political Prosecutions

BRAD FRIEDMAN (right), founder of the Velvet Revolution,
interviews Iconoclast reporter Dr. Gene Ellis at Camp Casey
near Crawford in August 2005.

Velvet Revolution, along with 26 other organizations and over 900 individuals, have signed on to a letter asking Attorney General Holder to review the Bush administration’s Department of Justice for signs of political prosecutions.

Hmmm. Has Nathan Diebenow been pounding back some Guinness with the Speedway Bomber and Brad or what? There is something I refer to as the two day question. Two days after Brad Friedman heard of Brett Kimberlin and his reward for election fraud evidence, the two of them started Velvet Revolution. Did Nathan start pounding out articles for those blokes two days after first hearing of them?

We are looking at the proverbial bait and switch. Years ago, Cindy was championed by such fake progressives, when it served their over the top Bush hatred. While Cindy was sincerely leading the peace movement the best she could, others were merely capitalising on prevailing sentiments in order to build up their base and funding. Why the turnaround and sudden hostility from the fake left? Cindy stopped kissing Democratic arse. She has been holding Pelosi's, Obama's, and other Democrats' feet to the fire. For remaining true to the peace movement and demanding that U.S. war criminals be held accountable, Cindy has been thrown under the bus by those who are posing as peaceniks and progressives for selfish reasons.

From Diebenow's article linked to in the Raw Story entry.

Let’s just cut to the chase. Cindy Sheehan is no attention *****.

Simon Cowell is an attention *****.

Paula Abdul is an attention *****.

Cindy Sheehan is a media bore, and she is alienating not only her friends but also her potential allies....

...See, Cindy Sheehan must repent, shut the hell up, and finally grieve the loss of her son.

No 10-day walk, concert, or political campaign does a Savior make.

So do her a favor and ignore her.

It’s for her own damn good.

Besides, she doesn’t even realize you exist.

What a guy. Or better put, what a creep.

Here's another one Nathan wrote praising the man who generated Brad Friedman's faux popularity through providing him with easy to sell hoaxes.

Plumbers 2.0


They say it’s better to give than receive.

But this holiday season, the Velvet Revolution says, "Hey! Why not both?"

The Washington, D.C. non-profit is offering a half a million dollars to whistleblowers.

In exchange, VR wants information about what they describe as a very crooked, Republican operative.

His name is Michael Connell....

"I believe this guy (Connell) is the equivalent of the Watergate plumbers. I mean, there are so many folks in the Bush administration that are former Nixonites like Cheney and Rumsfeld," said Kimberlin, referring to the break-in of the Democratic National Committee’s offices that lead to President Nixon’s resignation.

"They have that mentality: ‘Nixon is a good guy. He got screwed over. The ends justify the means.’"

Right now, VR is sorting out the information they already have on Connell, but they are searching for more from his employees in order to "bring him to justice" through congressional hearings.

Kimberlin is the dude who has been spreading the lie that Michael Connell was threatened by Karl Rove.

From a Court Document


...Obtaining Michael Connell's testimony before the election is critically important. Connell has indicated in prior conversations with plaintiff’s expert that, if he is compelled to testify, he will not lie. Connell's potential testimony is such a great threat to Karl Rove that Karl Rove threatened to see that [Connell’s] wife would be criminally prosecuted if Connell implicated Rove in the theft of the 2004 Ohio election. See Declaration of Brett Kimberlin, Exhibit B, ¶ 3.

Folks can check out my Prepostericity diaries at Daily Kos and see how Brett Kimberlin has made it appear he has been one of the brains behind Raw Story. I've also written stuff here and elsewhere on the net. I do not like it when fake progressives steal our destiny. Something tremendously bad is rotting from the "progressive" blogosphere.

Brett's buddy Brad Friedman has come up with a post on this recent Cindy bashing. The best insights were provided by the peanut gallery. Folks can check those out themselves. Here is one post that I think missed the mark by miles.

You know the Left is in turmoil when they're attacking their own people. I loathe much of what the Right stands for, but I respect the discipline and clear focus that they generally show.

This is not the left. Is Alex Jones the left? No. Is Agent99 the left? No. Anyone can check out her rantings at Big Dan's blog in which the Rivero-styled Jew haters spew their "craft." Agent99 was shown by myself many months ago to have attacked Cindy Sheehan. You see, Agent99 stuck up for my cyberstalkers when they arrived to bash me. I had taken offense to a right woos left hoax claiming around 80,000 U.S. soldiers had died from the Gulf Wars. Dredd has said that Agent99 might be Kimberlin. I don't know. That could be true, but there is no proof. It wouldn't surprise me. I don't think disinfo fockers like Agent99, Kimberlin, and Michael Rivero, to name a few, are just about spreading tinfoil to garner donations. To me, they reek of being insidious political operatives or worse. How do no-names like Kimberlin and Rivero rise to the top of the internet so quickly? Same with Friedman. They reek of being plants. Hey, maybe it is all about making a buck. It's not on me to prove they are spooks. Whether they are agent provocateurs or hoaxsters, the result is the same. We are looking at no less than the perversion of democratic processes on the internet. I can't make the following point enough. True progressives, intellectuals, and peaceniks need not apply.

I've just a few more links to share. Peter B. Collins, part of this right woos left network, has shut down access to his website. When one tries to access it, they are redirected to a log in page. Hmmm.

Here's a cached link I found.

The Peter B. Collins Show: Real patriots defend the constitution!


Brett Kimberlin: is now more widely known on the internet as a co-founder of Velvet Revolution with Brad Friedman.

He is now more widely known on the net for co-counding Velvet Revolution with Brad Friedman because of me, a nobody from Massachusetts. After Brad covered up my findings on Steven Hertzberg of the Election Science Institute and right woos left, and then after I took umbrage with that, Brad taunted me to dig up dirt on him. So I took his advise. And all roads led to the Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. I bet Brad regrets ever telling me to do that. A fairly well-known freelance reporter named Joe Lauria, one I spoke with for over a couple hours, has said that I became a player as Prepostericity.

You see, good people, the Karl Rove threatening Michael Connell hoax and its previous incarnations concerning Spoonamore and Clint Curtis have shown up on the media's radar. But once it was realised that there is zero proof that any of this crap would lead to proving elections were stolen, the stories have died. The media is not concerned in exposing internet hoaxes. It's fairly obvious that the internet is unreliable. It's not that it hasn't had great potential for spurring on positive, social change. But that's where the right woos left astroturfers entered the scene and completely contained then contaminated it.

On the BradBlog thread, a media personality named Christine Craft showed up to make sure the bus tires got all of Cindy. Should we be surprised that Christine and Brad have worked together on many occasions? Here is one interview they did together.

I got good at cyber-sleuthing, darn good. I tried my best to make it as a blogger. BradBlog was my last try. I'm not even gonna count Daily Kos. I could, but it was fairly soon when it became obvious the place is a joke for democracy, when friends Alexandrovna and Fingerit were allowed to cheat and censor a critical thinker playing by the rules. The last year for me has been all about tying together loose ends while continuing to stick up for the truth. The internet is rigged and contaminated. Whether individuals can be classified into different groups including let's say paid disinfo, hoaxster grifters, useful idiots, et al, that is not my problem. I have tried my best and have accumulated plenty of evidence. A bunch of my stuff has been of an exclusive variety. For example, I'm the one who figured out Lori Grace and her ties to the Kimberlin directed disinfo. My chin is held high. I ask the good readers to consider why I have been attacked so much. It is because I have gotten the job done and for free. I am an untouchable. My soul cannot be bought. When I leave this world, hopefully in half a century, my conscience will be clean. The same cannot be said for Brett Kimberlin and all his buddies.

I've got just one more link to provide proving a tight bond between The Lone Star Iconoclast and Brett Kimberlin/Friedman Productions.

Brett Kimderlin - The Music the Makes a Movement

The blogger's name is Melinda Pillsbury-Foster. According to her,

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster is a columnist for the Iconoclast in Texas and has been involved in many organizations dedicated to enacting positive change for most of her life. How the NeoCons Stole Freedom – and how we can take it back, is the title of her blog. Most of her articles are available there. Pillsbury-Foster was an early member of the Libertarian Party, serving as Southern California Vice Chairman for six terms and on their National Committee....

Wow. Another libertarian. Just like Brad. She sounds like just another opportunist. All of these people do.

So she couldn't get Brett's name correct for the url. In her post, she found another way to misspell his name.

This Week's Show
Guest: Brett Kinderlin

Hmmm. Yet again, there is no mention of Brett's past. I must give her credit, however, over some of the other interviewers and "journalists." At least Melimba, er, Melinda hasn't spread lies like Alexandrovna of Raw Story that Brett is an {David Letterman crescendo cough} exonerated, ex-political prisoner. Hey, she even provides a donation button just like all these other domains. Maybe I'll send her a few bucks so she can take a writing seminar. I don't see any link to that interview.

Ok, just one more link. I promise. Here's one where people can listen to Kimberlin promote himself as some kind of hero rather than the convicted serial bomber, major drug smuggler, and murder suspect that he truly was. Check out how it's written that he's a driving force behind Raw Story.


Tonight we interview Brett Kimberlin, the man behind e-voting investigations of BradBlog.com and the investigative internet journal Raw Story.com.

{my emphasis}

Or if that doesn't grab your interest, Ms. Steel has the following topics also available for your right woos left, tinfoil by association pleasure.

FRIDAY NIGHT WITH GEORGE DICKSON: Researcher in esoteric knowledge, Mayan calendar time line, Ufology, indigenous prophecy, unity consciousness, multidimensional reality.

Selected readings and personal commentary of esoteric texts. Metaphysics, Ascension consciousness, spiritual enlightenment, ascended masters, mysticism and theology. Tonight we read selected works by RUMI a Sufi Master who lived in the 1200s AD, and was the originator of the Dervish Dance.

Selected readings from esoteric texts. Metaphysics, ascension and unity consciousness. Tonight we read from "Dialogues with a Modern Mystic" written by Andrew Harvey and Mark Matousek.

Hmmm, what have we here?

Tonight we have two interviews. First is with Kevin Ceese atty for Votersforpeace.US Kevin represents 200 organizations seeking the disbarment of Bush torture attorneys and indictments for Bush regime officials.


[quote="Speedway Bomber Buddy Brad Friedman"]My colleague Kevin Zeese, an attorney himself, as well as executive director of VotersForPeace.us and a board member at VR, signed the complaints delivered to the appropriate boards for all 12 Bush attorneys.

Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin are bad news. They should be investigated for fraud. How much money have they raked in through hoaxes? How much damage have they done to "election integrity?" Who the hell do they think they are now fooling? The cat is out of the bag.
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Re: Cindy Sheehan Thrown Under the Bus by Fake Progressives

Unread postby socrates » Tue Sep 01, 2009 6:45 pm

I found some more right wing ideology flowing out of MyLeftWing, the website that kicked Francis Holland to the curb in an act of outright censorship.

Dear Antiwar New Englander

The two culprits are DonkeyTale and KarmaStench. DonkeyTale is well know for having co-opted Francis Holland's whitosphere phrase with his own variation of whiteysphere. He also makes spelling mistakes on purpose. He may have supported Mr. Holland in the past, but I believe that was more a matter of what is referred to as concern trolling. KarmaStench is well-known for having followed Francis to MyLeftWing in order to troll him. He has admitted to that.

Here's DonkeyTale on Cindy Sheehan. This is reminiscent of when the right wing propaganda machine was spinning her as being a media *****.

I often wonder how she came to raise up a "warrior son" in the first place, approvingly sending him off to boot camp? Oh, you mean the VOLUNTEER military is not just a jobs training program, a way to accumulate tuition money? You mean that nice sergeant at the recruitment center was lying????

Cindy Sheehan is gigging dude, an opportunist using her dead son for fun and profit. I have no problem with her schtick, but its a far cry from whereshe sits to grateness.

She's found her a nice job, is all, standing around all day in front of the MSM, collecting donations from the Left Behind.

Now, institutionalized. An annual event attracting dozens.....the Jerry Lewis Telethon of the Left Behind. Give a dollar and feel all good about yourself.


Now on to KarmaStench. A poster called him out for supporting war. KarmaStench denied that, but here is what he said on a different thread.

When the Bush administration attacked Afghanistan I was initially opposed, but came to accept it after Osama bin Ladin took credit for the 9/11 attacks.

KarmaFish spinned that retort as being comprised of a quote taken out of context. Yet, he never denied that he is for the war in Afghanistan. The irony is that Bin Laden may have died a very long time ago and never actually took any credit for 9/11. It is an established fact that he has had a severe kidney illness. Then of course there is the question of whether he actually took credit for the September 11th attacks.

Swiss scientists 95% sure that Bin Laden recording was fake

There was a French study which tried to debunk this Swiss one. The point is there is reasonable doubt to believe that any tape of Bin Laden taking credit is authentic. Oh well, there you have it, yet another enigma. Plus, kooky right wing disinformation websites are the predominant search hits for trying to figure it out. So despite the link provided by myself being from The Guardian, curious newbies and fence-sitters are gonna end up thinking this is just more internet tinfoil after ending up at crap websites.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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