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We should be BEYOND discussing the EXISTENCE of chemtrails

dialogue and research on chemical trails

We should be BEYOND discussing the EXISTENCE of chemtrails

Unread postby DG » Mon Jun 25, 2007 9:43 pm

Here's the deal:

We should be far beyond discussing the existence of chemtrails.

To any sane mind there is something different going on in the skies in the past 8+ years, that should be already established.

WHAT it is that's going on should be the discussion.

- If it's NOT a spray done purposely, then:
is it a result of new gasoline in the planes?
is it a new additive in the planes?

- If it is one of those two things, we need to discuss:
is it healthy to breathe?
is it fair to the human population to have planes alter our God-given weather?
is it right that these blatantly obvious new skies have not been addressed by anybody in power?

Day Glo: The Voice of Reason at Carnicom's Forum

Unread postby socrates » Tue Jun 26, 2007 12:07 pm

Hi DG, welcome to the forum.

I am very grateful that there are people like yourself who have stepped forward. Yesterday, I signed up to ez-boards with the distinct objective of inviting you to post here. You are nothing short of being the heart and soul of Carnicom's forum. I have read your posts and have seen nothing but honesty, integrity, and sincere passion with your writings these last couple years.

We should be beyond even discussing the existence of chemtrails. May41970 and myself have come to the conclusion that these chemtrail forums have been rigged in such a way as to make chemtrails appear as a looney tunes conspiracy theory.

They have started up again today here in the Boston area after about a week of normal skies. I just went into a local police station and tried to make headway into getting this investigated. There is a law, u.s. code:

title 15-- Chapter 9A

But the problem is that not enough people are aware that our skies are being modified, so most of what we are getting is lip service. So we have to figure out ways to find allies in law enforcement, the courts, aviation. We could use some real whistleblowers, not the made up ones we have heard of.

Such people don't even have to believe that chemtrails are real. All they need to be are honest people who will follow the letter of the law and investigate our complaints. So if this law means that military forces don't have to report their weather modifications, we deserve at the least an acknowledgement that the aircraft are military/NATO/frankenscientific in nature, and that this is why there is no report. If that is the case, then we will need to have many more breakthroughs with the media, not just with Paul Moyer of KNBC, Los Angeles. We will then need to get some politicians to help us out. Those will more likely be found in the House of Representatives, who appear far less corrupt than the senators.

I hate to sound like some conspiracy theorist, but we "chemmies" are in the middle of an information war. I do not believe that people like Kola, Prioris, Halva, Weatherman714, Jay Reynolds, Chem11, increase1776, swampgas, deborah, big bunny, yaak/cydoniaquest and many others just showed up on the scene as regular folks like you and me. No, I believe that there is a script in place with a cointelpro like nature. These posters serve different purposes as regards to the secrecy.

People like Kola, Halva, Prioris, Increase1776, and weatherman714 are there to make all of us look like crazed dopeheads or rednecks. People like Swampgas and Chem11 were put in place to serve as gatekeepers, to make sure that those of us who got fed up with the tinfoil nature of chemtrail central would remain in their grips. People like Deborah/Foot Soldier, Big Bunny, and Yaak were put in place to portray chemtrails as being a result of air pollution interacting with more commercial air traffic. Jay Reynolds/ Epoxynous/ Ender were put in place to continue with the off-topic, disjointed fake debunking.

It may sound crazy to think there is so much fakery on these forums, and by focussing on it so much, perhaps we are keeping ourselves away from totally figuring out chemtrails, getting them documented, explained, and stopped. So with that in mind, I'll try to move on from these ideas of a script between fake "believers" and "debunkers" and try to respond to your actual post.

I also apologize that my posts can be full of too many words. I think this is because chemtrails are one of the toughest topics to write about. Having all the astroturfing going on has just made it worse. At CTC last year, I met someone named "Crystal Rose."

I recently have restored contact with her. She has admitted to me that it was the idiotic nature of most of the posters that drove her off the board. She may start posting here, but says she needs to be in a certain mood to do this. Here are her posts.


But on to your actual post, which was both brilliant and to the point.

- If it's NOT a spray done purposely, then:
is it a result of new gasoline in the planes?
is it a new additive in the planes?

I've thought about this too, because like yourself, I don't think this is some kind of for entertainment only kind of esoteric internet game. This isn't Larry Bird against Magic Johnson. If chemtrails aren't a deliberate activity, then fine, show us the money! Prove it!

The skies obviously look very different than they did 8-10 years ago. We want to know, why is this so?

My belief is that if there was some easy explanation having to do with jet fuel changes or some new turbine engines or something like that, then this would be common knowledge. Chemtrails as a topic would have as much credibility as the idea that world leaders are reptilian shape-shifters.

But we have never been given any explanation. First, we were told that we had clouditis. Then we were told that we were just seeing ordinary persistent contrails, nothing as a result of deliberate activities.

On the Discovery Channel, commercial jet fuel was tested and no extra additives such as barium and aluminum were found. The air force, of course, refused to give a sample of their own fuel, which doesn't have the same specifications of commercial jet fuel. Rosalind Peterson has even said that the show made it seem that samples were going to be taken from actual chemplumes and analyzed, but for some unknown reason, the show backed out on doing that. I do think military jet fuel could be a factor, but I think what we are seeing is the result of them using those "contrail generation" inventions.

There is clear cut proof that military aircraft are involved in the chemtrailing. Lately, I have been trying to get folks to look more closely at what Terry Stewart of Victoria, B.C., Canada actually said many years ago. This is the type of clear cut evidence that is being turned into a needle in a haystack.

This is the post made here that kind of sums that story up:
{please scroll down if link doesn't take you to the exact post. This mod might not be working because of the upgrade to v.3.}

- If it is one of those two things, we need to discuss:
is it healthy to breathe?
is it fair to the human population to have planes alter our God-given weather?
is it right that these blatantly obvious new skies have not been addressed by anybody in power?

This is where it could help us to track down information on spikes in respiratory illnesses, aggravated skin conditions, perhaps alzheimer's, since there is a relation between alzheimer's and metals like aluminum.

For a long time, I have avoided the issue of health effects from the chemtrails. But lately, I have started to sense that there is a connection between our health and the aerosol operations. I read your Carnicom post from the other day mentioning the appearance of excessive clear mucous. I have noticed that too from myself. But since I am a cigarette smoker, I always figured that was from the smokes. But after seeing your post, it makes me wonder.

It comes down to your last question about accountability. This comes down to the basic premise of why the wars for democracy were allegedly fought over. Are we free, equal, autonomous beings, or will there always be secret, backroom dealings going on affecting us and the planet, that we have no say over?

I think it comes down to divide and conquer. They want us to fight one another instead of joining forces. They want us to run down rabbit holes, instead of expressing our freedom of association, our power to get things done by using our constitutional rights and working for the common good as equals. It's not good enough to get rid of a king and replace him with a corporate, war mongering U.S. conglomeration that spits on the idea of "we the people."

Myself and may41970 also believe that there is scrubbing that gets done at places like CTC. Not only are we besieged with crazy posts and ideas that make us look like fruit loops, good nuggets and ideas are being hidden and/or obfuscated.

I think we will find a way to get this exposed and stopped. Thank you for all your efforts.

the people united will never be defeated

n.b. I got timed out before this post made it, so I hit the back space, copied the post, then resigned in. Free forums can be very funky at times. Thanks for your patience.
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Chemtrails Have Been Astroturfed As Being Kooky

Unread postby socrates » Fri Jun 29, 2007 12:15 am

Sometimes it is tough to understand why there is still some fake debate going on between "believers" and "debunkers."

On The Chemtrail Trail
Death From The Skies, Or Goofy Hoax?
J. Scott Wilson , Staff Writer

UPDATED: 2:06 pm EST February 11, 2005

After my explorations into the world of "rods," I've gained an appreciation for the depth of research and discussion going on concerning some of these more esoteric topics. Sure, there is the usual cadre of tinfoil-hatted drooling mumblers, but a lot of the folks at the center of the debates have pretty impressive collections of letters (M.S., PhD, etc.) after their names.

Granted, I could hop on the Net this evening and hold two or three doctorates by morning, but I can't believe ALL of these folks did that.

By once again diving into the depths of a night-long Googlefest, I think I've gotten a bit of a handle on another issue near and dear to the hearts of those in the esoteric community: chemtrails.

There are multiple definitions of chemtrails, from the dryly scientific to the downright Orwellian. To cull them together into one "unified field theory" of chemtrails is a job for one of those fellows with all the letters after his name, so I'll just do the best I can to cook up my own definition: chemtrails are, supposedly, exhaust trails from jet engines which contain chemicals reputed to do everything from suppressing human evolution to altering our genetic codes to tranquilizing us to inducing droughts.

That's a pretty tall order, indeed, but the sheer volume of Web-based information out there could make a believer out of just about anyone. Why would anyone devote this much work to a topic, the rational mind insists, if there wasn't something to it?

Journey back in time with me just over a year, to that dark and shaky time after Sept. 11, 2001, when threats seemed to loom from every corner. Shortly before Halloween, a rumor surfaced and quickly shot to front-page status that unnamed terrorists were going to attack the nation's shopping malls on Halloween night. We were all warned in the direst of language to avoid the malls, to stay home and hunker down.

I'm going to blow my own horn just tiny bit here: The Weird Chronicles was one of the first venues in which this rumor was fingered as the hoax it eventually proved to be.

My mailbox fairly exploded. People had become deeply invested in the idea of this hoax being true, and took very unkindly to the notion that they might have been duped. I was told I'd have "blood on my hands" on Halloween night, called names I haven't heard since my bar-hopping days, and generally cast in that particular light reserved for tot snatchers and nun abusers.

Now, before you fire up the Hotmail and start flaming, I am NOT for a moment saying that chemtrails are a hoax on the order of the Halloween one. However, the hyperbole one encounters when trying to make an objective assessment can send even the most open mind scurrying for shelter.

Now ponder this little concept: you're in an argument, and you know full well that the other side has all the facts they need to prove their point. What's your best move? Render your opponent unbelievable. Destroy his credibility in the eyes of the judges and it doesn't matter if he resurrects Einstein, he'll not be believed.

It strikes me that the "monster shouters" (to crib from Stephen King) here are doing just that: destroying the credibility of their own side's argument. That leaves the naysayers sounding calm and well-reasoned, like the nice man leading you away from the raving nutcase who's cornered you in the bus station.

This is why many chemmies are fed up with kooky posts. It's making it too easy for fake debunkers to portray "chemtrails" as some kind of internet hoax.
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Unread postby socrates » Mon Jul 23, 2007 2:32 pm

A few lost posts were found through google cache.

Posted by DG: Wed Jul 04, 2007 2:36 pm

Happy Effing 4th of July, people.
Barely 11:30am and the skies are COVERED in milky, sludgy, white crap.

Happy freedom, everyone.

Posted by socrates: Wed Jul 04, 2007 6:08 pm

It started for us here in the Boston area Tuesday late afternoon. They continued to pepper the skies today. Now we are stuck with the ugly, milky-white mess.

Even people I have annoyed about this in the past are starting to come around. One is fully on-board. The other is now aware of what to look for, that this isn't some internet hoax. We have to know the audience.
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Day Glo, the Voice of Reason at Carnicom's

Unread postby socrates » Fri Jul 27, 2007 2:57 pm

Myself and DG have quite different political views. But that doesn't mean we aren't kindred spirits when it comes to being royally pissed off by all the lunatic postings on chemtrails which are making it so difficult to get more than one or two news reports on commercial television.

Time and time again I have seen her respond to fake "believers," asking them to stifle it, that the craziness is not gonna get anyone new or on the fence to take the idea of widespread weather modification going on seriously.

Now, she has shown that she isn't afraid either to mix it up with a fake pilot, one trying to astroturf that chemtrails are contrails.

There is a certain fake "debunker" who always shows up with links to airliners.net. They work in conjunction with Jay Reynolds, Ed Snell/Yaak, Chem11, Big Bunny, and Deborah/Foot Soldier. But the key to astroturfing is that it is all about generating the perception of a grassroots movement. If only Ed Snell or Jay Reynolds or Deborah are blabbering that chemtrails are contrails, then the astroturfing doesn't work. That's why Epoxynous at youtube was created. That's why KevinMartin is allowed to post at the insidious ChemTroll Central.

So while the illusion has been presented that Ed Snell is off to his rural hideaway, and Jay Reynolds is off on some gig working for oil companies, this is when some new username usually shows up. This time it is someone named "**** marcinko," who signed up to Carnicom's on July 21st, 2007.

need help with these

perusing this website and i found these pictures. what do you think?






as i pilot i see thick contrails. different kind of contrails. from my limited research on these sites, i have seen identical types of trails labeled as chem.

are these chem??

my point is that it seems to me that the vast majority of "data" on this site is based on visual observations. if there is "insufficient data" to decide if my pictures are chem or con, where is the sufficient data to determine that other pictures are undeniably chemtrail?

why are my pics inconclusive but yours are conclusive. where is the smoking gun?

i really am trying to understand this (i know, i am not very bright)

Here one can see two basic disinformation tactics in place. One, he invokes authority. Secondly, he is presenting chemtrails versus contrails as being an enigma. His posts just seem to be more planted fakery from the fake "debunker" side.

On this next thread, DG came to the rescue and pretty much put the fake pilot in his place. This is why I like Day Glo, even if we don't agree too much on politics.

Chemtrails stopped?

**** marcinko:
Re: vanishing trails

maybe related, maybe not. but regular contrails are much more prevelent in the winter than in the summer. could this have anything to do with the reduction of trails that are being observed coincidently as we head into summer?

"As the humidity in mid-latitude cruising altitudes reaches its lowest values in summer contrail formation is less likely in summer than in winter. It is almost twice as likely for an aircraft flying to leave a contrail in winter than in summer. Even though air traffic has a maximum in summer, contrail radiative forcing is larger in winter than in summer. This shows the dominant role of variations in atmospheric conditions, compared to variations in air traffic. We found that half of the annual mean contrail radiative forcing can be attributed to flights during the three winter months of December, January, and February."

Day Glo: In regards to chemtrails, definitively, no.

**** marcinko: day glo,

do you or do you not agree that "contrails" are more prevelent in the winter than the summer. (just so you know, this is a well known fact)

if so then you have to agree that this may play a role in the smaller amount of trails in the summer (chem or com)

while we are on the subject, as i look into the summer skys, how do i tell the difference between a contrail or chemtrail? please use small words as i am not very bright,,,,

Day Glo: Yes, contrails are more prevalent in the winter.

We here were questioning why this summer the chemtrails are less than in the previous years. Chemtrails are notoriously overkill in the Summer more than in the winter.

Contrail vs. chemtrail =

chem faq

intro to chem

Excellent, simply explained article.

**** marcinko: hello dayglo,

thanks for your reply.

"We here were questioning why this summer the chemtrails are less than in the previous years"

i checked out your links and they are just links to other chemtrail sites. for someone who needs to see the "science", i require just a bit more than conspiracy sites. (by the way, i actually believe in a lot of conspiracies.)

my point is that even if chemtrails are real, isn't possible that at least some of the trails that are observed are incorrectly labeled as "chem"?

the earlier observations on this thread only discussed the reduced trail activity. summer weather explains this.

if you are saying that this summer there are less trails (con or chem) than previous summers, then how do you quantify this?

just using your memory is not acceptable as memory is not a way to accurately measure data.

how many trails this summer vs last summer?

Day Glo: If you can't see with your own eyes the difference between a typical contrail that we all grew up with which goes away within 20 seconds to a couple of minutes, and THIS, or THIS, then there's something lacking in the comprehension dept and nothing anybody here says will help you.

Persistent contrails are real, but they are very rare. And I have never seen one "debunker" prove that "contrail" whiteouts have been seen like they are now before around 1997. One fake at YouTube named Epoxynous tried to shove that point down our throats, but then it turned out that every whiteout from the past was created by military aircraft.
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New Article that Sounds Like Myself and May41970

Unread postby socrates » Wed Sep 12, 2007 3:41 pm

The great 'chemtrail' debate: Yeah-buts versus Kooks

Ashland Daily Tidings
By Mike Green
August 21, 2007

Every generation in America is menaced by two groups of government conspiracy theorists — those who deny such conspiracies exist and those who insist they do....

Closed-minded debunkers versus crazy believers.


The chemtrails versus contrails debate is one that may never be resolved due to a number of problems. The Yeah-buts typically do little research, if any, and often end their probes once sufficient government documentation is acquired that supports the condensation theory.

Rebuttals by Kooks, who often seek additional information that refutes the universal condensation theory, is often ignored rather than addressed. Kooks, by their name alone, have a difficult time persuading Yeah-buts primarily due to a lack of respect. Theoretical positions that seem odd or outlandish to Yeah-buts are often dismissed as having no credibility. Such dismissals have often had the unwitting result of paving the path for ongoing secret government operations that take generations to surface. Yet, such historical proof of government conspiracies still fail to lift the veil of innocence that continues to cover the eyes of most citizens.

Of course, debates and emotion-filled arguments are seldom ever resolved by two opposing parties merely spewing their venom toward one another out of a lack of respect for each other's viewpoints. Indeed, if one travels back far enough on a timeline of discussion, there is likely a point of agreement. And from that point is where I tend to begin my investigations into controversial issues.

The point of agreement between the Yeah-buts and Kooks is the fact that high-flying planes do indeed leave trails across the sky of varying lengths that start, stop and dissipate at varying intervals. From that point, the linear discussion frays into many lines of thought in various directions....

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Unread postby socrates » Sat Jan 19, 2008 3:08 pm

Some members like DayGlo/DG and Helix didn't want to post here anymore, so I did them the favor of taking them off the members list. Others like BrassRat/Viking, IslandBreeze, and Don Smith wanted out, so I gave them their requests. Banta and yoyos didn't seem to want to help out with the Hertzberg investigation. Since they had nothing to say about chemtrails, there seemed to be no point in having them remain on the list. Others like Ed Snell have tried to sign up, and the answer to him and others like him, is no, you at least have to fake your way in like ViewFromKSA and Athena88. Then when the disinfo emerges, you will be sent on your way. In the mind of the disinfo personnel, they have efficiently exposed myself as being a forum dictator. However, that is only true in their own minds. Just take a look at their recent installment here as IslandBreeze who was shocked and appalled at my behaviour. I guess I am a real nazi for asking whether Operation Cloverleaf is a real program, or whether it was a phrase made up by disinfo punks.

Operation Mockingbird is another one I am not quite sure is a real phrase. I mean, I realise the idea behind it is quite true. It has been documented that there has been CIA infiltration of the news media. We simply cannot afford to let fakes continue to define social reality with their tinfoil by association strategies.

Our third member here was Entropian Artifact, who now goes by the name No Way Oligarchs at Chemtroll Central. He tried his hardest to become a leading member of this forum, to help guide its development. One of his goals was to get myself and may41970 to forget about all the fakes and their sock puppets.

He made it seem that he was anti-tinfoil, that he understood the basic drive of this forum, which is to show the world that chemtrails can be argued to be real without including all the other nonsense going on. But eventually, these fakes show their cards. They cannot hide their true intentions forever. Rarely do they simply go away in a huff like Don Smith. Usually, they try to establish themselves, then try to slip in ******** disinfo here and there. There were a few things about Don Smith that were red flags. He had a quote from Lenin in his signature. That wasn't too cool, although the quote seemed to make some good sense. Yet, who would support Lenin? Trotsky, yes, he was a cool dude. But Lenin? Yikes.

There was also the time Don copied and pasted a story which had all kinds of format problems. He would have liked that disorganised post to remain as it was, but I went in and cleaned it up. That probably didn't make him happy. He probably also didn't like how downright peaceful we are. Yes, we can get like Malcolm X at times, and say enough is enough. But this place also has showcased John Lennon, Mother Theresa, Biko, Gandhi, and Andy Kaufman.

This place was getting 200 unique views a day. We were peaking. Then Don quit. The WhatReallyHappened **** picked up. Our views dropped. The google smears and cyber bullying went to warp factor 10, etc.. Now we are lucky to get 70 unique views a day.

But that's ok. It's better to have a few members than to have fakes or other assorted numbnuts making a mockery out of all that has been accomplished here.

But back to Entropian Artifact. I first realised he was disingenuous when he put up the thread in everything else on the podcasts. One can check it out. He advertised for the Freeman Perspective and other tinfoil like stuff, precisely what we didn't want at this place. Then he went through his eugenics ********. He can deny whatever he wants to, but the evidence adds up to Entropian Artifact being a 100% ******** username.

To answer DG's question which started this thread, the reason we can't get beyond discussing the existence of chemtrails is because 98% of the usernames on the major chemtrail boards are fakes. If CTC doesn't open up their disinfo pit soon, that number will not improve. CTC can scrub the wayback machine. They can try to cover up their insidious history. But it's too late. There has been enough copied, saved, and analysed that EVERYONE now knows that Chemtrail Central is a disinformation palace.

There is a common argument made towards the Jay Reynolds of the world. Why do closed-minded debunkers spend so much time debunking something they consider to be a crazy hoax? If it is so crazy, should that not be evident on its own?

To flip this around. Why is there so much crazy tinfoil on the major chemtrail boards? Why are the most realistic explanations missing? Why do they ban people like myself and may41970 for no good reason? Why did they only ban "Louis Aubuchont" after he deleted all of his 950 or whatever posts?

I have called this on many an occasion a humble forum. Obviously, we are humble. But don't get me wrong. We have totally exposed the major chemtrail boards for what they are. There is no returning for them. This place could use real people. If we had anywhere from 5 to 20 more real people, this place would have a real chance to make a difference. I could post a lot less.

But more people, when they are fakes, hurts us worse than being a small time operation. Fake usernames hurt us worse than the google smears. If anything, those who come across the smears will eventually end up here and see how ptb's didn't want us exposing certain truths about internet fakery, chemtrails, agent provocateurs, etc..

It's tough not to think that people like Rivero, Jeff Wells, Mark Steadham, and many others are receiving funding for their insidious internet activities.

But anyway, here is the latest example of how Chemtrail Central is a joke, of how Entropian Artifact, Increase1776, Mr. Jones are part of that 98% of fake usernames.

Chemtrails Over America's Playgrounds

Tinfoil1776 basically linked to Rense.com, one of the primary tools used to propagate the tinfoil by association scam. The article was heavily slanted towards portraying chemtrails as being for depopulation and biological testing.

Then Entropian Artifact made a one sentence post, "Thanks for posting this excellent article."

Who the f&%* does this bullshitting eugenics promoter think he is fooling?

Then Mr. Jones showed up.

it´s not a test. and that´s the bad part because if it were we could all go back to sleep knowing that tomorrow they would not be up there. unfortunately they stop for a while and then come back, month after month, year after year.

when will it stop?

at this point it probably doesn´t matter because 2012 is just right around the corner.

do you like fireworks?

hang on to your seats folks, you´re in for the ride of your life.

They are not fooling anyone.
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Unread postby Crystal Rose » Mon Mar 17, 2008 1:58 pm


I heard from a fellow environmentalist earlier today. He had forwarded me a mass e-mail (which I had already received from a different source) having to do with pesticide spraying in our state. Something inside of me snapped. I decided to say something to my dear friend.

Let me also preface this by saying, I am not a very scientific person, nor am I a person who enjoys arguments. Largely, I've kept quiet about all this. But I AM a person with a deep, good heart, with good intentions for the planet and with deep, profound love for my fellow human being. I wish to see humanity not only survive, but also thrive and evolve. This has gone on long enough. Today, I speak up (with love).

Following is the letter which I sent back to him after we had traded e-mails. I proceded to e-mail him back and asked him what he knew about chemtrailing. He very respectfully explained that he didn't really know anything about it. Because of my profound respect for this person, I stopped everything I was doing (I've been extremely busy lately, but I felt this was important) and penned the following e-mail to him. I decided to post my own letter because I realized this is my love letter to whoever reads it who is not yet informed about chemtrailing. {Durnford, if you see this, I hope you understand that up until now I've been largely quiet on public forums. I didn't wish to be attacked again like I was on a different forum. But I've gotten to the point where I must speak up and out. Please understand my pure and good intention in all of this. Whether what they are doing is "good" or not, we all have a right to know -- you know, "By the People & For the People" and all that...}

Here's my letter:
[Dear Friend], with more love in my heart for you and what you stand for all all that you do, than you can possibly imagine, I highly encourage you (beg you) to investigate this issue further. When you have time, I highly encourage you to check out:


Your opinion matters to me. In my humble opinion, it's one of the most outrageous things our society has ever witnessed. They're pumping barium and other chemicals into the air. PLEASE investigate more so you can make an intelligent decision for yourself on this matter. I truly believe it's important, and as highly intelligent as you are, I'd like to see you informed about this most important matter. I beg you. And it IS affecting our environment in ways that cannot even be quantified. Some people are aware of it, but the secrecy and cover-up and "quietness" about it is unprecedented. To my knowledge, Paul Moyers was the only one in L.A. to do a brief segment about it on Channel 4 News about a year ago.

Last but not least, please, please, please look up into the sky next time they are bombarding us and ask yourself if they look like "real clouds" to you -- those long, thin, white lines that just hang there and get fatter and fatter and don't disappear like a regular jet plane's contrail would. Then carefully observe how the whole sky eventually fills with them and by the end of the day, everything in the sky looks white. On days when it is really bad, there's a ring around the sun. The horizon is white/grey. It's abnormal. We've grown used to it because they've been at it for so long now. When was the last time you saw a truly blue sky? (Today is the first time in a long time because the cold and wind blew everything out) Also ask yourself if given the same conditions in the same sky, a contrail and a chemtrail will act and look completely different. That's all I ask, look up and notice...

Lots and lots of true friendship and love Forever,


(aka Crystal Rose)

BTW, today is one of the most beautiful, chemtrail-free days we've had -- ironic it's a holiday. Seems to be a pattern I've noticed. On regular, work days, people get busy with their lives and don't look up. So, it seems on holidays, the pattern I've noticed in the last few years, is they (the chemtrail planes) don't seem to be "at it" as much. They were at it last week and the week before, then it turned very cold and then they left it alone for awhile. What is up with that? The ramifications are very upsetting, I know, but I beg you to investigate further and make up your own mind.

Food for thought Re: the cover-up and conspiracy... those "in control" WANT you to think it's nothing. Are "the powers that be" NOT capable of something so massive (on such a large, unprecedented scale)?"

Socrates, thank you for all you do!!!
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Crystal Rose
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Unread postby Crystal Rose » Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:04 pm

(having technical difficulties -- for some reason one paragraph of my letter didn't get this correct link included in the post.)

[Dear Friend]: ... "When you have time, I highly encourage you to check out:

allaircraftarenotinvolved.freeforums.org ...
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Unread postby socrates » Mon Mar 17, 2008 7:04 pm

Hi CR, thanks for the post and kind words.

Chemtrail Central is the #1 search engine result for chemtrails. Proof has only come out recently that many forums and websites are either rigged or overwhelmed by astroturfers. Astroturfing refers to the creation of fake grassroots.

That place makes chemmies look crazy. It's like their main goal is to shame us and deter people from discussing chemtrails in public.

The drummer of The Smashing Pumpkins thinks they are real. It also appears that Sean Penn made a cryptic message about them in his movie Into the Wild.

I guess I am supposed to give the "hat tip" to Lophofo. Is Sean Penn a chemmie?

{sometimes the links don't take you directly to the desired post, so one might need to scroll.
This story is covered starting with Lophofo's post made on March 13th, 2008.}
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