Will Thomas, Lou Aubuchont, and S.T. Brendt.

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A few things stand out:

Deep Sky (Aubuchont/Brendt} and Deep Shield {Halva/David Stewart from DBS} sound very familiar. There was also "The Mechanic" commercial airline hoax and Mech, Swampgas' "mechanic" friend, who also moderated at Chemtrail Central.

What stands out is that good stuff always seems to lead back to tinfoil by association sources. Instead of having more good info available on chemtrail topics such as Kucinich, Espanola, and Oakville{Unsolved Mysteries}, we end up with a little too much Lou Aubuchont, Jay Reynolds, Halva, and the rest of the recurrent characters who don't seem organic. What stands out is something I have heard you mention about on a number of occasions, that the engine searches always seem to be leading us to some bullshit destination.

I think that "they" want us to keep digging for shit on them. By doing that, we may be missing the point that we have already busted them, that we don't need to do any more digging.

Case in point is "The Tracker" thread at Chemtrail Centrail. Case in point is the Jay Reynolds/ Epoxynous youtube video. Case in point is Jay Reynolds/ Ender at WRH, but with a Hitler slant. {We used to get pounded by that same divide and conquer shit at the Huffington Post.}

There is an e-mail contact for Will Thomas on his website. Maybe you could write him a short e-mail, open up a dialogue with him. You have a bit more tact than me.

I'll put it this way. Today i went poking around your internet posts. I only now realize you are "Will Kane" at WRH and have been posting for years at yahoo. I only now looked at your posts at CTC, sure I remember when we interacted directly, I just was doing that kind of snooping shit on Halva, Jay Reynolds, CTC changes, Yaak, you probably get the idea.

What I mean is, maybe Will Thomas is in a completely different world than us. He has access to reporters and scientists. We have been involved with the message boards. Rosalind Peterson. She signed up at Megasprayer, but when we wanted to dialogue with her about barium, sulfates, etc., she clammed up. I was suckered into doing chem11 and big bunny's disinfo by slamming her. Later, I came to believe that she is a fine upstanding woman. But at the time, I was entrenched, as you were too, in the trenches of the major chemtrail forums.

Is someone acting as "Lou Aubuchont?" Interesting thought. Because there was someone named "canex?" at CTC who was allegedly Dr. Patrick Minnis. Hmmmm? There is a Wayne Hall who wrote essays on psychological operations for the military. Now Halva has the same real name as that guy? What about the name Jim Phelps. Mission Impossible anyone?

Now Bob Fitrakis is a real guy. I think his old articles for Columbus Alive put the fear of "god" into the astroturfers. Will Thomas has definitely been vilified throughout the years, even by so-called chemtrail believers including Thermit.

It would not surprise me at all if Brendt/Aubuchont is a made up persona which was used to setup Will Thomas. Something had to be done to ruin his credibility. It seems he was snookered by a fake reporter who lied to him that she had an air traffic controller source.

Now the story out of the Vancouver Courier, now that is a biggie. I have posted about it on another thread here, but the story had a real airport name saying that the activities were military in nature. Now unfortunately, the website says none of it can be reproduced without expressed written consent. If you noticed that post of mine, I put into my own words what happened, and then simply put in the real person's name with the quote.

You see, friend, this is what the fakes do. They prop up the shit that can be easily discredited, while they cover up all the good shit which would really help the real chemmies.

Over at DBS, the fakes are up the creek. They should have taken the olive branch to back the fuck off. I guess fascist astroturfers cannot relate to anyone thinking and acting for themselves and humanity.

I'm not so sure about drafting a letter to him with too much in it. I think it would be best to start slow and see if you can even develop contact with him. Trust is a fragile thing, as anyone who knows about our posting histories would understand.

I'd say, just write him a short note, maybe even copy and past your best lines about fake "believers" and "debunkers" acting out a script, that you and others have uncovered some disturbing materials which don't make Aubuchont look too honest.

I've started writing to people as well. I think we again are on the same wavelength. I have written to Rosie O'Donnell. I got through once, yet good luck to anyone else trying to get posted by her. I have written to meteorologists and am hopeful to hear back from them. I already told them I know about contrails and persistent contrails, so I think I'll either be ignored or at least won't be given the typical song and dance.

I hope you do write to him.

I just wrote a letter to a whistleblower named Dr.Peter Rost. He doesn't get many posters on his blog, but he gets a lot of readers. He used to be a bigwig at a major pharmaceutical company. He used to post at Huffington's until they canned him for exposing an astroturfer putting divisive, crap comments on his blogposts. This person named yacomink ended up being a Huffington staff member trying to increase web clicks for ad revenue. But sorry for rambling.

Quote of the day: Pfizer message board
Anonymous said...

The irony is that the astroturfers don't care how idiotic they sound. I blame both corporations and military. The tv is giving us next to nothing of value. The worst thing about our country is that too many are lapdogs echoing fascist sentiments that this is the greatest friggin place on the planet. We are war mongerers who can't even take care of our own people.

We all may have different interests, but I'd say anyone who has been following Dr. Rost will agree that dark forces are flooding every nook and crannie on the web.

My pet project is trying to uncover the covert atmospheric shenanigans going on above us. I believe that astroturfers have been able to portray "chemical trails" as a crazy internet hoax by controlling both sides of a fake debate between "believers" and "debunkers."

Sorry to go off-topic. It is a great thing you are doing Dr. Rost. If we do not question authority, then why are we on this earth?


Erich Fromm said, "Modern man still is anxious and tempted to surrender his freedom to dictators of all kinds, or to lose it by transforming himself into a small cog in the machine, well fed, and well clothed, yet not a free man but an automation."

I have a new forum. I am looking for real people to help write about the aerosol operations and/or about anything else that questions social reality.


You're a great man, Dr. Rost. One last note, I believe that the astroturfing we witnessed at HuffingtonPost was strictly for the benefit of increasing advertising revenue. So, it may have seemed to some that Yacomink had it in for you, I think he was just trying to increase web clicks. Too many people are being brainwashed to go for the cheap media. It is a shame that there hasn't really been an increase of authentic freedom of speech and association on the net. This I believe is due to the astroturfing done by both commercial and military entities who have a fundamental fear of freedom.

Pardon my French everyone, but as a friend has said before, fuck fear!!!

peace, "socrates"

The people united will never be defeated.

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I have sent the following e-mail to Mr. Will Thomas.
Unfounded Attacks on Will Thomas' Credibility

Dear Mr. Thomas,

I am writing in hopes of establishing contact with you. The last year I got heavily involved in writing at the major chemtrail forums. Over time, it became apparent that there is an insidious astroturfing campaign at such places to portray chemtrails as both kooky and as an enigma which could just be about more air traffic interacting with more pollution.

I now believe that such insidious forces of disinformation and misdirection singled yourself out many years ago to be discredited. I am referring specifically to individuals who go by the name of "Lou Aubuchont" and "S.T. Brendt." While there is tons of good, solid evidence confirming the reality of chemtrailing for militaristic and Frankenscientific objectives, such good nuggets are being buried beneath continuous spam. There are the posters whose role is to tarnish such truths through the method of tinfoil by association. Other posters have been working the enigma side. This is where "Lou Aubuchont" and others entered the scene.

Basically, instead of such boards promoting the accumulation and organising of the best evidence, these forums have been misdirecting readers towards a scripted debate between "believers" and "debunkers." At the forefront of this has been a person going by the name of "Lou Aubuchont."

There is much to this. I realise that this might sound like some B-movie James Bond paranoia, but this is why I am now simply trying to make contact with you, so that you may reconsider exactly who these people work for.

You are the most credible and meticulous researcher on this important topic. You have unequivocally stated that the aircraft involved in the aerosol operations are not commercial airliners. I agree. Your work in Canada, along with Mr. Fitrakis' here in the States, has given us regular nobodies hope that this topic will eventually be revealed.

The problem as I see it, is that when one does an engine search for chemtrails, they end up going to Chemtrail Central, which should really be named ChemTroll Central or Tinfoil Central. When one googles yourself, or Espanola, they end up seeing "Lou Aubuchont" and "S.T. Brendt" a bit too much, in my honest opinion.

"Aubuchont" is a strawman for your diligent research. Instead of helping to uncover chemtrail truths, "Aubuchont" has been at the forefront of stoking some fake debate between himself and "Jay Reynolds." He has even gone as far as creating multiple fake id's in order to keep the reader's focus on some childish, enigmatic script between the "chemmies" and the "debunkers."

I will just say one more thing. Astroturfing is not some vapid conspiracy theory, nor is it simply about making fake posts on the internet to sell products. To me, it is also about flooding the internet in such a way as to stifle authentic freedoms of speech and association. This is what has happened with chemical trails. While many of us, and yourself, have shown a deep sincerity at getting to the bottom of this, there has been a widescale campaign on the internet to obfuscate such truths.

While I would rather be focusing my efforts on accumulating and organising such truths, I believe that such efforts are doomed to fail, precisely because of the insidious astroturfing going on at the major chemtrail forums.

The objectives of this crowd to me are quite clear:

1) Repulse real people from getting involved on such forums.
2) Misdirect the focus of the reader from chemtrail truths onto some scripted debate.
3) If any good nuggets are posted, they will simply be buried under an avalanche of fake posts.
4) Any real people who have spoken out need to be tied in with the tinfoil by association. Will Thomas is to be seen as someone just trying to make a buck off of a hoax. Rosalind Peterson is to be tied in with someone who goes by the names of "Halva" and "Wayne Hall."
5) Anyone who questions the sincerity of the major chemtrail forums is simply a paranoid nutcase.

I respect you, Will Thomas. I believe that since you were the first journalist to cover this topic, and since you have made it clear that you aren't going to forget about it, a concerted effort was made to discredit you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Thanks for all you have done to try to get the covert operations stopped. I do not believe that there isn't enough evidence for chemtrail awareness to be in the mainstream. I believe that if there hadn't been this insidious astroturfing, that chemtrails would already be a well-known truth and would already have been halted.

{n.b. I am willing to answer any questions you have. I am hopeful that you will consider that "S.T. Brendt" and "Lou Aubuchont" misrepresented themselves to you. Peace and good luck.}

After I posted at DBS that Will Thomas would be informed about "Lou Aubuchont," Halva made what I took as being a death threat.

Remember if you do this with Will Thomas you will more conclusively have blown your cover than you have with us here who know you only as Jeff Reynolds or Socrates. Specific acusations against Lou will have to come from an identifiable person, not from a pseudonym. Of course go ahead if you like. Your putting yourself permanently six feet under would not bother me in the slightest.
Now Lou himself has made posts charging that I am the multiple i.d. fake. He is claiming that I am "Deloris Friday" from Chemtrail Central. This is nothing new, as Big Bunny made the same claims about me a few months back, claiming that I was Vericarl from Carnicom's and also, surprisingly, that I am a Republican sympathizer. Foot Soldier/ Deborah has also started making claims that I am a disinformation shill for the airline industry.

Lou also is claiming that he already has admitted previously that he is "J. Vitum." Maybe he did, but i don't remember him ever admitting to that.

It also appears that "Halva" has continued with his trend of making threats against me. I'm not too worried. If they want to mess with me, it won't take a rocket scientist to figure out why something happened. I think they are just blowing hot air, going with their strategy to discourage real people from posting at chemtrail forums.

Given that we are not allowed to "gang up" against him, under the unwritten rules of this forum, put him on ignore, and pursue whatever other course of action offline seems appropriate to you.

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Posted by socrates:
Sat Jun 30, 2007 11:48 am

I believe that Will Thomas has had plenty of time to make a response yet hasn't. My opinion is that he has gone into denial. He doesn't want to even think that a big part of his "investigation", this "deep sky" stuff, has perhaps been a total fabrication. That would mean he'd have to make retractions and make corrections to his book. I don't think he is a spook. I think he got played by the low level hacks and shills. Imho.

But look what "Lou Aubuchont" has posted recently at Chemtroll Central:
Message Sent: Don't Even Try to Expose Chemtrails!!!!!
I have spoken with in person and via e-mail with the news and program directors of the three major TV stations here in Maine several times on the subject of why there are at certain times so many "Chemtrails" / contrails seen over areas of the state which seems very abnormal and why it is that the local media has not reported on it as I'm sure people have been asking questions about it since the activity started and it continues to date.

Thanks Lou! You are such a great "chemtrails activist!" [/sarcasm]

I was told point blank that the "Chemtrail" subject is just to controversial that they, the reporting staff, directors and program managers at the TV stations have been warned by higher ups not to breath one word about "Chemtrails" so as not to add any credibly to the issue, they are not even allowed by management to even talk about the subject while on the station premises, obviously "Chemtrails" is a topic that certain people do not want the public to here spoken about widely in the main stream media.

Why does he spell "too" as "to?" I hate to sound anal retentive, but it doesn't take that much effort to type the extra 'o'.

There's something about this that just doesn't ring true to me. Usually the response is chemtrails are an internet hoax confusing aviation contrails with some paranoid conspiracy theory. But noooooooo, Mr. Naval Intelligence is saying that media insiders are telling him that the chemtrails issue is just too hot of a potato to cover.

One program director told me that he believes they are spraying us but his hands are tied as far as reporting on it, it's just not allowed and anyone that would go against station policy and even mention the word "Chemtrails" on air could and probably would be fired on the spot.

He said that they had no problem letting them report on things like UFO, the occult, ghosts, etc,..but anything pointing to or relating to "Chemtrails" was taboo big time.

I have asked if they where allowed to report on aviation pollution and was told that they might if it was cleared by the head station executives but I was also told that if a story on aircraft generated pollution came across as having any connotations of being purposely created the story would likely be killed because of the negative impact that it might have on the airline industry. Go figure.

Since we know for a fact that the subject of "Chemtrail" anything is being censored at a local TV station level, then it surely is happening at the national level as well, occasionally we will get a two or three minute blurb about it but generally there seems to be a government clamp down throughout the major media with regard to keeping silent about the whole"Chemtrail" issue and clearly the government is controlling the media when it comes to this subject. They are probably using "Matters Of National Security" as justification for the blackout on anything having to do with aerosols or spraying, our tax dollars keeping government secrets, secret for our own good, right?

We are just "DUMB SHEELPE" to the control freaks that are trying to run, own and control everything, including us, there must be a major change in our government if we are ever going to know the truth because today they lie and pass it off as truth, that must end.

I think "Aubuchont" is just sending out the message to the readers that there is no point in even trying to write letters and do things like that to get the chemtrail programs exposed. That's not a message any real activist would ever try to convey. It would have been like telling the 2004 Boston red Sox when they were down 0-3 to the New York Yankees, well, just try to win one game and not get swept. No one can come back 0-3, it's never been done in baseball. It's only been done twice in all of sports, and that was for hockey. But the Red Sox went on to win eight straight games and broke the 86 year curse of the bambino. Never say never in this world. Never give up. Our spirit and feistiness, our inclination to do good, these are our best qualities and weapons to help save the planet.

Here is the e-mail I sent off to Rosalind Peterson. I don't think she will respond, but for different reasons than Will Thomas. I think she has a bad taste in her mouth about the chemtrail boards. Who can blame her? So she might figure, ugh, not more of these zany folks writing to me, yikes.

She is the last person I trust. I wish her well. If she doesn't reply, I will not take it personally or try to read into it.
Subject: Hi from a Concerned Citizen
To: [email protected]" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false

Dear Ms. Peterson,

Thank you for all your efforts to help get the aerosol operations disclosed and stopped. I have been following this situation closely the last couple years. I am now at the point where I understand a lot about what is going on, but unfortunately, it still doesn't add up for me why we are having so much difficulty making headway towards reaching our goals of full disclosure.

It is disturbing to say the least that no actual "chemplume" samples have been captured and tested. It seems that "chemtrails" were proven to be real many years ago with the comments attributed to Mr. Terry Stewart of Victoria, British Columbia. He spoke of a joint American/Canadian military exercise, and he said he got his info from military sources.

I am curious what the laws are. There is one law, us title 15 ch.9A:


So I wonder where all the reports are. I wonder if there are any reports. I saw some suspicious activity today, and it appeared to be from planes coming out of the small, local Airport {not a military base}. Most of the time I can't tell where the planes have come from. I am not near the military bases, where I assume these planes make most of their departures.

I would be grateful for any advice you may have as to how to get the ball rolling. Even if that law exempts military/weather operations from reporting, I think we need to document this activity in any way we can, and then bring it to all the media outlets. Paul Moyer is just one guy. It was beautiful what he did, but here in Massachusetts, for example, all we have is word of mouth grassroots. Yet, a lot of people here are aware that there is strange aircraft activity going on above us, this creating of fake overcasts.

I am not up to date on the weather laws, but perhaps there is a Geneva court law we could utilize, that any widespread weather modification must have the consent of the citizenry.

So I am thinking laws, the media, the politicians, the grassroots, working with other countries too. Perhaps another country takes the lead and gets them banned, then we can follow suit.

All aircraft are definitely not involved with the aerosol operations. These are deliberate activities. The astroturfing taking place on the internet about "chemtrails" is two-fold. For one, this topic is being presented as loony kookiness. Hence, people like yourself are justified in not using the word "chemtrails." Secondly, the strange trails are being portrayed as being from all aviation. Some of the folks arguing this have been on the major "chemtrail" boards for years, but they no longer accept your understanding. The majority of views, however, are that these activities are planned, that this is widescale tampering with the skies going on.

The internet has become our own worst enemy. You realised this before myself. I now believe that you are the last person to be trusted, that you are the true American leader of the "chemtrails" awareness movement.

Thanks for your time and consideration.
Peace and happiness for you,


This is me back in real time, not from the lost post. Rosalind Peterson did write back to me. She sent me some info on weather modification. I recommend that folks take a look at her website. She understands completely how this topic has been manipulated through the internet. Yet unlike the astroturfers like Deborah/FootSoldier, Chem11, and Big Bunny, she clearly has pointed out the deliberate nature of the activities. She does not mix chemtrails with contrails like those other scrub shills do. This is why I believe in her. Her materials can be read at CaliforniaSkyWatch.

She has been one of the only people to be publicizing the weather modification bills that fortunately have not been passed yet. If anyone takes a look at them, it is easy to see that the NOAA, the US Military, and the FrankenScientists are trying to leap the social and legal implications that are clearly bugging the shit out of them. I think she has written that there were 40-50 weather modification programs last year under the auspices of the NOAA. 40-50 weather modification programs? 80 programs in 2005? That would cover the whole country. This doesn't even include all the other weather modification projects going on. This is why I believe that we are at the door of blowing this baby wide open. This is not some NWO tinfoil situation. The only thing holding us back from full exposure is the nonsense that is being put out on the internet.

Let's take a quick look at those weather modification bills that didn't get passed, at least for now.

Peterson Report from Last Year
U.S. Senate Bill 517 & U.S. House Bill 2995

Protect Agriculture! It is time to oppose this legislation in 2006.


By Rosalind Peterson

U.S. Senate Bill 517 and U.S. House Bill 2995, a bill that would allow experimental weather modification by artificial methods and implement a national weather modification policy, does not include agriculture or public oversight, is on the “fast track” to be passed in 2006.

This bill is designed to implement experimental weather modification. The appointed Board of Directors established by this bill does not include any agricultural, water, EPA, or public representatives, and has no provisions for Congressional, State, County, or public oversight of their actions or expenditures.

Weather Modification may adversely impact agricultural crops and water supplies. If the weather is changed in one state, region or county it may have severe consequences in another region, state or county. And who is going to decide the type of weather modification experimentation and who it will benefit or adversely impact?

This experimental weather modification bill will impact residents across the United States not just in California. Many current and ongoing weather modification programs (80 listed by NOAA in 2005), including the one in Wyoming that is designed to increase the snowpack, may be diverting rainwater away from Oklahoma and Texas, two states that are currently fighting fires caused by a lack of rainfall. We have no idea what the unintended consequences of the Wyoming action or other experimental weather modification programs might be now or in the future.

In addition to the experimental weather modification programs listed by NOAA, there are both private and ongoing government sponsored atmospheric testing and heating programs underway in Alaska and across the United States. Alaska Senator Stevens recently received $50 million in funding for Alaska’s atmospheric heating program.

All of these unregulated, private, government, and public weather modification programs, may also have unintended synergistic effects. Senate Bill 517 does not address these issues but intends to implement more experimental weather modification programs without a national debate or public oversight.

Artificial weather modification can impact all of us by reducing water supplies, changing agricultural crop production cycles, reducing crop production, and water availability. Since most experimental weather modification programs use chemicals released into the atmosphere the public could be subjected increasingly toxic or unknown substances that could adversely impact agricultural crops and trees.

Trimethyl Aluminum (TMA) and barium are just two of the toxic chemicals used in recent atmospheric heating and testing programs according to NASA. The Alaska H.A.A.R.P. atmospheric heating program may have the capability of changing the Jet Stream which could also change our weather.

Many private weather modification companies admit that precipitation effects may be positive or negative. Fog dispersal programs, using dry ice, liquid nitrogen, liquid propane or silver iodide may improve visibility while adversely impacting Redwood Trees along the California coast by depriving them of needed water they derive from the fog.

The increasing use of varied chemicals like aluminum (coupled with increasing air pollution), can severely impact tree health by depriving trees of water and nutrients normally absorbed through their root systems.

The December 2005 Popular Science Magazine discussed a plan to use an oil slick to stop hurricanes without noting the adverse environmental impacts of the oil used to cover the ocean.

Popular Science also noted that a private company, Dyn-O-Mat, plans to purchase jets to drop thousands of pounds of a water absorbing chemical powder (unknown substance), into hurricanes to absorb moisture that may dissipate hurricanes. There is no agriculture oversight or public hearings to determine the consequences of this and other actions or to monitor or prevent adverse impacts of this chemical once it falls on the surface of the ocean or on land.

Alaska and other areas across the United States are beginning to feel the impacts of climate change. Enormous changes are being seen in the declining health of native plant and tree communities in many areas across the United States.

NASA noted in an October 2005 newsletter that increasingly persistent contrails are “…trapping warmth in the atmosphere and exacerbating global warming…” NASA goes on to note that: “…Any increase in global cloud cover will contribute to long-term changes in Earth’s climate. Likewise, any change in Earth’s climate may have effects on natural resources…”

Global dimming and the persistent contrails, that produce man-made clouds, may have serious impacts on crop production. A recent corn crop study in Illinois shows that cloud cover reduces corn crop production while direct sunlight increases production. In addition, increasing man-made clouds may reduce the effectiveness of solar panels.

Gil Smolin, an Avian Bird Flu expert, noted on the Ron Owens Show on KGO Radio (January 5, 2006), that the flu was spread more quickly in the winter when there was a “lack of sunlight”. Would man-made clouds be contributing to the lack of sunlight which might cause the Avian Bird flu to spread more quickly at other times of the year? Experimental weather modification programs could also exacerbate this problem by changing climate patterns, increasing man-made cloud cover, and changing our weather and climate patterns.

Senate Bill 517 does not address any of these important issues. Its sole purpose is to establish an experimental weather modification policy without any agriculture or public oversight of private, military, and government programs. Without oversight or public hearings agriculture, our natural resources, and watersheds may be negatively impacted. And who will be responsible to determine the synergistic effects of these programs or pay for unintended disasters created by this experimentation. If these programs change growing seasons and interrupt the pollination process crop losses could be substantial exacerbating economic losses.

Please contact all of your elected local, state and federal officials to stop this bill in its present form. This bill needs to have appropriate agriculture and public oversight, with public hearings included, prior to any more experimental projects. We need a national dialogue on this subject before more experimentation takes place.

For more information please contact:

Rosalind Peterson
Post Office Box 499
Redwood Valley, California 95470
(707) 485-7520
E-Mail: [email protected]" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false

Website: californiaskywatch.com

In 1995, Rosalind became a certified U.S.D.A. Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjustor working in more than ten counties throughout California. Many crop losses throughout the State can be attributed to weather related causes.

Rosalind has a BA degree from Sonoma State University in Environmental Studies & Planning (ENSP), with emphasis on agriculture and crop production.

Rosalind Peterson was born and raised on a working farm in Redwood Valley, California. The weather was the foremost factor in determining whether or not our tree crops produced fruit and nuts.

Between 1989 and 1993 Rosalind worked as an Agricultural Technologist for the Mendocino County Department of Agriculture. After leaving Mendocino County she took a position with the USDA Farm Service Agency as a Program Assistant in Mendocino, Sonoma, and the Salinas County Offices.
{much more at this link and her website}

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His website is now down. One is redirected to this link.
What follows is all there is now for Will Thomas info. Wow.
Some of this looks very intriguing, but a lot of it now has
me scratching my head.
Dear Readers and Supporters of William Thomas and WillThomas.net,

In response to outside interference blocking me from posting vital information, links and announcements on willthomas.net, I have decided to pull this top-ranked website.

I am working hard, as funding becomes available, with others who share my values, concerns and intention to transform my former website into an even better provider of timely, unique and reliable information. Your participation is invited to help further the planetwide shift actualizing the realization that from the cosmos to Earth, all are one.

This new website will invite even more international perspectives and participation. As we all move together toward a higher level of information awareness and personal empowerment, your direct feedback will be sought on the clarity and integrity of articles, photos and video posted on willthomasonline.net.

At the same time, given the immense power of the United States to hinder or further global change, WillThomasOnline.net will work to raise the profile of such courageous voices of sanity as Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, Al Gore, Cynthia McKinney and others who are vilified and censored by an Industrial-Military-Government-Entertainment complex addicted to the profitable destruction of our shared planet..

My mission, received during a Vision Quest in BC’s coast mountains in 1985, is to give voice to all beings who need to be heard. Your support in helping put this work back online is gratefully acknowledged and encouraged. Please check back for the following lead stories and more on the all-new willthomasonline.net, which will continue to evolve as funds are raised:

1. U.S. Army Veteran Reveals Use Of 5 Nuclear Weapons In Iraq And Afghanistan.

2. Depleted Uranium Fallout Goes Global—Say No To Omnicide. (links)

3. Genocide Now? Why The Coming US Military Drawdown Means More Air Strikes On Iraqi Families.

4. Dick Cheney’s Secret Presidential Agenda

5. How National Security Presidential Directive NSPD 51 Could Be Used To Cancel Federal Elections

6. Unhappy Trails: Stunning photos and passenger audio after 3 airliners lay plumes in formation—over a 4th plane.

7. 9/11 Truth: Latest Updates From This Citizens Inquiry

8. Climate Shift Meets Consciousness Shift: How soon? How big? What You Can Do Now. (links)

9. Catherine Fitts Explains How We Can Starve The Corporate Banking Tapeworm.

10. The Oil In Your Food: How To Transform Coming Food Scarcity Into New Ways To Touch The Earth. (links)

11. Global Shift In Action: Welcome To Citizen Action That Works In South America, Britain, and European Union.

12. Mind Over Matter: The New Science Behind Directed Intention And How You Can Participate. (links)

13. Doom And Bloom: Why The End Of The World As We’ve Known It Is Good News.

14. Space Diving Update: Parachuting From 60-Miles Up!

15. What The Bleep Is A Galactic Superwave?

16. Chasing The Runaway Universe.

17. William Thomas’ Electric Recumbent Bike Hits The Road.

The choice before us is to fall… or fly!

Thank you for helping birth this renewed alignment of information and intention at willthomasonline.net

William Thomas

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This is an extension from my last post on the "Duncan Kunz" thread. When it comes to Swampgas, he has clearly been exposed as a hypocrite. He said he would never allow the "CTC Changes" threads to go down some memory hole. Yet, whenevr I would ask him or Tinfoil1776 about them, I never got a response. On the Kunz thread, I just put up a bit of one thread that got saved with comments made by the "debunkers."

I just want to make it clear that "Aubuchont," like Swamp, knows all about that time period at CTC yet each simply do not want anyone to know too much about the forum history. All one needs to do is go through those archives, and one can see the script, and go yeah, those are fakes.
Aubuchont Timeline: "CTC Changes" and "Tracker"

Jan 31, 2006
"Conspiracy: Does anyone care about Big Joe?"



Rome Is Burning !!!!!!!!!!
Jan 31, 2006

How very sad it is to see CTC come to this end for reasons I still do not fully understand, what is most disheartening is the fact that so many fine people are abandoning the sinking CTC ship, I will miss each and every one of you that I feel I have come to know as well as one can through this plastic terrorist box I sit in front of every night, reading your post, adding my own two cents, thinking, Oh, thinking, all the time, thinking, that is what made this site so great, the people in it and how they made you think.

Now it has come to this, a difference of opinion that might as well have been a shot through the heart of CTC, now it lies in a convulsion, wounded and dying.

Perhaps there will be some sort of reincarnation of CTC, a resurrection as it were, somehow I don't feel that it will ever be the same without those who have left, only time will tell. :(

Feb 02, 2006

:cry: :cry: I'm sorry, but I have to say that I can no longer participate in the CTC forum as it has degraded into nothing more than muckraking platform and I suppose some form of entertainment for the demented minds of the debunkers, I will have none of it, that's not why I joined this forum !

Thermit, without the moderators that were doing such a great job at CTC there is no longer a CTC and that's the truth of it because they are the ones that made CTC what it was, by opening the forum to all, i.e. debunkers your turning the site into nothing more that a PISSING CONTEST between pro and con factions and I thought you above all would know that, I guess I was wrong and you want to see the controversy and infighting that comes with the debunkers, SHAME ON YOU for putting everyone at odds in this fashion.

This is my last post at CTC unless the format returns to something close to what it was prior to these change's , I can not be part of what this site has become recently.

Feb 02, 2006
It's just time to go !


"Sorry if i offended you Louis I was only joking about hissy fits etc. You shouldn't leave just 'cos a couple of noobs shoot there mouths off a little."

You did nothing to offend me so there is nothing for you to apologize for, my post had nothing to do with yours or "Wesley's" post but rather it was just a statement that I could no longer be a part of CTC as it is, I stand fully behind the moderators that have recently left for very just reasons that "Thermit" is well aware of.

If I wanted to join an open free for all forum and debate debunkers I could have done that - but I chose to come to CTC and converse with like minded people, now that option has been closed arbitrary and I feel that it is time to move on with those who wish to continue our ACTIVIST position with regard to the Global Spraying issue without interference or distraction from the debunkers like Agent Reynolds, etc....

No hard feelings toward anyone at CTC but I will be posting elsewhere from now on.

Take care all who remain here at CTC, I've had a good time while here and I will miss posting here but it's time to go. :roll:

Feb 02, 2006
It's about choices.


Speaking only for myself, it all comes down to choices, do I want to stay with CTC now that it is a wide open forum, meaning anyone can post, or do I want to go to a board that welcomes activist and discriminates against the debunkers and trouble makers ?

The choice for me is an easy one, I chose to be involved with a board that keeps the debunkers and trouble makers out and allows the activist to continue unabated in the pursuit of answers to the spraying issues.

You, just as I have that choice, you might try going here gastronamus.proboards27.com

And thank you for the kind words, hope I see you around,.................. Lou:
That's the script. Swamp was the one to "save" us from the kookiness. Myself and may41970 were sick of the fakes, whether they were "believers" or "debunkers." The script calls however for 2 themes:

*** Chemtrails are an enigma- Chemtrails versus Contrails.
Starring Lou Aubuchont, Wayne Hall, Ed Snell, Jay Reynolds, Chem11, Mark Steadham, Pat Minnis, Will Thomas, and Deborah/Foot Soldier.

*** There is a lone nut troll out there, he goes by the name WMM, weatherman714, Yaak, cydoniaquest, and now supposedly me too. This is what Swamp the gatekeeper has said on many occasions. A "Swedishoo" has also said that yaak/Ed Snell had the same ip as cydoniaquest. She had a forum of her own. It's convoluted.

CTC Changes were ultimately about burying history; to set the parameters of debate on the major chemtrail forums; to pretty much ignore or belittle anyone who notices the kook effect hurting the truth getting out.

But back to the timeline.

Aubuchont went off in the huff. He won't post again until March 8th, 2006, when he reintroduces himself on a thread started by "Tracker." It will turn out that "Tracker" ends up staying with "Lou" up in Maine. I mean this is where the famous mea culpa, mea culpa happened.

One needn't be Columbo to have figured this one out this. It's as if it was a scripted psy-op. I just think that these creeps never realized that people would not only figure out their act, but that we would publish the findings.

Tracker shows up.
He joined CTC on 21 Feb 2006

He starts "About Jay Reynolds" on Feb 21, 2006. It's a long diatribe that sounds like it was written by "Aubuchont," the "chemmie" who still clings to Will Thomas' credibility and attempts to tear it down.

From Louis Aubuchont
Mar 08, 2006

I was planing on never posting here at CTC again after Thermit opened the board up to the "Flaming" of the debunkers again and the majority of great moderators that were overseeing CTC so well, for so long departed as a result, as I did, not wanting to remain at a forum which endorses and supports "Flaming / Debunking" of Chemtrail activist from the likes of Jay Reynolds, excuse me, that's John Boyd Reynolds Jr. isn't it, the JERK can't even use his real name!

I'm so glad that Tracker has exposed the jerks real name because way back in 2001 he started calling here over an article that S.T.Brendt did on a huge spraying that took place here in Maine March 12, 2001 and subsequent interviews that she conducted with an air traffic control manager dubbed "Deep Sky", details can be seen at,..



Because of the article and taped interviews with "Deep Sky" that aired on Coast To Coast AM radio program with Art Bell and also on the Jeff Rinse radio program, S.T. Brendt was stalked by Reynolds who managed to get our unlisted telephone number by calling one of the Radio stations that S.T.Brendt is affiliated with and lying to them, saying that he was and old friend or some such BULLSHIT and had lost her number and some idiot at the station actually gave him our number which has long sense been changed, to be sure at the time Reynolds started making unwanted calls to us which became increasingly hostile, finally we were forced to get a new unlisted telephone number to be rid of him and the obsession he seems to have in debunking anything by anyone relating to the Chemtrail Issue, personally I think he has some real mental issues as "Tracker" has indicated.

I had little to do with the 2001-2002 exchange with Reynolds but I am sure that is where his hatred for me began and I have since seen many other people posting in a number of forums that have complained of Reynolds malicious stalking and harassment as well which I believe shows that he is mentally unstable, again as "Tracker" has pointed out so well.

I can see from "halva / Wayne's" post that he has also been a target of Reynolds lunacy for some time, probably if everyone that Reynolds has attacked over the years got together we could write one hell of a book, anyway's, I just want to say to "Tracker " that I appreciate the apology but it's not necessary at all, I understand that you have no control over what that BABBLE MOUTH Reynolds has to say or who he blames this time for what you've wrote, matter of fact I want to thank you for doing so, I for one am enjoying seeing him squirm like the FANATIC WORM he is.

At the same time I would just like to state that I am not "Tracker", never was, never will be and Reynolds is off the wall if he thinks that I am, he has a history it seems of blaming those people who he has crossed paths with in the past for those that he is dealing with at the present and it's obvious that he has difficulty distinguishing between reality and his own twisted fantasy.

Tracker, my e-mail is [email protected]" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false feel free to use it if you like.

Thu Mar 16, 2006


I'd like to point out that this is not correct.

The IP-ban list that I removed (because it was blocking many legit members) did not contain these most recent IPs for Jay. So that wouldn't have stopped Jay from posting. If our previous moderator team was still here, I'm sure that Jay wouldn't have gotten very far. I've been working hard preparing a new server for CTC, so I guess that has been occupying my time and I've just found the situation here a little while ago and removed Jay_AR from posting.

Mar 17, 2006
Thermit, with all due respect I disagree but there is no point in going over that ground, the damage has been done and a lot of good people are hurt and very disappointed in you - life goes on - A - What !

Mar 17, 2006

Louis, you are welcome to disagree, although the matters I mentioned are simply factual matters that are not in the realm of opinion...

Jay's number wasn't in the ban list: Fact.

Our mod team would have shut Jay down quickly: Fact.

I've been busy working on new server: Fact.

I removed Jay_AR from posting: Fact.

Also, I'll mention that if people are disappointed that I've allowed chemtrail activists to participate and view the forums, then I really don't understand that logic. Why have a chemtrail forum if those interested in chemtrails aren't allowed to participate? These are rhetorical questions, no need to belabor the issue. :)

Mar 18, 2006
Understood Thermit,

As I said, "life goes on", what's done is done and there is no changing that fact, we can only move on now, hopefully to something better for all.

Mar 18, 2006
Thanks Louis.

Short one on Reynolds as a stalker and a liar
Mar 19, 2006

Louis Aubuchont: I'm S.T. Brendt. Yes, THAT S.T Brendt -- the one whose investigation into the chemtrail/contrail issue on March 12, 2001 found "Deep Sky" and convinced him to allow me to interview him concerning what I witnessed in the skies over my home (and also 57 miles away in New Hampshire). First I'd like to say thanks, Thermit, for fixing the problem of me not being able to post. It's quite frustrating when one reads out and out lies about oneself or one's friends and family and cannot confront the liar. So, thank you, again, Thermit. I can be silent no longer.

Now -- about John Boyd "Jay" Reynolds: He is a LIAR. He absolutely called MY home, he thought anonymously, sometime in 2001. It was after my first contact with "Deep Sky," and after I had written a letter to Will Thomas concerning my personal investigation. A much-edited version of my letter, edited by Mr. Thomas to protect the identity and location of "Deep Sky," appeared in Mr. Thomas' website. Apparently, Reynolds Wrap was trolling the Internet, looking for unsuspecting victims who were not of the same opinion as he, in order that he could stalk them, try to discredit them, and ruin their lives. He used some of the info in that letter to track me to one of the radio stations were I worked on-air. He also used my mother’s obituary to glean info about me to literally stalk me to the radio station....

Mar 19, 2006
Lou Aubuchont: Earth to Thermit,

Do you think it would be out of the question to arrange it so S.T. Brendt can post under her own name, [S.T. Brendt] instead of my name.

Now you know that Reynolds is going to jump all over this and say that I am posting as S.T. Brendt, he already has me cloned into Tracker, I can't handle another one of his clone jobs.

Thanks,.......Lou & Tiff.

Mar 20, 2006
Thermit: Certainly can be done. Since you are sharing a computer, first one will need to log out using the Log Out link at the bottom right of the forum index, then simply log in with the other Id.

Mar 21, 2006
Louis Aubuchont:

Thanks again Thermit,

We appreciate you taking the time to do that for us since there seems to have been so much unnecessary assumption of who is posting what lately by certain people not allowed to post here at all,....... Very Happy

We sure would not want to confuse the issue or those who are whining about anonymous posters.

Neither myself or S.T. Brendt have the slightest desire to post as anyone else but ourselves and use our "REAL" names so there will be no mistake as to which one of us is posting.

As we know, some people, will jump to radical conclusions over the slightest little thing seemingly out of place and since we have seen so much of that sort of radical accusatory behavior lately by some we really should be clear on which one of us is posting what.

Thank you again for your assistance,...........Lou & Tiff.

Mar 25, 2006

Louis Aubuchont: I really could not believe this when I read it, I had to read it two more times before I realized that John Boyd Reynolds,Jr. had made his own post at blueridgegazette.blogspot.com and attacked a "Josh Peters" for posting a comment about dogwood trees blooming as of March 23, this action by John Boyd Reynolds,Jr. can only be seen as a dangerous act of someone exhibiting paranoid delusions and something well outside the range of what would be considered normal behavior, even for someone with an [NPD] Narcissistic Personality Disorder this would be considered extremely bad mental behavior, it is no wonder that Mr.Ennis was outraged by John Boyd Reynolds,Jr's. post.

What is just unbelievable is that John Boyd Reynolds,Jr. is in fact blaming "Josh Peters" or the people behind the "chemtrail's" hoax as he calls it for his own outrageous behavior, obviously John Boyd Reynolds,Jr. takes no responsibility for his own actions and immediately shifts blame to others for his actions, this is very flawed reasoning by medical standard guidelines.

Ladies and gentleman, below is a post by John Boyd Reynolds,Jr. that without doubt conclusively shows how mentally ill that he is, more words fail me as this is truly unbelievable behavior....

Mar 25, 2006

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

I must apologize – PROFUSELY – to Mr. Louis Aubuchont, who is now a new friend – along with his FRIEND (not girlfriend) and housemate, S.T. Brendt and their other housemate – he chooses to remain anonymous. I mentioned in my post two days ago that I had a long day ahead of me. That is because Louis Aubuchont and I have become acquainted through e-mails, and, as I was planning a business trip up to Maine, we four agreed to meet for dinner. I arrived at their quaint and charming farm just as Louis finished posting at Chemtrail Central. I was invited to read some of the post, which I did, and then we left for a wonderful meal at a nearby restaurant. When we returned, the Chemtrail Central site was still up and I asked Louis if he minded if I posted using his computer. He granted me this permission and I proceeded to post, failing to log on as myself. Perhaps it was due to Captain Morgan – it’s all his fault!

Please, please accept my mea culpa, Louis. And I am asking the indulgences of everyone who posts or reads the posts at Chemtrail Central. We had intended to keep our meeting and new friendships quiet. Obviously we can’t keep secrets because I sure blew this one! I have no intention of driving tonight and Louis and S.T. have invited me to stay. I humbly accept their most gracious offer.

I pray I haven’t gone and done something that is going to start a maelstrom of crack-posts from a bunch of nay-sayers that frankly have their heads in a very dark place.

Good night, all, the bed is calling.
Yeah, right. This whole thing was a stupid script. "Tracker" went on to make one last post on March 30th, 2006. Personally, I think Reynolds and Aubuchont are meant to cancel each other out. Then one was supposed to be left with Deborah/Foot Soldier, Chem11, Thermit, Big Bunny, Ed Snell, and the rest of the cast portraying chemtrails as contrails. Again, it is convoluted, and it is rigged.

"Lou Aubuchont" would eventually make it to DBS as "J.Vitum" and "Lou" and do it all over again.

He might as well be up in those planes.

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Good people who want to make it a better world do not seem too worried about getting "exclusives" or credit. This is why myself and may41970 have called ourselves two nobodies. We are not looking for kudos. We are simply looking for the truth.

Now, Will Thomas, on the other hand, seems to be all about getting the accolades for exposing chemtrails. For him to shut down his website is beyond ridiculous. Is it a coincidence that this has occurred after myself and may41970 started asking disturbing questions about "Lou Aubuchont," "S. Tiffany Brendt," and "Deep Sky?"

I have been posting on message boards for about two years. When I finally figured out how to put up pictures, I was pumped. There is nothing like visuals to get a point across. It's said a picture can say a thousand words.

Now sometimes the images I have put up have been taken down by the folks who first put them up. But that has been the exception rather than the rule.

I have twice put up images from William Thomas' now defunct website. Both times, he has blocked them. Ok. Just shows one might want to download images themselves and use a free hosting place, if they want to make sure the images don't disappear.

Anyways, to get to the point, at Air Apparent, I saw the following link:
Chemtrails – Dirty Skies Exposed

Now on YouTube. A four-part documentary on chemtrails featuring investigative journalist, Will Thomas.
But if one goes to the link, this is the message they get:
This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.
So the question needs to be asked. Does Will Thomas really want chemtrails exposed and stopped, or is all he interested in is making a buck off of it?

And the worst part of this is that Thomas has come up with a lot of good stuff over the years. Now it is virtually inaccessible. Who the frig does he think he is kidding? Who are these outside influences forcing him to relocate?

One can find out about Operation Mockingbird. It is about how alphabets go out of their way to unduly influence the mass media. It makes one wonder if Thomas is part of such a racket. Yeah, I have no concrete proof. But wtf is his problem? Why did he shut down his website? Why does he seem to want to "own" chemtrail knowledge? Why couldn't he have written myself and may41970 even a short note, to at least try to alleviate our concerns about "Deep Sky?"

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Unread post 09 Aug 2007, 05:58 #10

I used a proxy to google aubuchont and will thomas, and this website came to the top of the list. I thought maybe google searches are catered to each individual's computer, due to the cookies and whatnot. But when using the proxy, our forum still emerged at the top of the pile. My point is that this might be why Thomas has shut down his website. This might be why Aubuchont is frothing so much of late. It is because the truth is starting to emerge.

I am tired right now, physically, since it is late, and also because all this crap can be very draining.

I will just say for now that it appears that Aubuchont, Thomas, and Brendt are part of Operation Mockingbird, and with Aubuchont being all over the chemtrail forums, this also reeks of cointelpro.

Perhaps there are not as many coincidences in this life as we would hope for. It appears that these fuckers are well entrenched in the movement to portry chemtrails as kooky. I think it is very important that Will Thomas no longer get away with his bullshit image as being some kind of chemtrails awareness activist. Unless he can step forward and prove that Aubuchont, Brendt, and "Deep Sky" are for real, this whole "Deep Sky" thing appears to be some deep insidious shit that has been uncovered and still needs to be investigated to the fullest extent possible.