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Insidious elements have apparently gone out of their way to distort the work of peace activist cpellatt. She has made it clear that The Idaho Observer without her permission altered words and deleted whole sections from one of her research papers. She had painstakingly written it with the intention of not being taken the wrong way. Now if one googles the report, they will end up at some of the craziest websites. Educate-Yourself, one of the worst things to ever happen to chemtrails awareness, has compounded their initial immoral action by following up with more lies. Anyone can check out that website and see that it is FAKE.
Ken Adachi wrote:{She} sent me an e-mail and told me that the following url link contains the most updated, succinct, and carefully edited version of her article and ought to be the primary source for referral... I will soon update this page to reflect her latest version.
This wasn't a latest version. Her work was butchered. That is bullshit. This will come as no surprise to the millions of people figured out the chemtrails are kooky scam.


Here is the original version as it should be read.


What's Going On In The Air? Yes, We Are Being Sprayed.
by cpellatt


After I returned from Italy at the end of July, I began photographing the Phoenix sky with the intention that when there was a break in the action, I could post this article. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet. We have been inundated unceasingly with aerial chemical assaults. On most days I look outside and I don’t want to venture out because I’m tired of exposing my immune system to unknown pathogens. When it rains, I don’t want to walk in it anymore because I know how volatile barium is in water. But… everything seems to be fine with the world. The priorities of sports teams, TV shows, paying bills, and being entertained overshadow the things that truly affect the quality of our lives, and those of future generations. Life spins around us at a reckless pace, obscuring the living elements that guide us on a path of harmonic existence with nature and with one another. I find this displacement of natural rhythms to be very disconcerting.

No connection ever seems to be made between profound events that our governments expose us to, and the future consequences that we suffer. In trying to understand how people could be oblivious to overhead aerial assaults on a daily basis and be completely nonchalant upon the arrival of huge shiny chemical plumes trying to pass themselves off as clouds, I had to consider other exasperating dislocations that court me daily. I had to ponder other historical feats of ignorance, indifference and reckless endangerment.


Why is it that in conversations about cancer and cancer research, no one ever mentions nuclear testing, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, uranium mining, or depleted uranium as even the SLIGHTEST possible link between humans and cancer? When a loved one is stricken, people don’t seem to discuss the thousands of nuclear bombs that the U.S. and other nations have exploded worldwide since the 40’s, and their relationship to cancer. The USA alone has exploded hundreds of nuclear bombs. In his book “They Never Knew: Victims of Atomic Testing”, Glenn Alan Chaney says, “One hundred and forty-nine atomic bombs have exploded over American soil. No one knows how many people, if any, these bombs have killed. The initial heat and shock of the explosions probably killed no one. Open-air atomic explosions, however, have more lasting and distant effects. They create and release tremendous amounts of highly dangerous radioactive materials. Radiation causes cancer, leukemia, cardiovascular problems, cataracts, immunological weakness, genetic defects, pre-natal problems, mental retardation, and many other problems. Any deaths caused by radiation normally occur only years or decades later. Estimates of deaths worldwide from American, Soviet, British, French and Chinese nuclear tests range from something near zero to several million.”

“In the name of democracy and self-defense, the United States tested bomb after bomb at a test site in Nevada. Each "shot" sent tons of radioactive particles boiling into the sky and drifting across the United States. The isotopes of plutonium, cesium, strontium, iodine-131 and other deadly elements gradually came to earth as "fallout." A lot of it settled in Nevada and Utah, killing cattle, burning ranchers, sickening residents, causing leukemia in children, cancer in adults, deformities in the unborn. It contaminated milk in North Dakota. It ruined photographic film in New York. It settled into the soil of every state except Alaska and Hawaii.”

The American government has historically ignored or denied the dangers of radioactive fallout from testing. They have been caught in a web of lawsuits from soldiers to ranchers, uranium miners to Native Americans. According to a Reuters article dated 4/12/2000: “The U.S. government reversed decades of denial on Wednesday and proposed paying at least $400 million to thousands of ailing workers who were exposed to radiation while building the nation's nuclear arsenal." We are talking about decades of denial. That’s more than a lifetime when you have cancer. Especially when you have cancer in a country that has high costs and does not encourage health care for those who can’t afford it.

In 1949, the commissioner of the AEC (Atomic Energy Commission), Sumner Pike declared that, "only a national emergency could justify testing in the United States." Testing in Nevada began in 1951.

The National Cancer Institute was initiated July 1st, 1944, seven years before the first nuclear test on American soil. It took the NCI 46 years to come out with a study in 1997 linking nuclear testing in Nevada to Cancer of the Thyroid. And just that, no more. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has gone one step further with a study in 2001 - fifty years after the fact. As quoted by the New York Times in an article appearing Wednesday August 8, 2007: “In a preliminary study that takes into account not only nuclear tests in Nevada but also nearly all American and Soviet nuclear tests conducted overseas until they were banned in 1963, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that virtually every person who has lived in the United States since 1951 has been exposed to radioactive fallout.”

“These new findings expand on those from five years ago by the National Cancer Institute that showed that people living in a long, plume-shaped region stretching from Idaho and Montana to the Mississippi River and beyond had a slightly higher risk of developing thyroid cancer because of the Nevada tests.”

When I read the 1997 report from the NCI, the chapter entitled “How Americans Were Exposed” began with the phrase, “ During the Cold War …..” That brings me back to Sumner Pike’s comment about how he would never test nuclear weapons on American soil unless it was a national emergency.

The United States wasn’t officially “at war” with anyone during this time of “emergency”. Truman never sought a legal declaration of war against Korea. Korea was never a physical threat to the U.S. But what about the “Cold War”? Yes, this term is as nebulous as “ the War on Hunger” (by the way, the people lost), “the War on Poverty” (by the way, the people lost), and the “War on Drugs” (guess what?…). Let’s call the “Cold War” what it was; an arms escalation over the brink of insanity.

It therefore came to me as no surprise that the virus section of the U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Warfare Department at Fort Detrick, Maryland, was renamed the Frederick Cancer Center and eventually became the new home to the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health, as well as providing core information for the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (Army Medical Research Institute Of Infectious Diseases).

This part of Fort Detrick has a dubious reputation, as all the scientific brain power inside was dedicated to creating and testing diseases that could be used as weapons against large populations. Known as “The Tower Of Doom” and “The Anthrax Hotel”- as quoted by the Washington Post, “This is where, in the 1950s and '60s, scientists showered and changed into street clothes after working with germs that could kill people by the thousands. In the evenings, they went home to their families, prohibited from uttering anything about the work that occupied their days.”

Am I the only one who is uncomfortable with the fact that health researchers and their facilities are located on the premises of a military base? And not just any military base. A base whose reason for being was to develop diseases and introduce them to the living matter of this planet in the form of weapons. No connection between cancer and the military here, no conflict of interest either.

And it’s an interesting fact to note that the U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Warfare Department at Fort Detrick Military Base began as the War Research Service in 1942. It was conceived, headed, and hand-supervised by George Merck, the owner of a successful Pharmaceutical company, after he lobbied Franklin D. Roosevelt to start this program. In 2006, Merck Pharmaceuticals boasted over 22 billion dollars in annual revenues.

Upon opening it’s doors, The Chemical Warfare Service began mustard gas and lewisite experiments on 4,000 members of the U.S. military. Some test subjects didn’t realize they were volunteering for chemical exposure experiments. A recent Senate report for the committee on Veteran’s Affair’s acknowledged that in the 1940’s sixty thousand military personnel were used as human guinea pigs to test the two chemical agents.

Where do Autism, Aids, Cancer, West Nile, Gulf War Illness, ADD, Hanta Virus (pretty close to Los Alamos, don’t you think?), Crones, Epstein-Barr, Valley Fever, Bird Flu, Sars, Mad Cow, and myriads of other diseases come from? A vacuum? According to the CDC, the leading cause of infant mortality in the United States right now is congenital malformation,deformations and chromosomal abnormalities. Congenital Malformations are any malformations which are noticed at birth, whether the result of a genetic (inherited) or environmental cause. A connection to our chemical and pharmacological saturation? Maybe we should give them more of our money to do more research so they can HELP US….


The U.S. military has been spraying chemical and biological weapons in open air testing over civilian populations since the 1940’s. They are called “vulnerability tests”. This is not a controversial statement. The military has admitted to this practice on many occasions and there’s plenty of documentation from the government to corroborate it. There is also documentation of intentional, experimental releases of radiation on civilian populations. Unfortunately, this information tends to surface long after it could have saved lives, or eased the suffering of victims.

The following information comes from an Army report from Fort Detrick (remember Fort Detrick? Our cancer Research friends..)

On June 6 thru June 10 1966, Army technicians waited until rush hour at the Twenty Third Street Station of the Seventh Avenue Subway Line in New York City and dropped light bulbs filled with Bacilluss Subtilis onto the tracks causing the bulbs to shatter, and the bacteria-laden aerosol plume that ensued was pulled down the tunnel after the train.

Aside from tossing the infected light bulbs onto the tracks, in his book “In The Name Of Science-A History of Secret Programs, Medical Research,and Human Experimentation”, Andrew Goliszek explains, “On other days, scientists shattered infected bulbs on walkways or into ventilation grates that opened into the subway system.” He continues, “In some cases the bulbs were thrown onto the tracks as the train was arriving, thus engulfing it, and the passengers completely in the cloud of bacteria.” Each light bulb contained eighty seven trillion bactilli. This is all according to the military report on this experiment.

Bacilluss Subtilis is a sporulating bacterium that lives primarily in the soil and associated water sources. Bacilluss Subtilis is commonly used as a pesticide. According to the EPA, “It is not a frank human pathogen, but has on several occasions been isolated from human infections. Infections attributed to B. subtilis include bacteremia, endocarditis, pneumonia, and septicemia. However, these infections were found in patients in compromised immune states.” B. subtilis has also been implicated in several cases of food poisoning. As for the application guidelines when used as a pesticide, the EPA requires “use of personal protective equipment (long-sleeved shirt and long pants, gloves, shoes plus socks, dust/mist filtering respirator) to mitigate the risk of dermal sensitivity and possible allergic reactions.” As for re-entry after application, they further state, “Workers Protection Standard requires a minimum of 4 hours before reentering a treated field.” Bacilluss Subtilis was chosen by the military for this experiment because this microbe reacts similarly to Anthrax.

These tests were conducted over 5 days and the location was chosen for it’s concentration of people. The public was never informed about their imminent exposure to this bacterium, thus leaving them no choice as to whether or not they wanted to risk exposure. Nor were the doctors or hospitals in the area warned, so they would have no idea how to treat symptoms related to exposure to these new bio-weapons.

This is one minute example of the mind-set we are still dealing with in our leadership, who is ultimately responsible for the actions of our military. Which in turn puts the responsibility back on us, if we claim to be living in a democracy. But, I forgot, we don’t want to become disconcerted. So we continue to turn a blind eye. Now, where’s that remote?

Special Military Report no. 142 “Biological Warfare Trials at San Francisco, California” was a series of six open air vulnerability tests performed upon the unknowing people of this city from Sept 20th thru 27th 1950. Ships filled with bacterial aerosols along with zinc cadmium sulphide florescent particles were positioned offshore and 43 sampling stations were set up onshore. Each of the releases lasted thirty minutes and engulfed the city. According to Andrew GoliszeK, “Based on the report, nearly everyone in San Francisco inhaled five thousand or more florescent particles each day for the duration of the tests.” No one was ever warned and there was no post experiment monitoring of people’s health. And people did die.

Joint Quarterly report No. 3 is a military report on the spraying of Minneapolis with zinc cadmium sulphide florescent particles over a three month period in 1953. The people were never forwarned. Zinc cadmium sulphide is a silvery-white electropositive metal. It is used to test dispersal patterns. This means it acts like an X-ray in the sky showing the routes that sprayed particulates take when dispersing. The military, in a “hazardous chemicals” report describes, “Cadmium oxide fume is a severe pulmonary irritant; cadmium dust also is a pulmonary irritant, but it is less potent than cadmium fume because it has a larger particle size. The dust, at high concentrations, could be expected to cause the same physiological effects as those arising from fume exposure. Exposure to airborne cadmium is associated with nephrotoxicity. Several inorganic cadmium compounds cause malignant tumors in animals.” Repeated exposure to lower levels of cadmium in air has resulted in chronic poisoning characterized by irreversible lung injury of the emphysematous type with abnormal lung function.

In a report entitled International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre (CIS), The International Labour Organization warns of Zinc Cadmium Sulphide: "Prevent dispersion of dust! Avoid all contact!” On the effects of long term exposure, “Lungs may be affected by repeated or prolonged exposure. The substance may have effects on the kidneys and bone tissue, resulting in kidney impairment and bone weakness. This substance is carcinogenic to humans.”

Joint Quarterly Report no 4 describes “The Spraying of St. Louis” with the same metal over a three month period in 1953. The people were never warned. No follow-up health studies were done for the victims.

Because this metal is electropositive, it is likely to be part of the toxic cocktail we see spilling out of military jets into our skies today for use in electromagnet weapons testing, experimentation, and implementation.

We know by their own reports that the military has dropped nerve agent VX out of jets over Utah, actually over half a million pounds over an eighteen year period (1951 –1968 ). Once again, the people were not informed.

In 1965, Operation Big Tom involved the spraying of Bacillus Globigii over Oahu Hawaii during a 2 month period. No civilians were informed, no one's health was subsequently monitored.

For three months in 1966, the Airforce dropped bomblets filled with benzilic acid- a mind altering chemical- into the Waiakea Forest Reserve southwest of Hilo, Hawaii. No civilians were warned.

These are by no means the only documented cases of open air vulnerability testing on unsuspecting civilian populations. This research paper represents a small sample in a large volume of documentation that attests to the fact of the military's abuse of civilian populations and it's abuse of the earth as a whole. It should be noted that none of this information was given of free accord. It was gathered during congressional hearings, lawsuits, and investigations. We can only assume, from the monumental efforts required to aquire these reports, and the government's typical 30 year delay in declassifying documents-whatever documents they have not already destroyed or hidden-that many more heinous and dangerous experiments have been performed than we will ever be privy to. And based on this consistent history of the military's abhorrent behaviour in these matters, we can also assume that experimentation has never ceased, and continues today without our knowledge or consent.

Deliberate Radioactive Releases

If not for the Kodak company in Rochester New York, many of the government’s deliberate radiation releases may not have come to light. Not long after the Trinity Sight blast in Alamogordo, New Mexico, in June 1946, customers started complaining to the Kodak company in New York about fogged film. A scientist from Kodak realized that the film was packed in corn husks from Indiana. He took samples that were analyzed, and they were found to contain Iodine-131. Kodak complained to the government. Six years later, as people went about their lives in Rochester, they had no idea that the Geiger counter readings at the Kodak plant read 25 times higher than usual. Kodak complained again. After these two incidents, the government provided the Kodak corporation with maps and potential fallout zones for future tests. However, the people were never warned. Not by the government, or by Kodak. Dairy farmers never knew, children playing in snow saturated with radioactive fallout never knew, pregnant mothers never knew.

It’s important to note that experimental detonations of nuclear weapons was not the only cause of the disproportionate amount of radiation that runs rampant in our atmosphere today. During the cold war, the U.S. government, in an effort to test it’s newly installed radiation detectors, deliberately released radioactive material from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. This experiment, on December 2 1949 was considered a disaster. The meteorologists miscalculated the weather on the day of the releases. Specifically, the winds. The intensity of the releases, coupled with very strong winds, created a drift pattern 40 miles wide and 200 miles long, exposing all in that plume to 400 times the amount of radiation considered safe. The people were never warned. In 1962, Hanford performed deliberate releases throughout the entire year, as part of an experimental program. In their mode of operendi, the military didn’t disclose this to the public.

The cigarette industry became aware in the 1950’s that the spike in lung, tracheal, and bronchial cancer was due to the fact that tobacco crops were increasingly being fertilized with chemicals that contained radioactive substances. An internal memo from Philip Morris in 1961 acknowledged the presence of strontium-90 in tobacco. The Surgeon General C. Everett Koop stated that radioactivity, rather than tar, accounts for at least 90% of all smoking-related lung cancers. The Center for Disease Control concluded "Americans are exposed to far more radiation from tobacco smoke than from any other source." U.S. patent no. 4,194,514 describes the process used to remove radioactive polonium from their products.

Do you want to talk about the Bikini Islands, the Marshall Islands, Alamogordo New Mexico-where people were encouraged to watch the blast? And it’s not just unsuspecting civilians who fall prey to chemical and biological warfare experimentation. Thousands of prisoners have been used as well as children, the elderly and the sick. And the military doesn’t spare it’s own. Soldiers are bullied into becoming guinea pigs to be injected, infected, to inhale, and ingest all types of experimental pathogens. Remember Agent Orange? Gulf War Syndrome? There are scores of reports you can read on Gulf War Illness, depleted uranium and mycoplasma. And it’s been an obvious fact since the 60’s, that the military has a shameful system in place for caring for their injured, crippled, and traumatized soldiers.

Just in from Montreal is a new report on the spraying of Canadian soldiers with Agent Orange by the U.S. military in New Brunswick Canada. The U.S. military tested Agent Orange at Gagetown for three days in 1966 and for four days in 1967. " According to the report, as reported by the Montreal Gazette Aug 22. 2007, "Only individuals who had direct contact with herbicides at CFB Gagetown in New Brunswick are at risk of contracting a number of diseases associated with exposure, including various cancers, Parkinson's disease and Type 2 diabetes." According to Denis Furlong, a government researcher, "While probably only dozens of people were involved in the application, we do know that a lot of members of the Canadian forces were in the area and in the vicinity."

Jim Burke, a former Gagetown base soldier who now lives in Saint John, N.B., reacted angrily when he heard the study results. Burke says he was sprayed with Agent Orange when he was driving an anti-tank jeep at Gagetown in the early 1960s. He recalls a plane flying in low and then covering soldiers in a white fog.

"It was like a white scum. That was Agent Orange, because within the next two or three weeks all the foliage on the left and right-hand side of that road died."

"Today Burke, 63, says he has congestive heart disease and has suffered two heart attacks. The report will be forwarded to the federal government over the next week. Ottawa is reportedly looking at a compensation package for veterans."

People from Montreal remember the revelation of the ruthless torture of psychiatric patients at the Allen Memorial Hospital under the auspices of receiving treatments. This was the CIA’s mind control program MKULTRA in action – another darling of Fort Detrick. These poor people were used as guinea pigs by a doctor they trusted in some of the most heinous mind control experiments ever documented. An article in the Canadian Press dated 7/6/07 describes these crimes against humanity:

“The patients were induced into comas and exposed to repetitive messages for days on end to brainwash them. Dr. Cameron pioneered a technique called psychic driving, which he believed could erase harmful memories and rebuild psyches without psychiatric defect. The idea intrigued the CIA, which recruited him to experiment with mind control beginning in 1950. Until 1964, Cameron conducted a range of experiments at the McGill institute, often without the knowledge or the permission of his patients.The experiments were part of a larger CIA program called MK-ULTRA, which saw LSD administered to U.S. prison inmates and patrons of brothels without their knowledge, according to testimony before a 1977 U.S. Senate committee.” The Government of Canada was sued successfully by the victims in a class-action lawsuit. Some of them were still alive to collect
decades after the fact. The CIA also paid nine victims $67,000 each.

Remember the cool-aid acid tests? DDT? Tamoxafin? Check and see how many military bases are superfund sites, how many glowing tons of toxic waste the military has secretly dumped into the oceans and the air. How many more whales have to be pounded onto shore, driven out of the ocean by painful, disorienting military sonar experiments?

As of July 2007, the military in Tucson Az is being fined $32,000 a day by the EPA for the toxic jet fuel that has spilled from Tucson International Airport into the drinking water treatment plant there.

“The plume of contaminated groundwater was found near the Tucson International Airport Area Superfund Site, where Raytheon and the Air Force share a 1,365-acre facility called Air Force Plant 44.” That’s a common one, I kid you not. The military has poisoned the drinking water of most of it’s neighboring communities with jet fuels or additives. Probably no connection there to birth defects.

Do you know that pesticide is now a common ingredient in jet fuels? Why all these macabre facts?

With each passing day I struggle harder to warn people that yet one more chemical inundation is overrunning us with the tacit collusion of our government, under the auspices of a national emergency. The president has declared war on a “non-descript noun”, to put it in the words of a British journalist, heralding the feeding frenzy of a new arms race.

It’s time to stop thinking that the government – of any nation – really cares about you as a citizen. Or that the military – of any nation – cares about you as an individual or as a citizen of the nation they are purportedly protecting.

I know we were all taught that our militaries only slaughter the other side. And in a usually concise and righteous manner. No civilians, no rapes, no tortures, no disappearances, no arms and legs of children blown into the air- no innocent victims. We never destroy civilian power plants, water treatment plants, or hospitals. That would cause the suffering of millions of innocent people, and we’re the good guys, so we play by the rules. We only kill the people that our government tells us to.

It’s time to wake up. It’s time to look up at the sky and see the results of our indifference. The government is allowing the skies of this and allied nations to be sprayed with unknown toxins in their quest to militarize space. 9/11 sounded the alarm that woke the beast and turned up the intensity. As we see historically, they – meaning the government and the military are not concerned with what falls to the ground, intentional or not. And as we have seen, spraying the skies is nothing new. They have been doing this since the 40’s.

The substance is called CHAFF and started being used during World War II to jam enemy radar. CHAFF is used today and is mentioned openly in so many reports, and has been sprayed upon us in military exercises long before the experimentation and debates of today. According to the military's paper "Defensive Training Initiative", CHAFF contains; Glass fiber (Silica), Aluminum, Calcium Oxide, Magnesium Oxide, Sodium & Potassium Oxide, Iron Oxide, Aluminum coating, Silicon + Iron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Vanadium, Titanium, and "other". It’s a health hazard if inhaled, falls to the ground, or drops in water-where else could it go?

Here are some excerpts from a 1998 Department of Defense Report by the United States General Accounting Office-09/22/98, GAO/NSIAD-98-219:

“Chaff is used worldwide in conjunction with military training, testing, and other assigned missions.”

“While DOD (Department of Defense) components report that chaff is an effective means of defense for aircraft, ships, and related weapon systems, DOD and other agencies have identified some unintended and potential side effects of chaff. Chaff can affect safety by interfering with air traffic control radar. Chaff can also affect weather radar observations and the operation of friendly radar systems, especially when vehicles stir up chaff that has settled on the ground. It has been reported that chaff has also caused power outages and damaged electrical equipment. Potential effects cited by Defense and other organizations include those on health and the environment. For example, the Air Force reported that chaff has a potential but remote chance of collecting in reservoirs and causing chemical changes that may affect water and the species that use it.”

“Chaff can show up on radar as a false weather phenomenon and may affect lightning within storms. The National Weather Service (NWS) began to observe the widespread and frequent use of chaff in the late 1980s, when it started using new and more sensitive weather radar. Radar observations show that chaff can spread over several hundreds of miles and stay in the air for up to a day. A scientist formerly with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), who now performs weather research at the University of Oklahoma, estimated it would have taken more than 200 billion chaff particles to create a radar picture taken in Arizona in 1997. DOD officials stated that it is improbable that such a large chaff deployment occurred outside of combat and is unlikely to occur in any future DOD training events. Figure 2 shows a 1997 NWS weather radar image of chaff over Southern Arizona. NOAA also provided pictures taken since 1993 in many other parts of the country and showing radar images of chaff.”

I can’ t believe that people spend time on the internet arguing about “contrails versus chemtrails” when this has been going on openly for decades. Call it what you want, the military has been spraying us without our permission for generations.

Pesticide Spraying

We know the military sprays for many reasons. If you go to any Air National Guard site, aerial spraying missions are mentioned. Retrofitting C-135 refueling jets for aerial spraying missions is also mentioned. And if you read the annual military budget proposals, equipment and a myriad of heavy metal and chemical compounds for spraying are always on the wish list. According to the military, all these spraying missions are for the purpose of eradicating West Nile virus, by eradicating mankind I suppose. I guess that a good portion of the war on terror is being fought against mosquitoes. And let’s not forget about the bees…

Chemical and Biological Pathogens

We have every reason to assume that the military is still performing “vulnerability testing”, meaning that they are constantly testing how vulnerable are we to chemical and biological attacks by attacking us. We are “at war” and trying to make connections between past behaviors and probabilities of the present. I believe that some of the spray patterns we see in the air are to study drift patterns for chemical or biological weapons in populated urban areas. And to see how many people can be made ill by such attacks.

Weather Modification

Geoengineering is at the forefront of weather modification. Weather modification exists, there’s no debate about that. Experimentation in the U.S. began in the 1950’s as the Russians had already been working on it and the cold war had begun. National Security Memorandum 165, from May 2nd 1972 is called International Aspects Of Weather Modification. The U.S. was well into it’s program by then. The document was de-classified in 2002.

The United States and Canada entered into a Weather Modification Treaty in March of 1975. To quote this document:

“The Government of Canada and the Government of the United States of America, Aware, because of their geographic proximity, that the effects of weather modification activities carried out by either Party or its nationals may affect the territory of the other; Noting the diversity of weather modification activities in both Canada and the United States by private parties, by State and Provincial authorities, and by the Federal Governments;

Believing that the existing state of knowledge warrants the expectation of further development over a period of time in the science and technology of weather modification. (a) "Weather modification activities", means activities performed with the intention of producing artificial changes in the composition, behaviour, or dynamics of the atmosphere.”

This is a very interesting document, as it describes, in 1975, the intended atmospheric changes these countries were planning to execute.

Here’s a little about Arizona’s role in weather modification exercises:

Weather modification experiments began in 1952. From 1952-1956 Wilhelm Reich demonstrated clear desert greening effects during his cloudbuster operations near Tucson, Az.

The OROP ARIZONA Experiment of 1989 was a series of cloudbusting experiments to "Bring Rain Into The Desert Southwest". These experiments were conducted by Dr. James DeMeo, Phd., of Therough Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory in the summer of 1989. Five seperate field experiments were planned and announced in advance, undertaken by teams of workers using portable equipment, and recorded in extensive field observations. National Weather Service (NWS) data were used later to analyze the geographical distribution and intensity of atmospheric effects.

It’s interesting to note that one of the observations Dr. DeMeo made after his experiments was the connection between rainfall and underground nuclear testing:

“The relationship between underground nuclear bomb testing and atmospheric phenomena needs further research and study. Soaring summertime temperatures were observed in the open desert shortly after a series of such tests. Additional systematic observations suggest a tendency for rainfall-diverting high pressures to build in the Pacific Ocean off the California coast following underground testing in Nevada. Similarly, an increasing buildup of DOR-laden air, followed by drought or severe storms, has been observed in the Great Plains also following testing in Nevada.”

In 1992 The Water Resources Department of Arizona was studying weather modification as a way of increasing the water table for a vastly growing state. After BuRec's (Bureau of Water Reclamation) role lessened, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), through its Federal-State Cooperative Atmospheric Modification Program (AMP), became Arizona's chief federal partner in weather modification studies. Arizona, which joined AMP in 1989, was one of five U.S. states participating in the program. The other current (1992) AMP states are North Dakota, Utah, Illinois, and Nevada.

To quote this 1992 report, “regardless of what the projects were called, early advocates of weather modification often promised more than could be delivered. During the early years of weather modification work in the 1950s and 1960s, the shift from research to actual application was too rapid. This premature action was not consistent with the careful evolution of a body of knowledge and the maturing of recognized scientific principles. This created weather modification credibility problems. Others remain fully convinced that weather modification holds great promise to augment water resources. They believe its premise is sound and scientific findings promising. They believe its potential will be realized with more research and the eventual application of cloud seeding activities.”

One of the chemicals used in “cloud seeding” is silver iodide. Under the guidelines of the Clean Water Act by the EPA, silver iodide is considered a hazardous substance, a priority pollutant, and as a toxic pollutant. At this point in history, we’re heavy into the “Star Wars” program. Conceived decades earlier, made famous in the Reagan era, and brought to you by the same people today. Space is the new frontier for war and weapons. It is the playground of the military, domain of the new arms race. Nuclear weapons, space based lasers, first strike missiles, radar jamming satellites, electromagnetic weapons, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV’s), and weather manipulation are all part of it. These high tech weapons require chemicals such as barium, aluminum, silver iodide, strontium, zinc and a whole array of other toxins to blanket the air-be it for radar jamming purposes, to test bacteriological drift patterns, to x-ray the sky to find optimum missile routes, to shroud a city or battlefield in cloaking metal particulates, to line up the criss cross patterns in the sky with GPS, or to cover an area in seeded clouds for weather modification. And these toxins are now being discovered in disproportionate amounts in bodies of water, soil, vegetation, and even deer antlers. People are discovering chemicals like barium fallout dusted on their cars and the rooftops of their houses. People are testing postive for barium poisoning and other heavy metal toxicity.

Don’t expect the sky to look the way you remembered it any time soon. The government has forfeited the skies and militarized them on your behalf, with your permission, and with your money. They are up there every day putting their weapons and poisons in place and experimenting freely, in plain site, with the gusto of kids on Christmas day. And it seems, denial is the best defense. Historically, we the public, have given them our blessings in the form of ignorance and indifference. Here’s is a fraction of what is going on in the air right now.

You need only to read military budget reports to see what’s under-way: Department Of The Airforce Fiscal Year 2007-The report is 566 pages long, so here’s only a few highlights of what projects the Airforce is asking congress to continue to fund: National Security Space Weather Programs, WEATHER SERVICE, Defense Meteorological Satellite Program. Airforce Weather Agency Beddown,Tactical Weather Radar, Weather Service Equipment Maintenance , High Energy Laser Initiatives, Space-Based Surveillance, Aerospace Vehicle Technologies, Aerospace Propulsion, Aerospace Sensors, DIRECTED ENERGY TECHNOLOGY- which means weapons, Multi Disciplinary Space Technology, High Energy Laser Research, Advanced materials for weapons systems, Advanced aerospace sensors, Electronic combat technology, MAUI SPACE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM, High Energy Laser Advanced Technology Program, Polar MILSATCOM (Space). Advanced (EHF MILSATCOM (Space). National Polar Orbiting Operational Environmental Satelite System, Space Control Technology, Space Radar, Airborne Electronic Attack, Next Generation Long Range Strike (NGLRS), Nuclear Weapons Support, Counterspace Systems, Space Situation Awareness Systems, Space Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) High EMD. High Frequency Ground Control Antennas, Space Fence, Threat Simulator Development, Ranch Hand II Epidemiology Study-, Space Test Program, Air and Space Operations Center - Weapon System (AOC-WS), Space-based Infra Red System, Alternative Infra-red space system. Rocket Systems Launch Program, Space Test Program, Space and Missile Test evaluation center, SPACE WARFARE CENTER, Space & Missile Test & Evaluation Center, Space Situation Awareness Operations, Counter-Chemical Biological Radiological, Nuclear Ops, Electronic Warfare Battle management, Satelite control network,

This is barely a “teaser” of the types of experimentation going on in the troposphere of our earth right now. If you read Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marine operations reports and requisition reports, they are asking for hundreds of billions of dollars every year, and executing thousands of space based, chemical and biological, nuclear, weather-based, electromagnetic, laser, and traditional weapons testing and defense testing. It’s ironic that they try to hide their operations, yet their appropriations and congressional validations are not classified.

Here’s the announcement that the Airforce will now take over space duties.

8 /3/2007 - WASHINGTON (AFPN)-- Air Force officials here completed the final phase in integrating space functions into key Air Staff processes for operations, plans and requirements, or A3/5.

As of Aug. 1, space functions previously found within the Directorate of Strategic Security, or A3S, have been reorganized to better integrate the space domain throughout the A-staff.

"Air Force missions have evolved to encompass air, space and cyberspace," said Maj. Gen. Roger W. Burg, the director of strategic security at the pentagon. "We are witnessing an evolution in what it means to be an Airman, and this evolution should result in an 'Airman's Culture' that embraces the core domains of air, space and cyberspace equally."

As they say, “In war, the only form of truth is denial.” You just have to watch the sky to know that every day the military is up there. The corroborating evidence and official documentation is infinite. Yet, what concerns me is the blatant denial on the part of the military and the government that anything is going on at all. Would it be so wrong to say, “Of course we’re working on weather modification, we’ve been doing it for years, you can read the documents.” Instead, the message we get is, “Nope, not up there, you don’t see anything, nothing at all, contrails, commercial airliners, you see nothing.” And it’s telling that denial is also the official story from any organizations that are connected to the government, be it NASA, NOAA, FAA, NWS-which includes the Weather Channel, PBS, the EPA, the military, and anyone connected with the military. Equally astounding to me is the number of people who are willing to accept these empty excuses from industry representatives. This causes my internal alarm to awaken my sense of historical memory and warn me that what we see in the sky is even more dangerous than any documentation we can get our hands on at the present time.

Meanwhile, doctors are trying to treat our “mystery” flus and illnesses, on-coming aches, flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, low-grade fevers, sore throats, “allergies”, swollen glands, and coughs that go on for unnatural spans of time. We are spending many more days per year with illnesses we’ve never previously known. And there’s lots of them. Get used to this phrase: “It’s just a virus.”

Perhaps we should consider that NASA was never about “one giant leap for mankind”. Our technologies have made us no smarter, no less aggressive, and infinitely more dangerous to ourselves and to our planet.

Until we accept the realities and responsibilities of our political choices and our participation in society, things will get worse. Until we accept our role in the escalation of violence in the world today, we will continue to see ourselves as innocent, righteous victims, and the cycle of violence will feed upon this blindness.

As we come to a close, I wanted to include in this article some quotes from a speech by a long time military man and decorated war hero. Major General Smedly Butler was the most decorated Marine in U.S. history at the time of his death in 1940 after 33 years of military service. In a speech delivered in 1933 he said, “War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.”

“The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag.”

“There isn't a trick in the racketeering bag that the military gang is blind to. It has its "finger men" to point out enemies, its "muscle men" to destroy enemies, its "brain men" to plan war preparations, and a "Big Boss" Super-Nationalistic-Capitalism.”

"I spent thirty- three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country's most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle- man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism."

“I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the
benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912 (where have I heard that name before?). I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.”

“During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents."

What if this is another crucial point in history where our government is using fear against us in order to further dominate the world of business, at the cost of our retirements, educations, health, social systems, natural environments, world status, and the lives of millions of people? Will our children be reading about all the illnesses and destruction caused by weather modification and the militarization of space? Will they read of official denials and a brutal unwillingness on the part of authorities to reveal the names of the chemicals and substances we were forced to inhale daily under protest? Will they read of class action suits, and recently unclassified documents revealing how many thousands, if not millions of people were victims of military experimentation during the “war on terror”?

Perhaps it’s time for mankind to wake up and realize that maybe, just maybe, WAR IS WRONG. And paying people to do the killing for us while we watch television, play video games, or surf the internet is not the spiritual path of our future.

Or is it that weapons of mass destruction are okay just as long as they belong to us…


Nuclear Weapons Archive

REUTERS: U.S. To Pay Workers For Radiation Exposure

New York Times Article :

Almost All In U.S. Have Been Exposed To Fallout


National Cancer Institute Report on Thyroid Cancer and nuclear testing


National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health Housed at Fort Detrick

Military Base

Washington Post Article about National Cancer Institute aquiring the “Anthrax Hotel”

Hazardous Substances in the Workplace-Zinc Cadmium Sulphate

International Labor Organization – Zinc Cadmium Sulphate


EPA Biotechnology Program Under Toxic Substances Control Act

Bacillus Subtilis – Merck Pharmaceuticals Annual Sales 2006

Canadian Military Sprayed with Agent Orange by the U.S. Military


Allan (as it is often referred to) is notorious for its role in the CIA’s Project MKULTRA, the

Agency's initiative to develop "mind control" techniques which were implemented at the

Allan by Dr. D. Ewan Cameron.

The lawsuit that ensued:


Radioactive Poloium in cigarettes:

Philip Morris U.S.A. Inter-office Correspondance Regarding Radioactive Cigarettes:

EPA fines military at Tucson International Airport for polluting drinking water

Description of Arizona’s Military Installations from the office of the governor:

General Smedley Butler’s Speech

Military Toxics Project:

Defensive Training Initative Environmental Impacts

1975 Weather Modification Agreement between Canada and USA

1972 Nixon Archives-National Security Council report on International Aspects Of

Weather Modification

1989 Cloudbusting in Arizona

1992 Water Resources Research Center-Weather Modification

1998 Department of Defense Report by the United States General Accounting Office

regarding the use of CHAFF-09/22/98, GAO/NSIAD-98-219:

Az Governor’s Military Taskforce Report
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Unread post 14 May 2008, 07:45 #3

Cpellatt never said chemtrails are about mind control. She's an artist with the words and the photography. Attempts to twist her chemtrails message into something strange has been fully exposed. She has nothing to do with sylphs, depopulation theories, or anything else kooky. She is a peace activist. She has looked into all types of pdf files and whatnot concerning the sick extent of the Military Industrial complex. Her report above was simply trying to show the American people that their government is willing to try whatever they want without caring who is hurt. When folks check out her website, please consider this. She is a normal person with tons of good friends and a full life and she simply wants to live in a peaceful world. When her work got scrubbed and pruned, she didn't hold back. She set out to correct the record.

In an email cpellatt has authorized me to post:
...I have links to the Revolutionary Women of Afghanistan, The David Lynch Foundation (possibly very far out, but beautifully full of Quantum Physics info), Crimes of War Project, numerous human rights organizations, Zmagazine (Noam Chomsky-no less), and this thing about mind control is so weird.

Of course we're in the grip of mind control, we own television sets! That's what they were all about from the onset. And it worked. But I never associated actual chemtrail spraying with mind control. Mind Control is a lovely subject all it's own, but it is a piece of the "world being manipulated" as a whole, by the callous "powers that be". So I see it as a small chunk of the whole picture. Because it causes people to not notice things that are very wrong, and that is a big part of our chemtrail problem.

It's like I used to tell my music students (before I wanted to hang myself teaching for in schools), "try an experiment: For the next day and night, you will close your eyes as often as you can and identify as many sounds as you can: first the obvious: the barking dog, the police siren, the boom box (pardon the outdated pronoun), the motorcycle, screeching brakes, gun fire, car horns,etc. Can you count how many internal combustions you hear within a one minute period? Then start to peel away the layers; the freeway white noise-how many freeways are you hearing? (probably not just one-especially depending upon which way the wind is blowing) How many are freeways, and how many are streets with fast, constant, traffic?.... the helicopters (how many, how big, from how far away did you first hear it? ), the airplanes (how loud, how high,how often?), the construction, lawn mowers, idling engines, now the air conditioning, the refrigerator (bastard loud refrigerators), the florescent lights, the hum from the dc adapter from your cell phone or camera charger, the electricity running through the wires outside,the high frequencies who's origin you can't disseminate, etc. Now turn off the electricity in your house, turn off the phone. turn off the TV. turn off the computer, close your eyes and listen again. See what happens to the stress level in your head when you turn off all these humming cycling conveniences. Your brain should feel like it's expanded. And you can breathe deeply. Can you hear the children playing outside? Can you hear one bird singing.? Can you hear wind blowing leaves? Can you hear nothing? Or are you still being inundated with physical noise pressure from outside? Then ask yourself "why am I tired, why can't I concentrate, why do I have this feeling of claustrophobia in the world?" Because all the frequencies have been taken up by producers of unnatural rhythms. Waves from the ocean are considered "white noise" by definition because they take up all the frequency ranges, however, they have a human "heartbeat-like" ebb and flow (mother's womb effect). It's not constant, relentless.

Many of the most common, effective, and simplistic forms of torture and manipulation are done with the medium of sound. Whether used by militaries, psychiatrists, schools, television, radio, or shopping malls, It desensitizes or over-sensitizes the victim. It disorients, exhausts, and causes organ failure, incoherency, insomnia, and aggression (to name a few symptoms). It is used to manipulate us when we watch television (why are commercials louder?), it is used subliminally to make us purchase more items that we don't want in the stores, it's now used (gag!) in shopping mall parking lots, Disney style outdoor malls, there are speakers everywhere, and of course they're not playing Beatles tunes, they're playing "soothing crap" or what they think this generic demographic needs to hear in order to stay there and spend money and pretend they are happy and having a good time.

All of this is mind control. Especially the volume at which society is allowed to operate and intrude on our brains. And most people don't notice-like chemtrails- until you take them through some mental exercises like I have to do with my music students in order to get them in touch with their ears again. Because their ears have closed up. They've stopped communicating on a conscious level with the brain. Just as our eyes have stopped sending conscious signals to the brain because of TV (flashing lights), computers (flashing lights), florescent lights, flashing signs at night, ugly-Fred Flintstone-every block looks the same scenery.

So the "mind control thing" is not a classic "take me to your leader" of the sci fi era. It's highly evolved and sophisticated and removes people one step further from their natural instincts. It increases the separation between the body and the mind. The mind is overstimulated and it's stuck with a body that is not in motion. They're staring at their phone screens while they drive or walk their dogs, so they don't see the old theater that was torn down to put up a Macdonalds, or drive by a pasture and stare into the grass, they crash into each other's cars because their bodies are not present with their minds. Their minds have been driven out of their bodies, because who wants to deal with such a hideous landscape and soundscape we've created. Especially when we have these little electronic diversions. They have no reason to look up or out because not one natural sound or inclination beacons them. They are sensory deprived. So I believe the same people that never noticed or were bothered by air pollution are the same ones that don't see chemtrails. These people will not notice chemtrails, and I believe that noise, some of it collateral and lots of it cunningly placed, or purposely allowed keeps people in a small mind-frame.

So that's my take on mind control. And I didn't even go into the deliberate high level experimental "Fort Deitrich" stuff-I didn't need to, it's all around.

One can go to the link below to enlarge the photography.


"This is normal"













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I had a long post documenting most of the hatchet job Don Harkins did on Cpellatt's fine research paper. I lost it because it took me too long to write the post and I timed-out of the forum. He changed a lot of her work. He turned a graduate level{if she'd used footnotes} report into a high school paper. I think he did it on purpose to make her look bad. He has failed miserably. I went fishing on this jackass. He was exposed by freepers back in 2001.

This is my conclusion. Harkins is a bad wingnut. He sought to scrub and prune Ms. Pellatt's work so as to make it look amateurish and kool-aid style. One can look at part three and see how it was a much abbreviated version of his original hatchet job, but then to make it worse, he deleted the bibliography and links.

Don Harkins is a troll.

Sovereign Solutions: Don Harkins, Editor of Idaho Observer
google video


Don Harkins is a RiveroBot, a RenseBot, just another pawn in the scripted section of the internet called right woos left.

He can also be tied in with the kooky side of chemtrails.

The irony is that I was finally able to locate the dirt on this guy by reading through a Free Republic thread. :shock:

Idaho's Property Theft Laws

A poster named nunya bidness posted an article by Don Harkins. {By the way, I think that is the same troll named nunybiz at BradBlog.} A few freepers actually made some thought provoking quotes.
Imbe wrote: "Of course you should disclose the links between Harkin, Steele and the Spotlight and the Aryan Nations fundraising efforts.

And you could disclose that the County file lists dozens of attempts to get Mrs. to sign the papers that would have allowed the County to forgive the taxes due. They even stretched the rules to the extent of offering to allow Mrs. to sign as 'agent-in-fact' for Mr. Stewart. To no avail. I believe that the land was thrown away to avoid having the assets in the family name so that they could apply for assistance.

BTW, you might note that they are so misinformed about Idaho politics that they cannot even get the names of the State Senators correct. Ignorant, bigoted and dishonest.
Memphis Belle wrote:And this off the Idaho Observer web site...a promo for AMERICAN MEDIA ASSOCIATION...a WILLIS CARTRO ENTERPRISE...Do you want more...OH I GOT MORE! So when our conservative friends in the media come around and ask us..."WHY IN THE HELL WERE YOU PUTTING UP STUFF BY ONE OF CARTRO'S OUTFITS?"..or Alan Combes asks Dittomom about it next time she's on FOX.. We won't be able to say..."geez..we didn't know!"

Start Your Own Newspaper

from the SPOTLIGHT

A coalition of independent publications urges Americans to get their own local newspapers started to counteract the spin of the controlled, dominant media.

President Paul Hall of the American Media Association (AMA) will back the formation of the Committee for Local Media (CLM) at the group's December meeting.

The CLM will promote the establishment of local and statewide newspapers throughout the nation.

The committee, chaired by Don Harkins, editor of The Idaho Observer, will lend its expertise to concerned Americans who wish to publish local newspapers designed to challenge the authority and credibility of their local, controlled media.

According to Harkins, advances in technology have made it possible for newspapers dedicated to real news to be successful with a remarkably modest investment.

“The primary requirement of a successful statewide newspaper editor is selfless dedication to truth and justice,” Harkins said. “As is true in most small businesses, money can be an issue, but I have found that truth finds a way.”

In 1995, Harkins became editor of The Oregon Observer and moved to north Idaho the next year to begin publishing The Idaho Observer. ( about the same time Mr. Bertollini and all the other wackos moved into North Idaho...)

As most SPOTLIGHT readers will agree, the systematic usurpation of the principles of freedom and justice upon which this nation was founded are made possible by television, radio and print media, that reflect the socialistic intentions of city, county, state, federal and international governments.

“Rather than being the watchdog media for which the First Amendment of the Constitution was created, the Establishment, or dominant media, has degenerated into the lapdog media,” Harkins said. “In other words, rather than reporting the news from a constitutional perspective that intends to protect citizens from intrusive government, the dominant media reports news from a perspective that promotes and justifies government intrusion into our lives.”

Harkins has spent the last five years reporting about innocent citizens who have fallen victim to the nation's increasingly invasive administrative and judicial machinery.

“By reporting the truth we have forced the early retirement of at least five corrupt judges and have compelled several corrupt city and county bureaucrats to resign,” he said. “We have also helped dozens of innocent people to extricate themselves from the clutches of lawyers and bureaucrats who were attempting to use the system to steal their property, their livelihoods, their children and/or their freedom.

“Historically, the only effective deterrent to unacceptable behavior is social control. Even a community's social elite and its government officials stand in line at the bank and the grocery store, eat out at restaurants and go to the movies.

“If the community is informed by a truthful and unfettered local press that specific individuals are guilty of unacceptable behavior, and treat then with the derision that those individuals deserve, they can no longer perform their lawless activities in secrecy. Unable to get away with their crimes, they have little choice but to behave themselves or leave town.

“Our nation's epidemic of government abuse and courtroom injustice will continue with ever-increasing frequency until alternative presses are formed to challenge the credibility of local dominant media.”

Harkins has learned that journalism experience is not necessary in the founding of a locally-based newspaper. What is important, in addition to personal dedication and time, is writing ability and a small circle of friends who are willing to help.

“I am impressed by the vast numbers of populists all over the country who are extremely talented writers,” Harkins commented. “We just have to encourage them to start publishing local newspapers so that their talents can be used where they are most needed.”

Harkins knows that local control of politics is the key to honest government. “If we cannot control the actions of our most junior city council persons, how can we expect to stop the plutocrats from gaining total control of our lives and our private property?”

“The time has come for concerned Americans to build an association of alternative media,” Paul Hall added. “With the combined experiences of other AMA members, we now have an opportunity to build a national association of media that are dedicated to preserving freedom in America.”

Note: The response to the article above, originally printed in the October 4, 1999 edition of the SPOTLIGHT, has been so overwhelming that the AMA has rescheduled its biannual meeting to accommodate the good people who have answered this “call to pen.” For a copy of The Idaho Observer and an outline of materials and equipment needed to start a newspaper, contact The Idaho Observer at (208) 687-9411 or (208) 267-8037. The AMA meetings will coincide with the Preparedness Expo in Las Vegas, December 3-5. For meeting information, contact the office of AMA President Paul Hall at: (209) 742-6397. For information about the Preparedness Expo and accomodations, contact Dan Chittock at: (801) 256-9978

Home About the Idaho Observer Some recent articles Some older articles Why we're here Subscribe Our Writers Web Servant Corrections and Clarifications Vaccination Liberation -

And...surprise surprise! The American Media Association shares a PO BOx with this lovely publication, complete with Holocaust denial and anti-semitic links!

You see, the mentality behind the American Media Association...supported and likely the brainchild of Willis Cartro is to join all of these "small" publications, so I've read, and to get their small circulations (500-600 people) into a bigger pool. Now not all of them are overtly as hate filled and anti-semitic the Christian Identity Jubilee(but QUITE a few of the member publications are!)...that would not be smart! Some of them just print a bunch of totally unsourced bogus conspiracy material..hoping to get the attention of those who have credible greviences with the government and the way it operates. Then they can kind of ease the rest of the "message" in over time, and introduce people to other "links" and publications. SNEAKY isn't it...and who would guess unless you looked into it a little deeper. Now I'm sure that Mr. Harkins, if asked, would try and distance himself from some of the most outrageous members of the AMAsso., kind of like Ed Steele says "he's not one of them"...but I think the fact that he contributes to SPOTLIGHT, advertises for SPOTLIGHT in the Idaho Observer, and was on pretty friendly terms with Mr. Trochmann of the Montana Militia in the Sandpoint Pizza Hut..(AND BOY DO I HAVE SOME GOOD STUFF ON HIM...esp. his conections with a certain Mr. Temple and the Aryan Nation!) tells us quite a different story. Actions speak louder than words.

Well...considering that Don Harkins is the laughing stock of the Idaho court system, and his Habeas Corpus case for JoAnn (without her permission) was thrown out of court as fast as you can say "Jack Rabbit"...I'd say, as a non-expert on legal matters-- it was 98% CRAP. Sure, lot's of people have trouble with the tax system...but let someone a little less...shall we say...COMPROMISED..come forward as a spokesman.

{to nunya bidness}
drjimmy wrote:Since you like to post articles from Don Harkins and the Idaho Observer, can you post the one in which Harkins defends Rex Prewitt, who murdered a man in 1973 for $42 and a Ford Pinto? It is part and parcel of Harkins's crusade against Bonner County government officials. I think it would help Freepers better understand just who it is that is making these claims about the McGuckin case.

While you're at it, you could post the Idaho Observer article which quotes the esteemed Edgar Steele speaking about JoAnn McGuckin: “I have no idea why she turned on me. She is extremely fragile mentally and highly susceptible to suggestion and the influence of others, as told me repeatedly of late by (Jane Doe).” And this is the guy you think is on the same side as JoAnn?

This is where it starts to look like Harkins is paid disinfo. He appears to have ties to rightwing spin master Willis Carto. For some reason Memphis Belle spells his name Cartro. It is Carto, and a name worth figuring out if one wants to understand the bullshit network of internet fakes better.

Memphis Belle wrote:Ummm...shall I repost my two tons of information on Willis Cartro, to show what a lieing racist nazi anti-semitic holocaust denying conspiracy minded wacko scumbag he know, just to show what type of person Mr. Adams and Mr. Harkins willingly have chosen to associate their good names with? Or have I proven my point? I honestly don't know what else any thinking rational constitutionally minded, decent humane person could need? What type of BOZOS, who claim to support constitution law, would have ties to a MAN whose mission in life is to destroy it, just as Adolph Hitler did in Germany? Anybody got any answers?

Judas and the forty pieces of SILVER...for MONEY...he would associate his name with Willis Cartro, a self professed admirer on NAZIISM, the kingpen of AMerican anti-semitism and racism, with contacts to every white supremist/hate group in the book..a man who would DESTROY the great civil liberties this country is based upon, and would turn it into a breeding ground for the great white christian race...where inferior "mud people' are not allowed....nuff said...and in his own words.

Well, Mr. Adams, there are many of us, who love this country, and what it stands for, who would not SPIT on Willis Cartro's money no matter what hardship was facing us...obviously you and Don Harkins are not among them.

No thank you...this one will do just fine...if the source is found to be totally compromised and unreliable...then so is the content there in. What can we say? Maybe there a a few points to be reviewed...but then again, I'm sure PETA would find a lot they like in the writings of that unmentionable famous vegitarian that Mr. Cartro so know the one I'm talking about...but don't suppose they'll be publishing any of his work up on their web site! Do You? LOL

Memphis Belle appears to have been a conservative with principles going up against paid disinformation. the way. I resent that remark. There are PLENTY of us...ME included.. who have spent a great deal of our time and money in activist work AWAY from the keyboard. AND WE DIDN'T GET PAID FOR IT! We, unlike you, just don't willingly or knowingly associate with the types of people in Jubilee and Spotlight to get our message across..cause ya know what THERE IS NO NEED TO. WE KNOW IT WOULD COMPROMISE BOTH OUR MESSAGE AND OUR DEEPLY HELD PRINCIPLES!!!!! NO ONE WHO RESPECTS AND DEFENDS THE CONSTITUTION WOULD WILLINGLY ASSOCIATE WITH THOSE WHO WOULD DESTROY IT! And If you don't think that's what the bulk of your American Media Association members are all about...THEN YOU HAVEN'T BEEN LOOKING REAL HARD.
{to one of the trolls}
drjimmy wrote:I read your post #4, and it doesn't have the Idaho Observer story about Rex Prewitt shooting a man to death in 1973 to steal $42 and a Ford Pinto. You posted the story by Don Harkins and Prewitt's wife claiming Prewitt was "set up" by the Bonner County cops when they arrested him for a completely different crime in 1999. Harkins says Prewitt has "paid his debt to society" for the 1973 murder (even though Prewitt was sentenced to life in prison but only served 13 years). Since you are using Don Harkins as a primary source of support for your arguments, I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of where Harkins stands on murderers.

I'll tell you one thing I've done in the last few weeks...I've exposed the true nature of people like Victor Bertollini, Willis Cartro, the Christian Identity movement, and those who willingly associate with them to members of this forum and the public at large. They HATE FREEDOM...THEY HATE OUR RULE OF LAW...and THEIR STATED PURPOSE IS TO DESTROY OUR MOST CHERISHED INSTITUTIONS AND PUT IN THEIR PLACE THEIR HATE FILLED CULTISH IRRATIONAL IDEOLOGY...No one who ever reads the Idaho Observer will EVER be able to escape the fact that YOU and DON HARKINS have WILLINGLY chosen to associate with CARTRO...and to say that isn't so...or that SPOTLIGHT, or JUBILEE or any of the other hate filled wacko sites that you have put your name with are fighting towards your so called goal to save this country IS A DAMNED LIE!

How DARE you blaspheme Christianity by using it to defend the indefensible. At least I'm humble enough to say that I can't know His design...but I do know, that there is NOTHING CHRISTIAN about the "enemies" of your so called are truly pathetic to use your Christian faith to sheild monsters that preach that you must be white to be human and profess to a form of Christianity that sanctions invictive prayers against "enemies" as a way of transpiring God's will on earth. How could any christian heart EVER associate with such monsters.

Poohbah wrote:It's one thing to be a "smart-ass."

It's another thing to accept money from neo-Nazi scumbags.

One is merely obnoxious.

The other is evil.

Memphis Belle wrote:I think it's very telling when people retreat into the Bible when confronted with hard facts. Unfortunately, the Bible can be misused, and often is...if you don't believe me, just check out Jubliee Web site...or any one associated with the Christian Identity movement.

Yikes. It's spelled Willis Carto, but it's still a good point.
poobah wrote: I find it amazing how some people can castigate FDR for aiding Stalin and rationalize away the Idaho Observer partnership with Willis Corto.
Memphis Belle wrote:So in other have more in common with Willis Cartro, the self professed Nazi loving holocaust denying racist scumbag than you do with say...George W. Bush? By the way...even William F. Buckley called Cartro a racist nazi scumbag...and WON in a libel suit when Carto got ticked guess you have more in common with Willis Cartro than you do with William F. Buckley as well..and I also notice that SPOTLIGHT ads are not featured in the National Review, even though they've had a few financial troubles along the the are aware...that the only thing LEFT in the country, after Cartro got through with it, would be lily white christian identity types...guess that wouldn't bother you much though...since Cartro isn't your ENEMY...just the Enemy of your ENEMY...glad you've cleared all that up!

So these are the people that decided to corrupt CPellatt's work. I wouldn't be surprised if they are somehow affiliated with the paid wingnut trolls who cyberstalked myself and may41970.

Maybe Harkins is out having drinks with Hal Turner and Sean Hannity.
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Transcript excerpt from the google video. {It's a bit of a rough transcript, not perfect, but close.}

Q: You were saying this morning that you get mail people send you stuff.Send you stories, testimonies,a lot of horror stories. Could you tell us a little bit about how you get support from the field, so to say.

Harkins: Well it's really kind of amazing. Actually the newspaper is the magnet for like-minded people. And people become like-minded usually through their own experiences. And often times people will be doing really excellent work.The image I like to put in people's minds, is being a dissident. opposition and not going with the flow. It's a lot like swimming upstream. to spawn from {inaudible} dodging bears.

Generally the reward we get to get up there is to be all bruised. and battered and if there is any press, forthcoming for our efforts, it's commonly bad if there is any press at all. And I think that these people so willing to dedicate their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honours, resources and their love, their compassion to write something that perceives something that has gone wrong. is completely admirable. and noble And I just can't imagine putting myself in a position to diminish what these people are attempting to do to fit some political objective. I think as humans we should be respectful of that.

So those folks find out that the Idaho Observer exists. And they give us their stories. And we publish many of them Or with our background of experience, give them direction.....


on how to further their cause. Or get hooked up with like-minded people.

That's creepy lying. He steals what he finds, then he slices and dices.


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I realize that the research on internet chemtrail fakery can be a bit too much for folks. That is why I've tried to keep it in the one forum below this one. The dark side continues to attempt to turn that aspect of this forum into part and parcel of the noise. So be it. When outside forces warp our work, there is not much else we can do but try to set the record straight. I'll use this post as a reminder that the fakery is not the be all, end all of this forum. In fact, if I hadn't personally been affected by it, that section and this forum might never have been created.

There was a report put out many years ago called Chemtrails Over America. One of the participants was Deborah Stark, known as Deborah at CTC and Foot Soldier at Debate Both Sides. She is one of the original chemmies. I mention her, because it would later emerge that she believes that chemtrails are contrails, that all aircraft are involved with the operations. As a friend of hers has posted at the Megasprayer website, "every plane is a de facto spray plane."

I believe that the internet is full of plenty of controlled opposition. Case in point is the right woos left Idaho Observer. Above it has been shown that Harkins has ties to Willis Carto and a publication called The Spotlight. If one looks at the chemtrails over America link, they will notice that The Spotlight was cited as a source. That publication is now known as the American Free Press.

The research team for Chemtrails Over America:
Researchers assigned to this project have diverse backgrounds and are trained in and associated with a variety of disciplines including electronics, communications and environmental engineering, general medicine, biomedical research, chemistry, government/political, NSA/CIA, and military theory and technology. A team of organized and dedicated professionals has devoted thousands of hours to this project in its development, and read hundreds of scientific, government and military documents found in the public domain. Individual researchers have conducted in-depth investigation by other means, including direct observation and inquiry.


These are the types of people who distorted CPellatt's work. These are the kind of folks who went after myself and may41970.

The American Free Press: Water-Boy for Anti-Semites and Conspiracy Theorists
Steve Shives
September 19, 2007

Tree Of Hate

But my policy is to bash trolls then get back on topic. This is from 2006.

Think Progress
NASA quietly had its mission statement changed...
last February by the White House, who deleted the phrase "to understand and protect our home planet." NASA scientists were surprised to learn of the change. “Without it, these scientists say, there will be far less incentive to pursue projects to improve understanding of terrestrial problems like climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions.”
Excerpt from the New York Time's article linked to by Think Progress:
From 2002 until this year, NASA’s mission statement, prominently featured in its budget and planning documents, read: “To understand and protect our home planet; to explore the universe and search for life; to inspire the next generation of explorers ... as only NASA can.”

In early February, the statement was quietly altered, with the phrase “to understand and protect our home planet” deleted. In this year’s budget and planning documents, the agency’s mission is “to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.”

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{on edit: I changed the title from "Arizona Skywatch Is A Disinformation Website." I don't think it is a disinformation website. However, I do think they are linking to and promoting some very dubious materials. That's not ok.

on second edit- It's a disinfo website. The question left is whether it is deliberate disinfo or of the useful idiot variety.}

I'm not saying they are run by disinfo agents. Yet, it doesn't matter if they are paid fakes or useful idiots, the result is the same. Places like that give newbies and fence-sitters every reason not to believe good evidence mixed in with bad.

On their homepage is their "Phoenix Air Particulates Lab Report." I am not saying one way or another what those numbers mean. Maybe that is good proof of aluminum and barium fallout from chemtrails. If other potential sources can be taken out of the equation, if it can be proven that fallout from chemtrails are not possibly from factories or whatnot, then all the more power to them.

But there are other things at their website which give me reason to question their credibility.

Right on that front page, the reader is introduced to their debunking of climate change and man-made global warming.


We don't even have to go into details about global warming. The sheer truth is that the vast majority of scientists believe it is real. Most people believe that we need to change our ways so the planet can start to heal. By shoving this global warming debunking in our faces, they are giving people the opportunity to disregard chemtrails as just another urban legend promoted by paranoid bloggers.

Arizona Skywatch has tons of links debunking global warming and climate change.


One can go to their forum and see that there isn't much activity. What they will see are tons of threads started on strange animal deaths. If they are paid fakes, this is how the idea of depopulation gets planted. Everyone who tries to figure out chemtrails is going to come across crazy links. In fact, most websites pertaining to chemtrails are rubbish.

Hey, let the reader decide. I'm not scared.

Here are a few links from Arizona Skywatch.

Two below a link to Cpellatt's website is a link to a kooky place called Xiandos.

I have often wondered if a nutjob named Carolyn Palit was created to blur the lines between her tinfoil with Cpellatt's level-headed research and analysis. When you click on the link for Xiando, an article by the fruitcake is front and center.

Here are some excerpts.




From that article, one can read some commentary on the Kucinich bill draft which included the word chemtrails. It was written by Lorie Kramer of Chemtrail Tracking USA. By the way, Chemtrail Tracking USA doesn't make their posts visible to the public. I'm not gonna sign up to find out what's in there. I am assuming it is more of the same from the mainstream{kooksville} chemtrail news network.

Here's an excerpt.


This forum figured out what happened, how that word got included. I'm not gonna reinvent the wheel, but basically a cointelpro-like spook named Carol Rosin hijacked the peace in space movement. The beauty of this forum is that it does care how chemtrails are presented. People look disingenuous if they argue that the Kucinich thing is solid proof of chemtrails without telling the whole story. Why haven't the forum "chemmies" debunked this? Why was it left to Jay Reynolds to explain this one? That chemtrails got into the draft of a bill is awesome.

This is a two in one bonanza. The word chemtrails did make it into the Congressional archives. The bonus is that a dumbass spook was behind it. That shows that an insidious effort was made to portray chemtrails as a hoax. Why didn't Kramer mention the part about the extra-terrestrial space weapons?

Back then it was more obvious that chemtrails are real. Back then, people could say, "Check out the sky. Does that look strange?"

That's why an extensive script was developed. Will Thomas, Mark Steadham, Aubuchont, Chem11, Deborah, Swampgas, Jay Reynolds, Ed Snell et al became the main characters. The dark side brewed this thing like tea.

Let the reader decide.

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{on edit: end times? In the old days of high speed internet, I could have screenshot the church lady and said, "isn't that special." :) }

Cpellatt's on vacation and says she'll be back.

Wired Blog Network
Laugh at High Gas Prices With a 282-MPG VW
By Chuck Squatriglia
July 03, 2008



With gas prices going through the roof and regulators requiring cars to be ever more miserly, Volkswagen is bringing new meaning to the term "fuel efficiency" with a bullet-shaped microcar that gets a stunning 235 mpg.

Volkswagen's had its super-thrifty One-Liter Car concept vehicle -- so named because that's how much fuel it needs to go 100 kilometers -- stashed away for six years. The body's made of carbon fiber to minimize weight (the entire car weighs just 660 pounds) and company execs didn't expect the material to become cheap enough to produce the car until 2012.

But VW's decided to build the car two years ahead of schedule......